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  • James Prewett-Pettengill
    James Prewett-Pettengill

    Flares needed. :)

  • Justin Domengeaux
    Justin Domengeaux

    Yes flares, morimoto tails, absolutely no red bed liner

  • Denver Buerge
    Denver Buerge

    No flares

  • Daniel Faulkner
    Daniel Faulkner

    5th gen tails

  • Pocket Change TV
    Pocket Change TV

    Take off tonneau cover and put in a red cam lock tool box

  • Pocket Change TV
    Pocket Change TV

    Sounds crazy... buy a truck and everything you do to it is what we say on a ig poll

  • Preston Lambert
    Preston Lambert

    No flares

  • car fan
    car fan

    How about 5th gen yellow that would look cool

    • car fan
      car fan

      Are you doing yellow seatbelts?

  • car fan
    car fan

    What. About exhaust for the banana

  • SubaruFanatic

    Don’t do flares you already flip your stooped mirror

  • j bomb
    j bomb

    Yellow bed-liner, red bed caps, flares and badges!!!!!!!!!

  • Bloomers731

    Flares - yes, tails - Morimoto's, cover on Lime, bed red - no will look like a McDonald's truck & next time you debadge use braided fishing line to get them off & pull the black tape away at a 45°angle & it will come off clean.

  • ItsJustTcarr

    Fender flares yes and bed liner red yes and keep it up

  • Chad Keller
    Chad Keller

    Flares, Recon Tails and Third Brake Light

  • Ty Smith
    Ty Smith

    Red red red red red

  • Jacob Belleli
    Jacob Belleli

    Red bed liner would be sick

  • PhatboyHD88

    I would leave the hitch alone ,, its a hitch🤷‍♀️ why mess with it i wouldn’t.. and color match Raptor coating in place of fender flares.. i have it on my jeep 2 years later ,still looks like the day it was sprayed , here in central PA..

  • Tyler Sachse
    Tyler Sachse

    No red bed liner

  • DillonBets 69
    DillonBets 69

    Full send red bed liner

  • Gavin Williams
    Gavin Williams

    Please don’t put the flares on there they may look okay but it looks way better without them

  • Laurens Bloem
    Laurens Bloem

    Do the bedliner red👌🏼

  • Zach Rouse
    Zach Rouse

    5th gen tail lights and love how the build is looking 🔥

  • Kelen Efta
    Kelen Efta

    No flares on this build

  • Cummins 6.7
    Cummins 6.7

    I would go with flares. Look at Spyder auto tail lights. Not Morimoto(don't like that glossy flat panel look). Red bed.

  • Brad Alford
    Brad Alford

    Flares and 5th gen

  • Nick Martin
    Nick Martin

    I like the red tail lights

  • Brock Mayeux
    Brock Mayeux

    Yes do the flares and 5th gen taillights


    would you put a different tonneau on the truck ? I think the retractable cover would be sick on the green truck butttttt idk I just feel like a truck needs a bed cover (if it isn't a work truck lol)


    and 5th gen tails !!!!!!! been saying this for months HAHAHA


    do the flares later on, don't let it hold you up

  • Tim Irvine
    Tim Irvine

    When did the word nasty a ‘good’ description word?

  • Chad Dailey
    Chad Dailey

    Red bed liner morimoto tails

  • Andrew Plath
    Andrew Plath

    do 5th gen tail lights and paint match yellow

  • John Ruble
    John Ruble

    are you going to put the deezee tail gate assist on your banana ram? they have an updated version of it now thats so much easier to install i just put mine on after watching your video from the lime truck

    • John Ruble
      John Ruble

      @RYAN MAYER sweet the newer one is so much easier to put on. im loving this build its giving me ideas on my 2010 ram 1500



  • Matt with a 5.0L
    Matt with a 5.0L

    Do the 5th gen smoked tail lights and the 3rd brake light smoked as well

  • anthony6079

    Fender flares and 5th gen tails. Yellow bedliner.

  • lil_ braebrae
    lil_ braebrae

    I think the red bed would be sick but I would do the sides with it.

  • Logan Carter
    Logan Carter

    Color matched and tinted 5th gen tail lights. Keep the bed liner black and do the factory flairs.

  • Dakota Chanley
    Dakota Chanley

    Can you help me with mixing paint? Like make a video on how to?

  • SwarM c t
    SwarM c t

    Wheel well cover yes ,bed coating red yes ,bed cover on green truck yes

  • Dylan Taylor
    Dylan Taylor

    Do the oem flares, it’d look killer in yellow

  • Brandin Short
    Brandin Short

    Don’t do the flares. IMO it’ll look absolutely nasty without them and with the lollipop red bed liner 💯👌

  • Andrew Schalk
    Andrew Schalk

    Going through all this trouble to look like a longhorn and not even going to add a power slider....

  • JC Clark
    JC Clark

    100% no flares

  • Nathan Legradi
    Nathan Legradi

    5th gen tails! Like to see what you would do with them!

  • Troy Montez
    Troy Montez

    YESSS DO THE BED RED!! It would look absolutely amazing

    • Troy Montez
      Troy Montez

      Also, Morimoto tails and no flairs 🤙🏽🤙🏽

  • Brandon Dudley
    Brandon Dudley

    Put flares on, put tonneau on lime, 5th gen tails, and red Bedliner. It’ll be NASTY

  • Rich Lewis
    Rich Lewis

    Berliner definitely red

  • Unorthodox Garage
    Unorthodox Garage

    Oh no flares

  • Unorthodox Garage
    Unorthodox Garage

    No red bed liner too much I think and take the top off the bed it’s nice but if u don’t need it don’t keep it

  • GI Detailing
    GI Detailing

    5th gen taillights color matched

  • Martin Romero
    Martin Romero

    Flares off red bed liner

  • John Horton
    John Horton

    5th gen

  • Gavin hess
    Gavin hess

    Same tails as lime

  • Gavin hess
    Gavin hess

    Fender flars

  • Gavin hess
    Gavin hess

    Red bed

  • Ryan Law
    Ryan Law

    Put the cover on the green truck and paint it green. With purple hardware.

