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  • Travis B
    Travis B

    take the tire off....lazy

  • CS Garage
    CS Garage

    Body control module is bad! Came back I missed this video lol

  • KenworthDude15

    Bud you need a shop!

  • Chester

    I’m thinking of getting one of your sublime Lftd hoodies, are they 100% cotton? Cause I usually wash my stuff in hot and if they were to shrink I’d like to make sure I get a size bigger just in case.

    • Chester

      RYAN MAYER well, thanks for replying. I just asked the same question on your new video not knowing you already replied! Appreciate it, gonna be buying that lime one tonight before the sale ends! Love your videos


      Should be 80/20 !

  • lbj808

    Got a Tahoe like your for cheap...had the exact same electrical instrument cluster problems as yours!!...SOLD IT!!..I like those body style Tahoe’s but too many problems. Keep that Ram vids coming...Aloha 🤙🏽

  • Slinging Scoops Company
    Slinging Scoops Company


  • Clayton Herridge
    Clayton Herridge

    Does the front rub on the back of the finder ? Or was the lift enough to clear that set up ?

  • Jae Dav
    Jae Dav

    The Tahoe needs an eyebrow !!

  • Unknown Name Unknown Number
    Unknown Name Unknown Number

    Some painted to match off road wheel flares would make that Tahoe look awesome. Love the videos. Keep em coming.

  • Jett Jensen
    Jett Jensen

    If you have the Bose speaker system in there all the parts you are talking about are controlled by the amp so if the amp is bad, disconnected, or the fuse for it is blown than none of that will work. Check those three things and let me know what happens. Chevy electronics are designed really weird and I could never figure out why all those things were controlled by the amp. Eww!!!

  • Connor Hart
    Connor Hart

    My moms 2010 GMC Acadia has these same issues, it ended up being the amplifier.

  • Taite Weltikol
    Taite Weltikol

    The way you light up your gauges. At night or decrease them they may be all the way down which makes the dome lights not come on. Turn it up one click and it should work

  • Alan Grafton
    Alan Grafton

    You should totally buy the Range AFM disabler so it stops the engine from going 8 cylinders to 4 cylinders. Cost about $200 but it will save your lifters in the engine!!

  • Lucad Morgan
    Lucad Morgan

    U should do tow mirros

  • cory ramer
    cory ramer

    Coming to Jon’s bday? Get some mud on those tires.

  • Jackson McNamara
    Jackson McNamara

    the sound problem is a fuse problem i had it on my 07 tahoe a while back simple fix

  • Karl Thomas
    Karl Thomas

    Ryan there’s only one thing that annoys the crap out of me in your videos, is your lack of prep for paint sandblasting anything like that you have spray paint I’ll leave your driveway and my OCD is bouncing off the walls 🤯because I like to prep if I do anything like that, that way you wouldn’t have to have a whoops with the control arm and have to repaint it just saying🤷🏽‍♂️ other than that love the videos keep up the great work I’m not a Chevy fan but that Tahoe is off the chain


      thanks man! its just like i do the job, film, edit and upload so im doing all the work and every seconds does count! hahah i thought i could get away with it but hey looks like ill have to use some of the paint i have a GALLON of! not to worried with mistakes can always be fixed!

  • GBlakeHasting

    All those sounds go through the stereo it is probably dead

  • Kolby Hansen
    Kolby Hansen

    Duramax swap the tahao🇺🇸

  • Emmanuel Rodríguez
    Emmanuel Rodríguez

    U need a New battery

  • Marcus P
    Marcus P

    Need a exhaust too like eww

  • Marcus P
    Marcus P

    Get that stock Radio out too

  • Marcus P
    Marcus P

    Put a system in the Tahoe

  • trevis hebert
    trevis hebert

    What rock light do you get for your vehicles?

  • John Henry
    John Henry

    Rough country has DOT/SAE projector led pod fog lights if you wanna check them out!

  • cole davis
    cole davis

    Whens the exhaust getting done tho? 🙂

  • Novaboy 78
    Novaboy 78

    What’s catiys IRbin channel

  • flyy youngin
    flyy youngin

    Gotta love that Tahoe 💨💯

  • Jsun

    you dont want to buy a new cummins so just buy the engine and throw it in the tahoe, diesel tahoe??

  • Steve LeBlanc
    Steve LeBlanc Do the iPad upgrade!


