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  • joenissan

    I haven’t been getting notified of your vids!

    • robbie miller
      robbie miller

      @XX X my labs know better, they won't touch food until they're commanded

    • XX X
      XX X

      RYAN MAYER dig your patient doggy! My two Labs would have had my hand and that door off the cupboard!!!!


      Shoot!! Make sure you hit that bell!!!

  • CudaVeyronR34

    I just watched my first vid from you and subscribed, kepp up the good work!

  • Christopher Tucker
    Christopher Tucker

    People scream at the diesels cause they are scared of the exhaust. However, most of the diesel particulate is similar to the same exhaust of a campfire. Its the people who are uneducated who are trying to push the electric agenda. Diesel is not that bad.

  • Autty. Cal.27
    Autty. Cal.27

    That purple is bad AF!!

  • BEAST Projects
    BEAST Projects

    Same here in PA, everything is shut down. It’s crazy

  • Nate Chezem
    Nate Chezem

    Yooo shut up I don’t want my straight pipes taken of my truck don’t get the EPA after gassers

  • Samuel Harris
    Samuel Harris

    All inside restaurants in Missouri are closed drive throughs are the only thing open

  • John P
    John P

    Las Vegas is shut down. Have a friend there and he said everywhere is like a ghost town.

  • Junior Built
    Junior Built

    Boots and shorts is hilarious lol I rock with you thoe!

  • Jano Balderas
    Jano Balderas

    Should’ve been a short wheel base 😭

  • Kaleb Noakes
    Kaleb Noakes

    Honestly bubba its nothing but drama

  • Wicked Fabz
    Wicked Fabz

    It’s coming along nice!

  • Wicked Garage
    Wicked Garage

    you just got demonitized lol

  • Yung Bitta
    Yung Bitta Headlights taillights everything you need for the truck go check it out man

  • Tracy McClung 31
    Tracy McClung 31

    My notifications aren’t working for your channel 😢 thanks for upload much appreciated x

  • Caleb LeBeau
    Caleb LeBeau

    All I know is almost every province in Canada is on lock down i know mine (alberta) declared a state of emergency today and all classes are either cancelled or being done online

  • SummitLife

    This truck is gonna be sick 💯

  • Thomas Bayley
    Thomas Bayley

    You should do a 1991 Toyota hilux after this one 😁

  • Hunter Day
    Hunter Day

    I love that truck so much! I'm glad you take us along the journey, because I feel like I'm right there with you. Thank you for the content, and can't wait for it to be all back together.

  • ron coleman
    ron coleman

    I got those impacts your going to love them got all the Milwaukee fuels, but I had to get the IR 20v it’s a beast but I’m a millwright so I spend a lot of money on tools so far $65k

  • ron coleman
    ron coleman

    From Washington state it’s just crazy stupid, all these people buying at the stores panic mode, oh well saving money staying home

  • Chester 123
    Chester 123


  • buckedup99

    Try not to say corona virus on your videos. I've seen other channels say they can't say it cause of demonetization. Love the content as always!!!

  • Luis

    No que ma cuhh!!


    Hey Ryan ,one of my subs just told me you mentioned me in your video , much appreciated buddy , appreciate the shout brother ..keep up great work and thanks again 🙏🙏🙏


      @RYAN MAYER you got it buddy 👍👌😉


      You’re welcome! NEED MORE MILWAUKEE DEALS! 😂😂😂 cheers!!!!

  • 5cent27

    Because some jerkoff coal rolling idiot smoked out the wrong person one day and here we are. One of you jagaloons running your smoke switches smogged out some convertible or some group of road bikers and in that group or driving that convertible was a bureaucrat or congressman and they vowed to shut it all down forever. Us diesel drivers (I'm one too) did it to ourselves, sad but true.

