Livin the Dream
6.2L Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat (2019)
6.7L Lime Green 6 SPD Cummins (2017)

  • Whocaresno1


  • Kevin O'Donnell
    Kevin O'Donnell

    Are these available in Canada?


    1:04 Dont lie, you put those leaves on the car for the video you not slick!🤣🤣🤣

  • Ellis

    Yes sell it and build another big truck, cars are boring

  • Lucca Virgallito
    Lucca Virgallito

    Yes. And buy a squarebody.

  • J Mcc
    J Mcc

    Smart girl

  • Robert

    At first oncoming drives were blinded by my led lights but now they got use to it

  • Grizz 2
    Grizz 2

    Even this kid's neighbors hate his big ol' head. You're done playing backyard mechanic.

  • Emmett Olsen
    Emmett Olsen

    Get rid of the hellcat it’s not that cool

  • Richard Hansen
    Richard Hansen

    It a bait video I hate those

  • Jason Loria
    Jason Loria

    What happened to the purple Barney truck.


    Hi If you were painting this on the rocker panels, and you wanted a black glossy finish would you recommend getting the tintable vs the black? I saw the video where you painted a purple bed so I’m thinking that’s the way to go.

  • Gian Nicolosi
    Gian Nicolosi

    Sell it. That money could be vested in better places

  • Justin sanders
    Justin sanders

    If you get rid of the hell cat you should get a corvette stingray

  • Gage Gregg
    Gage Gregg

    I’ll give you 5 whole dollars for it right now

  • The Bureaucratic Cat
    The Bureaucratic Cat

    Is that a cummins

  • Eliacim mora
    Eliacim mora

    Sell it and do another car or truck

  • Bradley Hart
    Bradley Hart

    Get the euro reflectors for the hellcat it will look so much better

  • The_Boss_Jon 914
    The_Boss_Jon 914

    Should do a duramax swap in the taboe or install a supercharger in that thing including exghaust and cold air intake


    So I have a 2001 Dodge ram what would be the best lift kit for it I have 33-in tires with Moto metal wheels

  • The_Boss_Jon 914
    The_Boss_Jon 914

    I think you should put some type of red led strip in the trunk area to light up that sound system somehow

  • The_Boss_Jon 914
    The_Boss_Jon 914

    I think you should put tow mirrors on this and powder coat them that dark cherry color

  • justinnash09

    Keep it! Such a wicked car. Never understood why people do all the mods to make their vehicles exactly what they want just to sell them.


    Don’t sell it also you’d roll got that quad

  • ButtermilkL0veNugget

    Ryan. Please don’t clickbait your watchers. You know you aren’t selling the hellcat. You don’t have to lie to us to get us to watch you bruh.

  • gerald clemens
    gerald clemens

    Sell hellcat. Then use the financial gain to possibly find own shop or home with shop. It is nice car but just a car.

  • GMT400 Lifestyle
    GMT400 Lifestyle

    I think it would be sick to get something different, change it up a little 🤙🏼 I do love the Hellcat though!!

  • Llywelyn Owen
    Llywelyn Owen

    Don't let it spray on your brake discs! And if you use on a m/cycle expect to slide if you corner hard.


    Tow mirrors on the Tahoe would look bad ass

  • Brent Gregory
    Brent Gregory

    Don’t sell it I love it

  • whoawhat87

    This is crazy, f#$k the bedliner

  • ????????

    Sell it and get a hellcat red eye

  • Mr. Personality
    Mr. Personality

    Looks good man I got a 2020 Equinox All black everything, replaced all the silver emblems & replaced them with the redline all black red outlining & looks amazing.

  • Bryan G
    Bryan G

    YESSSS , get something different!

  • Mur Doc
    Mur Doc

    This man is pimping out his lady. Pimping ain't easy

  • Mr. Personality
    Mr. Personality

    Man the only thing that drove me crazy was waiting for all the badges to come in! Lol

  • Jason

    It’s not really neglected when you drive it to Florida you kinda got bored of it just give it a little bit and I’m sure you’ll be good with it

  • Andrew Does Life
    Andrew Does Life

    Sell the Hellcat, buy another build!

  • Thomas Shields
    Thomas Shields

    No don't sell the car

  • Badhabbit Gaming
    Badhabbit Gaming

    Speak for everyone here lol OH HELL NO BRO 👍💯

  • Fade To Black LLC
    Fade To Black LLC

    Tahoe, looks awesome. We did one with a lift and 24x14s a while back. Still a popular truck on my Channel. Let me know what you think of it.

  • derek phillips
    derek phillips

    ryan's going to be doing a giveaway with his tahoe

  • zxlism

    Thanks for the vid ..helpful and entertaining. Enjoy how you can roll with the punches and stay positive!..👍

  • Lucas LeCompte
    Lucas LeCompte

    You need to sell your house and move away from those salty neighbors you live by.

  • Lieutenant Luka
    Lieutenant Luka

    Its up to you bro! If it were me i would sell and get and old classic charger and customize it. I like the older cars better. Just need to put the newer suspension and drivetrain. Cant go wrong with that. Hellcat looked amazing tho in them shots! Cant wait to see there video! ✌❤😎

  • Elpinche_ Fernandooffical
    Elpinche_ Fernandooffical

    If it helps you buy your shop go for it.

