How Am I Going To Make This A SHOW TRUCK!?!?
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  • 25nathan25nathan25

    the paper pads work better for bondo mixing pad so you can throw sheet away

  • plague_ acid
    plague_ acid

    *Flip* *crash* Ryan - that was supposed to go up not off😂😂😂 love the vids and i love this build keep up the good work man.

  • Austin White
    Austin White

    i love this guys videos he’s so underrated he deserves more recognition and subscribers


      I appreciate it! Thank you so so much!


    I love watching videos like this showing how to break down a vehicle and repair it almost OEM like Goonsquad, durtymax jack, and many others


    I was gonna restore my '94 chevy silverado suburban on my IRbin channel but unfortunately the motor and trans decided to go out at the same time so having to break it down and scrap it and get another vehicle


    if you have to take finders and hoods off anyways it's sometimes easier to paint them with them off so you can get both sides sanded down, then wet sand and put primer and cut in spray or edge spray so the paint sticks better then sand it down to get it smooth then put 3 coats paint and 2-3 coats clear then you can have the full panels and hood painted right and not have bland color then you have to blend it in with the rest of the trucks color by wet sanding

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez

    How do you keep all the damn bolts organized ?

  • Austin Hougendobler
    Austin Hougendobler

    Nobody : Ryan : *actually wears pants instead of shorts* Also Ryan : *completely yeets face shield* 😂

  • LaLa McQuoid
    LaLa McQuoid

    Very cool the whole process!!!! I love harbor freight!!!

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    Great job Ryan but remember DO NOT put your hand in front of a gas or oxygen bottle if you have any kind of grease or petroleum residual on them because it will ignite just a heads up . Just trying too keep you safe . See you in the next video

  • Kaden Cox
    Kaden Cox

    While you have the hood and fenders off, now would be a good time to paint the back of them. Then put it back on and paint the whole cab. I’ve found out it’s easier that way.

  • Dallas Wyatt
    Dallas Wyatt

    Well, from what I’ve watched get done on my vehicles and in videos, I would say do the undersides off the truck and paint the outsides with it back on and mounted. That way you get an even coat everywhere. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Lowbubba

    A little late for this build, but I get a box of baggies, plus a marker, as you take bolts off, put in baggies and write on bag what and where. Then have a box to put baggies in.

  • Julio Pantoja
    Julio Pantoja

    Put a ss clone kit on it


    Paint separate

  • Platinum Reflection
    Platinum Reflection

    Paint the inners and reassemble and paint it all at once

  • J.D's Original Cartooning & more.
    J.D's Original Cartooning & more.

    U get what u pay for.

  • Isaiah pecina
    Isaiah pecina

    Paint it in pieces 100%

  • smcox1991

    Jamb it and then put it all back together and spray it.

  • elijah kangas
    elijah kangas

    why don't my neighbors like me I just don't understand? 1:32

  • Jackhammer Jones
    Jackhammer Jones

    I'd invest in some wobble sockets and/or wobble extensions from my experience with odd angles and access points.

  • Jackhammer Jones
    Jackhammer Jones

    That turbo sounds delicious after the cold start.

  • Jackhammer Jones
    Jackhammer Jones

    I know, it's easier said than done from my own life but have you thought of moving further south? Since Ohio is super fun in the winter time? Lol I KNOW you've at least considered it. Mmmm road brine and rust on expensive vehicles and the ridiculous cold.

  • Gilbert Franklin
    Gilbert Franklin

    Seriously, Ryan... ready for paint in a week!? I am trying to figure out whether you are dementedly optimistic or just another stand-up comedian... 😏

  • Joe Meier
    Joe Meier

    we use 90% 10% welding gas and it works good. I think the fittings on the gas bottle is a 1 1/8" wrench.

