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  • Dylan Sassu
    Dylan Sassu

    What is the paint code

  • Marc Sorensen
    Marc Sorensen

    How can you paint in that filth? God damn! Stop using spray primer!! That is your issue. Use a 2k sealer..spray primer is not catalyzed and will react with the solvents in the basecoats. There ya go.

  • Gabriel Palma
    Gabriel Palma

    The paint is attacking the primer coat underneath, maybe to heavy of a base or not the proper flash time or the primer coat maybe to thin and yes grease and wax remover before paint.

  • Chuy

    What kind of Electric D.A sander do you use?

  • Skythelimit Upchurch
    Skythelimit Upchurch

    U doing the cab to

  • Harley Deaton
    Harley Deaton

    You probly shouldn't run your hand across the base youll f up the metal flake


      Okay harley 😂😂😂

  • Rupert Bean
    Rupert Bean

    Lime green Bedliner would look killer;)

  • John P
    John P

    Raptor liner it before you put it back on the truck

  • Motomark 212
    Motomark 212

    you should always clean with wax and grease remover or at least wash before you paint. wax and grease remover is also a very good clear coat simulator

  • Danny Gonzalez
    Danny Gonzalez

    Its going be sweet i would definitely roll it

  • Working mans restorations
    Working mans restorations

    What color is that purple?... My yellow k5 with 454 on my channel... Plates are custom "myminion". I want to do a change and paint evil minion and do black and purple. I love the illusion purple suspension on ram and was going to do the same and satain wrap outside black... But i do like that purple

  • Shade Tree Mechanix
    Shade Tree Mechanix

    Persistence lol that's what you should name the truck.. good job man. Way to stay at it.

  • Oil Gas Garage
    Oil Gas Garage

    Applying a sealer down before you put on the base coat will eliminate the problems your having. Spraying the base coat on top of primer is making it reactivate and cracks appear.

  • John Plate
    John Plate

    I used to stink up my parents house so bad when I used to paint there growing up

  • luke priestley
    luke priestley

    Sealer they make it for a reason

  • sean kelly
    sean kelly

    Any plans to color match the taillights? Would be an interesting look maybe

  • Josue Umanzor
    Josue Umanzor

    You need bigger men size bro lol 4xl to 5xl I’m a big fan of your channel by the way

  • Clyde Johnson
    Clyde Johnson

    And be sure to make each time that you lay paint is continuous and one pass no making a pass to the left then to the right and then going in other angles n stuff within the same pass. Go one way each pass so on the bed start painting before the bed heading right or left direction only with each pass and be sure to stop painting AFTER you sprayed to after the end of the part and not at the end of the part it leaves splatter and drips and leaves too much paint doing it how you were. Not trying to be a smart a$$ just trying to help you bc that's why your a DYI person to learn.

  • Clyde Johnson
    Clyde Johnson

    Pull the trigger right before painting your parts and release trigger once your paint is done spraying on the part. Do not start painting ON THE PART YOU START PAINTING B4 AND RELEASE TRIGGER TO STOP SPRAYING AFTER THE PART GETS SPRAYED.

  • Brandon Murphy
    Brandon Murphy

    It’s wrinkling because it has been re painted before.


    wet sand it and blend it in with the other panels

  • Ohio 5pt7
    Ohio 5pt7

    Damn I like it. Two tone on my ram with mojito green hmmmm

  • dhelms4382

    Dude, I like watching your videos but you need to leave the painting to someone that knows what they’re doing. That was hard to

    • dhelms4382

      Just got to the end of the video. Didn’t realize it was your first time painting. Not too bad for a first time. Just remember, prep is everything! No shortcuts!


      Never gonna learn if you don’t try! Lol!

  • BoostedMotorsports

    Looking sick brother! 💪

  • L

    me like your videos

  • memphosfinest

    What’s the name of the color? Looks good!!

  • Painterman73

    The primer edge didn't get sanded well enough so the primer lifted

  • patrick crawford
    patrick crawford

    For never doing bodywork or painting you make this look simple nicely done man

  • Platinum Reflection
    Platinum Reflection

    Dude you have to remove the solvents wax and grease remove it smdh don’t rush to paint it smdh

  • Rogelio Nava Loredo
    Rogelio Nava Loredo

    It’s the old paint at the bottom that is drying out because the new chemicals is shrink it and cracking it. Solution is to seal it .....use 2k sealer or any kinda sealer to prevent it from happen to me on my 88 Chevy don’t use primer it does not seal anything

  • thunder57

    What brand of paint did you use?

  • Rick Capsaholic
    Rick Capsaholic

    Looking sweet.