    All audio and chimes play through front door speakers from head unit in all GM vehicles, if you want that radio to work try reset method of talking off negative of battery for about 10 mins it may help

  • J Knight
    J Knight

    Starlight headliner 🤔🤔🤔

  • Braedon Price
    Braedon Price

    Try and see if you can take a door speaker or a tweeter out and hook a different speaker to it and see if it’s the speaker I’ve had 3 2007 Silverado’s a 2500, a 1500, and a 1500 z71 and I had to replace all the speakers in them and they were all gas too

  • Robert Craft
    Robert Craft

    Hey Ryan, you mentioned that Eastwood Scroll compressor and I either subscribed after you got it or maybe you never really mentioned it before but I am curious to know what your opinion on it is and if you could provide some video in your garage/shop in use of what the noise level is really like. All I keep seeing is sponsored videos and never really any major feedback on it from fellows like yourself. Thanks man! Keep up the great videos that you and Katee are popping out!

  • Ramon Jimenez
    Ramon Jimenez

    Can i get the link where you got the led lights for the interior

  • Fco Red
    Fco Red

    What paint are u using for the frame?

  • Anthony Kimble
    Anthony Kimble

    Hey boss i sent u a messge on ig

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson

    You should do the 5th gen front end conversion on ur sema truck!?!?

  • Country

    Hit me up if you want a true clear loud stereo. That Tahoe deserves something special. U need some DS18 in your life from Offroad Life Audio

  • Max Curtis
    Max Curtis

    My truck did the same thing. It was the radio that went bad. Your amp will not go out we thought the same thing but took it to a guy and he said that the car will rot before the amp goes bad it is the radio

  • Trent Townsend
    Trent Townsend

    Do something with the exhaust on the Tahoe

  • Ronnie Martin
    Ronnie Martin

    Get a alpine stereo

  • Richard Mozley
    Richard Mozley

    Put a head jack in the radio then pull it out of the radio then it should work my dads truck does the same thang

  • Eli Nottingham
    Eli Nottingham

    Ok the Tahoe is wayyy to quiet please please please put a flowmaster 40!or something on it

  • Tyler Brooks
    Tyler Brooks

    You should do a muffler delete those ls engines can sound really good and choppy with an aftermarket exhaust and cam

  • Steven Kincaid
    Steven Kincaid

    Do the starlight headliner

    • Steven Kincaid
      Steven Kincaid

      And exhaust

  • Nathan Lamb
    Nathan Lamb

    Jealous I can’t do these kind of builds in the uk can’t beat a lifted truck 💪🏼

  • Vertyrius Seldon
    Vertyrius Seldon

    You know you could do a Tesla screen for your Tahoe only about $ 200.00

  • john russo
    john russo

    No turn signal sound is a pro😂 i hate that sound

  • ronnie gray
    ronnie gray

    Throw so TVs in there and some under glow lights in side that would be cool to see

  • samer Mohammed
    samer Mohammed

    Led lights always f*** the cars computer and electric stuff as i know.

    • samer Mohammed
      samer Mohammed

      Sorry for the language

  • kia bass 879
    kia bass 879

    When you gonna tint the windshield on the tahoe

  • kia bass 879
    kia bass 879

    Heck if you do a sound system do rockford fosgate t1500bdcp and t600-4

  • Slater

    Ryan I'm the Amazon dude that said what's up. My bad if that was weird just wanted to say keep up the great work. 💪🏼💪🏼

  • Silveradoguy 1988
    Silveradoguy 1988

    I put the red led in the cab to match the paint. Something so little but I had all my neighbors asking me and coming over to check them out hahaha

  • Gary Chappell
    Gary Chappell

    Unhook your battery

  • Michael man
    Michael man

    Hopefully the truck wasn’t in a flood

  • Countryboy_Jay

    You should do some rock lights next!!

  • Luke Benton
    Luke Benton

    So how does it drive with the huge tires like engine wise like is it sluggish

  • Wayne Wolcott
    Wayne Wolcott

    Sounds like a flood truck

  • Tyler S
    Tyler S

    Tahoe needs an exhaust

  • James Mozingo
    James Mozingo

    You should do some color matched chevy tow mirrors!!

