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  • Daniel Pierceall
    Daniel Pierceall

    Hey where’s Katie?

  • Victor Junior
    Victor Junior

    Saw this video too late! Resistors are a must so the radio detects a “speaker” without the resistors u will have NO audio at all.. Digital Designs DSI-2 audio processor is a high quality processor


      Yep lololol I have NO AUDIO

  • Caleb Sanders
    Caleb Sanders

    Where do you get those hooks and wires to hang your parts with when powder coating them?


      Amazon! S hooks

  • Reffner Lawn Care LLC
    Reffner Lawn Care LLC

    Hey Ryan. I’m located in Brunswick Ohio and friends with That_wide_f150 and chasing_heavens (you might know them) we are just starting a Ohio truck club and I’m looking to get my 10’ tundra repainted silver this summer and was wondering if you’d up for the work? I’ll be doing all the preparation and sanding just need someone to paint and clear coat the truck. Feel free to message my company Insta @reffnerlawncare or my truck page @5.7_yotta

  • Kekela Bertelmann
    Kekela Bertelmann

    Also I would suggest running new speaker wire into the doors

  • Ben Peterson
    Ben Peterson

    Its refreshing to see someone as talented as yourself having frustrating moments. It gives someone like my self confidence. So for any comment your read that just wants you to "get it over with already". They can just go to a show once you finished. I watch your channel to see the reality within your builds. So thank you!

  • Daniel Vasquez
    Daniel Vasquez

    just ask a Audio person for help

  • Kekela Bertelmann
    Kekela Bertelmann

    I would suggest getting a new head unit so you don’t have to deal with the factory uconnect, it’ll also make your life a whole lot easier not having to run a LOC.

  • Stryker Enterprises LLC
    Stryker Enterprises LLC

    Still breathing that powder in, ay? Must not like taking full breaths. A 3M dual cartridge mask is $40 on amazon.

  • trevis hebert
    trevis hebert

    Yo I added a ampro with the bypass an it worked great for my pre amps I have a 6 channel

  • AJ Hoffmann
    AJ Hoffmann

    I’d rather it be done right than be done quick. Keep up the good work my dude

  • Travis B
    Travis B

    And you now have a funnel...

  • D F
    D F

    I actually have a similar head unit and have speakers under my rear seats and I’ve always wondered why my radio will just stay at 0 and I think you explained it if u can link me to that resistor so I can do it

  • Blake Berlin
    Blake Berlin

    Just leave the new speakers and let the head unit power it unamplified but with nicer speakers

  • Tony Perez
    Tony Perez

    With alfa obd check for codes on the uconect


    Since u started this truck all I see is complaining and nothings gotten done just throw the whole truck away

  • Angel Ayala
    Angel Ayala

    What happend to Katie?

  • mini septiplaeyer boy
    mini septiplaeyer boy

    Did you and katie break up

  • Brock Shelstad
    Brock Shelstad

    Powder coat the tow hooks

  • TJ Thompson
    TJ Thompson

    If you start doing “big lifts” in your shop could you solid axle swap a Ford sport trac for me 💰

  • lsxroshak 12
    lsxroshak 12

    That pos Rockville is your issue. Step your game up bro. Sundown 100% or even skar audio crescendo ect. Rockville is Kmart of audio world. 5000 watt amps that only put 700 rms.....smdh hit up down for sound

  • Jr vz
    Jr vz

    Just get a professional you are gonna burn the amps and your speaker

    • Jr vz
      Jr vz

      Always adjust the gain yo like 10% and then start adjusting from there

  • bruce shepard
    bruce shepard

    Hi great video I just got the new Eastwood power coating gun.Do you like the newer one over your previous one ? I haven’t used mine yet .thank you

  • relyat

    Hey for the audio system issues I bought stuff that is plug and play for my amps. I think that truck has active noise canceling with causes problems also. Check out

  • TheIamdevin

    Ryan do it right! Get the rockford fosgate dsr1,proper adapter harnesses for your truck and it will remove your oem amp and replace it with this. I did it in my 2019 ram 1500 and it was so easy,sound quality control is insane,no splicing oem wires all plug and play etc

