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  • Valiant

    What kinda tune do you have on there?

  • rik martin
    rik martin

    what rims and tires are those? sick combo

  • Brody Morris
    Brody Morris

    You should match the milling on the wheels with the rap color

  • Tyler Brannan
    Tyler Brannan

    Does anyone know what tuning he is running?

  • 3 pedal Racing
    3 pedal Racing

    Looks good but would look way way better with the ex in the front seat....

  • M

    Yeah, chrome gotta go, gotta wrap bumpers or powder coat wheels chrome

  • Chandler Claro
    Chandler Claro

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  • Zach Rouse
    Zach Rouse

    Love your content man! Keep at it. Also black spike lug nuts and black out bumpers and darker headlights (maybe alpha Rex heads and tails) would look fire and complete it 👌 👍

  • Jonathan Vieira
    Jonathan Vieira

    5th gen tails on the eco-diesel

  • Nolan is Fishin
    Nolan is Fishin

    Um is the tunner up or down next clip blacks out the road lol

  • Self_Made-Self_Paid

    dodge has a problem with the light sockets going bad and saying the bulbs are out but they are really working. You have to replace the light socket to fix the issue

  • Devin Werf
    Devin Werf

    Definitely level it it would make it look much better

  • Bride

    Can you tell me the exact tuner y’all used for the eco diesel looking to buy one for mine

  • Eduardo Morales
    Eduardo Morales

    Your still missing the other chrome exhaust tip

  • Shannon Ludwick
    Shannon Ludwick

    Want them rims for my 2019

  • Twitch Cdog
    Twitch Cdog

    How the heck does that thing smoke Ryan??

  • Brian G
    Brian G

    Do a 2500/3500 front end swap👌

  • kyran boldt
    kyran boldt

    The 1500 sport front ends look more aggressive

  • CCR Creative Concept Review
    CCR Creative Concept Review

    You should go over hub rings and clips on rotors for aftermarket wheels. I about lost a trailer 40’ camper bc of this!! Thought tire shop and rim place had everything together!!

  • Owen Sherwood
    Owen Sherwood

    Next personal build do a Denali 2500 with lots of horsepower wide wheels and as small a lift as possible with 22/14’s and 33’s or bigger if possible

  • Harry Styles
    Harry Styles

    You should swap the front and rear with 2500 bumpers and hood I did and put a hood stack


    I pray you ain’t planning to polish those forces your blasting 😬.. gotta chemically strip them.

  • Cole Wilson
    Cole Wilson

    Match the chrome to the rest of the truck an do some black head/tail lights of some sort. I think that'll fix the problem. 🤔

  • Adam Thomas
    Adam Thomas

    Is he still with Katie or did they break up did he mention in a video? She got a shop an was saying some sus things hope they didn't break up cause she is fine as hell but I guess you never know what goes on in another person's relationship maybe it's better this way

  • John Mayoral
    John Mayoral

    sittin mean but not soundin mean and needs fender flares.. badly needs some kind of Magna flow exhaust system

  • Ivan Parrigin
    Ivan Parrigin


  • Lane Garza
    Lane Garza

    Where is Katie

  • blackredneck

    black out the grill and the head lights with a clear leans. im going to build my truck and vlog it

  • Charles Winkelspecht
    Charles Winkelspecht

    Use AlphaOBD to program the EcoDiesel. You can tell the truck you have LEDs so no resistors are needed. Same with programming tire size! 👍

  • Susie Gonzalez
    Susie Gonzalez

    the car color is trash 🤮

  • Itsyourdaddy69

    Please try to clean up your shop. You will feel way better and it will look way nicer.

  • World WideTV
    World WideTV

    How do you get that ecodiesel to roll so much coal ?? Is it bad ?

  • Jeffrey Yeater
    Jeffrey Yeater

    You need a big blast cabinet. T p Tools and equipment ...1 800 321 9260. All sizes .