  • XRT Gaming
    XRT Gaming

    I love my LED interior lights, although I use red in the front. Helps with low light conditions, and not ruining your night vision

  • Jake C
    Jake C

    tow mirrors asap

  • Hayden Cloven
    Hayden Cloven

    the tahoes bose amp is trash, my tahoe had the same issue had to get a whole new stereo system.

  • Julio MonG
    Julio MonG

    Check the top button thats in between the 4x4 and light knob on the left side of the steering wheel. It gives you the option to have your lights on or off when you open your door.

  • Bruce Gordon
    Bruce Gordon

    Put a 6.4 starter on her truck. Turns over about 100 rpms faster and faster to start her truck and of corse easier on her batteries!

  • Trenton Dale
    Trenton Dale

    Throw a 6.4 starter on her 6.0, it will crank twice as fast.

  • Mitchell Barger
    Mitchell Barger

    Do iPad radio

  • joe kloeckner
    joe kloeckner

    You should remove all the cheesy fake wood interior and paint match it to the exterior

  • Eugene Culbertson
    Eugene Culbertson

    Tahoe needs the lower door trim removed for that smooth look

  • Tyler Bowen
    Tyler Bowen

    Come on Ryan that muffler looks bad on the Tahoe get a new exhaust already or just cut the muffler and put a tip on it

  • Randy Dominguez
    Randy Dominguez

    For the screen why not get an aftermarket double din with apple CarPlay integration?

  • 4x4 knucklebusters
    4x4 knucklebusters

    It sounds like the bcm is faulty on the Tahoe, no not the pcm! The bcm.

  • Emmanuel Reyes
    Emmanuel Reyes

    This channel is getting ruined by so many ads. You have 5 to 7 ads per video and sometimes theres an ad after ad.

  • AD 442
    AD 442

    Tesla screen

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Sure do miss that 6.0 cold start 🥺

  • brendan hitchcock
    brendan hitchcock

    I think the Tahoe deserves some color matched tow mirrors. Make it look a little more beefy

  • szachtb

    Needs a new door latch..the sensor is built in.

  • Jamie Wawrzonek
    Jamie Wawrzonek

    Hey Ryan my 2013 Ram What is the bulb replacement led for the interior rear bulb

  • Tony M
    Tony M

    Have to get a screen. Phoenix automotive

  • Mike Power
    Mike Power

    Like the video

  • Brent M
    Brent M

    Buy a aftermarket stereo like alpine!

    • eric

      Buy from crutchfield they do the wiring and adapters for like 20 bucks

    • mathew hunt
      mathew hunt

      costs waaaaaay too much for all of the adapters to just change out the head unit. its ridiculous! the adapters can cost twice as much as the head unit!

  • Zachonthetube

    Please put 2 15s in the back of the Tahoe

  • Chaz Fullmer
    Chaz Fullmer

    As dumb as it may sound hear me out... that tahoe needs some duramax smoked cab lights🤔

  • D Hibbitt
    D Hibbitt

    Your content just keep getting better and better. I’ve been here since you bought the ram. One of the best channels on here!!!


      THANK YOU!!

  • Blake Gardner
    Blake Gardner

    Bro exhaust😂😂😂

  • braddeem

    I noticed a lot of white and black trucks down at the truck meet that's crazy it gives a whole new appreciation for bright and colorful trucks and standing out. Right on Ryan

  • Eastside ape
    Eastside ape

    Put stars in the rooftop

  • Ride the wind
    Ride the wind

    Love the videos now finish your girl truck next

  • Mike Duhr
    Mike Duhr

    Your going to need a torch to get the b is out.

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    I had that problem happen to one of my family members Tahoe and it was the amp that took a shit.

  • Alex What
    Alex What

    8:19 Katie doing her video 😂

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan

    Need to get rock lights for the Tahoe 😎💪

  • Phil Jacob
    Phil Jacob

    Check your door latch for the amp steps, on my silverado my latches stick and my lights don't come on and my steps dont come down. I push it and it works. I sprayed them and it works fine



  • Versatility

    Windshield tint on the Tahoe!

  • Orlando Suarez
    Orlando Suarez

    What happen to the purple Chevy

  • Braden Ellison
    Braden Ellison

    Do a garage clean I love those vids

  • jeepdude2007

    With my 07 jeep liberty. I can not change the rear interior lights to led because then my interior lights will not turn off..

  • KingMcCarthy24

    id get riono bumpers black ones