  • Jacob Stilwell
    Jacob Stilwell

    should’ve ran speed wire

  • Jacob Stilwell
    Jacob Stilwell

    you can run the new speakers with no amp that’s what i’d do

  • Eli Johnson
    Eli Johnson

    Are you and katie still together

  • Hank 14
    Hank 14

    This ain’t ryan there’s no way he cleaned the shop and he’s wearing jeans😂😂


      😂😂😂😂 NEW WAVE BABY

  • Scott Studman
    Scott Studman

    I can tell you exactly what is wrong. When the factory radio in the vehicle doesn’t detect a load on the speaker line it puts the radio into protect. You need to use a load resistor in line on the speaker wire before it goes into your line output converter 47 ohm 5 watt. This will fix it

  • Aiden Payne
    Aiden Payne

    It’s very different seeing Ryan in jeans

  • wil young
    wil young

    if you are upgrading your truck sound system from a tradesman to a longhorn as far as long horn Amps and speakers be sure to also change the deck to a longhorn deck. its the deck that sit behind the head unit. Not the head unit with the screen but the separate deck behind the screen because the head unit talks to the amp as you mentioned. Its programmed so that a tradesman deck will only talk to a tradesman amp. (get deck from pick a part) instead of paying dealer. I am not 100% sure what the internals are on a ram but that is what I had to do with ford F150 going from Xlt to Platinum sound system. Now If you are trying to add a aftermarket amp that is a different problem, you will need to get a device that will allow that. For ford its the Zen A2 B , but unsure about the ram. Maybe this can point you in the right direction if anything. Hope it helps. sorry for the long comment.

  • jack schultz
    jack schultz

    Just saw you old purple chevy build at a truck meet

  • Bradley Hamilton
    Bradley Hamilton

    Resisters won’t work! Had the same issue on a 300 srt. Audio control makes an output from the factory amp to give you proper sound out

  • Gary Miller
    Gary Miller

    You might have to tap into the speaker wires right out of the head unit and disconnect the factory amp to make your aftermarket amp work. That’s what I had to do to make my set up work in my Tahoe. Try it and let me know if it works and if not I’ll keep trouble shooting it with ya

  • SwanAttack87

    Sent you a message on Instagram about something to try.

  • Cameron McBride
    Cameron McBride

    Or you know you could cave in and take it to a professional so you can learn how to do it the correct way for the audio

  • Bill Ross
    Bill Ross


  • Peter Everest
    Peter Everest

    You said all finished in 2 weeks no chance. hahaha

  • kilthr0

    Ryan, not sure how dodge works but this seems to be a classic issue with improper load detected and the system shutting down.. I know with Ford, a lot of systems need to detect the proper resistance for all channels or it shuts off audio.. well unless you back fed and cooked any factory circuits/amps.. that's why we use harnesses a lot and if there is a speaker in a location make sure its hooked up and hooked up correctly.. I am wondering if you have a harness to go in between head unit and output with any needed resistors or connections if it will resolve your issue.. Like you mention these vehicles are too smart for their own good these days.. I had to use a special harness in my truck to go from head unit to DSP then dsp to amps and then amps back up to the harness then from the harness it used factory speaker wires.. I hate center channels and I remember i had issues when i unhooked that speaker and my audio system from Ford would shut off .. once i disabled that channel via OBD all good.

  • Dragonious Maximus
    Dragonious Maximus

    With all due respect, that yellow truck is the biggest piece of shit I've ever seen in my whole life. Look like a big gay dude in daisy dukes would drive it with a Chihuahua in his lap

  • Dakota Chanley
    Dakota Chanley

    Can you do a car painting tutorial?! We need ittt

    • justin ferreira
      justin ferreira

      Have you seen the purple Silverado videos goes into pretty good detail

    • Dakota Chanley
      Dakota Chanley

      @justin ferreira more explained. And what he uses

    • justin ferreira
      justin ferreira

      He has one

  • Jesse Nuncio
    Jesse Nuncio

    Oh wow I didn’t even realize they broke up. When did this happen?