  • Andrew Poole
    Andrew Poole

    Receiver hitch will be fine No flares 5th gen tail lights color matched What about 5th gen 3rd brake light Gotta leave some of it black on the and leave the tunnel cover On the edge about the red bed liner Your doing a great job love the updates man keep it up

  • Cody Sugrue
    Cody Sugrue

    5th gen tail light conversion

  • John Arangio
    John Arangio

    5th generation tails and red bed liner🤘

  • Cody Sanders
    Cody Sanders

    Yes red bedliner

  • Colby Romans
    Colby Romans

    when you paint your mirrors can you put a crime offset on them

  • thegreendeath

    5th gen tails all the way

  • Josh Redden
    Josh Redden

    No fender flares !!

  • Mario Rea
    Mario Rea

    I have the 5th gen night edition tails on my 1500 and love the way the white part kind of matches the white drls on the alpha rex heads

  • buttonmasher 94
    buttonmasher 94

    Put it on the green truck and yes spary the bed red inside

  • Matt F
    Matt F

    Yes on red bed liner, no on fender flares, miri tail lights and Also put the cover on the green ram. 🤣

  • J Crooks
    J Crooks

    put the wheels on first then decide on the flames i say no flames and stance @ryan

  • Ricky Mitchell
    Ricky Mitchell

    No, on the bed liner. Leave it black bed liner

  • AFierce0ne

    I like where this is going. Only thing I would consider is a fiberglass bed cover, which I know can get very pricey $$$ However, a painted bed cover like a snug top would look so clean on this truck. Just my thoughts ✌🏻

  • Ricky Mitchell
    Ricky Mitchell

    5th Gen, tinted would look nice. Just make a decision, lol 😂 either way you go it'll look killer

  • Ty Surowski
    Ty Surowski

    OEM Flares!

  • TJ Sanders
    TJ Sanders

    Yes make the bed red the color scheme would look amazing

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana

    Keep it debadged. Just leave the Cummins emblem. No fender flares. No red truck bed

  • Dallas Wyatt
    Dallas Wyatt

    Yes! Red bed liner!

  • Dusty Oglesby
    Dusty Oglesby

    Definitely put the flares on.

  • Joey Fleischli
    Joey Fleischli

    Hear me out..Go with the Morimoto’s again. I realize it’s probably boring doing them on the second diesel build buuut them yellow holographic infinity mirrors would look sick on the detonator yellow🔥

  • Robert Keen building my Life Show
    Robert Keen building my Life Show

    Salute to the incredible grind and life motivations.,....

  • The Country Boy YouTube Channel
    The Country Boy YouTube Channel

    Bro you should have gone with the red tie wheels

  • The Country Boy YouTube Channel
    The Country Boy YouTube Channel

    You should put a chrome bullet antenna on the banana ram

  • Alan Morgan
    Alan Morgan

    No flares, use 5th gen lights

  • Ray Candler
    Ray Candler

    No flares for now, morimoto tails and 3rd, leave the bed caps and cover alone, no red bedliner, worry about the hitch later. Just get what you already have going finished up instead adding a bunch to it. Sometimes less is more, don't over do it.

  • Jax_Unfiltered

    @ryanmayer Put the #RamLongHorn Emblem at the #bottom of the door right behind the fender gap. Instead of the traditional spot.

  • Austin Lehenbauer
    Austin Lehenbauer

    No flares Ryan please

  • Cameron Schulz
    Cameron Schulz

    You need to do something with those A pillars they look very out of place

  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright

    No flare

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor

    I cant wait to see how this truck turns out, it looks so sweet! Underrated amount of work put into your videos and builds

  • Craigon

    absolutely do a red bed liner. maybe look into doing the bed rails red too?

  • Eric Perkins
    Eric Perkins

    You should dip the long horn badge in the lollipop 🍒 red to match the frame!! Just a thought 💭!!!

  • Una MaXpeedingRods
    Una MaXpeedingRods

    It would be nice if I could give some parts to you. Can I send a message to you and get a response?🥰

  • John Mayoral
    John Mayoral

    put the flares on put the tonneau cover on the green truck change all the red accents to bright blue and paint the bed liner bright blue Blue and yellow would go better with the brown interior

  • uft

    What heat gun do you use ?

  • Dylan Shanahan
    Dylan Shanahan

    Paint matched 5th gen tail lights!!

  • Tristan Erion
    Tristan Erion

    Do the inside bed sides red or yellow and the bottom of the bed the opposite color

  • FromThat_559

    BED LINER REEEEEDDDDD!!!!!! gonna look clean

  • Mason Hammond
    Mason Hammond

    Oem flares

  • Nathan Cain
    Nathan Cain

    Fender flares: NO Morimoto tails: YES Red bed liner: YES Not really a big ram fan always been a dirty max fan but I’m loving this build so far!!

  • Aaron Williams
    Aaron Williams

    Factory flares 💯

  • Kayden Gambling
    Kayden Gambling

    i’d love to see flares with 5th gen tails

  • Curtis Gyorfi
    Curtis Gyorfi

    And think there is too much yellow I would leave the the tailgate and bed caps but thats just me