AIRED UP and READY FOR 800 HP!! | Building a Banana Ram | Part 27
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  • Jonathan Vieira
    Jonathan Vieira

    What if you did both pumps?

  • Jonathan Vieira
    Jonathan Vieira


  • robbie miller
    robbie miller

    Just going to say it, fleece is notoriously bad in the diesel world. Ask any technician.

  • That11GMC

    Fass going on the orange cummins?

  • That11GMC

    Airdog or fleece

  • nathanielbristow

    Try the black market performance filter kits

  • Zachary Graves
    Zachary Graves

    You’ve been talking about the second gen swap on the green ram. Do it on banana ram

  • David Mosleyjr
    David Mosleyjr

    What all engine mods have you done to this to get 800 horse

  • Colby Stratton
    Colby Stratton

    Ryan u should do a vid on tools a diy should have for working on vehicles

  • Daniel Tomlin
    Daniel Tomlin

    What’s the plans for your interior your taking out

  • Beginners guide to bass fishing
    Beginners guide to bass fishing

    That Smirnoff box is a good measuring tool Ryan

  • David Robbins
    David Robbins

    I don't care what you do or add. You can't fix yellow!! Ugly!

  • Shawn Dyck
    Shawn Dyck

    Best content on IRbin keep it up Ryan 🤘


      Thank you so much!

  • Kevin Bryant
    Kevin Bryant

    No way man ? Is it true? You are crazy baanaana rams are cool but a booty like that doeaent come along often! You think about it later for the rest of your life, what a nice pesron she is to, oh well just sayin , good luck bro, ill be here watchin your channel and builds as always!

  • Tyler Gilliland
    Tyler Gilliland

    My boy getting it done since the Jetta!✅✅

  • Drake Bihn
    Drake Bihn

    Train horns in the future for that aggressive truck?

  • Nicholas Freese
    Nicholas Freese

    How much did this lift cost. I was looking at doing this same lift to my 2021 f350 but I was wondering if you ordered the front end of the lift separately from the back?

  • Chuckie Miller
    Chuckie Miller

    Hey bro just rock the glasses do that shit

  • WhoDave

    Where’s Katy’s FORD at ? Haven’t seen it in the vids is getting painted?

  • Khorush Azamee
    Khorush Azamee

    Hats off that’s awesome

  • Keegan McCarthy
    Keegan McCarthy

    Train horn ???

  • millersquad

    Awesome lift!

  • Keegan McCarthy
    Keegan McCarthy

    Full send or no send it needs all the power

  • Jon Scriffignano
    Jon Scriffignano

    call me crazy but get powder coated red running boards!

  • AJ Hoffmann
    AJ Hoffmann

    I swear you’ve had that Milwaukee for a million years

  • AJ Hoffmann
    AJ Hoffmann

    I am really shocked that no one said anything about that jet ski

  • Chris Hand
    Chris Hand

    Fleece lift pump is the way to go

  • Ross Shambley
    Ross Shambley

    LOVE THE TRUCK!!, i just wanted to know any suggestions on a easy first daytona truck build

  • YouTube User
    YouTube User

    Try a TurboTime Performance Stage 3 VGT drop in turbo. I have it on my truck, drives great and top end power is very impressive even on stock tuning!

  • Sean Gurskey
    Sean Gurskey

    Raptor Lining Rockers unless the vehicle is brand new is a mistake after a period of time moisture you never saw starts forming under the raptor liner causing rust you can't see till its to late! Lasts for a good while but unfortunately the rust is forming which you can't see till its to late! Not sure I would do it again....

  • _Dodge_Demon _
    _Dodge_Demon _

    Oakley better than pit vipers 😂

  • Rob Walters
    Rob Walters

    Black Market Performance has the CAT filter adapters. Excellent kits I’ve installed several of them on customers trucks.

  • Colehurla 20
    Colehurla 20

    Can you put a flatbed on one of your builds?

  • Jonathan Loftus
    Jonathan Loftus

    I have another clean ecodiesel for you and the channel.

  • Charles Rickard
    Charles Rickard

    Did anyone else hear the compressor noise and instantly think of the purge😳

  • Country

    Hit me up if you ever decide to get DS18 loud in any of your builds. Yea i know i keep trying. I gotta ask though right. For real though im willing to hook u up at my dealer cost. May can even talk to my wholeseller and get you hooked up. Just a thought.