  • Alejandro M
    Alejandro M

    How do you make it sound like that I need to know please I have a eco diesel and I want mine to sound like that and burn coal

  • D Hibbitt
    D Hibbitt

    Your next truck build you should use a Anylevellift...those are bad ass lifts!!! I installed one in my 2018 suburban and it is just sick

  • Mike

    RYAN look up JSK-koubou to make a nice blasting cabinet

  • Kingdallas24 cowboys
    Kingdallas24 cowboys

    the truck are looking sick lit fire 🔥 great work you do broski

  • John Quirk
    John Quirk

    Man that looks awesome, almost makes me get rid of my dually and get that

  • Cliff Cook
    Cliff Cook

    Hey I still have not received my order #4032 , I thought you said you were going to check on it and send it.... originally ordered back in October 2020..

  • project_raven _
    project_raven _

    Ridge grapplers so the same 45k miles later still have like 15k miles no road noise, and GREAT offloading

  • Aaron kusch
    Aaron kusch

    Dodge colour matched sport front bumper and back bumper needs to be colour matched with black projectors to match the roof and rims

  • BigDog Viking
    BigDog Viking

    Make all the chrome around the head and tail lights black and the bumpers either paint matched or Blake. And that truck would look amazing

  • Cory Criswell
    Cory Criswell

    Thing smokes more then my 2500

  • Shelby 500
    Shelby 500

    Where's Kate?

  • Demetrius Eshkakogan
    Demetrius Eshkakogan

    You absolutely have to wrap the chrome bumpers and possibly the door handles. She looks insane! 🔥

  • Justin Lind
    Justin Lind

    Would matching fender flares bring out the "mean" look a little bit more? I also prefer the Big Horn grille style. I have the Big Horn grille on my Limited but I keep going back and forth on the fender flares for mine.

  • James Jackson
    James Jackson

    What’s the offset for those wheels ?

  • Lance Bowers-Loud ’N’ Proud Outdoors
    Lance Bowers-Loud ’N’ Proud Outdoors

    Hes still missing the other tip

  • David Myslivecek
    David Myslivecek

    Do you have any engine mods in the truck? It a tuner or peddle commander?

  • Nathan Legradi
    Nathan Legradi

    Yea please wrap the bumpers. Would look much better that way. I like the roof black, flows with the black bed liner/tonneau cover.

  • Jeremy Hodges
    Jeremy Hodges

    She rolls coalllllll

  • senad54

    What tune are you running? 40hp? 60hp?

  • Bryan Weymouth
    Bryan Weymouth

    Turn all the chrome black 👌

  • Chris McCorkle
    Chris McCorkle

    ecodiesel giveaway ???

  • Hector Garcia
    Hector Garcia

    You should color match the bumpers and mirrors! Everything would flow way better

  • Mike Hardeman
    Mike Hardeman

    Delete chrome or chrome wheels and change the hood to a SRT RAM AIR HOOD or some other cowl hood

  • Joe Schlong
    Joe Schlong

    Make the suburbans from transformers

  • FiveStar Hemi
    FiveStar Hemi

    Is it hard to install a push start button on the ram?

  • jdkickz

    I have the same wheel and tire size on my 1500 with a level and it’s a great look. I love the setup but front end needs to be meaner for sure. I love the hard work man !

  • Skittlez_13

    Get a bigger shop

  • Jesse Krulich
    Jesse Krulich

    I agree wrap the mirrors no chrome! But man is that truck is Badass!!! 💯

  • GI Detailing
    GI Detailing

    I’m guessing it’s going to be a boat hauler

  • HOBrian2003

    Gotta make the rear higher, that’s making it look funny

  • Kaleb Wiser
    Kaleb Wiser

    Favorite build hands down love the eco diesel bro. Love the others too bro. But Noone does the eco its different love it bro. Keep doing what you do been supporting and watching since the beginning bro. All love and support here. Keep making dope trucks.


    Is that on bags still or is leveled out?

