Today we take care of making our custom grille and finish up a few minor things on our silverado build!
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  • Travis Helms
    Travis Helms

    What kind and size of compressor do u have for painting?

  • TruckMan3

    Wow that grill! I am another fellow Cat Eye owner and was told by a friend of mine that is one of your subs that your going to be using an aftermarket bumper??? how was the stock one? Chrome? I am having a very difficult time trying to find a Chrome one that hasnt been beat up and doesnt cost an arm and a leg.

  • GradexAxGuy

    Just stole your grille scheme. Getting ready to paint this exact truck, mines is extended cab.

  • Andrew Bryan
    Andrew Bryan

    You going to put any green on this truck?

  • The_Drifting_Kings_18

    Should've been a short bed

  • Jesse Wiles
    Jesse Wiles

    Ryan, what kind of clear coat did you go with and what paint gun and compressor do you have? Need to know because I want to paint my truck the right way without it costing an arm and a leg

  • Andrew Vega
    Andrew Vega

    You should get a hd front end for the purple truck

  • HP Custom Sparks
    HP Custom Sparks

    I like your dining room table center piece lol

  • Jacob Schoeph
    Jacob Schoeph

    Hey Ryan “long time listener first time caller” lol. Anyways what is the color for the emblem? I may have found it at Advance Auto parts, but I’m not 100% sure...

    • Jacob Schoeph
      Jacob Schoeph

      Thanks man! I found it yesterday!


      Brilliant black metallic

  • S10_4_Life

    Sorry man but that's not a Custom Grill, All you did was paint it, It's still a Factory Grill, Just painted differently now, But it does look good tho

  • Trenton Morgan
    Trenton Morgan

    You should add some stuff to the four wheeler

  • Chris Devido
    Chris Devido

    How did you put the grille back together once you grinded the welds off?

  • Ruben Vega
    Ruben Vega

    Hey Ryan in one of your video's you talked about getting a deal for tools? is there anyway you can send me a link or tell me where to find it. Thanks

    • Ruben Vega
      Ruben Vega

      RYAN MAYER thank you. Love your videos man keep them coming.




      Toll boss on IRbin!

  • Aidan J
    Aidan J

    White wheels

  • Scotty0228

    Tip for you, put a couple washers on the top nut of the mirrors to help flatten them out, those style gm trucks the tow mirrors always wing upward

  • Mike C
    Mike C

    Hope you are going to do a headlight retrofit for the Silverado, that would be cool.

  • Jace Ehnisz
    Jace Ehnisz

    You should put a 2015 high country interior in you single cab, it would be a project but would be awesome

  • Chuck Kolancz
    Chuck Kolancz

    Looks friggen awesome the purple with black

  • Jaxton C
    Jaxton C

    🔥 0:34 ❤💞 👇👇👇👇

  • Matthew Beske
    Matthew Beske

    You can also, clean the dirt / residue out of the vertical window channels with a rage, screw driver and rubbing alcohol..... and then spray a little Silicone spray in them.

  • John Hellman
    John Hellman

    Bro, Katie is a fox!

  • Noah Shirley
    Noah Shirley

    It’s cause you get see it go from ok to really nice

  • Brian Clifford
    Brian Clifford

    Looking good Ryan!!

  • 05SiLLYrado

    Black and purple tails, third brake light, and headlights will tie it all together really nicely.

  • John Henry
    John Henry

    I’m SO GLAD you didn’t do a green and purple grille...

  • hunter davidson
    hunter davidson

    That thing really needs a cowl hood

  • Diesel Addict
    Diesel Addict

    Hey Ryan, great content! Now, a joke for ya... what's high in the middle and round on both ends? 😁

    • Abner Tinoco
      Abner Tinoco

      Diesel Addict I don’t want to say it😂🤷‍♂️

  • Quatele Inc
    Quatele Inc

    Bro .. power coat the emblem green .. it’s cool black but I think the green will pop with the other pieces .. think about it .. great job bro 💯

  • Nicole Seago
    Nicole Seago

    Clean your garage!

