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  • Scott 317_481brother
    Scott 317_481brother

    To get behind the door handle use a die grinder with a polishing pad attachment, I use my m12 milwaukee, works great

  • Daniel Ramos
    Daniel Ramos

    I have a truck for sale

  • Dale Farmer
    Dale Farmer

    Man you talk alot! LOL

  • Outside Vehicles
    Outside Vehicles

    What happened to the chevy

  • Chris McCorkle
    Chris McCorkle

    “oh yeah daddy” 😂😂

  • Kruzer Lunos
    Kruzer Lunos

    Run an edelbrock e-force supercharger. Cheap good quality self contained oil and come with the tuner. Gotta be charged up with them fat shoes your puttin on. Do it so I can convince my wife to do it to her Yukon lol



  • obs_ Community
    obs_ Community

    You should do a bigger trailer build maybe after the Tahoe and Katie’s build you seem like you need one it would be short, easy and useful lol

  • rccola525

    Damn dude the 6.0 is all rusted to shit underneath

  • Luke Powers
    Luke Powers

    Wish I knew a guy like you in real life to help me pimp my suv


      Come over!

  • siafu117

    Loving the Tahoe build! If you’re still deciding what to do with the headlights, I think a nice pair of the AlphaRex Nova series lights would look sick. Saving for a pair for my 09 Sierra currently.

  • Rydell Uithoven
    Rydell Uithoven

    That is not a 6.0 it is a 7.3

  • Rydell Uithoven
    Rydell Uithoven

    Should be a 7.3 if it is 03

  • My Cars nl
    My Cars nl

    Could you do your next SEMA build on a VW Golf GTE or something. Beacause my parents own a 2015 VW Golf GTE and the can drive up to 1.100 km on 1 tank! That's around 683 miles!!! Greets....

  • Mike Power
    Mike Power

    Like the video

  • white ninja31
    white ninja31

    My dad has an 05 super duty rear axle for sale

  • Colby Stratton
    Colby Stratton

    Ryan will u do a tool box tour of your toolbox

  • Ohio 5pt7
    Ohio 5pt7

    Smaller area with multiple passes would help you a ton. It takes multiple passes for it to break down and work properly

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan

    Thats why u dont buy fords 😂😂😂

  • Bryce McKenzie
    Bryce McKenzie

    What kind of polisher do you use with the Jax wax kit

  • Ty LaGesse
    Ty LaGesse

    I’ve gotta 99 extended cab short bed frame with axles but I’m in WI

  • Bailey Sharpe
    Bailey Sharpe

    I think he only owns boots

  • Jorge Amparan
    Jorge Amparan

    hey Ryan check out torqstorm superchargers that would be awesome for the tahoe


    He should come look a my pick up. It’s covered and I’m covered with scratches there’s not one spot that doesn’t have a single swirl mark and scratches

  • Kris Bottoms
    Kris Bottoms

    What’s Katie’s channel? Need to take my 00 250 bed off and wanted to see how it went for y’all. 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

  • Jake Chimiak
    Jake Chimiak

    How are u so successful in life

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    Hey Ryan I can’t find that paint correction any where on jacks wax

  • lbhamlo

    Looking great there! I ordered a cleaning kit for my REBEL after watching this video.

  • Jeffery Hefner
    Jeffery Hefner

    Lift the Tahoe already


      I would if the kit wasn’t backordered 😂😂😂


    Man I wouldve bought that cap. Mustve missed the video where you offered it up..

  • buttonmasher 94
    buttonmasher 94

    Wow that bed is bad holy f never seen a bed that rotten unless it sitting in a field somewhere lol

  • Joseph Cirelli
    Joseph Cirelli

    Maybe the large tent enclosure from Harbor Freight might be an option for detailing as well painting your vehicles. Just a thought. Thanks again for all you do making your videos and I look forward to seeing your next video!

  • Donald Simpson
    Donald Simpson

    Just make sure to get the gearing to match the front

  • rocker fam smashers
    rocker fam smashers

    Hey Ryan your lime code on jaxwax doesn't work?

    • rocker fam smashers
      rocker fam smashers

      @RYAN MAYER gotcha I should of known that! Thanks for the help


      rocker fam smashers they’re running a 72 hour sale! And just can’t combine discount codes!!

    • rocker fam smashers
      rocker fam smashers

      Hey man that code still doesn't work. Hit me up when u get it working thankd


      Lemme text em!

  • Notsokrazy Gamer
    Notsokrazy Gamer

    Woah man that polish job bro looks sick and the products and the deal shiii I think that’s a great deal for all!!!! Thanks bro !!!

  • Shane McLaughlin
    Shane McLaughlin

    Might be interested in those ramps I'm from Cleveland

  • Tyrone Jenkins
    Tyrone Jenkins

    Wait what happened to the Silverado?