  • gol10dr45

    I don't understand how you got dust on your clear.. I mean your floor is filthy. Lol


    You have to spray everything at once with tri coats bro. The cab will never match the bed I bet money on it.

    • Frosty

      He didn’t spray a tri coat dude. It’s just base clear.

  • Chuy

    Half the video was him sanding and repainting the same spot😂props man I would've been heated

  • Darren Kokoski
    Darren Kokoski

    Ryan, I'm thinking that the cab should go so much easier for you... just think of all you learned of what not to do, and how you adjusted to do it right, just transfer all that knowledge to the cab, I bet you hit it all right the first time through, unless you come across unforeseen issues, but I bet the cab will go alot faster.....

  • outlaw trucks tv
    outlaw trucks tv

    Stop using spray can primer

  • Push MeYT
    Push MeYT

    yo that paint looks beautiful for a diy project

  • Carson Rickrode
    Carson Rickrode

    Looks a little similar to purple elephants

  • Brandon Quick
    Brandon Quick

    Would have saved so much paint if you would have wax and grease removed and tac cloth it lol but looks good now that you got it done keep up the good work

  • Gilbert Franklin
    Gilbert Franklin

    Ryan, you did a hell of a nice job on this, especially for your first full paint job. But, the most amazing part is the purple color - Shazam! Man, that looks good! It is about 1000% better than the slime snot green on the other cars. Finally a really good looking truck... 😏🏆

  • GoldsGymFitchburg

    Fuck the haters on here brother. Your out there killing it. The fact that you jump in and do it is badass. Keep up the good work. Love the vids my friend.

  • Tonie Lozano
    Tonie Lozano

    Painting is not your thing

  • Eirick Chronister
    Eirick Chronister

    Would u stop makeing such grate videos. Lol nice vid. 👍👍👍👍👍😂😃.just a suggestion the best thing to do is paint some inside pieces. Really makes everything come together.

  • Fern Playz
    Fern Playz

    You should put a roll pan instead of the bumper

  • Grant 7 Paints & Coatings
    Grant 7 Paints & Coatings

    Really nice job...

  • Arty's Motorsports
    Arty's Motorsports

    That purple is sexy. Great choice 👍

  • JST 2 BIG
    JST 2 BIG

    Wow I’m actually impressed, I honestly didn’t think it would come out that good. Good job for your first time. Maybe invest in a exhaust fan for your window before you paint your cab.

  • Vance Bolyard
    Vance Bolyard

    hold on a second, what about the tailgate?


      Gonna paint it with the hood, flares and mirrors!

  • Elijah Bolduc
    Elijah Bolduc

    When putting bed liner in the bed you should put it on the flares too

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    Wicked color Ryan wicked color.

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason

    "My hair's all messed up". Awe hunny.

    • Chris Mason
      Chris Mason

      Bahaha! Respect the image. I totally get it! Hopefully you get the shop talk lol. Sometimes I have to remind myself I cant use my shop/oilfield mouth with everyone.

  • Greg Y
    Greg Y

    Looks good can’t wait to see the finished product

  • SFall98

    When I painted the badges in my truck, one badges I was having major issues with the paint wrinkling like that. I kept forgetting to wash the badge, after I washed with (with dawn dish soap) the issue was gone. There might be some grease or oil from skin on the panel making it wrinkle like that

  • Iron Addicts Nation
    Iron Addicts Nation

    Also please don’t use green as the accent color. Chrome/silver or black is the way to go!

  • Iron Addicts Nation
    Iron Addicts Nation

    It looks amazing! Just so you know flash times are going to be longer than expected because of temperature. Likely why you ran into issues when applying more coats.

  • XanMan1980

    If these videos have taught me one thing, it’s that I’ll NEVER attempt body work or paint. I’ll stick to bolting on suspension, and bolting together engines 😂

  • Jacob Stilwell
    Jacob Stilwell

    a whole gallon on the bed... I feel bad for the checking account.

  • TNoutdoors

    Man listen to your subscribers. Wax and grease remove before you paint. Even the oil from your hands can cause the paint to not adhere properly. Simple things like this could save you so much time and effort.

  • Eric Strickland
    Eric Strickland

    What company did you buy the paint from again? I'm getting ready to do the same to my 96 chevy. AMD you've I spired me to try and paint it myself

    • Eric Strickland
      Eric Strickland

      @RYAN MAYER thank you sir


      The coating store!


    now that is totally awesome video about paitnting your truck in purple it will be totally awesome when it is done .. are you going to swap your motor just asking .. can't wait to see more videos about your truck

  • Middle Eastern Mods
    Middle Eastern Mods

    This is cool and great work but damn you apent way to much time on this bed for it to even have been worth it but good job

  • toolmandcb2

    For an amateur, I think you did a great job on the body work and paint, considering it was done in a home garage..... I've seen body shops not do that well. Looking good!!