  • Hunter Jonsgaard
    Hunter Jonsgaard

    put an HD hood on the chevy

  • Jace Fite
    Jace Fite

    Lime green rims and accents on the chevy

  • troy rogers
    troy rogers

    or this one is better

  • troy rogers
    troy rogers

    Illinois neighbor here im glad its getting warmer here too me no like the cold paint the plastic pieces that cover the engine, fuse box cover, and get a kn cold air pipe to paint. actually if you buy a escalade engine cover it'll fit your engine perfectly and cover the alternator its 3 pieces one replaces the vortex top piece and the two others cover each side of the engine...I think its a 6.0 engine cover but it fits the 5.3 like this one

  • Luke Scott
    Luke Scott

    Did you teach yourself to paint or did you have a job doing that?

  • Bigdaddyfluffy_23

    Hey bro a good tip to save you time and headache in the buff time is to do long strokes on paint don’t do little sections because you’ll have high spots from where the paint gets layered over and will give you a wavy look in the body work

  • Sam Lucia
    Sam Lucia

    I just painted my grille and rear roll pan yesterday😂😂 all rattle can. Sema quality or what😂

  • Jerlihya Moore
    Jerlihya Moore

    What are grit are you sanding with

  • Emory Bragg
    Emory Bragg


  • joseph hall
    joseph hall

    out of paint and prep about how much did it cost you im thinking about doing all this to my 98 dodge 2500

  • Justin Fox
    Justin Fox

    The chevy looks awesome bro .u did one heck of job ..can't wait to see it with the new wheels u put on it and all lights back in and tint...

  • Hunter Anderson
    Hunter Anderson

    Right when I am right to go to bed get a notification that you posted a video can’t go to bed yet now

  • G Hines
    G Hines

    Nice Intro music

  • Daniel

    How did you paint the chrome and how did you put the grille back together? Loving this series 🤘

  • Marty Kik
    Marty Kik

    Do green rims. Black out the lights

  • Brittany Matthews
    Brittany Matthews

    Some 20x10 Arkon Lincoln’s with 33” or 35” Arturo trailblades would look good on that truck, and custom offsets will mount and balance the tires before shipping. That’s where I ordered mine and all I had to do was bolt them up when I got them.

  • Joseph Cummings
    Joseph Cummings

    Like the intro buddy

  • Chris Pattison
    Chris Pattison

    The drivers fender looked different from the rest of the truck

  • Garret Varilek
    Garret Varilek

    We bought a wrecked 2006 duramax and the window has to be shoved on to go up on the wrecked side were it was taken apart I cant wait to try and fix it now

  • Chris Arnim
    Chris Arnim

    Have you thought about doing a paint job in interior door panels? Think it would look sweet

  • RC Bronco
    RC Bronco

    What's the name of t he green paint?

  • RC4X4

    This is an amazing project. You should've made an exhaust fan. Looks great though. Keep it coming.

  • smcox1991

    Is your dining room pink? 🤔

  • Wing It Willie
    Wing It Willie

    I woulda done the honeycomb part of the grille in the lime green

  • Godmaemca McPherson
    Godmaemca McPherson

    It’s coming along amazing work brother !👍

  • Yung Bitta
    Yung Bitta

    Wd40 silicone spray will lube your window

  • Devon Kearney
    Devon Kearney

    Why not powder coat symbol green


    Looks sick man!!! Absolutely love it

  • crazy stupid gamer
    crazy stupid gamer

    How did you prep the emblem did you you just scuff the clear on it and then prime and paint or just paint it

  • Justin Campo
    Justin Campo

    Should have color matched the bowtie purple

  • jmurdaa 5x
    jmurdaa 5x

    Are you going to finish the driver side door

  • Dirt Riding Carbajal
    Dirt Riding Carbajal

    Why dont u just buy a new battery 😂😂😂

  • jmurdaa 5x
    jmurdaa 5x

    I like the longer vid

  • Dylin Villegas
    Dylin Villegas

    Are you going to putt in a bed liner

  • Dylin Villegas
    Dylin Villegas

    You should put some green in the inside

  • FL bassmaster
    FL bassmaster

    Hands down my favorite youtuber no one else is doing anything like you in deep detail and explains anything everytime i watch i learn something i love it keep it up!!

