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  • car fan
    car fan

    Are you going to paint the mirrors sorry I fell behind in the series

  • lil_ braebrae
    lil_ braebrae

    I’m guessing you checked but you should have a 4ch or 2ch switch on the amp.

  • djkommando

    How does the front end work with airbags and a track bar? Normally as the truck moves up and down the axle gets shoved a bit to one side or the other. How does this suspension get around that?

  • Anden W
    Anden W

    I just repainted my handles and now my driver door doesn’t open right unless I unlock it from the inside 🤦‍♂️

  • Chevy Thompson
    Chevy Thompson

    Can’t wait till it’s done

  • Not Your Average Roughneck
    Not Your Average Roughneck

    Running a shop vac will help with the dust in the blast cabinet.

  • Marcus Friesen
    Marcus Friesen

    Is that your seadoo spark in the shop?

  • Arthur Anderson
    Arthur Anderson

    The stock head unit is what causes that

  • Andrew Arnold
    Andrew Arnold

    Hell yea

  • Jonathan Vieira
    Jonathan Vieira

    The audio system just proves your point in getting a tradesman trim instead of the factory longhorn

  • Steven K Irving
    Steven K Irving

    i would like to buy your old mirrors from the Banana RAM I have 2018 RAM

  • Austin Holdsworth
    Austin Holdsworth

    Get a Taramps 3,000 watt amp, that should be plenty for those subs and they're pretty easy to work with

  • Austin Holdsworth
    Austin Holdsworth

    You should maybe try some Sundown SD-4 10" shallow subs, I recently just got them and have them under my seat of my back seats they sound amazing👌🏼

  • Jamyn Wolters
    Jamyn Wolters

    Where Katie’s build

  • David Fisher
    David Fisher

    Hook a shop vac to the sand blast cabinet to get rid of dust

  • Mark Parker II
    Mark Parker II

    Your factory radio limits volume so you can’t blow anything. You need a line out converter than can adjust that out. I used a LC2i converter.

  • Blaise Ciarrocchi
    Blaise Ciarrocchi

    Love the info about car audio ... great work .... great job as always

  • Matt Wright
    Matt Wright


  • samuel marley
    samuel marley

    get a lambo and do somthing like this

  • Brian Valafar
    Brian Valafar

    The straight expansion finally back because statement experimentally bare up a amused dietician. feeble feigned, scintillating operation

  • Christopher Nichols
    Christopher Nichols

    Dont run ur speakers off your factory speaker wire run wire from the speaker to the amp like run 12 gauge wire to the amp and u will have good sound running with the aftermarket wire

  • Cummins 6.7
    Cummins 6.7

    Wiring sucks!!!

  • David Casanova
    David Casanova

    I like your series so far.. can you show a detailed install of the center console? I heard it’s a little tricky going from jump to center console

  • collin gross
    collin gross

    u should fix up an old first gen cummins

  • Zachary Build
    Zachary Build

    put the banana and lime truck next to each other lift all the way up on banana

  • FiveStar Hemi
    FiveStar Hemi

    Nice beats 🎶🎶🎶👍🏼

  • Josh lengkeek
    Josh lengkeek

    Stock radios limit the bass when your volume goes up to save the stock speakers so you just need a harness to get around it

  • Grizz 2
    Grizz 2

    Have you noticed your views dropping and dislikes going up. I've noticed. That means you're getting too ricey. Even for you.

  • Lyrical Walrus
    Lyrical Walrus

    You have a special channel if your on my post notification alert list below Ryan Mayer Streetspeed717 It’s justa 6 Cleetus McFarland

  • Logan Stakenas
    Logan Stakenas

    I see those tires in the background

  • Nick Lozito
    Nick Lozito

    What amp is it? I’m looking for one for my truck

  • Dusty Mac
    Dusty Mac

    Enjoy watching someone actually do the work on their trucks. Keep it up.

  • Ahmed Elgouhary
    Ahmed Elgouhary

    we all support you man rockville was the way to go👌🏼

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    I’m Not late I saved the video for a better viewing time 🥸

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Crunch amp


    There is the possibility the 2 amps are pulling too much power, so the power is peaking at like 7 because when the volume increases the power demand is to high.. capacitor or add a battery... try daisy chaining the battery and see if it hit right before you make any investments. If that works problem solved

  • RadinZach223

    rockville is like harbor frieght

  • Joe Anderson
    Joe Anderson

    Keep it Ryan your kicking ass!!! Can’t wait to see it finished.


    You do you bro. Put whatever gear you want in or on your vehicles. Awesome regardless. Carry on.

