Color Matching MY MIRRORS and HANDLES at Home! *DIY*
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  • Brad Hughes
    Brad Hughes

    I think the handles would've looked good purple, just to tie some purple into the body. Jusy my humble opinion. Looks good nonetheless!

  • Trevor Ober
    Trevor Ober

    should have done purple

  • Anthony Bardsley
    Anthony Bardsley

    What do you think about painting your badges illusion purple to match the truck

  • Keller Racing
    Keller Racing

    You should paint the ram 2500 purple to match the lift and wheels then custom interior

  • Jordan Barfield
    Jordan Barfield

    I would have done the allusion purpled had been me🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Kim Olsen
    Kim Olsen

    Parking lot 4x4. Whoever can bolt the most useless junk to their truck wins. Anyway, it still wouldnt beat my non road legal Studebaker off road. I cheat.

  • Jason Michael
    Jason Michael

    I’d like to see you put 1/2 Ton mirrors on your Ram. IMO those mirrors take away from your killer truck build, They are goofy. I enjoy your channel good work keep it up.

  • Gian Nicolosi
    Gian Nicolosi

    What about the tailgate handle? I also woulda just did the main mirror part instead of the whole mirror. The black ram emblems on the door need to be removed and paint the rams beads purple

  • Triple C Outdoors
    Triple C Outdoors

    Purple handles would pop real nice with the rims.

  • Dodge trucker Dodge
    Dodge trucker Dodge

    Can you buy a drumax

  • Dodge trucker Dodge
    Dodge trucker Dodge

    I love the green can you make a green Tahoe

  • Ryan Enright
    Ryan Enright

    Should painted them in purple would have looked fire🤫🔥

  • timothy sirmon
    timothy sirmon

    Did you take the filter out of the gun that goes under the cup as well as what pressure are you running and what clear

  • Justin Fio
    Justin Fio

    aye want to do mine next hahah! Mirrors look sick keep up the good work brother!

  • Matthew G
    Matthew G

    Hey Ryan! Do you think it would be worth it to use paint protection film on the mirrors in addition to the other steps you took in order to prevent rock/insect damage?

  • jacob sloan
    jacob sloan

    Where do you find gallons of automotive paint in my color code

  • Matt Isaac
    Matt Isaac

    The older rams don't I have a 19 Laramie that is paint matched white

  • theboss 1622
    theboss 1622

    You should put your box fan on the window blowing out and put a house filter in back of the box fan to filter the air going out and helping you in the garage 👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Anthony Mirra
    Anthony Mirra

    You should do you emblems purple instead of black. I think it would really tie everything together

  • Johnathan Fernandez
    Johnathan Fernandez

    Paint the badges purple

  • DJ Nee
    DJ Nee

    Oh man imagine that I’m illusion purple.. Now that would’ve made it pop

  • Bible Papi
    Bible Papi

    Shoulda scuffed with 300 high build primer with adhesion promoter sand with 600 then seal, paint then clear

  • Ryan Kelley
    Ryan Kelley

    Ryan - if you search, you can actually drill I think 2 holes in that plastic window assembly without taking it off and unbolt the door handles. I’ve done a few 4th gens that way. Just a tip.

  • Brett Ludwig
    Brett Ludwig

    I have a mineral grey early 3rd gen do I paint the mirrors trim black, or color match? And do I ceramic coat the mirrors for when they hit sticks and branches along the road?

  • Turnin N Burnin
    Turnin N Burnin

    Saw the green hand and I thought...oh no! He’s about to start smashing up the garage. Hulk Smash!! Looking good dude.

  • J T
    J T

    Holding that purple sandpaper on the door handles had my thinking... lol

  • Garrett Newell
    Garrett Newell

    Purple door handles wiuod have looked good to

  • Collin Ramirez
    Collin Ramirez

    I think it’s time you get an air filtration system in there man!!! Shouldnt be breathing that stuff. Love it but just be safe bro!

  • Nelson Bardsley
    Nelson Bardsley

    Your lungs are now GREEN! Not smart.

  • Gabe Post
    Gabe Post

    Broskie why are you driving like a 15 year old white girl. Don’t be sitting on that steering wheel.