    • Angel Ayala
      Angel Ayala

      Like 2 months ago Katie was dating the guy they bought the banana ram off of

  • Cameron Breining
    Cameron Breining

    Just thinking out loud but would you ever consider powder coating the antenna on the banana ram red

  • israel1

    Just have an audio shop/person help you out feel like your being to hard on yourself because you want to stay true to doing everything yourself

  • Tyler Hinton
    Tyler Hinton

    Just a heads up. You need an LC2 converter to run from the radio to the amp

    • Tyler Hinton
      Tyler Hinton

      You did the radio swap and that’s why it won’t work

  • justin gordon
    justin gordon

    Have you thought of using audio control LS2 to tap in to your stock stereo that's what I'm using because my truck has the bose system

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    Probably blow the factory amp seems like

  • Jordan Vance
    Jordan Vance

    Hey Ryan I work at a powder coating company called Advanced Powder Coating and Blasting Services. I work as a Sand Blaster and we have reasonably good pricing, service and quality to our projects that get brought in and I would love to help you with your powder coating situation

  • HendoeTy The Car Guy
    HendoeTy The Car Guy

    Did you enjoy the sloppy toppy twist I have you a few days ago Ryan?

  • Michael Ohlhausen
    Michael Ohlhausen

    I know you already invested a bit of $$$ into getting the 8.4 Uconnect but have you considered swapping to the T-Style head unit from LinksWell? Only reason I didn’t put it in my 17’ 2500 SLT was that it didn’t have the XM compatibility that I already had with stock, so I put a KENWOOD in instead.

  • Logan Jeter
    Logan Jeter

    Yes the shop looks better

  • Benjithick 17
    Benjithick 17

    I think the hitch should be red with yellow inserts

  • Genetic5.7

    Maybe a dsp would work

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith

    if you started powder coating shit i’d definitely hit you up to powder coat my wheels bro

  • flying munk89
    flying munk89

    I want to start powder coating. Any suggestions with a kit that is good for me to practice with and to use on a small scale for personal use

  • robby milligan
    robby milligan

    Stop playing with Rockwood

  • Ryan Petty
    Ryan Petty

    Edward from twilight! Lol shiny vampire! Lol jkjk sorry dude. Great video! Those resisters work very well!!! With the resisters... when you get voltage drop, the computer won’t realize it. I totally forgot about those !? Best Buy told me about them back in 2004. Not to many people know how to solder these days great job!!

  • Steven Suwanasung
    Steven Suwanasung

    You need to put resistors on the speaker wires after they go out to the RCA’s that way the factory radio sees there is a load and you should have that problem solved

  • Jonathan Vieira
    Jonathan Vieira

    If you get a bigger oven I will gladly get you to powder some stuff.

  • Steve 319
    Steve 319

    scrap the stereo in the Ram, put it in the kit car.

  • jerry spiers
    jerry spiers

    Ryan I have a 2018 tradesmen. I put the UAQ radio in there I had to use diode‘s just like you. I have a JL audio 500/1 and a JL audio 300/4 just put the diode‘s in and you will see you’ll have sound. Have you ever heard of speed wire speaker wire. It would’ve been so much easier for you to do that. Get your speaker leads from the back of the head unit then run them to the amp

  • Saulala Saafi
    Saulala Saafi

    You should make a series where you do your jobs lol that’ll be coo too

  • Brayden Howard
    Brayden Howard

    What kind of Alpha-OBD2 do you have and does it work with apple? I installed tow mirrors with lights and need to turn that function on, on the truck so they work. Thanks

  • DEZ.WIL6.7

    Look into a LC7i

  • Dj Buzzard
    Dj Buzzard

    Why doesn’t he just run new speaker wire to the amp from each door it would sound way better that way

  • John Hein
    John Hein

  • Alan Flores
    Alan Flores

    He owns pants what the hell

  • Ruben Vega
    Ruben Vega

    just change out the speakers with out wiring the amp you should be fine

  • m r
    m r

    YOU, Nuked your truck. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Paint GuN Express
    Paint GuN Express


  • Steve Thomas
    Steve Thomas

    Hey man I work for a spray equipment company in Austin Texas and I can hook you up with a powder coating booth. We sell them and we even have a crew that can install it for you. Hit me up and I can help you out. We also can get you a really good powder coating machine that will work flawlessly and last for a long time.


      Email me!!!

  • Battman 98
    Battman 98

    Not sure what gear you are using but i used idatalink maestro Rr when i redid my audio system in my jeep. Worked first time, havent had any problems. Maestro configures the uconnect system to work with aftermarket products.