  • zach S
    zach S

    When are we going to get to hear the exhaust

  • Robert Keen
    Robert Keen

    Love watching every video. Love watching the motivation. I got BIG , BIG business plans to put in ACTION for everyone who MOTIVATIONAL to me and those support me in the future. I need to chat wit you, everyone, lol anyone I can to really start spreading my plans . So either call me at my # 3528071755 or I'll try to get Through your Instagram DM. So thanks for saving my life from your motivation and I hope I can help you make a lot of money in the process.

  • SuperWildcat4life

    Link his IRbin channel! Trying to get that impact

  • Simon Corriere
    Simon Corriere

    If you ever have a exhaust leak like that again in a hard to reach spot with a welder, permeated makes some great exhaust sealant that can fill big holes

  • Corn Fed TV
    Corn Fed TV

    Nobody likes a dusty muff.

  • Musty Vidz
    Musty Vidz

    It kinda sucks, they closed all the schools and there’s a curfew from 8pm to 5 am in New Jersey!

  • Alex Hill
    Alex Hill

    Im a senior and my school is talking about closing for the rest of the year and canceling graduation 😡

  • Zachary Thompson
    Zachary Thompson

    its dumb and anoying

  • Nick Lockhart
    Nick Lockhart

    I live on the east side of Washington and it’s normal living for us over here

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    Looks good Ryan door handle came wicked awesome . And yeah hurry up and get too the store because people have lost their fucken mind just saying !!! 🤪🤪🤪

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason

    Yeah buddy, the province over from me in Alberta cancelled elementarynforsure and possibly high school classes until SEPTEMBER. With a free pass. It's getting insane I'm sick of it. No pun intended.

  • Joshua Dagley
    Joshua Dagley

    It looks, “DARN....GOOOOD!”

  • Can’t stop won’t stop
    Can’t stop won’t stop

    Lookin good! Trucks coming along real nice, man

  • Arvid Bergstrand
    Arvid Bergstrand

    I am from Sweden and they have shouted down the schools today. They have also shouted down all events with over 500 ppl, so the biggest car show in Scandinavia ain't gonna happen witch sucks. Btw, awesome work you are putting into this truck! Keep it up man

  • Timmy DeMattos
    Timmy DeMattos

    Turbocharged vehicles like diesels respond more to exhaust systems than naturally aspirated ones.

  • Timmy DeMattos
    Timmy DeMattos

    Corona virus has my country in a shelter in place order , minus essential business

  • SmllSlvrBck88

    The Arnold is all kind of sports and activities like ballroom dancing to weightlifting, crossfit🤮. Them cancelling actually affected a lot of small business that need the Arnold to keep shop open. If anyone wants funny lifting movie parody shots pls visit This company is close to being bankrupt over the Arnold being cancelled, they are an awesome company with great shirts and great bundle packs of shirts that are funny and premium material made

  • Gunther Flume
    Gunther Flume

    Tool Boss 💪👍

  • John Plate
    John Plate

    That color is so sick ,I keep thinking about it

  • aiden delint
    aiden delint

    Only thing I think is wired is that you don’t ever wear pants whe. Your working 😂

  • Dylan_05z71

    Those converters are worth between 60-150$ a piece depending on what you have for numbers on them don’t punch them out find someone who will pay you the most

  • Dylan_05z71

    1 confirmed case today as of 530 eastern time in my county in New York don’t know where people are going to catch it suprizes me how people can be so ignorant every single thing is getting shutdown now in my county because of the one person

  • Platinum Reflection
    Platinum Reflection

    Use a razor blade and shave the the runs to cut down sanding

  • jc

    Bout the only videos I watch till the end. Awesome work

  • Velocistar Racing Network
    Velocistar Racing Network

    The comments here about corona virus make me so happy to be here

  • Cory Criswell
    Cory Criswell

    Killing it

  • Trevor Disinger
    Trevor Disinger

    In regards to the COVID-19 in Indiana, all restraunts are carry out or drive thru, all shelves in stores are wiped out (TP, Ammo, food, water, ect) All schools are online or no school at all. We have traffic restrictions in some counties I believe from 5am to roughly 10pm, can't have any public functions with more than 50 people, that includes family gatherings in public places, churches, ect. Were soon to be quarentined into our homes for several weeks and leaving your house will be forbidden.