  • Spencer Mack
    Spencer Mack

    You’ll want to paint the hood off the rest spray the inside put it back on and align it then paint the outside

  • Randy Vanetta
    Randy Vanetta

    Bro. Hope you are wearing ear plugs for all this. Trust me you want to. Save your hearing. But loving this build

  • Spencer Mack
    Spencer Mack

    You can clean your speaders and mixing board with paint thinner

  • Beards& Cars
    Beards& Cars

    Common chevy issue. Worn out hood hinges from being worked on all the time... HAHA great videos man keep them coming

  • Ron Salamone Jr
    Ron Salamone Jr

    I'm a professional body and paint guy edge it put it together paint the cab and front end together so the metallic and perl lay the same or if you do paint it apart hang the doors and fenders as if they were on the truck so the paint lays the same

  • Jake Snodgrass
    Jake Snodgrass

    Paint it separate

  • Car guy tv
    Car guy tv

    Straight pipe itttt , i wanna hear that v8 scream

  • Joshua Dillon
    Joshua Dillon

    I adore watching these videos i had a truck like that myself, but extended cap and regular box, after this upcoming winter i want to get a 2500 06, and rebuild mine like you are doing im just not sure if i want a GMC or a chevy

  • Colton Roszmann
    Colton Roszmann

    Paint the cracks Use painters tape And then put everything on and paint it all together for the Best results

  • Kevin Bryant
    Kevin Bryant

    Great video , im really glad to get to see you do the rockers inner and outer, so far so good looks like to me! Nice job cant wait for the next video👍

  • Smart fridge Gamer
    Smart fridge Gamer

    I never had chipotle

  • mthomp214

    If you used that whole bottle of welding gas for just those two patches you have the flow set way to high. That bottle should last you a while

    • mthomp214

      RYAN MAYER what do you have your regulator set at for gas flow when you squeeze the trigger


      Yeah I’m confused myself haha

  • shane whitby
    shane whitby

    you need to build a bigger garage so you have more room you need at least a three car garage

  • ButtermilkL0veNugget

    Coming along. Can’t wait for the next vid. Thanks Ryan.

  • Kelly Gardner
    Kelly Gardner

    Wtf happened to your face??

  • Shane

    Paint the backs and gaps then assemble and paint it all as one to ensure a match

  • Mindset Performance
    Mindset Performance

    Keep the videos coming! You’re an inspiration to go for what you want. Not many people your age are able to have a Sema Cummins and a Hellcat and have another vehicle in the works. Love watching your videos!

  • Jason Hazekamp
    Jason Hazekamp

    Ryan. Have you ever seen the pictures of bottles exploding in the cab of a truck!! Strap bottles in the bed

  • Austin Lisowski
    Austin Lisowski

    Get another winter beater while you work on your winter beater 😂

  • JoAnn C
    JoAnn C

    I’m a Jeep girl and will never work on a Silverado, but I am thoroughly enjoying watching this build. Learning a lot about working on vehicles from your videos, they’ve helped me roll up my sleeves and work on my own Jeep. Thanks for the content! Can’t wait to see it all done. Maybe even a Jeep build one day 😜

  • Kelen Efta
    Kelen Efta

    Paint separate then put together

  • Grayson Bevilacqua
    Grayson Bevilacqua

    Can’t wait to see what size lift and wheels you go with for this

  • swayde welborn
    swayde welborn

    That bottle was almost empty. It should almost make you deaf when you crack that valve if it’s got enough.

  • Michael

    That impact has seen better days

  • N_Larsh14

    Like I said man, if you ever have an questions or concerns about paint, body or anything, feel free to hit me up on Twitter! @nick_larsh

  • N_Larsh14

    Itd be easier to do it all separate but you risk damage to paint and the color being off because of the pearls and metallics in the paint. What I would do is paint all the jambs and then put it all back together and spray the outside. There is jamb masking foam that gives a nice clean soft edge on the jambs that you can use to mask off the jambs before spraying the outside, don't want overspray and brand new paint

  • Trp 350
    Trp 350

    Must be cold .... Ryan’s not wearing shorts 😂

  • Julio

    If it was me I’d paint the door jams, inside the doors and under the hood then put it together and paint it all together

  • Greg Kelly
    Greg Kelly

    Paint the door jambs and back of everything off the truck put everything back on and line it up and paint it

  • Derrick Nyce Davis
    Derrick Nyce Davis

    If it was me I would paint the insides at one time then paint the outside at one time to make sure everything matches.

