Cat Filters On Your Diesel...SHOULD YOU DO IT or NOT?!?
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  • No Limits
    No Limits

    What are the numbers for the two cat filters I’m trying to get some for my fass fuel system and my cat dealer can’t find anything

  • LacrosseMan0428

    Do you like/ would recommend the m12 rotary tool?

  • LaLa McQuoid
    LaLa McQuoid

    It looks like my 2 Cane Corsos hit your garage!!!!

  • Syked Vlogs.
    Syked Vlogs.

    He said how to afford 122k in vehicles. Notice every video. “My god it’s 7am I am tired.” Price you pay to live that life.

    • Syked Vlogs.
      Syked Vlogs.

      Also put some spacers between frame and filter mount. Create more rooom so u u can install larger filters without any rub.

    • Syked Vlogs.
      Syked Vlogs.

      Btw 6.0 suck....

  • The V8 Hooligan
    The V8 Hooligan

    👍🏽👍🏽 I know it was gettin’ real when the stool came out! Us DIY’er pull out all the stops✊🏽😂

  • Kyle Watson
    Kyle Watson

    Big filters takes a while to get fuel threw them when there dry.

  • Caden Roy
    Caden Roy

    Not to hate or anything dont get me wrong I love your videos but what's tue point in having mud tires if you ain't gonna go through mud

  • jacob free
    jacob free

    Hey Ryan! I live in Northeast Ohio. If you haven’t found someone to powder coat for you try regiment fab! They’re out of mantua Ohio. They do have an Instagram and Facebook aswell as a website online if you want to check them out!

  • MarkAss Brownie
    MarkAss Brownie

    “If you don’t like the weather in Ohio, just wait 5 minutes”

  • Thad Rogers
    Thad Rogers

    Check out Greg a, he’s done cat filters with air dogs

  • Court Baldwin
    Court Baldwin

    I thought you were going to prop the dog under the fuel tank after the bucket 😂 It looks awesome my man have in my state

  • Nate Christmas
    Nate Christmas

    How much for the 150 wheels

  • Badhabbit Gaming
    Badhabbit Gaming

    Why youtube unsubscribe me from your channel..🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ cracking vid always brother 👍💯

    • Badhabbit Gaming
      Badhabbit Gaming

      @RYAN MAYER very weird considering I still got the notification of the upload 🤔🤔😁😎


      WHAT imma have a word with em 🙄

  • Zachary Avrit
    Zachary Avrit


  • Rally Sport_ 5.3
    Rally Sport_ 5.3

    Hey Ryan I have a 17 silverado and am wanting to cover all the surface rust on the frame do I sand it off then apply rust inhibitor and then Chassie black??

  • AppalachianHustle

    Terra graps are terrific, I have 20k on them and they look like new.

  • PBcheese12

    I’m trying to find the Cat Water Separator part number for my Fass 165, but I can’t seem to find it. Someone wanna help me out here? I already know the filter is the 1R-0749/0750, just need the number for the separator

  • Esteban Rendon
    Esteban Rendon

    How can you work on my truck ?

  • Jösé Mélchör
    Jösé Mélchör

    Your going to need a beans sump

  • Eirick Chronister
    Eirick Chronister

    Just an fyi. I run a cat motor. When wrenching on them water separater filters don’t over tighten cause if u do. It will crush the seal and it will suck air. Also when u put fuel in there rub some around the seal helps it seal.

  • Rob M.
    Rob M.

    Holy crap that garage needs help !

  • Julian Rivera
    Julian Rivera

    Paint the fuel filter purple

  • Noahh Chance
    Noahh Chance

    I will get them my email is

  • Ken Boyer
    Ken Boyer

    Think outside the box (oven) and use some propane tanks with furnace heads to powder coat in your garage. 🤙🏽

  • Karl Thomas
    Karl Thomas

    Love the video, I feel your pain on the frustration of the fuel tank I had to deal with that with a full tank of gas 26 gallons on my hemi truck was not fun, but I did laugh. I don’t know what you’re talking about with them NItto trail grapplers G2‘s I’ve had two sets of them on my hemi truck and they are by far the best wet traction tires I’ve ever had. And let’s just say I drive Spiritually, and I could never really get them to spin out like that once in a while and I live in Texas with big Texas raindrops dollar size when it rains in Texas it rains and what kind of roads you’ve got in Ohio, lol

  • Andrew Serwatka
    Andrew Serwatka

    What happened to the clean garage?

