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  • Didier 619
    Didier 619

    Where did you get that face cover/helmet ?

  • Sam estes gaming
    Sam estes gaming

    All you gotta do is turn the key and if it don’t start press the gas a lil and it will start right up

  • Abou Alfedaa Qara
    Abou Alfedaa Qara

    Your car needs to be re-sealed and painted because the rust eats it 🌹❤️🌹

  • Lee Melching
    Lee Melching

    all you gotta do is get long punch through key to end of torsion bar and knock it towards front of truck it slides out front of control arm

  • Ken7382

    I got my torsion keys out in 10 seconds without any flames or special tools - and that's on a '93 K5 with 265k miles! Can't believe you used heat, its not necessary at all. Mine were just as stuck as yours, too.

  • JD Simons
    JD Simons

    they make lift keys for that setup. Also, just wait until you have lifted and leveled the old fashioned way.👍

  • Chris Grau
    Chris Grau

    I just did my Tahoe and the torsion keys were stuck like hell I had to take the crossmember off to get the one side off it was a pain in the ass

  • The Bureaucratic Cat
    The Bureaucratic Cat

    I think the reason it took so long for the drivers side key to come out is because in the beginning of the video you seized the key to the torsion bar when you maxed out the bolt. Should not have done that without the front end jacked up

  • Mirafeliza V. Hernandez
    Mirafeliza V. Hernandez

    Headlight looks nice. Where did you get that? Lmk

  • zxlism

    Thanks for the vid ..helpful and entertaining. Enjoy how you can roll with the punches and stay positive!..👍

  • Damier too funny
    Damier too funny

    It’s a purple dildo ☠️

  • Carson Lundell
    Carson Lundell

    Where did you get the keys?

  • Q&R Electronic repair
    Q&R Electronic repair

    Its not pushing anymore than it was 2 cables you flow twice as much

  • Greg Mckenna
    Greg Mckenna

    spline torsions are sooo much easier

  • Nonya Bizness
    Nonya Bizness

    Aaaaaah, yes, good ol manual labor!!

  • Chris Rock
    Chris Rock

    That angled piece u cut out with the grinder was for the evap charcoal canister.. its where it sat and was held in place. ur truck should of had one from the factory. Its part of the fuel system

  • Brandon Pires
    Brandon Pires

    Terrible. No one should ever crank their keys with the weight of the vehicle on them. Second you never want to "heat" or put "heat" on a spring, I.E. a torsion bar. Very bad advice in this video. Jack stands are a must.


    Depending on your jump cable size will allow more amps to pass through

  • bocephus44

    It's much easier to remove the cross member bolts and drive the crosember backwards off of the torsion bar. Did it that way on my silverado and my ram saves a lot of time and energy.

  • lance doty
    lance doty

    Poor driveway

  • NandoFilmz

    no one is gonna comments about the fact that he didnt use a jackstang to adjust the keys. thats why it didnt do what it was supposed to

  • Adventure

    Lol. It's not more volts going to your battery, it's allowing a better amp draw. Most store bought jumper cables have thick insolation and small conductors. If you don't want to spend big money on cables you can make a really good set using single 0 wire for about the same price as the cheap that purple, I just did my suspension components that color on my JL.

  • Brody Scott
    Brody Scott

    You did that allllll wrong chief 💀

  • Alexandre Demers
    Alexandre Demers

    using a torque wrench as a pry bar.......

  • Nate Curry
    Nate Curry

    They mess with alignment

  • Gabriel Boucher
    Gabriel Boucher

    nice ford truck

  • 2 Wheel Addiction
    2 Wheel Addiction

    I was thinking...isn’t on blaster flammable and then all of the sudden my question was answered.

  • King Dj-Slim
    King Dj-Slim

    Anytime you crank your torsion keys you drive it around a few minutes then measure it. I did to my z71 02 avalanche few years ago and I benefitted 3 inch lift on the front

  • Joshua Lefebvre
    Joshua Lefebvre are supposed to take the weight off of the front end before adjustment to the torsion bars.

  • Rau Perez
    Rau Perez

    Good video the cowboy boots and ctackn up bro...

  • Hunter

    I have 2 sets of those tires love them. Have them on a 88 jeep wrangler and my 79 ford f150

  • Charlie Muniz
    Charlie Muniz

    Jack the front of your truck up when u crank the keys

  • Gary Miller
    Gary Miller

    Yo you should check out the kanati mud hog m/t’s. Iv had 35 x 12.5 r20 on my Yukon for years now. $800 shipped to your door from amazon and they run amazing man. Good big meats and they sound great. Best cheap tire and they do good on and off road.