  • Owen Pearson
    Owen Pearson

    you have a reverse light out

  • Kevin Day
    Kevin Day

    Rebuild the rear axle yourself. I'm sure it would help a lot of people out that have never done it or have been afraid to tackle it. I need to redo the one on my Duramax but have to wait until camping season is over.

  • ID-VWAenthszt

    Contact Bill at Powerstroke Help, he’s got his own channel as well. He the predominant powerstroke guru, he’s in Georgia. He may have what you need.

  • Martin Arellano
    Martin Arellano

    RYAAAAANNNN!!!! Jaxwax i cannot find the 3 step kit u got. Found all the other kits but not that one u mentioned. Really interested if u can drop a direct link. Lol thx man keep them videos coming

  • Bill Farner
    Bill Farner

    I bet your neighbors love you

  • Bill Farner
    Bill Farner

    I think she should replace the old bed of her F250 with a cool flatbed.

  • Gilbert Franklin
    Gilbert Franklin

    Ok, Ryan, I will tell you why that Tahoe paint looks so good - because it is a REAL car color... not a Tonka Toy Disneyland fluorescent green or purple that the kids like so much. Yes, that Jax Wax seems to be a great product, especially on the red paint, probably on black also. And, yes, your are the Man when it comes to sawing up old truck bodies - damn! 😳

  • Michael Horton
    Michael Horton

    Love the vids awesome job on everything be safe bud👍

  • NOVAcadia

    Yeah and you probably shouldn't do it again until you learn the proper way. First off your using a rotary instead of a DA, you have no idea how to assess paint for condition, thickness, or how to tell if its hard or soft clear. You didn't tape off the trim or plastics so now your doing double work to remove compound or polish. I understand you are frugal and like to use the cheapest products you can get from local stores but sometimes, you gotta spend more for results. What you are doing is telling people EVERY CAR needs 3 processes to do correction. And quite honestly, NO THEY DONT! Every car is different, every paint is different, and they all react in certain ways. I could spend all day typing here about proper procedures but unless your willing to learn, there really is no point. When you are, lets talk.

  • Quickscope dipping
    Quickscope dipping

    Best channel on youtube

  • Bryan B
    Bryan B

    Nice dealer prep on your Tahoe......what a crappy dealer!

  • 4.3 nation Vortex
    4.3 nation Vortex

    He said oh ya daddy at 13:39🤣🤣😂😂

  • courtney2018

    Now that you've got the Tahoe paint looking good, put a vinyl wrap on it to protect it. Wrap it metallic red, same color, if you want. SUVs are pretty easy to wrap too. It's something you can do yourself, Ryan.

    • courtney2018

      Ryan, I'll add that if vinyl wrapping interests you at all, check out the channel CK Wraps. His earlier stuff literally trains you on how to wrap most vehicles. I wrapped my Hayabusa, which is very difficult with no problem. Going to wrap the rest of my vehicles soon.

  • BADZ71

    All the good old McGaughy 105/205 compound. 🤣

  • Tyler Paterchak
    Tyler Paterchak

    Man if you hang onto this thing I really wanna do a shoot with it and my Denali when it's done! To give you a lead for the 6.0, Brent Borling on Facebook is in Litchfield and sells powerstroke parts! Great guy who got a bit of my money when I had my 6.0

  • jeff chambers
    jeff chambers

    Katy bought a rust bucket. She should’ve looked for a better one damn

  • Twizzy228

    White microfiber pad would be more cutting than the foam

  • james johnson
    james johnson

    Do a LSA blower swap

  • Payne Killer
    Payne Killer

    I absolutley love how he just zero fukks given 6,000 rpm grinds the pad into the paint without fear hahaha Animal


      Buffer is set at 1200 😂😂

  • Mike Gordon
    Mike Gordon

    maybe by a shop next

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Hey Ryan I’ve got a sct tuner for my old 05 6.0 (thumbnail) I brought over from my 02 only married twice ....needs update but you can have it for low unless you going other options

  • Timmy DeMattos
    Timmy DeMattos

    Btw when welding those setting charts are useless...It sounds like your wire feed was set too low. You just want enough heat for good penetration and wire speed to make it run smooth and tune it in

  • Timmy DeMattos
    Timmy DeMattos

    If you buy an axle for the 6.0 just make sure your gear ratios match... that’s probably the cheapest option though

  • Hayden Erlandsen
    Hayden Erlandsen

    Ohh, supercharging that thing would be sick as hell ryan

  • hunter bizzz
    hunter bizzz

    i have the shine black in between the front and back foot of my f-150 do you believe this would work good on that too? i tried some stuff from ABC car wash. It got some of my stripes from trails out but it’s still swirl heaven. Any Recommendations?

