BANANA RAM IS FINALLY ON BAGS | Building A Banana Ram | Part 26
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  • Jonathan Vieira
    Jonathan Vieira

    Powerder the box

  • bluerush 32
    bluerush 32

    hey for better welding push the weld do not pull the weld, also turn up the heat.

  • Greg D
    Greg D

    Sounds like you have to adjust the governor. And if I make a suggestion move your drain valves on the tanks to the bottoms of the tanks so when you purge them it let's out moisture that sits at the bottom.

  • Sean Ferris
    Sean Ferris

    Happy belated Birthday!!

  • Nick Carollo
    Nick Carollo

    When are those new hoodies coming out for sale?! The ones with the yellow and lftedco on the sleeve those are sick!

  • AJ Hoffmann
    AJ Hoffmann

    Jet Ski 🤔

  • Keegan McCarthy
    Keegan McCarthy

    The banana ram would be sick with two lollipop red turbo’s

  • Peter Kurtz
    Peter Kurtz

    Did you check put your air compressor.

  • Awkw4rdTravesty

    24....shit I'm old

  • James Vlogs
    James Vlogs

    My cousin said not to get a Silverado cause he has one if this comment gets a heart from Ryan I'll buy a Silverado

  • Gavin Stover
    Gavin Stover

    Happy birthday man

  • 14jrloco

    Wow My 10 year old nephew knows how to weld better than that 🤦🏻‍♂️good thing you’re not a fabricator

  • Sam Ellis
    Sam Ellis

    don’t act like we don’t see that red car body in the back 😏

  • HendoeTy The Car Guy
    HendoeTy The Car Guy

    I just want to point out how messed up the situation that Katie is in right now. Regardless of who’s fault it is, it’s not right.

    • Cliff

      @RYAN MAYER like you need to get off the drugs, quit spending every second of your day with truck parts, truck parts don't keep you warm at night


      If only you guys knew the whole story...comments like that wouldn’t even make sense to type

  • Geno 740
    Geno 740

    There should be a purge adjustment screw on there somewhere. loosen the nut and turn screw. Will allow you to set what PSI the air dryer purges at.

  • Wyatt Waldron
    Wyatt Waldron

    When you said it should only take a day or two I was like no way. You’re still the goat thought💯.

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    Are sure the airlines are going to the fitttings just curious



  • Jon Scriffignano
    Jon Scriffignano

    Happy birthday man!! Everyone in the comments so nosey about what happen 😂 you still look happy bro and still doing your thang i hope you’re happy and everything is well bro!

    • Jon Scriffignano
      Jon Scriffignano

      @RYAN MAYER Exactly!! If you need some time off after your suspension is done we’re all still here to support you , Take all the time you need man well always be right behind ya! 💯


      🙏🏻 all you can do, universe has crazy plans for all of us, through my past experiences I’ve learned so much that all you can do is smile and keep on keepin on!!!! At the end of the day y’all don’t know the story but we all gotta grow through situations, life is too short to worry and try and control things you can’t, Universe has a weird way of working things out! The future is always bright if you can see the light through darkness! 💯

  • MrCstone1

    quality control went out the window years ago

  • Mike Leonard
    Mike Leonard

    Got tip for everybody so buy the Merch because Katie is not there to fill the orders

  • jerry spiers
    jerry spiers

    24!!!!!!!!!!! Ryan I’m like 51 and do this in my driveway come one you old Man.... there is still a lotta gas in your tank

  • Cody Martin
    Cody Martin

    Next dodge better have a colorful frame too if you know what I’m sayin 💯😈

  • 4th_Gen_ Mahem
    4th_Gen_ Mahem

    Is the dryer supposed to be plugged off? I don’t think it would need a check valve if it’s sharing the pressure with the tanks. I don’t know exactly how the instructions tell you though so?? Good luck my man

  • scott Mcgrath
    scott Mcgrath

    Happy birthday

  • Lyndon Hamby
    Lyndon Hamby

    Hope you got batteries unhooked welding on that frame

  • Jay Yoder
    Jay Yoder

    You going to put air horns on it to

  • Stuart Radz-2022
    Stuart Radz-2022

    Oouuu this build going hard I had my doubts lmaooo good shit bro keep it up

  • Debra Pearson
    Debra Pearson

    bro my grandpa is 65 almost 66 and he is still running a hole body shop by him self

  • Will Mogridge
    Will Mogridge

    I am pretty sure this channel is Ryan's and Katie has her own as well. As far as I could tell they did a good job of keeping those two separate. I find it incredibly classy and professional that neither one of them are on IRbin or any other social media platform airing dirty laundry and for that I applaud you both. I enjoy these videos and look forward to more content but I have to be honest I am a Ford guy so it was a bit disappointing to see the 250 leave the shop but hopefully Katie learned enough to keep that build going. Again thank you for doing the right thing by keeping it classy and continuing to do what you are on here to do and that is build cool stuff for our entertainment. I am sure others would agree that if either of you turned this in to a Ryan vs Katie show that you would both loose subscribers. Keep up the good work.

