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  • Born in Virginia
    Born in Virginia

    "Almost warm enough for my tires to refill themselves" 😂 I understood that way to much

  • Running On Empty
    Running On Empty

    I have an 03 and these trucks do no like LED lights. I had to install a few resistors in order for the running lights to work properly

  • J.D's Original Cartooning & more.
    J.D's Original Cartooning & more.




  • Michael Hanna
    Michael Hanna

    Do you lift?

  • Josh eXcalibur
    Josh eXcalibur

    I got those in my 03 Silverado for about 3 years now and still working fine 🤙🏼🤙🏼

  • Tyler Alexander
    Tyler Alexander

    I hate to tell you those keys may not just pop out as they should they have had lots of time to rust on. You can spray them but I never have much luck with that. I could be wrong but i hope it comes apart good for you. I had to have a shop do mine. Please let me know how they go im curious

  • J C
    J C

    Am I the only one that cringes when he calls it a "lift"??

  • Tyler Stroup
    Tyler Stroup

    Can you post link for the headlights and taillights? I really like them and would like to get the same set!

    • Court Carver
      Court Carver

      Tyler Stroup amazon type like 2005 Silverado taillights. Bunch of options like this come up for a great price

  • Kelzang Dorji
    Kelzang Dorji

    Bruh you should spray it when opening the box🤣Corona

  • Harry Henry
    Harry Henry

    Hey Ryan, could you do a wet sand and polish tutorial? I painted my truck and it’s so dull and there isn’t really a good video out there to show how it’s done. Would greatly appreciate it!

  • Hagen Fritzsche
    Hagen Fritzsche

    When you wash your bed park it on the hill so your water runs out

  • kristy wallace
    kristy wallace

    Love watching your channel my boyfriend and I just bought a 2019 ram 1500 classic and can't wait to lift it and do some other mods.. You do some really great work 👌 looking forward to seeing you put the lift on the chevy 👀😄

  • Jonny Swank
    Jonny Swank

    please put a roll pan on it

  • Grizz 2
    Grizz 2

    Another video of rambling and no work. This kid does little to nothing.

  • Lb7 Chris Ri
    Lb7 Chris Ri

    Intake manifold gasket are leaking

  • mickyfingaz

    Are you still working at a shop or are you a full time IRbinr now?

  • smcox1991

    The duramax definitely would’ve been the smart move. But we all do stupid things.

  • J.T.

    Do you have to dry the truck after you wash it or is drying not needed with ceramic coats?

  • Jj Hehe
    Jj Hehe

    Paint the ram

  • Truebacca 114
    Truebacca 114

    Bank 2 lean could be that your “cats” are plugged, mine had the same code and once I cut out the cats and just replaced them with pipe the code went away


    I’d like to see you throw together a c-10 man that would be dope. Mainly because that’s what I’m building right now lol

  • Macaroni529

    Not sure if anyone has said it, but the orange wire is for the switchback LED on the front of the mirror. Just installed this same mirror on my 2013 silverado. Looks killer btw :)

  • tom deininger
    tom deininger

    He has an ATV the same color as his truck and car.

  • Jesse Nichols
    Jesse Nichols

    8:45 +1 for the Adam Doleac

  • Gary Daigle
    Gary Daigle

    Instead of a new compressor, you should look into getting the turbine setup from Eastwood, steady air flow and no condensation.

  • Justin Christensen
    Justin Christensen

    lol, how many stains do you have in your driveway?

  • Collin Young
    Collin Young

    Squat the purple truck

  • Chas Fraley
    Chas Fraley

    Check engine light is a coil pack, at least that’s what it was when I had the same code on an f150

  • Curtis Oliver
    Curtis Oliver

    I sell the inflatable spray booths and would love to hook it up!

  • Thomas Creighton
    Thomas Creighton

    Come buy my 4th gen. I live in Akron.

  • Marty Kik
    Marty Kik

    No ford 🤮🤮


    I wish I could do the work like you. I'm stuck with rotting out cab corners on my 94 GMC Sierra cause I don't have a garage or a welder or a friend that will help me out with it :(

  • Levi Bowden
    Levi Bowden

    Money for noting baby

  • Jesus Acevedo
    Jesus Acevedo

    Would you sell the black ram grill?

  • 8lugsnoplugsoffroad

    Definitely build the kfx 400 I just got a ltz 400 which is the same thing but Suzuki and need some inspiration lol all the builds look great

  • M Craige
    M Craige

    You are thanking us for watching ...We thank you for letting us tag along! Enjoying the journey Ryan. I like the way the Chevy is coming along. Till the next video...stay safe and be well brother.

  • Nicolas Ponce
    Nicolas Ponce

    Change the fuses and disconnect the battery then reconnect the battery I bought the same tail lights and the same thing happened to me

  • Caleb Maya
    Caleb Maya

    What's the name of the song at 2:57?

  • Bowtie Bastard
    Bowtie Bastard

    Sylvania led bilbs are the best

  • Tanner Ward
    Tanner Ward

    Are you going to put rock lights on it? Driving with a green or white would look CLEAN!!