  • Yaritza Bermudez
    Yaritza Bermudez

    nice to see young guys working on cars.

  • Brock Kinchen
    Brock Kinchen

    I have a 2006 chevy silverado 1500 extended cab and we cranked the torsion keys just so the front is pretty much leveled out and i dont have a problem

  • Wackojupiter21

    Hell I got 2 inches out of me cranking my keys. I don't have the money yet to get new keys or anything

  • Leonel Aragon
    Leonel Aragon

    Got a question what is the height of the back

  • DarkRiderz2

    Had a similar problem I wanted to give up on a steering link but I cut out the nut and and hammered it. Wanted to give up too lol

  • Jack Watters
    Jack Watters

    30 minute vid on a 2 minute subject. Never learned why I shouldn’t crank the keys

    • Jack Watters
      Jack Watters

      Richard Martin Ah, thanks

    • Richard Martin
      Richard Martin

      He did it wrong and got poor results.

  • Courteous Analyzer
    Courteous Analyzer

    There's a video out there where the torsion key was cut and released so easily. You do have to cut into one of the supports, but it does not compromise a thing.

  • Courteous Analyzer
    Courteous Analyzer

    I pryed the torsion bar using a heavy duty screwdriver and hammering the torsion key

    • Courteous Analyzer
      Courteous Analyzer

      Not gonna lie it took a WHILE but it got out!!

  • Michael Hansen
    Michael Hansen

    Two pairs of jumper cables have half the resistance (ohms) of one pair, if both jumper cable sets are the same gauge wire. That means more current (amps) is getting to your truck.Voltage is going to stay pretty much constant.

  • Wandering Seneca
    Wandering Seneca

    Air hammer ............. use an air hammer...... knocks em right out....

  • john creech
    john creech

    puss n boots likes that hoodie

  • Kelly Braner
    Kelly Braner

    should i change my front shocks after i level my front end of my truck

  • jtm !
    jtm !

    How the hell does tighten just one side of a torsion bar and not the other side..... I just. I just can’t . Bub you have no idea what your talking about when it comes to torsion key lift so don’t think you debunked anything when it comes to lifting your truck by tightening or changing to a reclocked key.

  • longshorts3

    Always replace twin batteries at the same time, not one used and one new. The voltage difference between the old and new battery will have the two batteries fight each other and one will be ruined. Note the voltages on the new batteries to be within .1volt and the dates must match.

  • Trevino Corina
    Trevino Corina

    How would u lift the back or do those just give it a even lift

  • BZ Twiffie
    BZ Twiffie

    When he’s using a blowtorch right next to something that has the caution flammable

    • Just_The_Fax

      The gas ⛽️ tank lol

  • Chris Propst
    Chris Propst

    When in doubt, light it on fire

  • Ashton Meyers
    Ashton Meyers

    Man seeing you put your fingers under the tire after you set it on jack stands made my cringe

  • Curtiss Lasserre
    Curtiss Lasserre

    Ryan. What about the distance to the bump stops? How much clearance did you have for the shock to continue working for a smooth ride? Thanks for the video and laughs lol

    • Curtiss Lasserre
      Curtiss Lasserre

      the distance to the bump stops on the upper control arms....

  • BJ Smythical
    BJ Smythical

    The claw hammer Lmao

  • Dylan Mullins
    Dylan Mullins

    I got those tires on my leveled cateye as well I got the m0970 wheels

  • jort cheese
    jort cheese

    23:00 in .."you haven't seen me this dirty in a while" ........... hands are cleaner than mine after orange cleaning my hands for 30 min and a 45 min shower ... gay loser still lives at his parents house

  • Cruz Castro
    Cruz Castro

    Did you crank the bolts all the way up on the new keys ?

  • tucan man
    tucan man

    aftermarket key bottomed out cant get the keeper in the keeper is going on a grinder diet 2mil

  • Norse Viking Æsir
    Norse Viking Æsir

    You are supposed to take the weight off of the suspension before you crank the keys

  • Ted Burkholder
    Ted Burkholder

    Anyone know what this kid does for a living? Has a Hellcat, builds that Dodge Sema truck? That stuff ain't cheap.....and he looks very young

  • W

    wow you have a Ford that won't start !! where ever did you find one like that ? a Ford that will not start is so hard to find

  • David Easter
    David Easter

    I just bought a 2020 silverado custom any advice on tires and wheels and possibly lift I see your in Columbus I live in Springfield world love y’all advice on this

  • MMORPG87

    stop heating them and then cooling them right back down with pb blaster.. u just wasted all that time to even bother heating them... soak them for 20 mins or so.. come back out heat the crap out of them and then hit them will fall right out

  • Ernest Polen
    Ernest Polen

    The next torsion bar lift if you pre soak the lower arms and torson keys a day prior that will help loosen up and let it slide easier. the usless bracket in front of the fuel tank is for the evap canaster that looks like its missing. might be why check engine lite is on.

