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  • gian porter
    gian porter

    Where did you get your rocker panels and can corners

  • Mike Vandenberg
    Mike Vandenberg

    This is old video ??? Because seen video with purple painted already????

  • William McClung
    William McClung

    Keep up the hard work man I know how you are feeling with everything to do, you can do it 💪

  • joshua kennedy
    joshua kennedy

    Looks like you just put the green piece in the fitting before you place it on the fuel pump.

  • Billy

    In either video I did not see you spray primer over bare metal inside of rockers. if you did or didn't I would recommend drilling a hole and filling with cavity wax. Or you will be dealing with rust again. I would also put it in the bottom of the doors.

  • laremy powers
    laremy powers

    What color was the original clip that broke? If I can find them I have several different ones that I can send if you want!


      Maybe green


      It was clear! I think!

  • Melvyn pato
    Melvyn pato

    Bro, get the HD grill and the hood for the chevy.

  • Trp 350
    Trp 350

    Well... looks like you have to take the new cab corner off to get that plate 😂

  • Justin Schooler
    Justin Schooler

    Y bother, that truck is a pos lol

  • Pat Rodrigue
    Pat Rodrigue

    Well made video kept me up longer at night cuz I was glued to the captivating video. Wicked job!


    I have a '94 Chevy Silverado Suburban that quit running and I'm getting it ready to scrap anyways do you think my retainer clip would work on your truck?

  • Jeremy Nichols
    Jeremy Nichols

    Yep retainer clip goes inside the line fitting b4 you put it on the nipple on the pump try that b4 giving up or ordering another one that won't work.

  • None None
    None None

    Cut the fitting and use a hose clamp. No need to complicate it. Seriously don't sweat how long it takes to put out a killer video. You are killing it man.

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith


  • 1979 Monte carlo
    1979 Monte carlo

    The junk yard should has some if those vapor lines if nit just clamp it

  • ButtermilkL0veNugget

    RYAN. Don’t worry about the time getting us the videos bro. We’re just sitting here watching. You’re doing the work and filming and editing. If it’s a little late it’s well worth it. My hats off to you man. You have a lot of patience, common sense, and maturity for a guy your age. Keep doing you brother. Love watching the vids and what you’ve done to all your vehicles. 👍👍

  • Nick Craig
    Nick Craig

    This truck would look SWEET two-toned with purple on the bottom (to line up with bed) and white on top, with green accents all over... That would be awesome!!!

  • ButtermilkL0veNugget

    Dude. Your buddy Ben is a douche. He could’ve put down some cardboard or something. And then drives away while you clean it up. I’d be checking my “friend” on that one bro.

  • eric ellis
    eric ellis

    Love the new intro, super cool!

  • Marti Games & Vlogs
    Marti Games & Vlogs

    U can put a zip tie in place of where the green retainer clip should be and it will not move I promise u ... try it out Ryan

  • Working mans restorations
    Working mans restorations

    Lookin good... I still give a thumbs up even if videos are late. It is alot of work to do a complete project like this... Credit for the motivation to keep foing


      It’s quite difficult! Especially on the motivation side! Thank you!!!!

  • Washed up Vet Outdoors
    Washed up Vet Outdoors

    Hey man if you need anything for the truck hit me up I got the hook up on a Chevrolet dealership service director is my mom the owner of the dealership is a good friend and the parts guy can get you anything man down here in Wilmington Ohio right off 71

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    It’s coming together Ryan looking good . Hey on the frame paint is that a 2 part system let me thanks

  • BassManBobBassCovers

    lot's of work, but lots of progress! You are still killin it cool to see.

  • Mr. LouisianaDawg
    Mr. LouisianaDawg

    y not just use a clamp on dat hose. dats wat i did

  • zach S
    zach S

    If you need a break from body work wouldn't mind seeing a video of that tintable bed liner

  • Peter Madonia
    Peter Madonia

    Can’t believe that it’s getting primed! Can’t wait to see the purple beauty put back together

  • Michael Frog-Man Bourne
    Michael Frog-Man Bourne

    Great progress. I Gatta do this once my Canadian 🇨🇦 winter ❄️ is over so when you say it’s cold and have a heated garage I’m like..... 😑 LoL

  • fuzei
    fuzei your truck was in the back of this youtube video lol

  • Alex Trout
    Alex Trout

    Love your videos! Your doing great but your doors interior looked covered in over spray primer! which made me cringe 😬

  • Troy Craft
    Troy Craft

    Take the whole fitting off and go to Napa they should be able to match it up. I had the same problem on my ram.

  • SinkEmSeaRat

    14:44 I see that smiley face lol

    • SinkEmSeaRat

      Thanks for the like man


    "see it at AutoZone" 🤮 O'Reilly's is better.....I'm not biased because I work at O'Reilly's.....okay maybe just a little 😂

  • Erica Thomsen
    Erica Thomsen

    Love your videos. Keep it up. Thank you.