  • ncurc 97
    ncurc 97

    Great job, dont let anyone tell you "oh you should of done this or that" its looks great especially for first time painting

  • toolmandcb2

    When you panned around while working on that problem corner.... I noticed your shelf full of detailing stuff.... anything nearby with silicone in it can cause those problems.....airborne silicone is a painter's nightmare.

  • lbhamlo

    Looking great there Bro!

  • E1_ Takuache
    E1_ Takuache

    Just buy a new truck bed

  • zach S
    zach S

    Need a exhaust fan in your garage needs to be hotter

  • Alexander Arias
    Alexander Arias

    Finally got my camo sweater to match with Jack's one

  • Carter Behnken
    Carter Behnken

    Are you lifting it

  • 1DjScarface

    You cleared everything in the garage lol


    Love that color😍 MAKE SURE YOU PAINT THE WHEEL WELLS WITH A BLACK PAINT SO IT MATCHES THE FRONT FENDER LINERS! If your going that far I would replace the front fender liners too!

  • Phillip k
    Phillip k

    wax and grease remove all the body parts before painting to avoid the peeling

  • Cody Martin
    Cody Martin

    Wouldn’t be a Ryan Mayer garage vid without a blown breaker! 😂 every time man lol

  • kia bass 879
    kia bass 879

    At 7:40 what a nightmare

  • Glenn Douglas
    Glenn Douglas

    He doesn’t use a wax and grease remover b4 painting. Silly boy..

  • J.D's Original Cartooning & more.
    J.D's Original Cartooning & more.

    Thats alot of clear my goodness, its dripping off. Just want to scream.

  • Nathan Perez
    Nathan Perez

    Dude just use wax and grease remover and a tac rag before u lay down paint your making it a longer process then what it needs to be kind of annoying.

  • J.D's Original Cartooning & more.
    J.D's Original Cartooning & more.

    Did you grease remove

  • Bryan Johnson
    Bryan Johnson

    Anybody else wonder about the amount of paint fumes in the house? LOL

  • Shawn Dyck
    Shawn Dyck

    Gorgeous 😍😍😍

  • koupster1

    Stop touching the paint with your bare hand you can contaminate the paint with the oils in your hands.

  • Matt Souza
    Matt Souza

    You got that jokes car stable going but I really like the color I actually like how you just went for it not worried about nothing an it came out good for diy

  • Paul Kicinski
    Paul Kicinski

    Ceap up the good work and dam that purple rockes

  • KTXYS l
    KTXYS l

    Hey man it look hell of good love the color I have a white 99

  • Mark Gutierrez
    Mark Gutierrez

    The reason it keeps wrinkling up is because it's not in a warm environment it has to be at least 75 degrees or more for it to not wrinkle up

  • Katy Shook
    Katy Shook

    Oh wow!!!! Love the purple!!!! Good job!

  • Seven

    That color looks incredible, can’t wait to see it in the sun

  • thomas wylam
    thomas wylam

    I’m ready for it to be done and then spray the bed liner in since it’s already in the garage before you put it back outside

  • Splizzie PIC
    Splizzie PIC

    And they lied, truck are not cheap in the south by far.

  • Splizzie PIC
    Splizzie PIC

    Good job! I know everything in your garage has a misty layer of primer on it lol.


    That color is dope!

  • B C
    B C

    Do you have a job now? Because you channel is smoking with your work and was wondering where you find the time

  • Daniel Turko
    Daniel Turko

    That's a very sweet color the truck is going to look amazing when it's done you should do purple raptor liner in the bed that would look sweet

  • tom pinkston
    tom pinkston

    Hope you spray color matched raptor liner Inside the bed

  • logan dennis
    logan dennis

    This guy im gonna start a youtube channel and rebuild a cat eye chevy just to show this goon how its done

  • Mack Young
    Mack Young

    Should have watched a few more videos of paint and body work before attempting

  • Skid Kid
    Skid Kid

    Downs a whole bottle like it’s a white claw damn

  • Bigdoug ss
    Bigdoug ss

    Dude I love it awesome job be proud of it because you done it yourself

  • Drag Racing cars
    Drag Racing cars

    I can already tell you’re laying it down to thick make sure you’re mixing it the right way and not too thick if you lay it down to Thick it’ll start cracking