Livin the Dream
6.2L Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat (2019)
6.7L Lime Green 6 SPD Cummins (2017)
6.7L Detonator Yellow 68 RFE Cummins (2018)
5.3L Chevy Tahoe (2012)

  • Kameron Vordahl
    Kameron Vordahl

    You should do a ram runner for a build

  • Steven Homberg Jr
    Steven Homberg Jr

    Matte white on matte baby blue

  • Danny Szura
    Danny Szura

    Do a purple powder coat on the bottom

  • Bryce Beasley
    Bryce Beasley

    If you paint it red you could have a lime, banana, and apple

  • Donald Shook
    Donald Shook


  • philip saunders
    philip saunders

    do you plan to fix the issue with the camshafts, you know being pressed on and can spin?

  • Philip Robinson
    Philip Robinson

    Purple or keep it black

  • Devin Jones
    Devin Jones

    A Desert Tan with black accents

  • Brandon Simmons
    Brandon Simmons

    What should I do to my Toyota Tacoma 2021 TRD Sport Mt if I want a 6” and willing to spend the money to do it all right? BDS? Pro Comp? I love a nice offset I’m talking -44 plus what do I need to do to do this right?

  • Joey Johnston
    Joey Johnston

    Seabring orange from the corvette!!

  • jeffrey long
    jeffrey long

    Your next truck should be a 1998 12v Cummins

  • Cade Patterson
    Cade Patterson

    Paint it candy metal flake purple and green details and the trailer the same color to be your tow rig for your green machine I think that would be sick tbh

  • Joey Jones
    Joey Jones

    I’d say pumpkin orange because it’s another really bright color and not too common

  • Michael Child
    Michael Child

    Electric Blue with a copper lift would be nasty

  • Steven Farris
    Steven Farris

    Paint it orange

  • Dst H
    Dst H

    The dodge gang be looking good but that piece of shit Ford needs to go

  • JST 2 BIG
    JST 2 BIG

    What are you gonna be asking for the stepsides?

  • Wyatt Lemke
    Wyatt Lemke

    Paint it the same color as the seats

  • Jessica Simon
    Jessica Simon

    something as lime green ram just flipped main color purple with all the other parts lime green

  • Padro Gutierrez
    Padro Gutierrez


  • ItsJustTcarr

    bright skittles orange for sure

  • Mark Dubbels
    Mark Dubbels

    Ryan, you are wearing the color. Orange it is!!

  • Luis Cervantes
    Luis Cervantes

    Neon orange wrap

  • Travis Bromley
    Travis Bromley

    Black wheels with yellow accents

  • Travis Bromley
    Travis Bromley


  • Keverado_Z71

    If ya ever need a hand packing, shipping, or hauling all your merch hit me up, i'm local & it would be cool to network with ya!

  • Tyler Coull
    Tyler Coull

    Man honestly what do you do for a living haha

  • Kelly Miller
    Kelly Miller

    Tahoe is sweet look great riding in my small town.. what's next a dually with a high lift, big wheels 😀🖒

  • bradfordalston

    Intense Blue Pearlcoat or B4 blue. Keep it Mopar

  • Evan Bentley
    Evan Bentley

    Paint it orange like the hoodie

  • Keverado_Z71

    Bright orange would look good with that interior color!

  • lawson brown
    lawson brown

    I would go blue and black everything else out

  • Kyle Semi
    Kyle Semi

    You should do a chrome build with huge chrome wheels

  • sed dagamer
    sed dagamer

    You should paint the truck blue

  • Trevor Kilmon
    Trevor Kilmon

    What year Tahoe is this ?

  • David Pavon
    David Pavon

    Try brakemotive brakes, have them on my vette and are the best bang for the buck with rotors included

  • Brian Pethoud
    Brian Pethoud

    Candy Orange!!! Would be sick!!!

  • Erik Rasmussen
    Erik Rasmussen

    Can you do a small lift on the new eco diesel without the super wide wheels???

  • kobe vega
    kobe vega

    I think the only color you can do is orange because black and white are off the table u already have red green and yellow sooo orange maybe red when the tahoe goes

  • Uncle Ape
    Uncle Ape

    purple should be the color

    • Uncle Ape
      Uncle Ape

      with green accent

  • scott revia
    scott revia

    I gotta go to the store for some milk. Can you help me fold my mirrors out? -Big Country

  • Tyler Shelton
    Tyler Shelton

    Keep the spokes brushed, with polished yellow/paint matched barrels??