  • Glenn Douglas
    Glenn Douglas

    If one of the disk shatter I’m going to laugh so hard and say I told you so. If one shatters and hits the pecker I bet your little lady leaves you. Lol Your mind is going crazy because look at the state of your garage... state of emergency a clean garage is a happy garage

  • Platinum Reflection
    Platinum Reflection

    You should be sealing that paint before you prime it I’m telling you and you should have sanded the paint with 320 instead of the scotch brite


    Ryan Go to a local GM Dealership and see if they got that clip. They must still stock them or can at least order you one!

  • DANIEL James
    DANIEL James

    Need some positive vibes. Not from this video though :(

  • Rocky

    Love the vids man, I've been a fan since the sema truck and I'm thinking bout buying your merch

  • guns4hire74

    Could of sold you one of mine rust free!

  • craig antone
    craig antone

    Look forward to watching ur videos ...hope thats some motivation to keep u going

  • Jason S
    Jason S

    Does that vapor line retainer fit on the line first before you try push it on??

  • Ruff Tuff
    Ruff Tuff

    As a automobile painter, I cry every time you do body work or paint


    The door jam fell on me too my dad was pissed but I was able to reach my hand back there and grab it but I had a extended cab

  • Ethan Arzola
    Ethan Arzola

    Try going to the Chevy dealership to get an oem retainer!

  • Jordan_5.4

    The smiley face on the paper 🤣🤟🏻 can’t wait to see it all purple !!

  • kia bass 879
    kia bass 879

    Wait a minute Katie has a ford fusion and a f150

  • kia bass 879
    kia bass 879

    This build is coming along good 👍

  • Matthew Noonan
    Matthew Noonan

    Try inserting the retainer clip into the fitting then putting it on, my jeep has similar fittings for my fuel pump and that’s what I had to do when I broke a retainer clip. Then put it over the connector to the fuel pump.

  • A10warthog

    You are doing a awesome job Ryan 👍

  • joey schultz
    joey schultz

    Tbh you should of just got a new cab for it

  • Skythelimit Upchurch
    Skythelimit Upchurch

    Rims and tires

  • Raphael Rivera
    Raphael Rivera

    It looks like soooo much work but I watching everything you put on. Keep on keeping on, I'm hooked.

  • Tommy Parella
    Tommy Parella

    Next time go to amazon and get 50packs of cutting /Grinding wheels works out to be a lot cheaper. Might be China shit but they work well.

  • Qwasco

    I cant wait for you to get it done

  • Bailey Sharpe
    Bailey Sharpe

    Try putting the clip on the gas line first then putting it on the pump


      Still doesn’t fit!!

  • Eirick Chronister
    Eirick Chronister

    Did u try to pinch the green thing together and stick it in the tube first then put it on. Btw looking good.

  • BigE Mars
    BigE Mars

    What are you going to do about painting the engine bay

  • bblazeff1

    I'd rather be held down and let a midget jump on my nutts all day than to deal with those headaches.😃😃 I feel for ya man lol


    Ryan you should spray bedliner in bed wheel wells.


    Great build man!!! Look forward to your videos every week.. can't wait to start my color change on my cummins this spring. You've definitely inspired me to just go for it and don't worry about mistakes they can always be fixed

  • Shelton Rides
    Shelton Rides

    This build is the equivalent of a 2yr degree in body work, you sir are now certified!!

  • David Prymmer
    David Prymmer

    What entails in a detail job?


      Clean the seats, carpets and interior fully!

  • Janet Beam
    Janet Beam

    Did you get the latch out lol?

    • Janet Beam
      Janet Beam

      Lol I hope you get it out 😂


      Not yet haha

  • michael maluchnik
    michael maluchnik

    Chevy dealer

  • Ruff Tuff
    Ruff Tuff

    Not a proper color change. Engine bay is red, your rockers are red, cut in panels are red. That's a half ass job.

  • Diesel Grandpa
    Diesel Grandpa

    Dude you should have just bought a truck from out here in Washington or the west coast in general. Our vehicles are not rusted out like that. You are doing a great job but that truck was way over priced.

  • Caleb Young
    Caleb Young

    Factory oem

  • 4th_Gen_ Mahem
    4th_Gen_ Mahem

    Why not see if you can put the clip in the hose end first then snap it on. That is if it will go in there

  • Bill Riffett
    Bill Riffett

    GRANDPA TRUCK! i resemble that remark.

  • Cristobal Contreras
    Cristobal Contreras

    Awesome videos

  • Blake Lloyd
    Blake Lloyd

    Surely that isn't the first time Norm has exploded in your driveway.


      Got that right

  • justinvahoos0689
    justinvahoos0689 when I don't the fuel pump on my truck I had to replace all the lines so I know for a fact they got them and they work fine

  • Thegoodolboy

    1a auto might have the clip

  • Joseph Rodriguez
    Joseph Rodriguez

    Will you be doing bushes on servicing the transmission ? Does this truck have the 4 speed ?