  • After

    I think purple mirrors and door handles would look good

  • Duane Landaal
    Duane Landaal

    Everyone keeps saying you should have gone purple for these parts that would have looked so dumb and u know it that’s why u went green

  • Ryan Wood
    Ryan Wood

    Gotta do the tailgate latch!

  • Riley Dryer
    Riley Dryer

    “So good” 😂😂fav IRbin out right now keep it goin🤙🏽

  • Chester

    Hey Ryan, I’m just curious, I ordered a hoodie almost 3 weeks to 1 month ago, haven’t gotten any update to it.

  • Bryan B
    Bryan B

    Are the Rock Lights getting delivered from India by means of a carrier pigeon....... My god you have been talking these up for a month

  • Dale Sherwood
    Dale Sherwood

    I think purple handles would have been dope

  • zach S
    zach S

    Hey Ryan you should start a fan page on Facebook so if you want to do polls of ideas or people that just watch your videos want to connect would be cool

  • zach S
    zach S

    I don't know if I missed a video but I thought he was going to regear the RAM

  • Evelio Carmenates
    Evelio Carmenates

    How would I paint my tow mirrors if they’re chrome and door handles?

  • David Kinney
    David Kinney

    My man needs a respirator

  • Janet Beam
    Janet Beam

    Should of done them purple

  • Reece Vest
    Reece Vest

    Put some tow mirrors on the Tahoe


    Now color match the charger mirrors.

  • Ethan Ellithorpe
    Ethan Ellithorpe

    you needed to paint the handles purple

  • Sauls XS ✓
    Sauls XS ✓

    🔥 🔥 🔥 but wear a mask when painting 😷 🎨

  • Silent Outlaw
    Silent Outlaw

    I think the handles would’ve looked better purple

  • Cody Herman
    Cody Herman

    Dude wear a mask while you paint.

  • Bruce Seghers
    Bruce Seghers

    Ryan, People are looking up to you, and doing what you do. You say how easy it is to do things on your own. Which is true. But there are a few safety things that need to be at least mentioned. Here are a few I noticed over your last few videos. Hanging brake caliper, ABS line not removed, Drive shafts not torqued, Rack and pinion not torqued, wearing a mask during sanding and painting. The vehicles you own and work on are at the extremes, both in horsepower and suspension.

  • hzrd_ looped_
    hzrd_ looped_

    Wish u would have done matching purple

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee

    Need to do the tailgate handle too

  • Jonnie Walker
    Jonnie Walker

    Goodbye lungs.

  • shawn wurtz
    shawn wurtz

    I appreciate and look forward to your videos. You inspire me to accomplish in my garage what you have. Keep up the videos bro!!

  • MR. DIAL
    MR. DIAL

    Do the mirrors and handles purple if u don’t like the green it’d look mean

  • stefan hurd
    stefan hurd

    Bro you should get a go pro for when your painting with the head band so you wont mess the expensive camera up

  • BMS_Grows

    Love the videos man. Keep up the great diy content. But can you please clean that damn garage?! Ahah can’t wait to see the mirrors and handles installed.

  • mudtrucknation

    thanks for not turning into a home and garden channel

  • skylar moore
    skylar moore

    your next project should be a jeep wrangler

  • Nicholas Ross
    Nicholas Ross

    Is that the harbor freight spray gun? How do you like it? I wanna pick one up!

  • Cam Lynch
    Cam Lynch

    You ever thought about doing more interior mods to the Ram? Like custom leather or cloth seats, headliner, aftermarket steering wheel, diamond stitching floor mats etc.

  • TriggerHapySheep

    I feel so bad for all the junk in his garage that gets a rainbow of overspray on it

  • Ryan Law
    Ryan Law

    For some reason, I was hoping you would have painted them purple. Also, it’s funny to watch you guys drive around and I recognize some of the places.

  • Peter Everest
    Peter Everest

    It's good to see someone paint things instead of wrapping they. well done

  • Chris Mellem
    Chris Mellem

    Now its time to contact boost auto parts and order their smoked led mirror signal lights

  • Brittany Matthews
    Brittany Matthews

    😂😂😂 I like how you made a fence with the trucks so the nosey neighbor couldn't see what was going on !!!! It would have to suck to have an HOA...... I live in the county, last house on a dead end road.... My neighbor up the road rebuilds cars so I don't have anything to worry about.