  • Logan Allen
    Logan Allen

    Trip to Mexico ASAP!

  • Jeff Gipson
    Jeff Gipson

    Orange Most definitely

  • Fat Boi
    Fat Boi

    What time you doing the give away

  • Nathan Ross
    Nathan Ross

    do a light blue

  • Michael Love
    Michael Love

    What year is the F250 for Katies build?

  • Gregory Long
    Gregory Long


  • silentjde

    Be careful with the eco turd, they like to blow up without warning.

  • Mallory Vice
    Mallory Vice

    You’d think instead of buying all these trucks and filling the driveway up Ryan would think about buying a shop first. He’ll be getting that piece of paper from the city before too long for not following the requirements.

  • Mark Parker II
    Mark Parker II

    Burnt orange with flake in it would be awesome

  • HP Custom Sparks
    HP Custom Sparks

    Change it to orange and I just got Power Stop brakes on my Ram 2500 and I like them pretty well so far and my main reason for getting them was to get rid of the squeak and extreme brake dust but so far no squeaking but it’s rains everyday since I’ve installed them so idk on the brake dust so far

  • luke hunter
    luke hunter

    Paint it Austin tan

  • Greggory Becker
    Greggory Becker

    An Orange!!!! Orange RAM!!!!

  • Jayden Binet
    Jayden Binet

    for the eco diesel, I think ignition orange with black accents and badges would be a killer look for the truck, that or hydro blue with black accents would also be sick

  • PS4 Gamer
    PS4 Gamer


  • PS4 Gamer
    PS4 Gamer


  • Squarebody Passion
    Squarebody Passion


  • Andrew Dasher
    Andrew Dasher

    I just took the steps off my F150 literally 15 minutes ago and I struggled taking them off because it looked so good but all my buddys love the truck without the steps!!! It made me laugh that I come inside to try and catch up on the series and the episode I watch you are taking yours off too haha

  • colby dailey
    colby dailey

    You should make it purple

  • Graysen Stalheim
    Graysen Stalheim

    Bright blue

  • Keanu Espericueta
    Keanu Espericueta

    Keep the black

  • Jesse Hunt
    Jesse Hunt

    If you want something bright then do orange with light blue accents! Or orange and black! But I think you should definitely do some marine speakers in the bed of the truck!

  • Christian Newman
    Christian Newman

    Love the longhorn! I drive a 2011 longhorn 1500 hemi

  • Ben Knudtson
    Ben Knudtson

    Ya should do a forest green or something along the darker green, but something that under light is bright and vivid

  • Wayne Nye
    Wayne Nye

    Orange , purple , hot pink

  • Zach Rouse
    Zach Rouse

    Definitely a unique orange would be awesome to see

  • Levi Rangel
    Levi Rangel

    It would be really cool is you painted it the color of your suspension on your lime truck and do the suspension the lime color

  • Jake J4x4
    Jake J4x4

    Who has too many project? ✋🏻.. who just bought another project? ✋🏻

  • Grandmas uncooked Spaghetti
    Grandmas uncooked Spaghetti

    White and mint

  • Zackkeith 339
    Zackkeith 339

    Wish he would do it again to show my white and red 88 chevy


    Someone get this mans a RAM sponsor

  • Chance Williams
    Chance Williams

    Go opposite of sublime purple and green

  • Billy Witter
    Billy Witter

    Hunter orange

  • John-Michael Moody
    John-Michael Moody

    Destroyer gray!! Overland/off-road look! Be one of the first big IRbinrs to do it. You're the man that would do it right!

  • Logan Gale
    Logan Gale

    Purple would look pretty dope! I got a 06 ram 1500 big horn with a cream white color looks good too!

  • Randy Fowler
    Randy Fowler


  • Nicholas Bland
    Nicholas Bland


  • Mann Family Adventures
    Mann Family Adventures

    Indigo blue would be close to the purple but not be the same as lime!

  • Demetrius Langston
    Demetrius Langston

    Nardo grey!!!