  • Trevor Disinger
    Trevor Disinger

    Ceo of Darn Good

  • Owen Simmons
    Owen Simmons

    I live in Utah and they canceled are prom and field trip to autorama it’s such bs if you ask me

  • Brandon Hyatt
    Brandon Hyatt

    The handles looked painted shut lmao. Hope the paint doesn’t get fucked when you pull the handle

  • Nicholas Garcia
    Nicholas Garcia

    Yea I’m out of school for a month Bc of the virus

  • Nicole Seago
    Nicole Seago

    1:45 That's what he said.

  • Dakota Korfhage
    Dakota Korfhage

    Bay Area not supposed to leave out house for 3 weeks unless you need to go to the store or pick up some type of proscribed meds and they say there going to police it so u can't leave or sum like that

  • Faustino Mendoza
    Faustino Mendoza

    It’s because Diesels release Nox which is more “harmful” according to EPA then gas engines CO2

    • Grizz 2
      Grizz 2

      If you smelled deleted diesel without cats and gasser without cats, I'll take a gasser every time. Neither one should be legal, but gasser is partially tolerable. However, you need to have catalytic converter in any vehicle period. You will be smelling it as much as people behind you.

  • Ruff Tuff
    Ruff Tuff

    I’m gonna give those headers 10 mins until the paint burns off. That paint never works unless you ceramic powder coat them.

  • Jason Brooks
    Jason Brooks

    I think the media and our politicians are stupid and irresponsible. shutting everything down and its all to make one person look bad, the Americans with brains know who are the bad guys in all this!!

  • shane whitby
    shane whitby

    it's crazy here in Australia where i live trying to buy food is getting hard i'm so sick of this virus it's ruining our lives i can't wait until it gets back to normal

  • Matt Albin
    Matt Albin

    Thanks for flipping us off at 4:54

    • Matt Albin
      Matt Albin

      Also at 21:31😂

  • Skythelimit Upchurch
    Skythelimit Upchurch

    We’re the tires and lift

  • Derrick Archibeque
    Derrick Archibeque

    So what wheel and tire you want to run??

  • The GM Man
    The GM Man

    I'm tired of hearing about it.... Everyone just needs to stop being little babies and grow up 😂

  • isaac bermudez
    isaac bermudez

    Look's good almost like chrome in the sunlight

  • Hunter Jonsgaard
    Hunter Jonsgaard

    Get an hd hole for the chevy

  • james t
    james t

    How much for you to paint my car that color its sick love it

  • Derrick Klassen
    Derrick Klassen

    Trevor from motion auto tv has a slick clear run sanding trick. Something to do with body filler over it and wet sanding. I think it was on his give away Supra build videos

  • BassManBobBassCovers

    Loving this build! Almost done which is crazy. Huge fan of the paintwork. With all the body work this this will last another 13 years no prob with almost no rust.

  • Aaron Podgorski
    Aaron Podgorski

    Great content Ryan 👍


    You gotta change the color red in side the engine to purple Nd tired of hearin it too

  • Sergio Alvarez
    Sergio Alvarez

    What a difference that paint looks sick, also you should do a complete HD front end

  • Daniel Turko
    Daniel Turko

    Why didnt you mask off the frame all the work painting black and now its covered in overspray

  • Glenn Douglas
    Glenn Douglas

    You can always buy proper heaters for your garage put a fireplace in it. Or you can make you excuses.

  • Paul Daeth
    Paul Daeth

    Holy frame holes

  • Michael Ohlhausen
    Michael Ohlhausen

    The reason they are after us diesel owners is because the environmentalists can see the soot from diesels so they think it’s polluting but since you can’t see the exhaust from gassers they don’t care. If they can’t see it then it doesn’t exist even though there is more evidence to show gas engines are more harmful than diesels.