  • Tanner Larkin
    Tanner Larkin

    Get the fleece 2nd gen swap and get there new exhaust break

  • Ericgrady84

    Jealous looks sweet wish I'd done this instead of 10in. Lift

  • C B
    C B

    Sick bro

  • Johnny Wade
    Johnny Wade

    Bro you should do something with the exhaust while you have the bed off... just and idea...👍🏾

  • Medley Madness
    Medley Madness

    Get a FORD next

  • mattthew roberts
    mattthew roberts

    i wanna see an ol 12v or 24v build

  • H2O RAM
    H2O RAM

    Love the blue hat 🔥🔥

  • Joshua Rodriguez
    Joshua Rodriguez

    Doooope.. Great Job.. you won 💪 finally Done with the air ride..

  • brice dennis
    brice dennis

    Love watching these vids while I'm on lunch keep up the great work Ryan!

  • Adam Inuktalik
    Adam Inuktalik

    Yellow bed liner?

  • Adam Inuktalik
    Adam Inuktalik

    You need a mullet with the pit vipers

  • Josh Jackson
    Josh Jackson

    Can you give me the name and the number to the company that was sending out the hoodies from your site?

  • jared schowalter
    jared schowalter

    What happen to Katie’s Ford

  • 4Wide Gaming
    4Wide Gaming

    how can you make this different than Lime? Smokestacks

  • Luis Cervantes
    Luis Cervantes

    Making me want to start working on my truck! Chicago weather is brightening up already !

  • James Mizell
    James Mizell

    I keep seeing how your concerned about needing a CDL to take your own trucks to shows. For full information on when you are required to have a CDL check out But a rule of thumb is if you aren’t mandated to having a DOT number on your truck you don’t need a CDL. Love the builds and you have given me a lot of ideas on building both of my trucks.

  • CMonkey 421
    CMonkey 421

    Ryan wearing Pit Vipers made me love this man that much more

  • James Gay
    James Gay

    The Banana Ram is coming together. As I said wasn't impressed when Ryan mentioned the lollipop red with the yellow but WOW! This is probably one of my favorite builds by Ryan next to 6.7 Lime. 👍

  • Dave_Adkins_216

    At first I wasn't feeling the yellow. Now seeing that illusion cherry underneath.... DAMN it's starting to look good. Can't wait to see the wheels. 💪

  • Brad Hughes
    Brad Hughes

    Do you have a discount code with Banks? My ecodiesel's front half of the exhaust is getting loose and gonna fall off soon and I'm wanting a muffler delete exhaust too

  • Bstinger7

    Definitely try a super charged diesel. Or even a super turbo charged diesel

  • Ikaika Brown
    Ikaika Brown

    I think there’s enough red on it to officially call it the “McRam”, diggin the build brotha keep up the good work.

  • Tyler Hawkins
    Tyler Hawkins

    I have the same pit vipers

  • ndogg3539

    fk. that.. to much bs for that lift

  • Matthew Carruthers
    Matthew Carruthers

    Hopefully when you throw the bed wait on it doesn't change all your settings on your air ride.

  • Steve 319
    Steve 319

    2hrs. Of hammer and prybar/chisel and 5 stitches later after a slip changing the fuel pump on my silverado I bought the ring removal tool. Its a tool you never need till you do.



  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    Looking good Ryan !!!!

  • Vinny Spataro
    Vinny Spataro

    Boring videos lately!!

  • Donavan Donahue
    Donavan Donahue

    Please do a video comparison on the coilovers conversion setup vs the kelderman air ride suspension 🔥💪💪

  • Zach S
    Zach S

    I would go with a 2nd gen style manifold with a big single turbo

  • Oliver S.
    Oliver S.

    If you do turbos do a 2nd gen set up being that you have compounds on the lime ram

  • Javier Trejo
    Javier Trejo

    👍👍👍 can wait for the inside !!!!!

  • lbhamlo

    LOVE the air ride on my REBEL, but the back-up cameras are t-r-a-s-h, I'm on my 5th one and going in to get it replaced again today. Even the service people at my Dodge dealership said they were crap. Maybe the 6th one will be a winner!

