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  • Tyler Corum
    Tyler Corum

    Do you make stickers to sell?

  • FishingWithBo

    I’m ready to see the tahoe

  • Jacob Frias
    Jacob Frias


  • Sir Alpha
    Sir Alpha

    I am subscriber # 200000 woohoo 🎉. I deserve a gift 🎁

  • nathan isom
    nathan isom

    Do a obs ford next


    I would really wanna see a 2021 ESCALADE ESV 4WD LUXURY for the next build not gonna lie i think it would look nice on a lift and some wheels and tires and some kinda cool paint job or even just black with a powder coated lift and stuff. Or even a 90's chevy or ford with a modern interior and nothing to crazy on the out side besides the normal stuff that you would do.

  • miles richardson
    miles richardson

    Im sure, They are. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Minecraft Human
    Minecraft Human

    I think my dads has even started to watch btw just saying bc he used ur tailgate rust repair vid today

  • Robert Lyons
    Robert Lyons

    Daytona isn't ready? For what? A basic a** Tahoe on a 6 inch lift? Dude those are literally everywhere. What makes it cool? Escalade brake lights? Some painted headlights and y'all acting like this dude just custom fabbed the crap himself. Do y'all realize your geek in out over a dude who literally just follows instructions for bolt on parts? Sandblasting,not hard. Powder coating,literally anyone can powdercoat (especially of you have experience in electrostatic painting).following instructions,again literally anyone can do it. Y'all acting like this dude is Chip Foose or some sh*t..he's "built" nothing himself, all he's done is bolt on some other companies parts and he gets yall to buy his merchandise? For what? Y'all tell me...what is LFTD co? Its literally nothing..and yall pay for it and get geeked out when you meet him in person 🤯🤦..when this tool actually builds something on his on,I might be impressed, then again,it might look like his paint work.. y'all realize when he has to actually do sh*t that isn't bolt on how it looks? Go back, look at his painting, that's all I gotta say..runs for days..who tf paints,when its raining with a garage door open..dudes a joke.. go watch goonzquad, they actually do work.

  • mohamed elmiaari
    mohamed elmiaari

    Can't wait for the Tahoe reveal tommorow

  • D Productions
    D Productions

    squat itttttt

  • Ariel Jr
    Ariel Jr

    is there a link or something for the event. how much are tickets. ?

  • David Bruton
    David Bruton

    Are you selling the Tahoe factory rims?

  • Bboy Toscano
    Bboy Toscano

    Where can I order some decals in a matte black?

  • Ligma Lzzz
    Ligma Lzzz

    “ It’s gonna be a awesome/good time”

  • J.A.R. Family
    J.A.R. Family

    About to break 200k !!!

  • localplugmc sourdiesel
    localplugmc sourdiesel

    I’m be there at Daytona

  • Joe The Truck Guy
    Joe The Truck Guy

    ATV give away

  • Blake Thompson
    Blake Thompson

    What vinyl cutter are you using?

  • Kevin Kuhlmeier
    Kevin Kuhlmeier

    Still never gave me the ram !

  • Junior O
    Junior O

    Do 4 18s on 2 crescendo 10ks 🤘for ur audio

  • Tim Arnett
    Tim Arnett

    509 🤮🤮 have fun tho

  • Gregory Tyre
    Gregory Tyre

    Imma. E there

  • SosaGamer

    What vinyl cutter do you have?

  • Tyler silva
    Tyler silva

    I live in south Florida I didn’t even know they were having the Daytona truck meet still

  • Martin.S

    Hey Ryan could you do a wrecked car build on your channel next

  • Rodney Hearp
    Rodney Hearp

    Go to Myrtle beach truck week

  • M Cordova
    M Cordova

    Got the alpha Rex for my 10 Tahoe. Your build convinced me bro, Highly recommend!

  • Jon Troyer
    Jon Troyer

    You should straight pipe the Tahoe

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    You gonna have March with you bro I’m 45 from Daytona I’ll slide tonight lol

  • MrJMagoo

    The thinner the vinyl the easier. Thicker vinyl needs deeper blade cut to peel out easier.

  • Richard Quiles
    Richard Quiles

    I have a custom box for that Tahoe and can bring it to Daytona Saturday or Sunday when I go up can send pictures of you like

  • i get it
    i get it

    What a stupid ass video. Having a hard time with content?

  • GMT400 Lifestyle
    GMT400 Lifestyle

    Metallic colors are usually thicker, try adjusting your depth settings

  • bblazeff1

    Coming into that Northeast Ohio weather where people like to wear long sleeve shirts, not hoodies, like me. I hope you get some in the shop, ill buy some.

  • sergio pena
    sergio pena

    Were u rolling around with your dog b4 u made this vid.


    You're giving away the Tahoe???

