Livin the Dream
6.2L Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat (2019)
6.7L Lime Green 6 SPD Cummins (2017)
6.7L Detonator Yellow 68 RFE Cummins (2018)
3.0L Ram 1500 DIESEL

  • Javier Ramirez
    Javier Ramirez

    How has this held up over the last two years?

  • Netsurfer S
    Netsurfer S

    My 2019 tailgate has a spring built within it that drops the tailgate nicely by factory... but I can see if yours didn't to fix it!

  • Joe G
    Joe G

    $400 for a professional seems really reasonable after watching all this with 2 people. But you did a great job!

  • Jayden Mosconi
    Jayden Mosconi

    can you upload a new video right now

  • Jonathan Vieira
    Jonathan Vieira

    Rip banana ram. 2020-2021

  • J.T.

    Just checked this video as it’s the last one in a week and read about the crash. Hope you’re alright man.

  • obs_ Community
    obs_ Community

    I kept screaming ratchet strap lmao

  • JH Scheppele
    JH Scheppele

    It’s now a $ 30.00 fix from amazon

  • Mizzy M
    Mizzy M

    I was going to subscribe my dude but this music is making my ears bleed sorry

  • Mike Duhr
    Mike Duhr

    Hey man just sag that some bitch totaled your banana.. sorry to hear and hope everyone is ok..

  • Fred Ayala
    Fred Ayala

    Awesome 👌video dude , I am running on a 6inch lift on my 2018 f250 2018 on 37's 👍

  • zsar16

    I'm just here cause the blondie !!

  • Freedom At Full Draw
    Freedom At Full Draw

    This title is even more fitting now

  • Home_modifier

    think it was all for those legging

  • Alec Jabal
    Alec Jabal

    this works, thank you

  • Bwez

    It’s sad to see how fast someone can ruin a 75,000 dollar truck, crush everything you worked hard for. I’m sorry man.

  • Kaleb Wiser
    Kaleb Wiser

    I seen the banana ram bro. I'm glad you good the trucks replaceable your not bro. Glad you good to live another day to build another badass truck bigger and better. Ik you'll come back with something bigger and better. You all good thats all that matters bro.

  • SandStorm Gaming
    SandStorm Gaming

    Holy shit he destroyed the truck he crashed it

  • Eduardo Ramirez
    Eduardo Ramirez

    My truck has one but mine isn’t diesel

  • timmyvechett

    7:00 to skip the bullshit

  • theshyguitarist

    Tap that package one more time....

  • Brady Kimble
    Brady Kimble

    Rip the most beautiful banana Ram to ever drive the planet 😭🙏Glad you’re okay Ryan. Trucks can be replaced you can’t. Minor set back for a major come back.... maybe this time around we need a blueberry ram or some other out of the box build. Can’t wait to see what you come up with

  • HULKBUSTER266 Ironman
    HULKBUSTER266 Ironman

    Hope everyone’s okay prayers clean ass build next one will be even cleaner I’m sure 🙏

  • GlocksNthings

    What is lift brand and size of tires and offset of wheels

  • Ean Smith
    Ean Smith

    Rip the banana ram

  • Ty Cala
    Ty Cala

    Hope you and everyone are ok Ryan thank God you are all ok

  • Jayden Mosconi
    Jayden Mosconi

    can you upload a new video right now

  • David Buchanan
    David Buchanan

    Clutch just died on me today while backing up with a load of lumber in the bed. I've got a 2018 2500 Laramie with a G56. I noticed on the Southbend website the 3250GK states for up to 2017 models. I cant call them till Monday morning but I assume this will still work on my 2018. Any idea?

  • Caleb Arnold
    Caleb Arnold

    Annnnnndddddddd now its burnt down bc you can't drive!

  • Jesse Brown
    Jesse Brown

    Video from the accident instagram.com/p/CP4i_S4H1MK/?

  • Julian R
    Julian R

    By the way it’s not $20 it’s actually $30.. I’m sure because the virus prices inflated on material. Just fyi still gonna but this though thanks for the video!

  • Blake Alexander
    Blake Alexander

    Is everything ok is he alive

  • Outdoor Garage
    Outdoor Garage

    Sending prayers man, I know that sucks man. Much love and we will support you through this man


    Hey man saw a post you were in a serious crash hope everyone is safe and not harmed!

  • Levi Alexander
    Levi Alexander

    Wanna sell me that third gen

  • 88cameras

    oo another YT video of some guy showing his "car parts" off LMAO Not even sure if YT is worth the time anymore. I'm sure that's what big TV was looking for all along anyway.

  • Frederick Martin
    Frederick Martin

    Dollar down and a dollar a week, Never get out of debt..

  • Danny Judge
    Danny Judge

    We got the same steering wheel in our minivan, the downfall of Chryslers

  • David Key
    David Key

    Just seen post where u wrecked heard everyone ok but banana ram destroyed glade everyone is ok and safe 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • 4.3 nation Vortex
    4.3 nation Vortex

    Rip to banana Ram I looked up to that truck but vehicles can be replaced people can’t glad everyone is ok and to y’all saying they were drunk and racing shut the fuck up they said they were all sober y’all quit spreading roomers trying to start shit.