  • Trevor Nolting
    Trevor Nolting

    purple duramax would definintly be awesome

  • Jman

    If your headlights are projector lenses DO NOT GET LEDS . I maybe that mistake, you’ll want/need HIDs. I got a set of of Amazon for 50 dollars and they are amazing. LEDs are amazing for reflector lenses, but they physically dont work well with projector lenses.

  • Ruff Tuff
    Ruff Tuff

    Aftermarket keys are not a lift kit. Cranking the stock keys is the same. Change my mind Ryan

  • Ruff Tuff
    Ruff Tuff

    Aftermarket keys is not a lift kit. Cranking the stock keys is the same. Change my mind Ryan

  • Ruff Tuff
    Ruff Tuff

    Aftermarket keys is not a lift kit. Cranking the stock keys is the same. Change my mind Ryan

  • Diesel Schwartz
    Diesel Schwartz

    you should do a house tour not to be creepy I just really like your house and seeing your basement made me very interested

  • ElCartero

    God damn, why do u live there. That place destroys cars/trucks

  • MikeRyan2020

    I don't comment much but I been watching you for a little bit now... Can't wait for the purple truck to be 100% done, looks great so far... I myslef have a 2000 s10 bagged longbed and my Daily lowered 2002 5spd Blazer... Anyway, GREAT work and love the vids, keep it up 💯💯

  • KC Common Rail
    KC Common Rail

    Look awesome, and I learnt my lesson on taillights. I spent almost 500 on Recon taillights thinking they were something special and they were junk. The fit on the LH taillight was awful and the tabs on the housing that the body clips attach to were really flimsy. I was even more baffled when their customer service basically told me to pound sand and tried selling me another taillight rather than send me another one for free. Moral of the story, eBay lighting for the win lol except Morimoto, their stuff is top notch

  • Huntz T
    Huntz T

    3:17 Ryan I hear that Money for Nothing by Dire Straits! Good stuff with the volume loud anyway lol

  • Matthew Fontana
    Matthew Fontana

    You should definitely do the same style build color wise with you atv as you did with your ram put like purple wheels and some purple suspension parts on the atv

  • self Destruct
    self Destruct

    You should take apart the tail lights and paint them

  • Ajit Pai
    Ajit Pai

    I have those similar taillights on my Ram and love them

  • Braedon Sheesley
    Braedon Sheesley

    Cummins swap????

  • ClassicRocker 81
    ClassicRocker 81

    Inflate to 55 psi lmao. The truck is tripping big time if it thinks being 2 psi off means a low tire light haha. Might have to adjust the threshold on it if you can.

  • Dalton Bierman
    Dalton Bierman

    Hey dude. Just installed the same tow mirrors on my truck. White wire is for the reverse lights . And the orange is for running lights for the fronts of the mirror

  • None None
    None None

    Come on treat the bottom half of that frame. It is so rusty and just begging you to seal it with some por or Eastwood sealer.

  • Nathan Nabb
    Nathan Nabb

    The misfire can be your coil packs going bad

  • Michael Graper
    Michael Graper

    I got my pressure washer for free from some concrete guys, the pump was bad on it so for $300 I bought a new one and the thing works great. And I'm going to say it again. Chevy. Needs. To. Be. Dumped.

  • Carl Finnegan
    Carl Finnegan

    You should do Katie's truck next. Good idea for content while I'm stuck in the house. Be safe brother. Your sticker looks good on my jeep. Did a 6" zone lift painted it purple with green springs. Keep up the great work your keeping me sain.👍

  • John Ruble
    John Ruble

    So i e-mailed you and no response about my order being lost

    • J.D's Original Cartooning & more.
      J.D's Original Cartooning & more.

      This guy sucks, how can u sit and watch him talk more than he does anything...also funny how he responded to everyone with a nice comment about his sorry ass, and he left you hanging.

  • Micheal Baer
    Micheal Baer

    I started watching Ryan when you had the Ram Build with the Jetta...Great job! Now you have the live-in changed jobs & showed your true building skills? I guess at your age...most start unprepared...all winter plus for your Chevy! I may still watch you inch along?....

  • Yea It’s me
    Yea It’s me

    I have the same ones and I love the way they look

  • Joseph Alvord
    Joseph Alvord


  • Dan Charron
    Dan Charron

    so you need to powder coat the frame off your quad. to purple.

  • Jacob Fondrick
    Jacob Fondrick

    On the lift u dont have to take the torshion bars off they stay in

  • thomas wylam
    thomas wylam

    Powder coat the 4wheeler rims purple

  • zIHated

    Should get the iron decontamination from Maguires!

  • Jay R. Russell
    Jay R. Russell

    I have been waiting since this build started for you to wash that dirty ass bed out lmao so satisfying! As OCD as you are about cleaning your vehicles Ryan, it surprised me you didn’t clean the Chevy before you started tearing her apart! There is always next time 🤔

  • Owen Pearson
    Owen Pearson

    just last week i put the bigger keys on my 05 dmax and i recommend using a clamp that covers both sides instead of a C clamp the C clamp i bought bent and had to get another

  • Glenn Douglas
    Glenn Douglas

    Too bad you can’t keep your garage like your cars. Nice tidy and clean....

