$1200 ARP Head Studs...WORTH IT!?!
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  • Footbalspartan

    Lol if your buddy is “continually” working on a 6.0 means you don’t know how to work on a 6.0 lol they don’t require continuous work

  • xx.runaway

    You need to check lash. Doesnt matter if you put all rockers back in the same place. The head was clamped down more on the block with those studs installed because they are torqued more than factory, they squish the head gasket more. Which now means all valve lash is gonna be off. Also, shoud have used lube on the threads of the studs. The studs probably aren't at true torque because of that.


    You could've saved yourself around $350 if you wouldve bought "xotic performance" head studs. Exact same tensile strength, lifetime warranty at half the cost.

  • Jared Morgan
    Jared Morgan

    Great job man! 👍🏻

  • SOR Training Your Fat Loss Expert!
    SOR Training Your Fat Loss Expert!

    Very impressed bro.

  • bass and boys
    bass and boys

    We not gonna say anything about what seems to look like a silly band on his arm??

  • 4.3 CYOTER
    4.3 CYOTER


  • Jacob Volk
    Jacob Volk

    Are you going to powder coat the stock turbo?

  • Alex Kennell
    Alex Kennell

    Whyd you trade the chevy in???

  • zach S
    zach S

    How come you didn't go bigger injecters

  • David Prymmer
    David Prymmer

    Ryan it’s been quite a journey from dressing tires with pledge furniture polish to what you’re doing now. Proud of you good job


      Thank you!!!

  • Team Noise Ordinance
    Team Noise Ordinance

    Sad that you traded in your purple truck at strongsville chevy




    Why would you back off the stud that’s dumb

    • Monster RAM
      Monster RAM

      Because if you bottom out the stud, then proceed to do 3 torque sequences up to 150 ft/lbs, you can drive the stud into the block and crack it. If it wasn't necessary, ARP wouldn't tell you to do this in the directions. 🧐


    Dudes a hack

  • Austin reed
    Austin reed

    Ryan get a green canopy for the ram and make a over land style in the back

  • Millionaire Vlogs
    Millionaire Vlogs

    How does the outside of a truck look so great but the engine bay looks terrible?

  • J.A.R. Family
    J.A.R. Family

    Every set I have is missing 10mm and my buddy didn't have his either hahah.

  • James Blount
    James Blount

    FYI (\) is a back slash and (/) is a forward slash. It is named based off the way the top is leaning.

  • John Trageser
    John Trageser

    Is there some illegal coconut market in Ohio I don’t know about?

  • WeezyF Baby
    WeezyF Baby

    Man if you lived down here in New Orleans I could have done that for you at the dodge dealership I work at. I’m a diesel mechanic here at Bergeron Automotive! If you ever have any weird crazy problems let me know and I can help diagnose them 👍🏼👍🏼 love your vids and truck man looks good!

  • That 1SLO6.0hh
    That 1SLO6.0hh

    Haha I just installed my ARP head studs the other day on my 6.0 I'm completely rebuilding

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    Nice job Ryan i know some days it works good and some days you never know but you kept a cool head and made it work . Great job👍🏻🇺🇸

  • Peter Kurtz
    Peter Kurtz

    Ryan- is replacing these head stud bolts a common thing and why do you have to replace them

  • Peter Kurtz
    Peter Kurtz

    Call me crazy but I thought Cummins motors were painted red

  • Keith’s Garage
    Keith’s Garage

    Stuff absolutely adds up. I’ve saved well over 20k just over the last 5 years or so doing things my self. That’s 20k I can now use to, fund more mods, more tools, or put towards another vehicle, a new shop, whatever. Either way that 20k makes me one happy camper lol. Think about it just one 8-10 hr job you do yourself that’s about 1k saved. Or if you really like to get your hands dirty like me, learn how to rebuild your own engines & transmissions. You’ll easily save thousands each one you do.