  • Anthony Z
    Anthony Z

    Take the green truck mudding

  • Alejandro Gonzalez
    Alejandro Gonzalez

    Ryan you said something about the wheels are hard to come around.. Try @exclusiveoffset they have some legit wheels

  • Grantimas maximas
    Grantimas maximas

    These videos are like Zen man! 3 kids and a a crazy house, but these videos are my way to clear my head and dream, always have been and always will.

  • Mick Hill
    Mick Hill

    Happy belated birthday mate. And, 24 is still really young, am 36 n feel ancient. Lmao

  • robbie kemper
    robbie kemper

    Did you and kaite break up

    • robbie kemper
      robbie kemper

      and happy birthday my guy its only better from here

  • Shane Kalcevic
    Shane Kalcevic

    Where is Katie’s Ford

  • Drew Forbes
    Drew Forbes

    Love the channel Ryan! I have a lifted truck and live in Middleburg Heights and I’m having a hard time finding a place to wash it as it’s on 37‘s and 14” wides any suggestions?

  • kia bass 879
    kia bass 879

    Cant wait to see what rims you got

  • Bamaflashlight

    Ryan Just checking on the status of my order I placed back in NOVEMBER 23,2020 that I Have not received yet as of today March 1,2021 over 3 months ago. I’ve emailed you several times trying to find out what the hold up is but you won’t respond.

  • Zach Rouse
    Zach Rouse

    Love seeing your builds come together!! Keep it up Ryan.

  • Crab King
    Crab King

    You gotta paint the frame either yellow or red

  • Javier Trejo
    Javier Trejo

    Banana Ram looking better and better on every video Keep the great work !! 👍

  • Josh Jackson
    Josh Jackson

    I'm still trying to get my hoodie issue resolved. For 3 months now. Can you please give me a refund or something?

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez

    Where is Katie we haven’t seen ger

  • Pinto Gaming
    Pinto Gaming


  • Paint GuN Express
    Paint GuN Express

    SMASH THAT THUMBS UP 🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸

  • Brandin Short
    Brandin Short

    Damn man. 24? I turn 24 later this year. we’re pretty much the same age! I’m telling you man you’re not too old. Lol. Keep it up 💯

  • Jonathan Loftus
    Jonathan Loftus

    Want to bring my ecodiesel to the channel? Bet you would like it more then the one you have now.

  • 18gearsforlife !
    18gearsforlife !

    Sounds like a bad governor if it has. If not get yourself one and you can control the “loading” and “unloading” pressures

    • 18gearsforlife !
      18gearsforlife !

      If that doesn’t fix it you might have a bad check valve on the dryer itself

  • Courtney Pickett
    Courtney Pickett

    Love all the ram stuff. I. Tryin to build a 2000 Ford ranger

  • Ohiocountryboy 2007
    Ohiocountryboy 2007

    Happy birthday. Mine is the 5th. The big 33 lol.

  • Joshua Rodriguez
    Joshua Rodriguez

    Happy B day.. Bry 26 eps later and this thing is Kicking ur looking forward to at least one of these projects completed.. Keep em coming 💪

  • Lourdes Guereca
    Lourdes Guereca

    Ive been here for 3-4 years damm

  • joe snyder
    joe snyder

    Most big trucks have a governor that controls the air dryer and they are adjustable, there is a little blue cover on it pull the cover off and the screw is behind it that adust the pressure and when the air dryer goes off.

  • Mason

    the liquid copper is cleeeaaannnn

  • Charles Rickard
    Charles Rickard

    I’m no expert but I think to get the air dryer to work you’re gonna have to 5” turbo back the 6.7🤪

  • Alex Evans
    Alex Evans

    Yoooo I love your background music instrumental selection 🔥🔥🔥

  • Chris K
    Chris K

    My the red..looks tough bud

  • Farmer Bill
    Farmer Bill

    👌 "4" air lines 🤣

  • Jon Hernandez
    Jon Hernandez

    It just seems like this lift is having so many problems with things not fitting , not the right parts and not working probably

  • lil Snow
    lil Snow

    Happy late birthday

  • Lee Lahd
    Lee Lahd

    Talk to a big rig shop about the air problems.

  • Chris Mellem
    Chris Mellem

    It sounds like air dryer is plumbed wrong, air should go from compressor to air dryer and from air dryer to tank 1 and tank 1 to tank 2

  • Tommy Gunz
    Tommy Gunz

    Come On Ryan ,Stop all of us speculating....What happin...Not deep into it just what’s going on 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Ram trucks
    Ram trucks

    Nice video

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Good video... once something is introduced and then taken away it can take time to get refocused... having said that it ain’t no ones business as to what’s going on... but because we all felt like we were apart of it we wanna know... something are best left unsaid , we are here for content on vehicles not a dating show.. all I can say after all this is #keepgoin nothing else matters besides what you want to.. the most high places things in our lives away from enemies and harms away... whatever he places I. Our lives will always be ours unless we give it away... god bless both y’all and the content

  • Lucy,4435 Logan
    Lucy,4435 Logan

    Happy birthday

  • Jayden Mosconi
    Jayden Mosconi

    what up

  • Jayden Mosconi
    Jayden Mosconi

    what are you doing with your gray dodge ram

  • Car guy tv
    Car guy tv

    My bday was on the 25th too , happy late bday hahah

  • Mike Nelson
    Mike Nelson

    For what one of those kelderman lifts cost there seems to be a ton of modifications (grinding and welding) that have needed to made through this entire process. I'm unimpressed by their products. Theres no way most of us who daily our vehicles could deal with that.

