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  • Cameron tepool
    Cameron tepool

    How do you take the lens off the headlights

  • Benny Archambault
    Benny Archambault

    Hey man, I like seeing your home remedy builds and what you do. You think you could go over what and where you got your stuff. Maybe make a video on explaining the process doing stuff like painting or whatever on more complicated stuff rather than bolting up a tire as an example. Even though you say your no expert but we all learn from someone or some how. Keep up the on builds your doing 👍

  • usa sinfiltros
    usa sinfiltros

    Hey man what size compressor do you have for the paint gun??

  • Curtis Gyorfi
    Curtis Gyorfi

    Instead of that shitty vht go with clear coat with little black base tinted clear no light/dark spots work way better

  • Ricky DeStefanis
    Ricky DeStefanis

    You were just in Naples Florida, why didn’t you get the lift from wicked customs?

  • PeytoTaylor

    Can you PLEASEEEEE make an in-depth video on customize a set of headlights..... to the paint all the way to the baking of the seal at the end

    • PeytoTaylor

      RYAN MAYER Thanks bro love how it’s coming along💪🏽


      There’s 3 videos! I opened them, here I painted them I seal them in the next video and then I’ll install them Thursday!

  • Chief Tejay
    Chief Tejay

    How much for your ltz lol

  • mathew hunt
    mathew hunt

    need to remove the body side molding brah

  • Mike Power
    Mike Power

    Like the video

  • benredy

    Are you going todo a solar twinkle head liner in the Tahoe are 6.0

  • ur dad
    ur dad

    Just toot it

  • lolo lo
    lolo lo

    Looks like its time for a shop 😂

  • Cory Criswell
    Cory Criswell

    Katie has more swag with those chrome arkons! I don’t think there is better then a pair of chrome wheels!!

  • Julio Nunez
    Julio Nunez

    Making a lift kit that’s not adjustable,adjustable I think I smell rough country in the air 🤔🤭🤭🤭

  • DJ D-Rex
    DJ D-Rex

    I am lost... How you do a custom video and not have job completed at the end?

  • Tucker Ramos
    Tucker Ramos

    Dumb question but what happen to the purple chevy?

  • Drew Shelton
    Drew Shelton

    Now I know the name behind that hideous “sema” truck

  • Justin Edwards
    Justin Edwards

    Your videos got me and my pops learning how to powder coat and now wanting to paint our 86 Chevy! Keep it up

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson

    I love the builds man keep up the work 😁

  • Shaun Redneck kid
    Shaun Redneck kid

    New ship date September 11 dang man

  • Miguel Trevino
    Miguel Trevino

    Who else has been here since the Jetta

  • Mile High DURAMAX
    Mile High DURAMAX

    You should have just bought Cognito for the tahoe and been done with it. Best in the game for GM

  • J.T.

    There’s lots of other channels, some crazy personalities and ridiculous budgets and gimmicks but your channel and Goonzquad’s are still my favorites. Oh and Katie’s too.


      Thanks JT!!! I love goonzquad aswell!

  • Bryan B
    Bryan B

    I love when you want us to look at the lights while the chrome is flaking off, but you have camera skills like Michael J Fox .........god dam

  • Brotherhood of Ram
    Brotherhood of Ram

    Honestly it would be neat if you could get an Any Level Lift for the Tahoe that would be dope

  • EdgarGarcia14

    Buy clear spraypaint with the hardner

  • Burton Yeager
    Burton Yeager

    what front bumper is on the ram?

  • Clay Shinn
    Clay Shinn

    OMG! I LOVE the 6.0's wheels! DAMN those are 🔥

  • Harrison Van sloten
    Harrison Van sloten

    Semi got cancelled

  • jason Priddy
    jason Priddy

    Welcome back or to the channel......did the lift ship? Nevermind you just answered my question


    I thought you were goin all black to match the taillights


    Lol nvm


    BDS 6.5?

  • Shaun Haggerty
    Shaun Haggerty

    Are you going to be showing your ladies truck as you all build it


      On her channel! Katie Kae

  • Swift_

    Headlights are going to look super good, nice work man🤘🏻


      Thank you!

  • 112264

    whats the name of the wheels on the ford please, im looking for some and they are sweet, thank you in abvance


      Akron Off Road! Ceaser

  • Swift_

    I like their site is way better, paint depot has weird options for models

  • Upstate Fishing Freaks
    Upstate Fishing Freaks

    Color match grey for my car headlights or black🤔

  • miles richardson
    miles richardson

    Thats a sign. 3" lift you can run those tires, in the right direction with an 8" lol. Get bigger tires.