  • Roy Cervantes
    Roy Cervantes

    What oil you put on your 6.7

  • D_Sulzy

    What software do you use for video editing? These videos are 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • TriggerHapySheep

    can we get a garage clean up and build lol put up some shelves and stuff to make it look cleaner and a better workspace? idk seeing it makes me cringe lol

  • Brian Bailey
    Brian Bailey

    What’s the purpose of the sharpie marks on the studs before the torque?


      Bottom them out then turn them back a half turn for full thread engagement!!

  • Jon Troyer
    Jon Troyer

    I hope the new build is a 7.3 Powerstroke

  • Garrett McBryde
    Garrett McBryde

    I’d love to do these mods in my driveway but I use my truck every day and don’t have time for my truck to be down. Typically pay a shop to do a mod while I’m on vacation. It’s not fun paying for but I know it’s right.

  • Brian Clifford
    Brian Clifford

    Hella job Ryan!!🤙🤙

  • Thomas Fox
    Thomas Fox

    Oh and btw get a fucking magnet on a stick it’ll help you out in situations like that...

  • Steven Ellis
    Steven Ellis

    The first part was in Florida


    I really hope you do your hot retourque bud

  • Billy Petrucci
    Billy Petrucci

    Forward slash** 👌🏼

  • Alex Trout
    Alex Trout

    You rock dude 🤙 awesome seeing you do all your own work! Can’t wait to see the compound install

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    This is why I do everything myself too. I like to learn things that I didn’t know before. And it saves me money lol

  • Your moms New boyfriend
    Your moms New boyfriend

    I hate to tell you this Ryan but when those compounds go on your gonna have to get rid of that EGR cover

  • Musty Vidz
    Musty Vidz

    Gotta get that second gen Cummins manual 😁

  • Jackson Billions
    Jackson Billions

    I just bought a 2005 Ram 1500 slt 5.7l. It's bone stock with 83,000 miles. What mod/upgrade should I do first?

    • John Trageser
      John Trageser

      Demon engine swap

  • Anthony Lunser
    Anthony Lunser

    Just think u are gonna have to take all of that back off when u do ur retorque

  • Scott Scout
    Scott Scout

    You know you live in a decent neighborhood when you can leave your tools laying in your bed of your truck

  • Gucci Bonds III
    Gucci Bonds III

    Bruh if anyone pays 1000 bucks to install head studs literally just sell your truck 😂 that’s a joke lmao I had mine fully replaced by a massive shop around where I live for 400 bucks....

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    Lol those coconuts had me worried for a sec

  • Reid Daniel
    Reid Daniel

    If I drove my PowerStroke up to you would you do the head studs, it’s content for you and I’d love to mee you

    • Zach Boring
      Zach Boring

      Agree fully with 6door 6four; not pulling heads and checking them and installing new gaskets will basically render your install a practice run for the next time when you pull the heads and have them check and install new gaskets Cab on is a PIA but can be done with some work if you have no ability to lift cab

    • 6door 6four
      6door 6four

      Do not do your 6oh studs like this 6.0 can have cracked heads often or the headgaskets are near failing only proper way on a powerstroke is to pull the heads and send them out easy enough job for anyone to do if you have a little mechanical knowledge some diy guys do it cab on I personally pulled the cab when I did my dads as we have a hoist but it is not needed

  • Ulises Sanchez
    Ulises Sanchez

    Ryan Mayer you reminds me of ChrisFix 👍🏻🤩😇

  • Beards& Cars
    Beards& Cars

    Not trying to be that guy but stop grinding next to the valve terrain. Love the content tho..

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy

    Missed some steps. Should have.... - Cleaned out the holes prior to installing the studs. - Used ARP assembly lube. - Checked valve lash after you installed the rockers.

    • xx.runaway

      @Brendan He definitely only put lube on the nuts and washers. If he did put lube on the stud itself it wasn't nearly enough. Lube the hell outa the threads on the studs, the washers and nuts. That's the only way you will ever get true torque on the studs. And big mistake not checking lash.

    • Brendan

      he used the lube. you can see it on one of the close up shots. but yes. he needs to check lash cold, then lash hot. also needs to do a hot retorque on the studs.