  • Joel Marquez
    Joel Marquez

    How is the light output on the Silverado. I want to get some aftermarket headlights for mine but I don't know if they have a good light output at night

  • Chevy Dillinger
    Chevy Dillinger

    Subzero_6.0 I have a guy in findlay oh I can get you his contact info

  • Ivan Rocha
    Ivan Rocha


    • Ryan L
      Ryan L


  • Philpower701

    Man i wish i could have your lime green dodge for my prom that would be awesome

  • David's Island
    David's Island


  • done right diesels boyle
    done right diesels boyle

    Bro how u doing the ARP head studs taking the head off or doing them with the head on i do it with the head is off because of taking the chance of the head on is greater to lose a head gasket is greater

  • Ricky Dukes
    Ricky Dukes

    Weather is that same way here in Mississippi

  • Dalton Poe
    Dalton Poe

    How much would you want for the tires

  • Logan _Weber
    Logan _Weber

    You should have painted your fuel tank purple

  • Robert Fish
    Robert Fish

    Be safe going to Florida and have a great time.

  • ih guy
    ih guy

    Where did you get the filters

  • zach S
    zach S

    You should be able to crank your tunes way up. Even before the turbo install. Could even do a good loop tune

  • James Kaliloa
    James Kaliloa

    I am fairly new to the channel and I must say I appreciate how raw this is. Watching old content and new content the personal growth and knowledge is awesome. One thing that I really appreciate is the garage. I love how it is a basic and simple garage with parts and projects all over the place, just like mine. From a fellow Mopar fan (formerly Chevy) Thank You.


      That’s how I want it to be! Raw not put on as a show! Just raw real life content! Thank you for the kind words!

  • Thomas Enger
    Thomas Enger

    Put the bigger ones on, looks sweet

  • YOGI

    HA! I see you had to call an expert (Kattie)to help you hang the tank.

  • Jim Cross
    Jim Cross

    What part of Ohio

  • Devin Werf
    Devin Werf

    When he said if you don’t like the whether in Ohio wait a few minutes 😂 in Colorado it rains with the sun out 😂

  • Nathan Taylor
    Nathan Taylor

    Wrap the filter in your green or purple

  • D_Sulzy

    You should really get a sump instead, I like mine, but I know it ain’t my build, just more efficient with the sump instead of a draw straw

  • lbhamlo

    How bad will that decrease your fuel mileage?

  • JB Spangler
    JB Spangler

    The whole reason you should use a CAT brand filter is they filter their fuel down to 2 micron, where the factory cummins ones are 10 microns. Also they're cheaper and easier to find. The fuel water seperator has a much better water removal percentage. Not because they look cool.

  • Sean

    Nice work.

  • Jonathan Doyle
    Jonathan Doyle

    Litteraly just bought an f250 diesel got rid of my f150

  • Zoltan Merszei
    Zoltan Merszei

    Not starting because you need to prime it...

  • Kenny Compton
    Kenny Compton

    Where you going to in fl? I’ll be in Panama City beach for some racing.

  • jst2big

    Dude you had me rolling with the tank install.

  • hunter bizzz
    hunter bizzz

    “we have life, oh my god let me smell it” i died😂🤙🏼

  • Dallas Adkins
    Dallas Adkins

    Anyone else notice the Porsche in the intro of the video?👀

  • firebull02

    Also ratchet straps are your friend in fuel tanks if you don’t have a lift.

  • firebull02

    I’d suggest the dump that picks up fuel from the bottom if you do similar system in the future. I also added tank foam to limit slosh.

  • Louis Faria
    Louis Faria

    Sweet neck beard

  • Matthew Hill
    Matthew Hill

    Paint the filter to match

  • 6.7Cummins_TRUMP2020 Upchurch_AllDay_Long
    6.7Cummins_TRUMP2020 Upchurch_AllDay_Long

    What mocron are them filter?????

  • The ZDog Vlogs
    The ZDog Vlogs

    Dude I absolutely love your videos. Been subscribed since SEMA

  • Alex Figy
    Alex Figy

    Part numbers on filters?

  • Brian Godfrey
    Brian Godfrey

    Feel yo pain man! Harbor Freight motorcycle jack worked for me on the tank!

  • Matt Marcum
    Matt Marcum

    We run Baldwin on most of our cat fuel filters with no probs and cheaper Just a thought if someone isn’t close to a cat dealer

  • Fern Playz
    Fern Playz

    Tank install was so bad u called it a gas tank lol

  • Mike Power
    Mike Power

    Cool video 👌

  • Born in Virginia
    Born in Virginia

    Get a motorcycle/ATV jack for the gas tank it will make your life easier

  • Adventure Scape
    Adventure Scape

    Yo have you seen Monstermax Ryan??

  • Anthony Sarabia
    Anthony Sarabia

    Just paint the filter

  • David Y.
    David Y.

    I had to laugh and the music was so fitting. Smashed that like button for ya!