  • Can’t stop won’t stop
    Can’t stop won’t stop

    What is in the Akron box!? Which ride is getting them?

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    Nice job Ryan looks good and I love the music in the back ground great choice

  • Calvin Kamann
    Calvin Kamann


  • drew maples
    drew maples

    Ayeee shot out to them oakies!!!! 580!!!!!! 💪💪💪

  • chris davis
    chris davis

    Hey Ryan, just a reminder, don’t forget to put those silica bags back into the headlight housing before you seal it up! You could even add an extra one for safety, they help tremendously.

  • Lyrical Walrus
    Lyrical Walrus

    I paid $750 for my set of custom headlights and tailights but I didn’t try to do it myself because they headlighst were $300 without custom work and I for sure did not want to mess up

  • Cole Carey
    Cole Carey

    Man i've really been wanting to paint the housing and stuff in my headlights but I just don't really know how to do it. Is there any tips or videos that you recommend?? Would be really helpful. Thanks

  • KBTR

    Ryan you are jumping around a lot lately can't tell if you are coming or going lol I know the shipping crap causes a lot of issues which sucks since the nice weather isn't going to be around much longer hope to see the Tahoe lifted before the snow flies

  • cajcmoney

    You are so right. I wish I did my own headlights at this point. I have paid and been waiting since November for my custom set of headlights.

  • Dan Mcewen
    Dan Mcewen

    Some peaple don't have time to dig projects

  • elvisbautista1

    What kind of paint gun does he use

    • elvisbautista1

      Nevermind i was inpatient

  • Danny Nichols
    Danny Nichols

    Coming together great 👍🏻

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    Watching your videos was the one that motivated me on doing things to my truck. Back then I didn’t know anything about trucks and started researching and started doing it myself, feels so much better then letting someone else do it for you!! And you save a lot of money lol

  • Jordon Hardesty
    Jordon Hardesty

    That's nice ur lift will be there on my bday

  • groundedb2200

    Highly recommend SLP resonator delete for the Tahoe , gives it a very nice deep tone and clean tips without a drone in the cab , also you are spot on you want it do it , learn it , learn from mistakes , and fix it , never be scared to tackle something , never know unless you try , always been my attitude

  • EJ Vlogs
    EJ Vlogs

    how much for the stock tahoe wheels? 😂

  • shawn patt
    shawn patt

    A silver base coat will make it pop a bit more then black.

  • Trenton Cole
    Trenton Cole

    You should put duals on the Tahoe

  • Trucker Applehans
    Trucker Applehans

    Loving the work you been doing.


    You are absolutely right to do the work yourself because you learn from it to do it yourself then to send it out and have somebody else do it because when you do it yourself you know it will get done the first time and you also learn from your mistakes

  • Gordon Cazelot
    Gordon Cazelot

    Please put Denali/Escalade roof racks on the Tahoe. There’s no videos on doing it and it would also look better 👍🏼

  • Nathan Szabrowicz
    Nathan Szabrowicz

    Easy off oven cleaner takes the chrome off right away and you just rinse off after and no scuffing

  • Micheal Baer
    Micheal Baer

    Ryan, I love how you know "EVERYTHING", great build on your Tahoe...Marry your live in...! YESTERDAY

  • Marty Kik
    Marty Kik

    That’s going to look sick

  • C Sweet
    C Sweet

    Its crazy what the mid coat of paint did because that first coat.....I said damn they sent you the wrong color....Looks good though after completed

  • Jamie Strong
    Jamie Strong

    If you don’t cut out the metal behind them bubbles their likely coming back, bondo isn’t the fix for that lol. You can try to neutralize it and cover it up.

  • smcox1991

    That 6.0 needs to be reverse leveled on some 420v’s

  • King Crock
    King Crock

    Where’s the best place to order rims and tires ?

  • Jose Vasquez
    Jose Vasquez

    How much for the rims bro lol have a Tahoe z71 4x4 but with the 18s would like those 20s to put some 33s have some racing vids on my page if you like check it out

  • Marty Kik
    Marty Kik

    Yep get it done

  • Nati_Boy

    The cowboy boots with shorts is what was weird

  • Colin Marrin
    Colin Marrin

    Wrap the panels inbetween the windows black

  • Garrett Lamb
    Garrett Lamb

    Use that Tahoe to teach us how to make a diy mesh grill

  • The1foru2c

    Can u break down how much you have spent in parts like you did on the Chevy? The Tahoe is looking good so far keep up the good work. When u get all the lifts can u go in depth on how your gonna make the most of it like putting them together to make the size you want?