  • Ozzy Tapanes
    Ozzy Tapanes

    Love the boots brah🤟🏻

  • Jeileel Benekin
    Jeileel Benekin

    I’m excited for the finished products for these builds can’t wait

  • Duckisthename

    Make the mopeds match the 6.7 for sema just a suggestion

  • Duckisthename

    I’d be the kid on bike who sees your lime 6.7 and hit a pole drooling 🤤

  • ethyn shroyer
    ethyn shroyer

    you should do an older square body farm truck ford or chevy build

  • John Mayoral
    John Mayoral

    I'm def gonna get that Jax wax

  • John Mayoral
    John Mayoral

    you mentioned the purple haze everywhere, I literally grit my teeth watching you spray so close to the back window and the trucks without covering em but you know what your doin.. and appreciate the scrap break down and welding tutorial, I get you.

  • Sean Thornhill
    Sean Thornhill

    How do your neighbors feel about you ? Lol I love your channel, but I know your neighbors must dislike all the projects !

  • David's Island
    David's Island

    cool tunes!

  • Alex Wood
    Alex Wood

    A dually conversation would look sweet on the ford

  • Julio MonG
    Julio MonG

    You should take a look at the torqamp, it's a legit electric turbo/supercharger

  • iamRubRubz

    The kit is out of stock or at least i cant find it on their website do u know anything about it Edit:im dumb

  • TLC

    Lucky!!!!, my gf won’t let me wear her boots for projects 😩

  • Marty Bashynski
    Marty Bashynski

    Flatbed 6.0??? 🤔

  • Michael Berg
    Michael Berg

    Does anyone else think that @Ryan Mayer and @Evan Shanks are related lol

  • joenissan

    I still can’t believe you’re allowed to do that stuff in your driveway.

    • JMW OBS
      JMW OBS

      Right 😂. I almost got written up for washing my truck and almost got a fine for working on my truck. I need to move

  • Landon Does Things
    Landon Does Things

    Oh yeah daddy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mike Hardeman
    Mike Hardeman

    I would just go the extra mile and go ahead and ceramic coat the Tahoe!!!

  • David Warian
    David Warian

    Where do i go to buy that jaxs wax 3 step polisher I need it

  • Joey Bentley
    Joey Bentley

    How come you didn't just use the trailer the 4 wheeler is on ?

  • Tony McSteven
    Tony McSteven

    Turn your wire speed up!!

  • Jamie Johnson
    Jamie Johnson

    Diablo blades. Best blades you can get.

  • ChrisPBacun

    What year is this?

  • Ohiocountryboy 2007
    Ohiocountryboy 2007

    A super duty short bed is 6' 9"

  • stefan w
    stefan w

    Why did you get your girl some rusted out truck?!

    • Clay Shinn
      Clay Shinn

      That thing is DONE! Looks like it's more trouble than its worth!

  • AbsolutelyZer0

    Those mopeds are sick!

  • Gamer Razo
    Gamer Razo

    Ryan this is the most bad ass build you have ever done keep up the hard work hopefully you get 200 subscribers soon I'm planning on getting a truck to mod to someday! Keep up the hard work buddy cant wait to see what the Tahoe is going to turn into I already got a name you should name it if you want to know what it is let me know lol

  • Brendon Partridge
    Brendon Partridge

    Ryan mayer i can't wait to see the next video on the Tahoe say safe and healthy with your family i hope this will get better soon also is Katie going to get a new truck bed on her truck 😀

  • Lee Kuhn
    Lee Kuhn

    Ryan you should do one of the mopeds to match the dodge and the other to match the scheme for Katie’s powerstroke

  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson

    in the description, the tire giveaway is almost two months past the date, and only tried the one code but the Speed Pole coupon code doesnt work

  • Daniel Castiana
    Daniel Castiana

    Dude u wearing cowboy boots??

  • deboii100

    Purple truck gone ?

  • Brandon Coffey
    Brandon Coffey

    Don’t know if you notice but looks like your left rear reverse lights are out on the ram.

  • Landon Trost
    Landon Trost

    Where do you get all your wheels,lifts, etc.

  • josb inyoface
    josb inyoface

    🤔 Boy your neighbors either love you or HATE 👺 you ‼️ 😂

  • Joshua Horn
    Joshua Horn

    Tip for the paint behind the door! The Mr. Clean magic erasers should take them out when they’re wet

  • Grizz 2
    Grizz 2

    Ram has a 6ft 4'' bed, Superduty short bed is 6'9''. So Ram 2500 short box is a useless JOKE. Half tons have bigger box. I have crew cab, 8ft box. Yeah, FLEXING on little soy boys with short box. 169'' wheelbase, not a puny 149''

  • Kennedy Stocks
    Kennedy Stocks

    You should paint match the headlights

  • KBTR

    You need a spray bottle with water it helps keep the products alive and working saving money and time actually. Just a tip if you didn't know already 😉