  • Alman Naveed
    Alman Naveed

    dude you rock keep it going

  • Dan Charron
    Dan Charron

    cool, nice to see you again. the weather has finally started to be nice in my neck of the woods. "Ontario Canada" so I will be working on my truck this next few weeks. I know my truck will not be a clean truck like yours so I I did not do all the work for the cab as you did. but I will need to fix a few odd things like under the box the cross tube on the front of the gas tank. and I will need to finish the frame work. but I like to see how I should have done things for my next truck. and I appreciate work you been doing. if ever you have a lot of bondo to cover and you wish to have a bit more strengths add mesh tape like the drywall kind. as for the time it takes to edit. Remember be real and simple. and 12 minute videos at 1080p is a good size but no more then 28 minutes. so if you edit a video and you have more then so much then make 2 videos and keep them coming. I like your style and you show honesty in your work... you should also film a few clips for future bits like the before and after and then a 15 minute build recap video... So when you don't have a video you can post one of the process... might even consider to do 2 projects at a time. what? well consider an art side to what you do.. Imagine art things done with parts of trucks. powder coated then add a clock to it. small projects to be posted when you go on vacation or a few days with no videos...

  • Survival Gaming
    Survival Gaming

    You need pour 15 so it never rust again

  • John69

    Ryan I think the clip goes inside of the fitting first and then slides on the fuel pump. I love the color

    • Brevan Hansen
      Brevan Hansen

      John I think the clip does go on the fitting first.

    • Joe Colwell
      Joe Colwell

      If that doesn't work.... hose clamp anyone?


    Go on LMC trucks they have every OEM part all the way to the the nuts and bolts

  • Mike Yeager
    Mike Yeager

    Did you spray the bare medal with weld through primer

  • Patrick Renaldi
    Patrick Renaldi

    Try putting green clip on in other direction

  • Michael Powell
    Michael Powell

    Great series Ryan

  • Jamie Johnson
    Jamie Johnson

    Have you tried putting the clip in the hose first. Try that.


      Yes I did

  • Bangs 2nd shot garage
    Bangs 2nd shot garage

    I feel ur pain bro. Been working on an 00 S10 ZR2 blazer. Thought I was in the home stretch of having it on the road only to find out that the spider fuel injection system is bad. I’ve already spent $600 and countless hours and now have to wait until I got $350 to buy a new spider and prob another 6hrs to install it. My girl is mad as we been sharing her vehicle and thought it be done now. It just mentally beats me up and makes hard to stay motivated.

  • kevin

    Hey ryan, is youtube now your full time job or are you still working at a shop?

  • American Breed
    American Breed

    Keep it up,lookin good so far !

  • G Hines
    G Hines

    Damn dude turn up that music so we can just watch or at least turn that shit down

  • jared schowalter
    jared schowalter

    On your vaper line. Cut that plastic clip off and slide the rubber line over the nozzle and use a high pressure clamp on it instead of a regular hose clamp.

  • TosharkoT

    Those black vacuum vents on the back side of the cab are simple to pop out from the inside of the cab, 12$ part from gm and are good to replace or they can leak and cause more rust

  • Aaron Podgorski
    Aaron Podgorski

    Great content Ryan 👍

  • Jimmy johns
    Jimmy johns

    Try the dealership if you cant find it anywhere else. Or atleast get the part number

  • Jimmy johns
    Jimmy johns

    Goonzquad boys never cry so much. Lol they are always happy and getting it done. Lol

    • Jimmy johns
      Jimmy johns

      It's all good stuff I'm just giving ya shit. Idk if I'd tackle all that I'd just rather watch someone else doing it. Keep it up. 🤟🤙🏽👍


      I’m also a ram and diesel guy workin on a gas Chevy 😂😂😂

    • Rtid02

      Its all fake energy and you can totally tell

  • Michael Mustillo
    Michael Mustillo

    I love this series, but I can’t take it anymore I want to see the finish product so badly. Keep producing these videos, it helps me realize and want to do all this stuff in my garage.

  • Dylan_05z71

    Ryan autozone and advanced auto sell those plastic clips in all sizes needed for GM

  • Jordan Coffing
    Jordan Coffing

    Dude, I don't know how you can pump out these videos so fast and get so much work done so fast on the truck! It's great

  • D Hibbitt
    D Hibbitt

    You’re doing great bro keep it up

  • Vlogs With Bates
    Vlogs With Bates

    Can’t wait to see it done!!!!

  • Kanadia YT
    Kanadia YT

    My brother has a gmc just like this but 2wd. It's a pretty nice truck and all its just that wad isn't good here in Wisconsin when your weight isn't in the right spot

  • Ruben Vega
    Ruben Vega

    you should be able to get some at your auto parts store. it looks like a ford fuel filter clip