  • Francis Mack
    Francis Mack

    Get intouch with FiveStar car stereo, they will definately get you right

  • Chris K
    Chris K

    Ryan when you want to completely drain system of 12volts you should connect the negative and positive cables together off the battery..computers will hold electric for a long time..connecting them together sends it all to frame ground and completely drains power..and that will still take a hour or so...good luck bro..wish I was close I'd get ya running with sound...

  • jamie 5.0
    jamie 5.0

    Hey go search on the pac website, they sell a factory interface kit that gives you 4v/5v low signal output.

  • Trey Allen
    Trey Allen

    I used an AmpPro PAC AP4CH41 worked flawlessly. Just an FYI. Love your content! Keep up the great work

  • szachtb

    I'd bet you blew the amp

  • Cory Criswell
    Cory Criswell

    Don’t take it to a dealer for audio related problems. Take it to a legit audio guy

  • szachtb

    Make an oven. Retrofit one or 2 ovens into one. Take the internals out and weld up a metal box..insulate it.

  • Idk Channel
    Idk Channel

    What kind of Milwaukee drill do u use or have

  • Allen Zell
    Allen Zell

    OHHHHHKKK More Chrysler Can bus mess. I remember this from years ago now. I am sure it is 1000% worse today. Finicky stuff. Man---you're putting a lot of work into fighting a stock HU. ALL your problems would be resolved with an aftermarket HU, wiring harness and dash kit. There is no way I would tow that thing to the dealership. They will turn it right around in the parking lot.

  • Country

    DS18 problem solver.

  • Jamarrel J
    Jamarrel J

    Did you disconnect the factory amp. All trucks come with some type of factory amp just not the alpine quality amp. Some trucks need a wiring harness to fix the issue and some require you to completely eliminate the factory amp from the system. That explains the volume issue you had as well

  • Jonathan Andersen
    Jonathan Andersen

    Maybe you should finish Katie’s truck next!

    • Jonathan Andersen
      Jonathan Andersen

      @davey gallagher duh. Maybe this could be his olive branch

    • davey gallagher
      davey gallagher

      They broke up

  • Grantimas maximas
    Grantimas maximas

    Banana rams new name "blood sweat and tears" 😂

  • Joshua Wessels
    Joshua Wessels

    Great build so far! Anytime u are going to do music on any dodge truck u just gotta buy that $400 harness my 07 was the same way did not like the line output converter. You should just bite the bullet and buy it you will not regret spending the money on it for the quality of the sound you will get. Just my opinion though! Keep up the great vids thanks man!

  • Michael Langerman
    Michael Langerman

    Also look under dash on the drivers side there may be a tiny amp under there.

  • Michael Langerman
    Michael Langerman

    I also saw something about holding the Mute and the Enter button at the same time that will reset the radio. Idk if thatll help.

    • Michael Langerman
      Michael Langerman

      I also read with the door speakers if you replace them with a higher impedence aftermarket speaker it results is a lower volume level. Go to thats where i read this at.

  • Michael Langerman
    Michael Langerman

    Hey the issue with the audio on the truck. I know it maybe something you dont wanna do but just go with after market head unit like a 2 din. I know you want the stock look but atleast you can have the 4 channel amp and everything. Just a thought thats all.

  • C Applehans
    C Applehans

    Not the best video but I get it.



  • Powerstroke Pat
    Powerstroke Pat

    where did you get the chrome base powder? I can't find it anywhere. sold out everywhere

    • Powerstroke Pat
      Powerstroke Pat

      @RYAN MAYER sweet thanks alot man



  • Dan Withrow
    Dan Withrow

    Ryan look into a Signal Processors from JL audio

  • Michael Frog-Man Bourne - 803 Garage
    Michael Frog-Man Bourne - 803 Garage

    Hell yeah brother =] 💜 making it happen [=

  • Phalen Vye
    Phalen Vye

    His hat had glitter and sparkles on it lol



  • Braeden Harder
    Braeden Harder

    You gotta powder coat the door latches red

  • Logan Goodrich
    Logan Goodrich

    I was doing my electrical training for my automotive class and I watched this video and I started match stuff with the video and training

  • 307_ SCOOT
    307_ SCOOT

    that outro best ever lol

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers

    Stereos are so frustrating.. If i was in your spot.. All new wires would be ran and bypass all the factory junk

  • WeedDabKing420

    I would be more then happy to help with the audio if your needing it. I live in Indiana