  • Noel Ybarra
    Noel Ybarra

    Great job Ryan, I admire the work you do on your channel

  • Tony McSteven
    Tony McSteven

    Does anyone have the link/info to the wheel and tire package on that purple Chevrolet?

  • Trucker Applehans
    Trucker Applehans

    Keep up the great work....

  • Ellis

    I guess im not understanding the need to replace the head studs

    • mathew b
      mathew b

      @Monster RAM i guess I'm just use to older cummins where there is a chance for the head to not seat correctly even when doing them in order one at a time it might just be a peace of mind type of thing plus you can inspect the underside of the head and make sure its holding up and no worries handing the extra power

    • Monster RAM
      Monster RAM

      @mathew b Changing out the HG isn't necessary on trucks with Multi Layered Steel HGs. And there are no drawbacks with replacing the bolts them one at a time, in proper sequence, as long as the HG isn't compromised in the first place. All you do is save yourself a bunch of time and money.

    • mathew b
      mathew b

      @Ellis stock head studs are known to stretch over time with boost... i personally would have done the head gasket just to save some of the headache later on down the road

    • Ellis

      @Team Brahma Ah thanks. So the concern is the stock head studs breaking with a twin turbo?

    • Team Brahma
      Team Brahma

      Replacing the standard head bolts/studs with ARP's is a common supporting mod for doing things like the twin-turbo setup he's adding. Keeps the head from lifting and causing head gasket issues.

  • kingthomas t
    kingthomas t

    U should get a durmax

  • Lyrical Walrus
    Lyrical Walrus

    I laughed when people run ARP head studs/bolts when they don’t need them now you do need them so I’m not laughing because you have a good reason to do it

  • Robert Fish
    Robert Fish

    Love the video! I do a lot of my own wrenching myself on my 5.9 ram gaser.

  • Kris

    Did he say “good” and “6.0” in the same sentence?? Lol

    • BayAreaMCs

      Must be taking about a Ford because i had a 05 2500 with the 6.0 and that thing was a straight tank. Never once had any engine issues only major fix was PS pump but I had it on a 6” lift so it was inevitable.

    • Gabe Snyder
      Gabe Snyder

      Have you ever had a 6.0 lol

  • P O
    P O

    Get rid of that plastic cover around the valve cover already

  • madmax700r

    Please tell me you at least check your valve lash?..

    • EC Chassaing
      EC Chassaing

      I dont believe he did.

  • Joey Jones
    Joey Jones

    Does anyone else notice he is wearing a silly band and want to know what shape it is ? 😂

  • Bryce Hickman
    Bryce Hickman

    Been wanting to tackle this same job in the my driveway as well but worried bout how to clean the stud holes properly!🤔great job man .

    • Monster RAM
      Monster RAM

      @6door 6four You can also make/use a thread chaser.

    • 6door 6four
      6door 6four

      Cover everything else put a rag around the end of a blow nozzle you could spray a little brake clean in the hole and spray in the rag will catch everything and if anything shoots by you have rags over the rest of the open engine

  • nate michaud
    nate michaud

    Ryan's favorite words, "to be honest"

    • Ashton


    • J.T.


    • Bailey Sharpe
      Bailey Sharpe


  • swayde welborn
    swayde welborn

    One of the realest if not THE realist IRbinrs in the truck world by far 👌🏻

    • swayde welborn
      swayde welborn

      RYAN MAYER no problem man you’re just humble, I’ve talked to you a time or two on Instagram and I don’t get that cocky vibe from you and that’s hard to find these days.


      Thank ya man!

  • A10warthog

    Legally obtained that's what they all say lol 🙏

  • Wigit

    damn, you spent more money on fancy bolts than i did my entire jeep lol. those things must be able to withstand the wrath of 3 hurricanes worth of boost if they are gonna cost that much.

    • Monster RAM
      Monster RAM

      ARP 625+s will hold in 100+ psi boost applications and are reusable. With head studs, you get what you pay for.