  • Shotgunmoney18 18
    Shotgunmoney18 18

    Where can I get color match tow mirrors like your

  • Chaz Wuest
    Chaz Wuest

    Custom offsets delivers there tire & rim packages mounted and balanced. Just fyi 👌🏼💪🏼

  • LaLa McQuoid
    LaLa McQuoid

    Yo dont take this coronavirus lightly!!! A 21 year old Male in NY had it he survived!! But when they put you on a ventilator its serious!!! Your put in comma state and feeding tubes are put in you!!!! So put your mask on when hitting the public!!!Lysol kills it!!!! Invest the stock is going up fast!!!!

  • LaLa McQuoid
    LaLa McQuoid

    Looking good my man!!!!!

  • Southpawsgarage


  • Stronghold07

    Thanks for the entertainment Ryan!

  • Vincent Mudge
    Vincent Mudge

    Are you doing lime green decals on it ?

  • Matt Harmening Diesel_Harm
    Matt Harmening Diesel_Harm

    You inspire me to want to get a air compressor and spray gun. I want to learn how to paint. How do you keep your garage from overspray?

  • Southpawsgarage


  • Nate Green
    Nate Green

    Hey Ryan excellent job what you doing to the Chevy love the hellcat and the monstertruck great job who made the beat

  • Jackson Williams
    Jackson Williams

    Keeping us entertained inside! Learning a lot... great work ryan, keep it up

  • Ohio 5pt7
    Ohio 5pt7

    I was thinking about painting my ram the green but the more I see that purple hmmm.

  • James Penisburg
    James Penisburg

    Love keeping up with the build

  • Matt Souza
    Matt Souza

    We want the wheels your killing us waiting to see what you choose plus they will be delayed cause of this covagina virus

  • Jamie Wawrzonek
    Jamie Wawrzonek

    For a Chevy it looks great. Keep up the awesome work and videos. I look forward to the next one. Nothing else going on right now!!!

  • Will Hershiser
    Will Hershiser

    There’s a website called Automotive Touchup that has almost every oem paintcode for almost every brand

  • Brayden Allen
    Brayden Allen

    What color is that and where can you get it?

  • A.T. Gray
    A.T. Gray

    Looks awesome. Thanks for showing all the trials and tribulation of the build...

  • Joseph Alvord
    Joseph Alvord

    Looks very sharp bro!!!! Keep up the hard work!!!!

  • Seth Righi
    Seth Righi

    Killing it man can’t wait to see it together

  • Brendon Partridge
    Brendon Partridge

    Ryan mayer i watch your channel alot every day and every night u are both u and Katie are awesome IRbinr tell Katie that she very pretty in on the channel from brendon Partridge 😀

  • David Ballan
    David Ballan

    I'VE MISS YOU BRO! staying inside i hope. my dad and i are the only one not sick in the fam so kinda stressin. after all of this we have a new project after your gf's truck

  • maggie isaacs
    maggie isaacs

    what program do you use to edit your videos? truck is looking great. I look forward to watching your videos

  • Oscar Aguilar
    Oscar Aguilar

    Should’ve done hd conversion

  • Osiris Perez
    Osiris Perez


  • Bamaflashlight

    Hey brother you are Doing a great job. Especially if this was your first time ever Doing paint and body work. I enjoy Watching your videos man building this Chevy Truck during this Coronavirus downtime. Keep up the good work and keep pumping out these great videos. I’ve been painting since getting started in high school in 1989 in my Mechanics and paint body class. My first paint job didn come out looking that good. ROLL TIDE!!!

  • G Dlc
    G Dlc

    What do you use to polish your paint?

  • Blake Simpson
    Blake Simpson

    Love the truck Ryan

  • Raphael Rivera
    Raphael Rivera

    Man it's more and more of a tease I looks so great that I am losing my patience in waiting for the final results. IT LOOKS PHENOMENAL!!!!

  • tj boylan
    tj boylan

    In Florida there’s no such thing as warm rain it’s cold as hell or burns your skin

  • Why use mad ?
    Why use mad ?

    Whenever you’re done I’ll gladly buy that truck off of you

    • Grizz 2
      Grizz 2

      offer him 5k lol

  • Bobby Dockery
    Bobby Dockery

    Looking great man I love this build. LIME GREEN BED LINER!!!!!!!

  • world boss
    world boss

    How much u selling the car for yow

  • Everything Outdoors
    Everything Outdoors

    Get off-road bumpers

  • Dbm J
    Dbm J

    Been waiting for this post since the last video