  • Chizzles playz
    Chizzles playz

    I missed this video because I had to go to bed earlier because I had school. But still had to watch it, love the vids

  • Sheri Acre
    Sheri Acre

    Keep up the good work Ryan and you should try chug rug Gfull it is bomb

  • Zach S
    Zach S

    Idk if I'm the only one but the break up hits hard. Been watching for so long

  • Trex_171

    Is it going to be summer by the time the sweatshirt i ordered in october gets to me. A wish order would have been delivered by now.

    • Trex_171

      @RYAN MAYER #4033


      What’s order number


    My dream with my 94 sierra dually would be to fix the body work paint it lime green do a solid axle swap 10 lug conversion put it on air an do a candy red like you did. That would be amazing looking I think.

  • Giacomo Marsilio
    Giacomo Marsilio

    Your great for me, Ryan..but sorry for you and Katie

  • Big J70
    Big J70

    It’s looking damn good

  • Mis Hammer
    Mis Hammer

    Where is ur girl truck at????? Puss. I’m 38 and I’m still kicking ass

  • Ronnie Martin
    Ronnie Martin

    Did you and Katie break up

  • Trevor Miller
    Trevor Miller

    Go look thru extreme customs in Oshkosh Wisconsin they will have something for you man

    • Trevor Miller
      Trevor Miller

      Go to their website they have a lot

  • Israel M
    Israel M

    Sometimes new Driers are missing a plug at the bottom. I work on big rigs and when i replace driers i always have to swap over that that hex plug.

  • ninjakeeper01

    You’re 24?? What I did not think I was a year older then you. Happy late birthday btw

  • David Benson
    David Benson

    I love that shade of red! Especially paired with that shade of yellow!

  • Bamaflashlight

    Ryan, I Still have not received my order I placed Back on November 23,2020. I have Emailed you 5 times since Then and I don’t get a response. I just emailed you again a few minutes ago So check your email.

  • Mike Duhr
    Mike Duhr

    So easy to let something so precious go. Think about that 1 Ryan

  • 1DjScarface

    IDK what happened & dont care... I know the next build after the kit car needs to be a Ford then, already spotted that mega cab in the background

  • T.J T
    T.J T

    Not sure if that air dryer is similar to semi trucks or not but if it is, the air dryer itself has a governor on it. There will be a jam nut and an adjusting stud. Use that to either add or decrease pressure allowed past the air dryer. Hope that helps.

  • Carl Finnegan
    Carl Finnegan

    Happy Birthday 🎂 Truck is coming together. Don't start partying to hard. It catches up quick. Be good 👍

  • Luke Agnor
    Luke Agnor

    Lollipop red 6” exhaust tip Plz

  • Wv Hillbilly
    Wv Hillbilly

    If the air dryer keeps bleeding off the air at 60 psi it’s not hooked up correctly , same thing with an air dryer on a semi, lines crossed could be simple fix

  • Chuckie Miller
    Chuckie Miller

    Love the content man, you're living the dream

  • mak smith
    mak smith

    2:28 who sees the mega cab

    • Salvatore Bianca
      Salvatore Bianca

      pretty sure that’s his boys truck

  • Cameron Brown
    Cameron Brown

    mississippi friend here 😂😂 ive been a fan since you had the jetta you inspire alot of people to be great keep grinding bro

  • Ryan Petty
    Ryan Petty

    You may need to buy a drain valve/ decompression fitting... for the dryer. Also A relay or solenoid could thinking it’s getting to much air. Sometimes valves get stuck open, but some heat can fix it to.

  • Ryan Petty
    Ryan Petty

    Happy belated bday!!! Love the powder coated banks cover!!!!! Love the ambition!!!

  • kyle pittenger
    kyle pittenger

    Any updates on orders not filled from Tahoe giveaway? Waiting on a hoodie and koozies

    • kyle pittenger
      kyle pittenger



      Let me see! What’s order number

  • Lebron Graves
    Lebron Graves

    Happy bday

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    Dang that red looks amazing looks sick man👌🏻 hope you had a hell of a birthday! 24 id never thought that im 25! definitely have a lot respect from me being young and having everything you have. Keep up the work man!

  • Lupo Inc.
    Lupo Inc.

    Happy birthday big guy! Love the videos

  • ForcastCube7

    What song was playing during the montage