  • Andrew Follett
    Andrew Follett

    Yo, please wear eye protection with that wire wheel. They are bad for throwing wire 👓

  • spudth

    One does one, one does the other. Duh...

  • spudth

    Organized the garage? Looks like you cleaned off my workbench and scattered them around your garage. What does your Daddy do so you can have all this?

  • Matthew Denny
    Matthew Denny

    Bumper dump🤟🏻

  • Jason Fehr
    Jason Fehr


  • Travis Turner
    Travis Turner

    You should give it to me. I'm neglected also ! We can be there for each other the hellcat and me !!!!

  • Working mans restorations
    Working mans restorations

    I am guessing the big news is a shop...

  • Kyler Byassee
    Kyler Byassee

    Love the videos

  • Greg Sego
    Greg Sego

    Well let's just say I have a Rough Country 3.5" lift on my 02 Ranger. Understood it was a misstake, and I keep breaking my prop shaft. (broke a month after being replaced) Other than swaping lifts, is there a resolution to this issue.

  • Brett Ludwig
    Brett Ludwig

    Make it to match the lime truck better

  • Brady Adams
    Brady Adams

    Sell that hellcat get a new truck and make another show build please I beg you

  • SoFloYj

    Don’t sell the charger 🥺

  • Nathan Legradi
    Nathan Legradi

    No. No you shouldn’t..

  • Beat Quake
    Beat Quake

    why not just do a real system?


    Yea to me

  • CushmanDriver 1600
    CushmanDriver 1600

    Why do u want to sell it

  • Joseph Willie
    Joseph Willie

    If you sell the hellcat get a 2020 wild body hellcat

  • Megan Willey
    Megan Willey

    You must live in a place that doesn't get much snow because thats a dusting around here lmao

  • Kenneth Gomez
    Kenneth Gomez

    They can’t say shit because its your own cars, ask them if they are willing to pay for labor then that solves “their issues”

  • Kenneth Gomez
    Kenneth Gomez

    Yes. Unfortunately the time has come

  • youTuber nicK
    youTuber nicK

    to get a widebody yes but if not for a widebody no

  • koupster1

    you need to get ahold of the law firm who sent you that letter. And find out who is reporting you and see if they can prove you're customizing "customers" vehicles, which your not. I had the same issue with neighbors across the street. I confronted them and they claimed that's what I was doing to have primary income. I laughed at them because I customize my own vehicles and help my close family out. I'm active military so it's not like its a regular basis I'm doing something. But since then they haven't bothered me or complained one bit.

  • Matt Catone
    Matt Catone

    What happened to the purple 1500

  • Wayne Knapp
    Wayne Knapp

    I think the big new units is they are getting a new house with a garage and space to work. I watch every video and he says in one the price of a garage is as much as a house payment so they might as well look for a house with a garage to work in a space to park all the vehicles and not bother the neighbors

  • Erik Marshall
    Erik Marshall

    2020 has been 💩 for getting parts. Head gaskets blew in late April took until September to get them. Oh wait start to do it and boom still need more parts still waiting

  • robbie miller
    robbie miller

    Yes you shouldvsell it......to me........for $1

  • Artie P
    Artie P

    You said a couple videos back to use led relays. Do you have a link for those. I looked them up but find mostly turn signal ones. Thanks dude

  • Jason MOWREY
    Jason MOWREY

    Hell no don't get rid of the hellcat

  • Colton Sterling
    Colton Sterling

    You should make phone cases as merch and don’t sell the hellcat your the one who inspired me to get one when I’m older

  • 307_ SCOOT
    307_ SCOOT

    guess you should do a tax write off on your "Home custom work shop" lol some people smh

  • chris davis
    chris davis

    Just a recommendation, when you’re working with a company and they’re giving their time and or paying you, you should come prepared with the car detailed. If it’s just some random video a fan is filming then sure, but if it’s for the brand of your suspension like I’m pretty sure you said it was, you should put forth the effort and bring a car that’s ready for professional videography/photography You want to build these professional relationships, instead of being known as the guy that brought the dirty car to a video shoot. You never know when you’ll need that camera guy or the engineer or assistant or whatever staff you might meet, a good impression goes a long way..

  • Christopher Covillon
    Christopher Covillon

    Bro I make the same mistake ordering stuff when u got so much info on certain vehicles with certain features lol

  • zach S
    zach S

    Check out harbor freights socket organizers and prior organizers they free up so much space and they're a lot cheaper than buying a new box

  • Christopher Covillon
    Christopher Covillon

    Dont sell the car unless it's for another project and with getting a shop it would help I'm sure. The town's letter is just because a butthurt neighbor called and the town is like hey your doing something u want on your own property well that's fine but give me money and u need to move your operations. Towns are greedy and there are tons of butthurt snowflakes coming out the wood work. Cant wait to see the new shop gonna be epic to have a LFTD GARAGE. Cant wait keep up the epic work brotha I'm a lifer on this channel I will never leave brotha