  • Cummins 6.7
    Cummins 6.7

    Looking good!! Glad to see you went with the Fleece pump, that's the one I am going to run here shortly.


    You know what would absolutely set the banana ram off? Suicide rear doors... Just saying...idk how but it would set the already amazing build 100% over the top

  • Peter Madonia
    Peter Madonia

    Shout out to the corvettes!!!

  • Sheri Acre
    Sheri Acre

    Keep up the good work

  • Lyndon Hamby
    Lyndon Hamby

    Fleece will be plenty

  • Lyndon Hamby
    Lyndon Hamby

    Get some wheels on that banana 😂👍

  • ninjakeeper01

    Pit vipers are so dope I have a pair and I love them!

  • Robert Keen building my Life Show
    Robert Keen building my Life Show

    Salute, always love watching that incredible life motivation.....

  • TX Stealth Fighter
    TX Stealth Fighter

    It almost sounds like a transformer it’s so cool

  • Robert Hurd
    Robert Hurd

    Build is gonna set the meter for this channel even more than it already is, love it - Can’t wait to see the finished product, you always seem to outdo yourself every time my guy.

  • Johnny5 G.
    Johnny5 G.

    I recently leveled out my ‘15 Ram 1500 sport by installing Fox coil overs in the front and Fox 2.0’s in the rear. What upper control arms do you recommend: Icon, Zone, BDS...? I was thinking Icon?


      All are good options!!

  • Jeff Wilton
    Jeff Wilton

    which fass system did you use on lime green? and what cat filters did you use?

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan

    Need train horns for the banana Ram 😎👍

  • Garrett Heath
    Garrett Heath

    I always get excited when i see the notifications come through and hate when the video ends lol. Excited for the rest of the build! 🔥

  • DillonBets 69
    DillonBets 69

    A part of me really wishes the 🍌 Ram was a mega cab.


      I wish it was a long bed 😂😂😂

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith

    Trucks looking awesome keep up the amazing work!

  • Wyatt Waldron
    Wyatt Waldron

    You should powder coat the black stuff on the air system.

  • John Adams
    John Adams

    Gotta grab up a trickle charger and get a set of shop batteries! Stoked you are crushing this build!

  • Wyatt Waldron
    Wyatt Waldron

    Ryan hoking the harness up drops the truck down and say casual flex

  • Jager Francis
    Jager Francis

    2nd gen swap it please with a big single turbo

  • Mitch Trujillo
    Mitch Trujillo

    Banana Ram build is sick bro. Great work.

  • Manny Perez
    Manny Perez

    Pressure based alone will never be the same height. Need to add height sensors for it to be accurate. For example 60psi in 30 degrees is different from 60psi in 90 degree weather.

  • John Lacolla
    John Lacolla

    Looks good man can’t wait to see the build continue!!

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    Its coming along way ! 🔥🔥🥶🥶

  • Carl Finnegan
    Carl Finnegan

    That looks so much fun. Keep it up. Getting me through winter. Much Respect.

  • nsubira

    Paint wheel liners

  • Aidan Ferrari
    Aidan Ferrari

    Yes sir, fav youtuber right here

  • GemersPlaysMC

    Did you decide against the star light headliner or no? Maybe I missed you saying you weren’t idk


      It’s Comin!

  • 4xMotion

    The problem you’re having with ride height not returning to your presets is typical of the 3P system on a heavy truck. I ran the 3P system on my Ram and ended up ordering the 3H upgrade after a few test drives. 3P does a horrible job at maintaining actual ride height because air pressure constantly fluctuates. With the 3H, ride height is set by level sensors, the sensors maintain ride height with near perfect accuracy. The maximum deviation I see is 1/8” from side to side. I would highly recommend upgrading to the 3H systems. I also suggest reading the controller manual, it’ll save you a ton of time trying to figure out how to use the controller.

    • 4xMotion

      @RYAN MAYER - I’d highly recommend it. It’ll solve your return to set ride height issue for sure.


      I’ve got the height sensors! Might have to add them 😂😂😍

  • Bayron Cuellar
    Bayron Cuellar

    To much talking brother

  • Emmitt Giesbrecht
    Emmitt Giesbrecht

    When are the wheels you bought going on?