  • 4.3 nation Vortex
    4.3 nation Vortex

    Rip to banana Ram I looked up to that truck but vehicles can be replaced people can’t glad everyone is ok and to y’all saying they were drunk and racing shut the fuck up they said they were all sober y’all quit spreading roomers trying to start shit.

  • Warscars Yt
    Warscars Yt

    The banana ram can be fixed

  • Jeff shumate
    Jeff shumate

    Waiting on the next video

  • RandomVideos

    Big car small pp that's sad true.

  • Courtland kobragang
    Courtland kobragang

    Lemmie know you can't see me niggas I'll TAKE THE TINT OFF. FREE MY NIGGA WOO YEA I CALL HIM MR FENTANYL

  • Benedetto Cracolici
    Benedetto Cracolici

    Don't get me wrong it is a very good product to shine things.you can also use Pledge on a flag to shine the allegiance

  • Jack D
    Jack D


  • Andrew Buller
    Andrew Buller

    I seen a picture on Facebook, I recognize that truck anywhere. I'm glad you're all good Ryan! That was a beauty of a truck! What a sad day.

  • Dr Marc Woodruff
    Dr Marc Woodruff

    Nice mod, but you yap-yap too much.... Sorry I just like to get to the point!


    Not to bother u in any way and maybe u have allready touched on this but what happend to katie

  • Zoey Mcdaniel
    Zoey Mcdaniel

    By the way the banana Ram has to be the best girl you've ever done and the green gram

  • Ray Cobra
    Ray Cobra

    80 grand for a lift kit?!

  • Ricky Emory
    Ricky Emory

    He must be so sad after that crash

  • Joe G.
    Joe G.

    Rest In pieces banana 🍌 🐏 Ram 🤦😵😞💰💸😑😔

  • farmer cash
    farmer cash

    How much trucks do you have

  • Ronnie BMX
    Ronnie BMX

    Sorry Ryan you got into a crash when a drunk driver hit you God bless you’re still alive I hope you have enough money to build a another truck sorry you got into a crash God bless you still alive amen

  • chevy gang
    chevy gang

    Yo how much for the wheels off the first gen if there 8x6.5 I’ll buy them

  • Joseph b Fishin’
    Joseph b Fishin’

    Rip banana ram, crashed 2 min away from my house

  • Dave Giannotti
    Dave Giannotti


  • Jacobcrabtree

    I saw your green truck in Cleveland Ohio

  • Sonny Miller
    Sonny Miller

    Rip banana hope everyone is okay

  • EGator 85
    EGator 85

    I was out of town so I haven’t seen this video yet. First thing I see when I can Into town was Ryan and his friends were in a bad accident in the Banana Ram! I’m glad everyone came out whole and no one was badly hurt! It broke my heart to see the Banana Ram in that condition 😔 after watching him bring it home for the first time. Glad you’re ok, Ryan!

  • Warscars Yt
    Warscars Yt

    Our you going to get that truck back

  • Sideways Cy
    Sideways Cy

    Hope your ok ryan

  • kyle trinkle
    kyle trinkle

    Seen about that accident horrible that happened to your truck but it can be replaced. Prayers to all involved in the accident wish yous well

  • Brendan McFerson
    Brendan McFerson

    I'm so sorry about Bananarama

  • Bronos Extremely
    Bronos Extremely

    Dam mannn sorry to see what happend hope yall good

  • Julian Hase
    Julian Hase

    Praying for you brotha that sucks so much just saw the post on Facebook 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Owen Dodman
    Owen Dodman

    Boys get ur brake kleen in the tire not on it and maybe it'll seal like u want it to lol

  • Ed Hutsell
    Ed Hutsell

    Holy shit just seen pics and your comment, thank god everyone is safe!

  • FromThat_559


  • Kingston keys
    Kingston keys

    I would sue tf out of the person who hit u

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee

    Dude I saw the wreck!! Are you ok??

  • Alex Coombs
    Alex Coombs

    Rip banana ram😨

  • ReeFlecks

    Rip Banana. Hope ur doing ok and everything gets better🙏

  • Ricardo Andrade
    Ricardo Andrade

    The banana ram nooo😭 I mean are you ok

  • Yogi69

    Let's see the before and after. Also, how much for the diff cover?

  • justin pierce
    justin pierce

    Sad too see this beautiful truck all fucked up after the wreck but I'm glad you are all ok can't wait to see the next build

  • Thomas Bailey
    Thomas Bailey

    Dang bro just saw the photos from the wreck hope everyone is fine and can't believe the banana is thrashed. Well wishes and hope the rest of the trip goes better!

  • Jeremy Andrews
    Jeremy Andrews

    Post the vid about the weak