  • John Mayoral
    John Mayoral

    When and if you do a new sound system, check out a friend of mine did a whole Skar setup on his Hayabusa and it is so loud and impressive. on your Tahoe with a any decent size sub setup I can only imagine how nice it will be, and that's coming from a huge fan of JL Audio

  • John Mayoral
    John Mayoral

    when you said Matte Black decals for the Tahoe, I was like

  • kishawn is gaming
    kishawn is gaming

    My bad I went to sleep early

  • John Mayoral
    John Mayoral

    Lol, I paused your video @ 01:51, came back to it while thinkin what to eat for lunch and you sold me on Subway with the $5 foot long theme song in my head LMAO

  • Jesse Brown
    Jesse Brown

    I didn't even know about any events in town and I live in Daytona and work at the track lol ...

  • Alyssa Morrison
    Alyssa Morrison

    I just seen your trucks on 40 heading towards daytona and literally almost cried😂🤦🏼‍♀️ it’s on my insta story🤷🏼‍♀️ @obviously.aly

  • mrabelonee

    Isn’t covid a concern? Fools be thinking you can gather thousands of people with no face masks and not spread covid. Hope I’m wrong but Florida was not in good shape last time I heard cuz they were ignoring social distance and the governor was being a fool. Try not to get infected 😎

  • 1CENT

    Florida is the corona capital. Yeah I’m gonna pass on that.

  • Marcus Morris
    Marcus Morris

    Where Did You Get Those LFTDco HQ Racks At?

  • Victor Lujan
    Victor Lujan

    Clickbait Trash

  • Andrew Does Life
    Andrew Does Life

    SO close to 200k subs!!

  • David Mosleyjr
    David Mosleyjr

    What is tge best lift for the money for my 2500

  • swingjaja

    killin it brother

  • Anthony Disessa
    Anthony Disessa

    I knew you would read my comment about a sound system like I said before you cant go wrong with some bass!!

  • James Jordan
    James Jordan

    Love the clickbate😆

  • Cj 313
    Cj 313

    What’s up bro

  • Sterlin Miller
    Sterlin Miller

    Where did the purple Silverado go?

  • Calvin Kamann
    Calvin Kamann


  • 4Wide Gaming
    4Wide Gaming

    Picking up my RAM today

  • coltn2k

    i live an hour away but i’m 15 and can’t drive but i want to come

  • Joshua Dagley
    Joshua Dagley

    Can’t wait to see you guys down here in Daytona!

  • Sam Dulski
    Sam Dulski

    Squat it

  • A10warthog

    Fresh haircut Ryan 🤑

  • Shawn McQuade
    Shawn McQuade

    It wouldn’t be a bad idea to hire someone to help you pack and ship the merch and whatnot

  • Dale Sherwood
    Dale Sherwood

    Role you a alfarex logos on the mirrors

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    Have fun at Daytona, I would go but I’m all the way in Cali lol

  • Robert Keen
    Robert Keen

    Love watching the incredible motivation brotha..

  • Martin Murua
    Martin Murua

    Try upping the pressure when cutting the 3m that is usually thicker vinyl then normal decal vinyl I know I have to when I cut decals and is always a easy pull when I do

  • M4tactics

    I have the same issues with my metallic vinyl, I just turned cut pressure up if that’s titan I use like 110 for regular vinyl and like 130 Metallics

    • Harry Parsons
      Harry Parsons

      Hey I’m looking into making stickers what machine should I get and vinyl etc?

  • Joeltext Killa
    Joeltext Killa

    Daytona is 45 mins from me 😁😁😁😁

  • Duane Norelli
    Duane Norelli

    Hey Ryan, how would you feel about letting me putting your logo and your sponsor's on my truck? i already have the smaller on my truck. i get asked about your company's name that i have on my dodge Now., and tell them about you and your you tube website. a few of them have come back to me and have asked me if i could lift there trucks and have parts powder coated for them or painted, My 05 Ram is still a work in progress, I'm not sure if you remember me from the pictures i sent you of my truck or not.anyway let me know what you think about my request. if you want you you can reach out to me at fun in Florida. D.J

  • patches. simon
    patches. simon


  • Black Hatred
    Black Hatred

    Waiting for the daytona vids

  • Mussle Man9988
    Mussle Man9988

    Could you do a coustom decal of your lftd as a the like down the windshield if the coustom offsets one

  • mathew hunt
    mathew hunt

    hey bro! how can we find you there at daytona if we go? most excellent vids brah!