  • 1500htx

    Wrap the bumpers orange and install morimoto headlights and tailights

  • Tyler Beasley
    Tyler Beasley

    anyone else think he’s ruined that eco diesel, i think it looked perfect when he first got it

  • Ceaser Ortiz
    Ceaser Ortiz

    Either gotta go chrome wheels or do the black headlight and little details and it’ll be the nicest simplest truck out there💯

  • Tyler Widmer
    Tyler Widmer

    Less rim more tire

  • Jorge Alves
    Jorge Alves

    The front end is all stock. That is why. It’s not you bro

  • Jorge Alves
    Jorge Alves

    Not a fan of the chrome bumpers

  • sl ram
    sl ram

    The black out projectors would look better

  • Jorge Alves
    Jorge Alves

    Eventually you too will be 2-3 weeks out.

  • Derek Bailey
    Derek Bailey

    Should black out the chrome parts

  • Jeremiah Loewen
    Jeremiah Loewen

    The ecodiesel rials coal!!

  • Kale Williamson
    Kale Williamson

    Get a ram air hood to make it look more aggressive

  • Brad Hughes
    Brad Hughes

    As much as I hate chrome, I think chrome wheels with a liquid copper accent might have worked better on the eco. Can't wait to see the Banana ram finished up by the way. Love the content!

  • Shelby Bowman
    Shelby Bowman

    You definitely should’ve gone chrome. Or delete the chrome on the truck. It’s not mixing well IMO

  • Young Stoyve
    Young Stoyve

    when the eco diesel rolls more then my 5th gen lmaoo

  • Blaine Whitmer
    Blaine Whitmer

    Don't bother with resistors, get alpha obd.

  • McLOVIN 3it3hes
    McLOVIN 3it3hes

    Smoke the headlights

  • McLOVIN 3it3hes
    McLOVIN 3it3hes

    Can you do a black and chrome grill in the front

  • Justin Walker
    Justin Walker

    I think it will look good if you bag the truck and get rid of the crome

  • Jayce Larson
    Jayce Larson

    i think you should hood stack it

  • Gavin Jones
    Gavin Jones

    What year is it

  • Scott Augustine
    Scott Augustine

    R u can you show ur buddies truck the grey and what year is it I have the same truck and would like to see and know what all he had done on it. To give me ideas for my truck. And mine is a longhorn 2012 2500

  • Scott Augustine
    Scott Augustine

    Truck still looks good

  • Konstaz

    Chrome off

  • coltonm follis
    coltonm follis

    After market mean front bumper. Get that wrapped , got the same truck (black) , looks bad ass

  • mario meza
    mario meza

    Damm she rolls coal

  • carlosierra11

    Would you do a single 4” exhaust on the eco diesel?

  • Jake Hergenhein
    Jake Hergenhein

    I think you should turn the green truck into a limited!!!!

  • Dallas Wyatt
    Dallas Wyatt

    That truck looks so sick, but I think you need to get rid of the chrome and leave the wheels.

  • Bus 761 production Sánchez
    Bus 761 production Sánchez

    Ryan I might know that you are buying the 2021 Dodge Ram TRX 👍🏻😮😂🥰🥰😃😃Katie would be so excited to drive that Ram for sure Ryan lol

  • Derek Vernon
    Derek Vernon

    What lift and offset of the wheels?

  • JaKendric Smith
    JaKendric Smith

    Go with some black projector headlights it will make a big difference

  • Anthony Bardsley
    Anthony Bardsley

    Your next build after everything is done do the ram TRX

  • Dean Bieber
    Dean Bieber

    Clemco makes some decently sized cabinet blasters. Good quality too. We run some heavy aluminum oxide in ours and it’s a beast!

  • Vinny Spataro
    Vinny Spataro

    Totally wrong on that!! If your business is two three weeks out that means you are good and customers will wait!! If you can get in anywhere in a day or two then you don’t have a legit reputation. My shop is always at least a month out! Quality over quantity! So when you start doing all those services you mentioned, if you are good at it then you will have a great customer base.. And FYI with the government giving out cash like candy nobody wants to WORK for a paycheck anymore! Easier said than done! But I guess you’ll have to experience it for your self. Shops coming along though! Great job

  • j douglas
    j douglas

    Chrome back headlights and fogs kill the eco diesel. I would get those Greg A projectors fogs and paint the headlights