  • Fords4life 91
    Fords4life 91

    Rockford Fosgate makes tweeters for the RAMs and they sound amazing....door speakers also!they hit hard

  • Jordan M
    Jordan M

    That line output converter isnt going to work the best the head unit will drop the bass when you turn it up you need a lci2

  • Tim J
    Tim J

    I have 2 12" shallow kicker subs under my back seat with an alpine amp, they hit hard

  • Michael Shiverdecker
    Michael Shiverdecker


  • Chris K
    Chris K

    Ryan gotta get lc2i pro from audio control...that will fix your issues..those line outputs are your issue..they will also restore bass lost during production and they have remote turn on..you'll get a much cleaner signal

  • Midnite CTD
    Midnite CTD

    If I recall, the factory decks in these trucks will volume limit themselves at higher volume settings to avoid distortion/damaging the factory speakers. A dsp like an audio control can correct this

  • SFall98

    What type of wires are you using? CCA is absolute shit wire, you need to make sure it's OFC. It makes a HUGE difference

  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins

    Ryan, where did u get those side view mirrors.

  • Presto Is A Killa
    Presto Is A Killa

    have you removed/ looked at the factory amp in the truck?

  • Hank 14
    Hank 14

    She’s comin together slowly but she’s comin 🤙🏼🔥

  • Country

    Did you figure out amp level prob? Do you have two sets of rca running to amp since it's 4ch.

  • chris Johnson
    chris Johnson

    Make sure your ohms for speakers match up to your amp.

  • mikethetinner

    Are you listening to the music via bluetooth from your phone on the Uconnect stereo? Check the volume on your phone. Had the same problem with mine with no system just the stock. Turn the volume up on my phone and get full range back with full volume again.

  • james t
    james t

    I want to see you get a sling shot going to keep saying it till I see one lol. Plus check out audio controll they have good solutions for loc and factory integration with built in digital sound processors makes hooking everything up so easy. I use allot of there products for car audio builds

  • Topher Prather
    Topher Prather

    Hang In there man! It’ll get done when it gets done!

  • Peter Kurtz
    Peter Kurtz

    Ryan, I would check and see if the ampes have a safety feature. Then, get another set of ampes to see if its better or worse. If you this, you'll eliminate it being the ampes problem or the trucks problem.

  • Peter Kurtz
    Peter Kurtz

    Check to see if its a safety feature from Ram.

  • Kyle Watson
    Kyle Watson

    It’s not easy work man.... good job though 👌

  • Shane Norman
    Shane Norman

    Just do you, don't worry bout negative people in the comments. All your videos are great I don't miss any of them.

  • Katzman Ryan
    Katzman Ryan

    Great Vid

  • Bandbro 2004
    Bandbro 2004

    What happened to Katie being around all the time?

  • Josh Jackson
    Josh Jackson

    You got a tracking number for that hoodie? I'm still waiting on you to fix that messed up order... from November!

  • Jeremiah Halderman
    Jeremiah Halderman

    I have kickers in my cummins and I like how it sounds. Go ahead and blow me up about how bad they are.

  • Robert Keen building my Life Show
    Robert Keen building my Life Show

    Salute to the grind..., Always life motivational...,

  • Charles Cooper
    Charles Cooper

    Make sure it’s wired to 4ohm or 2ohm bridge them

  • jeff wilkins
    jeff wilkins

    I would definitely use 0/1 gauge power wire with that much wattage

  • Allen Zell
    Allen Zell

    The issue you are having with sound is due to that stock head unit and/or amp. They are programmed from the factory to be dummy proof--So at some point, they stop adding GAIN and as you noticed they stop getting louder. They also have a stock EQ that is usually not flat and that is to compensate for the cheap speakers they use. Basically---you are feeding the amplifiers a crap signal. There are many ways to fix this--THE BEST way would be to get a Digital Sound Processor (DSP) and put it in line from the Stock Head Unit, to the DSP into the amplifier. The DSP would have the capability to flatten the stock EQ curve and also fix the volume issues you talk about. This basically gives you aftermarket output capability with the stock unit you wanted to use for this build. The other (not recommended) way is to tune the amp where they perform their best at the cutoff volume number. Example: Radio has a 0-30 on the volume knob but stops adding volume at 22---set your amplifiers' gain to match this situation. It sounded like you started this process but it may take a few tries and different songs to get this correct. This makes it work--but leaves a lot on the table. I heard you say you had done this before and I have as well in a TSX where there was no aftermarket ability to add a HU--it is one of those situations where it's a case-by-case basis if it works well or not. Some factory amps/HU have a naturally flat curve and others do not and some change throughout the turning of the volume knob--it's wild. I hope this makes sense--and I hope it helps. I love the channel and your style and although I have grown up disliking Dodges, the way Chevrolet has shit the bed on new models I may find myself in a Ram one day.

  • Country

    Telling you bro DS18 defiantly the better bang for your buck. High quality sound for reasonable price. Maybe catch next build? Never hurt to just quote you on a system sometime to compare.