  • Cheatham Tv
    Cheatham Tv

    Ryan is definitely the most under rated guy on yt driveway builds and literally doing everything himself mad respect ✊

    • Random Thomas
      Random Thomas


    • Cheatham Tv
      Cheatham Tv

      Cory Criswell same here bro everyone has there own haters it is what it is 🤙🏽

    • Cory Criswell
      Cory Criswell

      People talk mad trash on him but if been following for a hot minute and he is a badass

    • Lor Waxx
      Lor Waxx

      That’s a Fact 💯

  • Rhett Lewing
    Rhett Lewing

    If you see this comment. What are you doing with the ltz stocks? If you want to get rid of them I might have a buyer

  • Christian Clark
    Christian Clark

    The click bate is unreal

  • Luke Scott
    Luke Scott

    Somebody get this dude a lint roller lol

  • Daniel Chavis
    Daniel Chavis

    I got to work 😭

  • Glenn Douglas
    Glenn Douglas

    Why didn’t you pull the motor and trans pop the cab stripe the frame media blast prime and paint. Putting all new hoses and brake line make it new again. Isn’t America number 1 in the world for Covid-19??? Like 6 million effected. 200,000 dead..

  • Lyrical Walrus
    Lyrical Walrus

    I can’t wait to see that supercharger you were talking about when you first got it

  • Satisfied

    Watch the tahoe is probably going to be the giveaway

  • Zachary Castillo
    Zachary Castillo

    You should do a Exhaust system on it to make it sound good

  • kyle Anthony
    kyle Anthony

    You gonna sell them stock takeoff 20”s I’m interested

  • John Hoskins
    John Hoskins

    Hey you should at least put your channel link on the trucks also.Might help grow the channel.

  • Jesus Sanchez
    Jesus Sanchez

    Hey Ryan, when cutting metallic vinyl you can try two things. Slow down the speed of the blade on the plotter or increase the pressure of the blade. This can be adjusted in the settings before you press on cut/send. You kinda have to find the sweet spot. Create different profiles for different vinyl types. Let me know how it goes.

  • Helldog

    Would be cool to see you build a hummer h2 sometime.

  • Itz MrFizz
    Itz MrFizz

    Talk about click bait!

  • Eddie Trent
    Eddie Trent

    Was that 509 Lounge in Daytona I thought it was 509 Lounge in Daytona Daytona Beach 509 Lounge

  • Diego Solar
    Diego Solar

    i was thinking this from a couple of vids till now, "what happened to the silverado"??? it was so sick

    • Diego Solar
      Diego Solar

      @Hillbilly Delux it was so funny cause it looked so simple and easy to do but every time it takes me like a full weekend to do stuff but at least I feel so good when I'm done

    • Hillbilly Delux
      Hillbilly Delux

      Diego Solar he always said it was to help other folks and inspire folks . So we all know he’s succeeded at that. He does stuff for normal person can do . On a budget . He saved every penny and did the ram . I wish I had that focus lol..

    • Diego Solar
      Diego Solar

      @Hillbilly Delux his vids inspire me to follow my passion for the wrenches and start doing more and more things with my truck at my garage also :)

    • Hillbilly Delux
      Hillbilly Delux

      Diego Solar has us all on edge of seat . He’s got this IRbin thing down pack lol... but God bless him turns his own wrenches . In his driveway from day one w ram - having a shop w lift but did it himself w minimum help but much needed for bigger things

    • Diego Solar
      Diego Solar

      @Hillbilly Delux oh, well im looking forward on seeing whats next for the tahoe, it looks awesome

  • Tim Riley
    Tim Riley

    See you Saturday driving over after work Friday night live about 2 hours away. Just east of Tampa

    • Tim Riley
      Tim Riley

      @Hillbilly Delux I got a room Friday and Saturday night there

    • Hillbilly Delux
      Hillbilly Delux

      Tim Riley man I hear ya man I’m off Friday too.. I’m in Tampa myself. Wish had the time to go. The traffic will be nuts !! Was gonna zip up there and be back but good lord can only imagine. But hope ya able to make it !!

  • levi jones
    levi jones

    You better lean it back or I’m unsubscribing

  • nsubira

    Can I send pic while doing rebuild my info 6312339509 text brother my first


    We need to meet up man, the 57 will be in the fury booth as well

  • Shawn Dyck
    Shawn Dyck

    Best channel on IRbin 🤟

  • javier b
    javier b

    you should try building a dropped truck !

  • _Jeep Jake
    _Jeep Jake

    can’t wait to see y’all

  • Heemy Heem
    Heemy Heem

    Bro Lint Roller That dog hair is not a good look

  • nsubira

    Can you make decal Durango large with deep blue gloss ill pay?

  • D Hibbitt
    D Hibbitt

    Just about 200k subscribers!!!

  • nsubira

    It’s factory height help doing bushings all help painting chassis with platinum from eastwood

  • nsubira

    What’s up redoing my 99 Durango on 22 rims with four inch lip please Ryan help need to lift I’m painting parts know deep blue gloss with chrome colored as well please help hit me