  • thomas wylam
    thomas wylam

    Smoke the lenses in the mirrors

  • thomas wylam
    thomas wylam

    Purple seats with green stitching

  • WobO

    Hey Ry, nothing but respect for the work and vids and everything u do but please don’t stay breathing that paint in homie. Will jack u up later on. Sad but true.

  • Peter Madonia
    Peter Madonia

    Those mirrors are going to be sick on the ram! Can’t wait to see it back together

  • Samsgarage99

    Tow mirrors and door handles it does look so good

  • Artie P
    Artie P

    They look awesome. I am now wondering if those all should have been painted purple.

  • The Country Boy YouTube Channel
    The Country Boy YouTube Channel

    Dude @Thomas Enger the star light headliner is such a good idea for this truck


    Those turn signals on the back on the tow mirrors I heard boost auto parts or something like that has those caps smoked out that would look good

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    Finally after 4 yrs of waiting the finally painted lol

  • 1DjScarface

    Get a Milwaukee right angle powered ratchet for tight places like inside the door... saves me so much time on installs

  • Marty Kik
    Marty Kik

    Why don’t u help ur girl out with her truck for once lol. Shot it wi be done in two years 😂😂

  • steve h
    steve h

    Where can I get that shirt

  • Braden Villarreal
    Braden Villarreal

    Do the badges purple

  • Cody Martin
    Cody Martin

    Is your paint gun from harbor freight? Want to start doing this stuff but curious if you think one from there will lay nice.

  • Corey Fugate
    Corey Fugate

    Have you thought about doing an air bag suspension system on any of your builds? Something for the future?

  • KBTR

    You can get paint matched handles you just need the sport style they will fit but the mirrors being the tow ones I don't think so

  • Andrew Butch
    Andrew Butch

    For the ram you should build on the engine a bit try and make her a fast show truck lol

  • 05SiLLYrado

    Great job man. Keep up the great work and videos!!!!👍🏻

  • Robert Keen
    Robert Keen

    Love watching the incredible motivation brotha.

  • Diego Ferreira
    Diego Ferreira

    You missed a opportunity to paint them purple instead

  • Trenton Cole
    Trenton Cole

    You should put exhaust on the Tahoe

  • Trenton Cole
    Trenton Cole

    For the ram you should do custom interior and starlight roof and you should make a sticker to put on the plastic of your mirror that says moose powered

    • XanMan1980

      That is a terrible idea.

  • Civic 1978
    Civic 1978

    Time for a 2nd Gen Ram with a 12 valve... and where are those larger black camo hoodies?

  • Jack Larsen
    Jack Larsen

    I have a question. Did you have to re gear the Tahoe for the bigger wheels and tires??

  • kia bass 879
    kia bass 879

    You doing rockford fosgate in the tahoe

  • Colin Waldron
    Colin Waldron

    How do you drive so close to the steering wheel? I don’t see how that could be comfortable

  • Levi Cline
    Levi Cline

    Get carbon wheels for the vehicles

  • Kaleb Prejean
    Kaleb Prejean

    Complete shot out of the blue but i would appreciate if you told me the size compressor you used to spay the purple truck

  • Weightless_ Wesley
    Weightless_ Wesley

    Why not purple. You could done that

  • Zack D
    Zack D

    Rolls Royce headliner in the ram?

  • Daniel's Creations
    Daniel's Creations

    you should have painted them purple

  • Matt Sheldrick
    Matt Sheldrick

    You should’ve done it purple it would look so dope


    Perks of doing this on a lifted truck everything is eye level lol

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    I’ve been on the rocks about painting my tow mirrors, been waiting for you to do it, the day came and I’m gonna do it now thanks Ryan 🔥🔥🔥

  • Living On Wheels
    Living On Wheels

    I gotta say man, watching your stuff gave me the motivation to go out and lay some paint down for color matching my rig. Today was the first day spraying and it wasn't perfect by any means but I am pretty happy with it! Thanks for the motivation! Keep it up!