  • jadebrecks

    Save your fuel system and prefill your filters and bleed the air from your lines. Don't know about cummins but duramax after you installing prefilled filters you can turn the ignition on without stating the truck and bleeding off the air in the lines before starting it. Running any diesel without fuel in the filters is the damage short term effect as the bad know from the fass factory filters. Love the content and keep up the great work!

  • Jackhammer Jones
    Jackhammer Jones

    Hey Ryan, hope you lubed those O rings before you installed the filters. You gotta prime system after you install em too.


    Going to need a purple CAT logo on the side of the truck!!!

  • Tim Ford
    Tim Ford

    Rofl. The fuel tank install was hilarious. I didn’t know you did comedy. Kinda reminded me of a Harold Lloyd film.

  • ChronicKillaDK

    Did i miss the giveaway winners? or hasn't been announced yet??

  • mays9185

    Should ran the longs ones till plug then switch to short 1's not to waste them. Didn't you fill the filters on install?

  • Lucas Rudd
    Lucas Rudd

    casually 30 minutes of ryan constantly putting stuff above and under the jack to put the gas tank back in😂


      Not fun 😂😂

  • FAZE Bank
    FAZE Bank

    So you must be the one getting the black SRT.

  • Jesus De La Cruz
    Jesus De La Cruz

    This dude is the reason why there’s warning labels on stuff. This guy is not the way to do anything 😂😂😂

  • Todd Black
    Todd Black

    Try Thorton Powder Coating in Mansfield Ohio

  • Mark Short
    Mark Short

    Should have used a G&R fuel sump...

  • MonsterFab

    Hey I've heard that you shouldn't run cat filter on FASS fuel systems because they don't seal properly and will cause them to have drain back issues

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    😂😂😂 you puttin that tank in😂😂lol that was 🔥🔥lol made me laugh hard hahahahaha...and the stool bro lol.....chose the right background music for it to

  • Truck Master
    Truck Master

    Killin it bro 👍

  • Bikelife_jay 16
    Bikelife_jay 16

    Can u make your truck roll coal? Love the vids keep up the good work

  • 07 F150harley
    07 F150harley

    Well there’s the problem! You installed a gas tanks. Your truck needs a diesel tank!! Lol. Love the video

  • 05SiLLYrado

    I doubt you will ever see this bit why didnt you just do a dual line Sump?

  • Epicmcflores 60
    Epicmcflores 60

    Great video bro loved the fuel tank install part thanks for posting

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    Been a while since you did a voice over

  • Landen Patterson
    Landen Patterson

    stool part was the best lmao!! awesome video!!


    I have cat filters on mine! Been using them for years. Also the lift pump should turn on with the ignition though lol

    • Nicholas Hubbard
      Nicholas Hubbard

      Mine turns on when the key is turned on but it will run for about 30 seconds if you bump the starter

  • Blake Lloyd
    Blake Lloyd

    C'mon man. Suthern Ahia ain't no stretch. Come visit. Wings on me.



  • Derek Bernard
    Derek Bernard

    hey ryan, i sent you a DM on IG of my buddies powder coating shop here in Dayton.

  • Garrett McBryde
    Garrett McBryde

    Didn’t realize the tank had to be dropped to install a lift pump. I’d like to install one on my truck but now thinking about upgrading the tank to a 52 gal tank since it’s getting dropped anyways.

  • Jason Hunt
    Jason Hunt

    Great video!! Love that truck bro! ! Do you know if you can use the cat filters on the air dog also?

  • Nikky Riera
    Nikky Riera

    Lmfao died when you busted out the yeti cooler 😂🤣

  • AD101

    He said "OUR" truck!!!! LOL sooo can I come get it tomorrow? Promise I won't take it off road 😁😁

  • Stephonsky

    Why you doing cat filters on a cummins 🤔 whats wrong with cummins brand Fleetguard

    • Andrew Daniel
      Andrew Daniel

      Nothing wrong with them. Just preference really

  • Rusty Burch
    Rusty Burch

    When you announcing the give away winners?

  • Dan Charron
    Dan Charron

    oh silly boy! look up a Computer enclosure for rack system. the height of 6 foot tall maybe 7 feet tall if you lucky. you can get them old government units thick steel. get 2 units with all steel doors. why 2? well you need the extra skins to double up the sides when you add insulation from a few ovens. you need the control of one oven. you then put both elements on floor as heat rises. and you use the timer and controls from the oven and voilla cheap affordable Oven for your projects. best part inside the units you will get a metal rack that has holes so you can add bars to hold your projects, I am building one in my garage as my current project since I picked up a few units. best part its on casters.

  • Brian houk
    Brian houk

    I almost thought your coffee table was next for the fuel tank haha