    • 6door 6four
      6door 6four

      I studded my dads 6.0 the arp studs for the 6oh are 200,000psi tensile strength

    • Matthew Morrison
      Matthew Morrison

      It changes all the specialty bolts in the engine

  • Danny Silva
    Danny Silva

    Luv ur vids bro 👊

  • Cej1220

    Hey Ryan, great vid. Only critique I could give is cleaning out the holes before installing new stud. Also is there a reason you didn’t check lash ?

    • mathew b
      mathew b

      @John Stangl still every time you take rocker arms or injectors out you should check your lashings

    • John Stangl
      John Stangl

      im guessing its bc the engine wasnt turned over at all and he kept the rockers in order so the lash is the same

  • GPTitan

    Masterful job producing and editing this video! You could start a side gig producing and editing content for other channels. Another great project, great video!

  • tj boylan
    tj boylan

    I live in Florida and it makes me laugh about the coconuts because for $7 a month you can get coconut insurance in case you get injured by one falling on you

    • Billy Petrucci
      Billy Petrucci

      Thunder Truck Yeah bruh I live in Ocala but was raised in key west, it’s true. Lmfao 😂

    • Thunder Truck
      Thunder Truck

      What????? Lmao

  • Richard Hansen
    Richard Hansen

    Should of bought a 12 point inpact socket cause the chrome ones flex too much and dont get a proper torque

    • ericg4x4

      You do realize that chrome sockets are harder than impact sockets? That’s why they tend to crack when used with an impact. Also, you don’t lose torque with a socket flexing, steady force applied through a manual torque wrench is not affected by flex. Impact torque is affected by flex. Simple physics, it’s amazing!👏

  • Canton Treasure's
    Canton Treasure's

    Is Katie truck being built on her channel?

    • Sawyer Scofield
      Sawyer Scofield

      Mostly but some will be on this channel

  • Ole Chevy Craven
    Ole Chevy Craven

    Awesome work ryan I'm working on my 95 Chevy silverado put a new front end on it and shocks done it all in my apartment parking lot

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B

    No lube on the studs? Probably should of done valve springs while u were in there. What's up with the neck beard. Lol

    • Bobby Roberts
      Bobby Roberts

      On the close up you can see the lounge on one of them. Just didn’t shoe it in video

  • Born in Virginia
    Born in Virginia

    When you have to use a lifted truck to work on your lifted truck.

    • joey schultz
      joey schultz

      It’s leveled btw

    • Born in Virginia
      Born in Virginia

      @Grizz 2 I know I watched the video I just though what I wrote sounded better than "when you use your leveled truck to work on your lifted truck" plus he has larger tires on it so even if it is just a small amount the back it still higher than stock

    • Grizz 2
      Grizz 2

      His chevy is stock. Back of the chevy is stock height. He cheaped out and leveled the front.

  • East Carolina Outdoors
    East Carolina Outdoors

    I don’t know if I missed you saying this but why are you regearing it back to stock??

    • Brendan

      he’s not referring to stock. he is rehearing to about 4.56’s. he made an error. watch the video prior.

    • tj boylan
      tj boylan

      Last video he said he’ll be getting to it after he gets done with the compound turbos I believe


    Did I miss it...or did you not lube those head studs before installing???


      @Monster RAM Exactly!👍

    • Monster RAM
      Monster RAM

      @HIGH 5 ACRES FARM Yep, he was supposed to slather it in ARP Ultra-Torque assembly lube; the washer (both sides), nut, and stud threads. I guess we'll see if he has issues down the road.


      @crazy stupid gamer their supposed to be coated with torque lube....its like neverseize consistency ...thick....not just dipped in oil....

    • crazy stupid gamer
      crazy stupid gamer

      I dont think he soaked them in oil but it looked like on 1 he put something on before he put the nut on


    Wassss gooooooddd

  • Joey Kennedy
    Joey Kennedy

    Looks like you put them in dry

  • Ty Cala
    Ty Cala


  • Rooke Mickle
    Rooke Mickle


  • Seth mattew
    Seth mattew

    J hi

  • Jay.bat


  • Clay Stone
    Clay Stone

    Do a 2nd gen Cummins build 👀

  • Calebs small scale Farms
    Calebs small scale Farms