  • Owen Pearson
    Owen Pearson

    dire straits🤘🏼

  • Caleb Kitchen
    Caleb Kitchen

    Yes all those trucks are wired for turn signals in the mirrors. I have the same 04 but extended cab and when I put my tow mirrors on the turn signals plugged right in for the mirror

  • Glenn Tumbleston
    Glenn Tumbleston

    Hopefully this corona will go on somewhere so we can enjoy a “truck season” and the good weathee

  • Mb Breeze
    Mb Breeze

    Do green rims and green bedliner

  • Twitch412

    Paints truck custom color , runs pressure washer hose all up and down the side of the freshly painted bed ... 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Nicklas Temple
    Nicklas Temple

    Yea it is overcompensating for how little power it has

  • suzukilt750

    Build the quad! Be different and never done before. Bring another community to the channel!

  • ERVIN Nez
    ERVIN Nez

    What programmer did you used to get the ram tire psi down to 65 psi...great videos nd keep them coming...

  • Lucas Robertson
    Lucas Robertson

    You should put a lift on the lime quad

  • Fake Person
    Fake Person

    ryan i love your videos so much keep up the hard work! also my opinion cat eyes look SO much better off-road then street so i say get the off-road bumpers and tires

  • Beta-Dirtbiker-3

    Build the 4 wheeler

  • Peter Madonia
    Peter Madonia

    Summer time is truck modding time

  • Wigit

    getting ready to paint my jeep truck, hopefully it turns out as good as the chevy! awesome build so far. reg cab long box's need more love.

  • Peter Kurtz
    Peter Kurtz

    Ryan, I would suggest for your chevys misfire. Is to get a new set of sparks plugs, inspect the wires, oil change, air filter, fuel filter(if it's inside the tank don't worry about it), and map sensor cleaner. IT MUST SAY map sensor cleaner. Dont use brake cleaner because that sensor is touchy. when cleaning the Sensor DO NOT touch the Sensor. Just clean it, retail it and whatever you do...DO NOT drop it. Pretty much giving your Chevy a full tune up and you want to do this to every new/used vehicle that you own so you can keep track of your services. I know its allot and it'll be alil pricy but your pickup will enjoy it. Older chevys lile yours need alil more attention is all but its not bad bud. Great work, love the truck and the color....better thwn white I have to say.

    • Peter Kurtz
      Peter Kurtz

      Mike-actually no I don't sell auto parts just use to own an old Chevy in 2005 that was already 10 years old. Let's just say, it was allot of fun and learned allot. One my favorite cars and looking to buy another one. I'm actually a truck driver and know allot about old cars. I actually want to find a 68 69 charger as well and restore it. Just something about making a car road worthy again sounds fun.

    • Peter Kurtz
      Peter Kurtz

      Ryan-no problemo

    • Mike Maes
      Mike Maes

      This dude must sell auto parts


      Thanks man! I’ll look into it!

  • Mark F
    Mark F

    You should adopt the two bucket (with dirt filters in each) method! Save your paint!!

  • Aaron Podgorski
    Aaron Podgorski


  • RobloxVehicleGamerYT

    Ryan, You should take the lens off the Tail lights and make your own Custom Tail lights.

  • `gacha love demon`
    `gacha love demon`

    dont crank your keys that's a great way to ruin that truck

    • Mike Maes
      Mike Maes

      Its a pile its not going to matter

  • Dan Tobin
    Dan Tobin

    I cant be the only ram owner the has the constant water dripping from the mirrors after a wash no matter how much I blow it out with compressed air or a shammy it just constantly drips forever after a wash.

  • Jr Vasquez
    Jr Vasquez

    I have a set of taillight like thise in my avalanche 03 ive had then for like 2 years now the wiring needs to be swaped the top to the middle sockets

  • tj boylan
    tj boylan

    Those are the exact taillights I’m putting on my suburban

    • Mike Maes
      Mike Maes

      Do you want a cookie??

  • Jacks 148
    Jacks 148

    If you stock keys lifts the truck higher then the lift ones you should probably get keys that are for a bigger lift kit and just leave it lower if that makes sense, of you crank the stock ones your driving quality will suck

  • William Douglas
    William Douglas

    Pls Finnish the paint before anything else

  • Miguel Rosales
    Miguel Rosales

    You should powder coat some stuff on the quad

  • Steve F
    Steve F

    Love the videos man, trucks looking great.... but buck the fuckeyes! Go blue! 😆

  • hafabrainsell

    the color is on point u need some green accents on it tho

  • Randon Edwards
    Randon Edwards

    you should do an old truck restoration type deal! it’d help me a lot. i’m a little confused on rust in the floor boards.

    • William McClung
      William McClung

      Randon Edwards just rewatch this build he did pretty much everything

  • Levi

    You should rebuild your 4-wheeler

  • Why use mad ?
    Why use mad ?

    Does the truck got a name Can you call that Barney. Barney is green and purple