  • Blue Yoshi
    Blue Yoshi

    Omg tell Katie she picked an awesome truck! Y’all still painting it baby blue?

  • Gabe Gardner
    Gabe Gardner

    Hey Ryan I have a 2003 GMC Yukon. The color is called Pewter would you recommend color matching the headlights?

  • J.A.R. Family
    J.A.R. Family

    17:08 is the reason why I fully support this man and the woman he's with. They're fully honest and shows you how to do shit that saves you money and time. Damn good content. Bravo brother.

  • Keith MMA
    Keith MMA

    I build headlights for a living. This is what i do on a daily basis + RGB Underglow kits, Etched Projectors, Halos, Paint Matching, Etc. We’re located in Garner, NC . Message me if YOU wanna do this to your vehicle or have another idea pertaining to Lights

  • kaleb watson
    kaleb watson

    can you please clean up and organize your garage 😭

  • Jeff

    Workin 40+ hrs a week some people don’t have time to do projects in a day. Lol

  • Thomas Davis
    Thomas Davis


  • Zion Green
    Zion Green

    Paint the stock ltz’s that color

  • joey schultz
    joey schultz

    If I send you my headlights for my SXS would you take them apart for me so I can paint them

  • Leon Sullivan
    Leon Sullivan

    Last company I talked to wanted $500 just to send them my lights, plus charge for whatever work I wanted.

  • Aaron Podgorski
    Aaron Podgorski

    Great content 💯


      Thank you!

  • chris cox
    chris cox

    Been waiting on my coilover lift from fabtech since June because they had to manufacture the resi coilovers and COVID restricted everything in Cali

  • Ruff Tuff
    Ruff Tuff

    half ass

  • CamwiththeRAM


    • CamwiththeRAM

      I love my alpha Rex lights as well ... they are so bright ! And my atturos look sooo good haha the knife blades make it

  • shane whitby
    shane whitby

    what are the size of the rims and tires please

    • shane whitby
      shane whitby

      RYAN MAYER thank you very much I’m seeing if we can get them over here in Australia so when I do get my truck I know if I can and how much they will cost I hope I can afford them because they might have to be sent from the USA


      35x15.50r22 22x12

  • Alberto Soriano
    Alberto Soriano

    Hey Ryan are you going to sell the headlights that are coming off the Tahoe I’m interested in them if they are oem thank you

    • Alberto Soriano
      Alberto Soriano

      RYAN MAYER I actually sent you a friend request on Snapchat my username is @albertosorian0

    • Alberto Soriano
      Alberto Soriano

      Great how are we able to work this out ?


      Yes I can sell them!

  • Glenn Douglas
    Glenn Douglas

    I want your skills!!!! You doing think the heat from the bulbs are going to melt the paint?? I do!!!!!! I was kidding about your skill. I where mask when I paint no matter how small the project is. But you have fun with you health.

  • Ruben Zepeda
    Ruben Zepeda

    Full Throttle Suspension

    • Ruben Zepeda
      Ruben Zepeda

      I heve a 2015 suburban ltz with magnetic ride and a 7.5 inch lift from fts and it ride really good tires are 33/12.5/22

  • Rtid02


  • Rtid02

    Finally some arkons on here 🙌🏻

  • Burst Daddy
    Burst Daddy

    631 checking in!

  • John Mayoral
    John Mayoral

    your freakin hilarious dude, can't wait to see em on your "Silverado... it's not a Silverado, it's a Tahoe" lol like the way you explained the 1K versus the 2K clear, I was gonna say I can kinda see a lil orange peel but like you said with the lens on you wont be able to tell anyway. Are you gonna do HIDs? Do you have HIDs on the Hellcat or Ram? Do the bill test on Katie's wheels, I was guessin they go deeper than yours


    Your eyes have a malfunction? 0:28


      Yeah don’t know why 😂😂😂😂

  • mazdajason

    I've built several cars over the years doing exactly the same and putting in the work I find it more rewarding. Good job so far,

  • Mann Family Adventures
    Mann Family Adventures

    That retro rubber is the shit!



  • Luke Powers
    Luke Powers

    Have you seen the homemade starlight headliners on tik tok? If so I think that would be pretty cool inside the Tahoe. Just a thought..

  • Epicmcflores 60
    Epicmcflores 60

    Sick bro. Love the amount of detail you put in the vehicles you work on it shows for sure. Keep up the great work see ya