  • iadrenaline _
    iadrenaline _


  • Michael Frog-Man Bourne - 803 Garage
    Michael Frog-Man Bourne - 803 Garage

    So many amps on my day LoL you are 24 also correct

  • Wyatt Waldron
    Wyatt Waldron

    your doing great, better then i would be doing if i was in your situation with the wiring. Don't listen to the people complaining and whining.

  • Pocket Change TV
    Pocket Change TV

    I’ve been so ready for the next vid oml😂😭

  • Tracy Shrable
    Tracy Shrable

    Nice setup. Cant wait to see it finished

  • code9876 _
    code9876 _

    You should make the chrome on the new mirrors a brushed silver so they match the wheels?

  • Sean Thornhill
    Sean Thornhill

    Ditch the line output. Wire it up to high level inputs...

  • brandon massey
    brandon massey

    To tune the door speakers in pretty sure you just turn your radio up to a few clicks before max then you turn the gain up on the amp. There should also be two gains on the amp

  • salxds

    thanks for inspiring me to start my dream build

  • anthony tran
    anthony tran

    Not sure what's going on with your amp, but I'm running a NVX 1000.4 amp with 4 of their vsp65 components with no problem. all my wires comes off the harness at the radio. Therefore no splicing of the factory wires. also have a kicker compR 8" under the center console (07 ram 2500)

  • trunkbangking

    Rockville amps arent rated power...4000 rockville is probably a 1500 watt rms amp

  • Grantimas maximas
    Grantimas maximas

    Thank you for being real. So often you make it look so easy, it's nice to know even the car/truck gods get held up once in awhile. 🤣

  • Emmitt Kron
    Emmitt Kron

    Can’t wait to see this thing fully built love the build man

  • Glenn Tumbleston
    Glenn Tumbleston

    As much as I hated this color I’m falling in love with this build! Keep it coming man hopefully I’ll get to see it in Daytona this year

  • Bob Evans
    Bob Evans

    Looking great. The amp is overrated and underpowered. For mids and highs, back in the day I ran Soundstream 18 mids and mid bass and tweeters all on a 100 watt 4 channel soundstream. The louder I pushed it , the deafer I got! ‘ The Deafdog ‘ !

  • Phil Victor
    Phil Victor

    Try to ask meade916 on here

  • Phil Victor
    Phil Victor

    Is the head unit not working properly?

  • john phillips
    john phillips

    Love watching every video but this one upset me seeing you wear the black and gray camp shirt. My fiancé ordered me one back in the summer for my birthday and we never got one sent to us 😕

  • WeedDabKing420

    Hey I’m a state over if you need Help with audio been doing for 6 plus years just let me know

  • Swift_

    Nothing wrong with Rockville, ppl want all JL let them buy it for their vehicles🤷🏼‍♂️ ... I get all my audio shit from crutchfield awesome prices and they carry everything for like every brand🤘🏻🤘🏻🤜🏻🤛🏻

  • Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez

    They sell shallow 6x9 speakers that are made to fit these kind of trucks

  • Alexander Luther
    Alexander Luther

    Keep up the great content. U inspire me to build a ram truck. Banana ram is lookin awesome.

  • Chanse Clark
    Chanse Clark

    Make your own speaker mounts out of mdf pvc sheet I did it to my ram and they fit perfect

  • Tim Gaddis
    Tim Gaddis

    You should get a audio control LC7i and a T-harness no splicing wires and make for a very clean install.

  • Max Tikander
    Max Tikander

    Ryan those subs need at least 2 cu. Ft. of air space. Your box is too small it only has .63 cu. Ft. Per side that's only 1.26 cu. Ft. total. Trust me you want to look into Fox box ported or the Q Power Q BOMB is what I have in my Ram. I'll try to send you a picture on Instagram.

  • mancho coronado
    mancho coronado

    Dammit boy looking that truck

  • Trevor Nolting
    Trevor Nolting

    Lighted door handels on the trucks?


    Make sure the speakers are moving out together and in together same with the subs and nice project can’t wait to see it finished

  • Chizzles playz
    Chizzles playz

    Oh, when I first saw the title I was like, oh sh*t. But then in the intro I was like hell yeah this is going to be sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas Oneal
    Thomas Oneal

    You don’t have enough air space in that box for the subs. I had to make spacers out of MDF for my door speakers. The reason it doesn’t seem to get louder probably has a lot to do with your crossover settings on the amp. They will not let you play notes out of a certain range depending on where you have them set

  • Zach S
    Zach S

    Not sure if your amp has the option but if you can run the factory door speakers directly into your amp you'll get a much higher quality sound

  • Erick Patnaude
    Erick Patnaude

    Next time you need audio let me know I’m a dealer through DS18 and can get you some killer deals

  • Jamie R.
    Jamie R.

    On the 6x9 front door speakers. Check factory speaker for a removable spacer. Mine had a spacer I was able to reuse