  • Tyler Mcnellage
    Tyler Mcnellage

    Would it be easier to line the bed before on the truck

  • Tyler Alexander
    Tyler Alexander

    Dude your frame needs some serious work please address this man.. would hate to see it rot out and you not be able to enjoy it or get hurt. I’ve spotted 3 rust holes in since I’ve been watching. It’ll work for now but it won’t last. I enjoy your content though!

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S

    My muff is dusty 🤣🤣

  • Croasmun Circus
    Croasmun Circus

    When I said I think the government is just trying to see how far they can get with this whole mess. My wife's response was "well I think she's pregnant, that's how far they've got" I died laughing haha🤣🤣

  • Mike Leonard
    Mike Leonard

    I believe you asked that how many videos do you of gas truck rolling coal at people that y there going after Diesel trucks

  • Trenton Jacobs
    Trenton Jacobs

    What wheels are you going with?

  • East Coast Alex
    East Coast Alex

    You know, in the beginning I wasn’t feeling the purple color, But now I absolutely cannot wait to see this truck In full purple passion color

  • Hunter Halsey
    Hunter Halsey

    Are u going to do a HD conversion?


    Ryan i feel you i'm in Ohio I have no school for 3 weeks, restaurants are closed, and everything I planned on doing this year is canceled. It's absolutely stupid.

  • Michael Rechkemmer
    Michael Rechkemmer

    Honestly now I have more time to watch you because of the virus

  • Janet Beam
    Janet Beam

    I’m out of work for two weeks and we have no TP and there’s not much left in stores lol.

  • ericg4x4

    The gas exhaust issue is because there was a shit-ton off idiots “rolling coal” blowing smoked all over the country and posting videos of it. It’s bad enough doing it at every corner, but posting videos of it only hurt the cause!

  • J P
    J P

    Didn't you have headers?

  • Jonny Simpson
    Jonny Simpson

    I live in Ohio to and we went to McDonald’s for lunch and they wouldn’t let us sit down to eat. It’s absolutely ridiculous. It only has a mortality rate of like 4% and that’s for people that already have respiratory problems. The schools are all shut down the restaurants are closed and only like 200,000 people have it out of 7 billion. Ridiculous. Awesome truck though man it’s looking great

  • That 5.7 Hemi
    That 5.7 Hemi

    I think the chrome door handle covers might look good with them being color matched now. Just to give it an accent. Maybe not but just something to check out and see how it’d look.

  • William McClung
    William McClung

    School closed here in VA got some time on my hands now

  • Hotrod Farmer
    Hotrod Farmer

    They are want people to not be in groups of 10 or more, I am tired of hearing about it but we need to inconvenience ourselves for lil bit for us to get it under control, I’m in North Carolina we have 34 cases as of today all schools and acc cancelled

  • Donnie Randolph
    Donnie Randolph

    I'm want to build a jeep cherokee 4x4 with a 4bt cummins swap plum crazy purple

    • Donnie Randolph
      Donnie Randolph

      How hard do you think it will be

  • VanillaGorilla

    I enjoy the content, but am I the only one that cringes at the paint technique/outcome? It seems like you just make more work for yourself with some of the steps you take. Just a thought.

    • VanillaGorilla

      @RYAN MAYER I'm not criticizing you at all bro, I know it's a learning process. Keep up the good work!


      I realize that after the fact!

  • Matt Souza
    Matt Souza

    I hope you have the wheels an tires by the time your done painting also you should do new seats cause with that fire paint job the seats look dull this corona bullshit is pissing me off his can you tell people to stay inside ridiculous


    Hey bro for that run get a razor blade and Bend it a little bit then knock off most of the run then start block sanding it with a small block it will look fine you won’t notice it once it’s buffed