  • South Games
    South Games

    I just watched 2 of his videos I watch him call a f250 a 150 is there a reason he dose the or just a mistake he doesn't know hes saying

  • Maui Boy
    Maui Boy

    I’d clean the frame before i’d do any type of work on that truck.

  • Kendra Howard
    Kendra Howard

    When cranking the truck. Give it some gas it may turn over.

  • Dave Levering
    Dave Levering

    Look anouther ford that won't start. No surprise their.

  • josh shelby
    josh shelby

    Heats it up and the sprays pb blaster on it lol and when you crank your key jack your truck up i know i have gotten 3" out stock keys before and the road better than lift keys

  • MrRobert

    Dude, you gotta stop quenching the metal. Use EITHER penetrating oil OR heat, not both at the same time. I mean, do what you're gonna do, but enjoy your warped weakened metal.

  • Midnightxrush

    upgrade your wires. to 0 gauge. Did that to mine. from alternator to passenger side then passenger to drivers.

  • Rick Wilkinson
    Rick Wilkinson

    Electricity flows on the out side of the copper wire, so more strands equals more electrical flow

  • Sleepy Jake
    Sleepy Jake

    Two cables is pushing twice the amps same voltage. Great vids

  • Cody Reed
    Cody Reed

    your supose to jack the truck up before you turn them up

  • Lauren Windsor
    Lauren Windsor

    duramax? if not put 1 in

  • Jared Floding
    Jared Floding

    My girlfriend would do anything for 1 more inch!😁🤪😁

  • chad alcock
    chad alcock

    I ended up taking my torsion bars off with the cross member and a arms. With some judicious use of heat and hammers was able get the out of the a arms. Had to use my 20 ton hydraulic press to get them out of the keys.

  • joshua monk
    joshua monk

    my wife would like to know if you will sell her the Silverado ?

  • Dante Stellato
    Dante Stellato

    bro when the truck started moving i thought there was no one in the truck lol

  • William Neigum
    William Neigum

    the thing about changing the keys are getting them out on older trucks. they can get seized and a bitch to get out, even more so if you have basic tools at home

  • Tyler Strandlie
    Tyler Strandlie

    Thanos truck

  • Jake Glosson
    Jake Glosson

    Need some heavier gauge jumper cables. 4 gauge will do you right

  • Dwright Productions
    Dwright Productions

    Title shoulda been truck caught on fire😂

  • Scott Yach
    Scott Yach

    Old technology your a dork! Its simple tech invest in an air hammer

  • Kenith Hunt
    Kenith Hunt

    bet the ferd has a bad ground.

  • Dk Jones
    Dk Jones

    14:02 makes you cringe a little !!!! dude is playing with death

  • Erik Robles
    Erik Robles

    Youll get just as good of a power transfer with a good quality jumper cable also just make sure your jumping to the main battery not the secondary

  • Carlos Melchor
    Carlos Melchor


  • Mike Christie
    Mike Christie

    That's why I cut mine out and installed coil over conversion. No more torsion bars and keys.

  • AllFather53

    used a torque wrench as ratchet lol

  • Michael McCullough
    Michael McCullough

    Them glow plugs in that Ford need work

  • Andrew Cavazos
    Andrew Cavazos

    U made it way harder than. It is

  • Christian H
    Christian H

    I stumbled upon this channel and this guys neon color cars look stupid asf 😂

  • KBTR

    Only problem the 6.0 is the worst engine ever made 95% of them are junk sorry to say

  • John barfneck
    John barfneck

    18:11 doesnt really serve any purpose??????? actually that is a heat shield so it doesnt melt the cover around the gas tank and the pastic fittings and then cause your fuel tank to catch fire or explode..........while your in the truck driving it.........


      That’s not a heat shield 😂😂😂

  • Ethan Carriere
    Ethan Carriere

    Gives up and burns truck to the ground 😂

  • pancake airsoft
    pancake airsoft

    Classic fords

  • Diesel Grandpa
    Diesel Grandpa

    Own one 6.0 Ford and you'll never own another one.

  • Wilmer Melgar
    Wilmer Melgar

    Are factory keys and a 2.5 lift key supposed to be the same size

  • cody papineau
    cody papineau

    Next time use a air chisel. It makes it a lot easier.

  • Sawyer Peterson
    Sawyer Peterson

    Do the glow plugs a few times before u start it usually that helps