  • Robert Keen
    Robert Keen

    Cant wait to walking enough to get a job soon. To buy mech and support you and the MOTIVATIONAL IRbinRS. I have a lot extra plans to support and free advertisement on my trucks for all the MOTIVE in life.

  • Danny Gonzalez
    Danny Gonzalez

    Can't wait till the next one keep up the good work

  • Hagi Woodworks
    Hagi Woodworks

    Do all the insides off the truck and then put it all on to do the whole truck as one so everything matches perfectly

  • D Hibbitt
    D Hibbitt

    Paint It separate...I’ve painted both ways and separate works better

  • Bryce Hickman
    Bryce Hickman

    Great videos man calm and simple keep rolling them out!

  • Wes Haneberg
    Wes Haneberg

    You keep taking about how you hate the cold so when are you possibly thinking about moving to Florida?



  • Matt Marcum
    Matt Marcum

    If your paying $200 for fenders you’re highly over paying .... you can get both fenders for that thing around $100


      Good ol LQK I gotta make friends wil a local body shop!

    • Matt Marcum
      Matt Marcum

      Have them shipped to a local body shop or something maybe .... lkq brings all our parts daily

    • Matt Marcum
      Matt Marcum

      I figured in Ohio they would be a lot more shipping options for you then we get in the hills of Wv lol


      It’s the shipping that’s the problem

  • Javier G
    Javier G

    Only thing , take your time do it right were all right with you

  • Jamie Strong
    Jamie Strong

    Colour will be way more consistent if you do the jams re assemble and paint it all it once

  • James Herman
    James Herman

    Need to order an HD hood for the Chevy!

  • Erik Loarca
    Erik Loarca

    Got my truck completed repainted color change. They painted everything off the truck and then put it back together

  • WD-Productions

    I like the build but you decided to fix a winter beater in the middle of winter and then say every time your in another vehicle this is what the Chevy is for. Should have done the build in the fall of this year and just ran it as is this winter

  • zach S
    zach S

    I would paint the inside of the fenders black we're not going to be able to get to the firewall good to paint match

  • Rich Bentley
    Rich Bentley

    Yeah I need to do all of what your doing to 01 Silverado but way above my skill level and budget. But great series can't wait to see it done. And what's next.

  • Blood Wrench
    Blood Wrench

    The best finish would be to jam all the panels then reassemble then paint the outside in one shot. This way your pearl paint will be a lot more uniform.

  • Justin Schruefer
    Justin Schruefer

    Do all your cut in work while disassembled, then final spray with everything gapped and aligned.

  • tj boylan
    tj boylan

    Paint everything separate my grandpa has been doing body for for almost 50 years he always paints everything separate then reassembles

  • Jeremiah Halderman
    Jeremiah Halderman

    I do the same thing 😂😂 I go to Harbor Freight for one thing and I see 20 other deals that I can’t pass up, and I come home with way more things than I need

  • Steve Bauer
    Steve Bauer

    Your probably done by now, but usually you leave the doors on or at least put them back on to align the rockers and cab corners.

  • Jeromy Harris
    Jeromy Harris

    Get all the edges painted put it back together then paint it will come out more uniform like the fender won’t be darker then the door

  • Jerry Arruda
    Jerry Arruda

    Your gonna need to put the door back on when doing the rockers . It helps with lining up the gaps . Do your self a favor and just cut off what you need for the cab corners. No need to go all the way up. Paint the jams and put it all back together. Mask of the jams and paint .

  • Jonny Simpson
    Jonny Simpson

    Gonna be so sick when it’s done

  • low cash crawler
    low cash crawler

    Me personally i like to shoot everything off the vehicle.. Makes body work a little less worse. Just remember mist the floor, hang everything but the hood up when shooting, whipe everything down with alcohol before shooting.. Looking good Ryan keep it up

  • Tracy McClung 31
    Tracy McClung 31

    You suit that colour of hoodie , thanks for upload x

  • David Rankins
    David Rankins

    Paint everything off of the truck then reinstall. Makes it a whole lot simpler to catch the hard spots without getting overspray on any engine components/wiring harness

  • Peter Madonia
    Peter Madonia

    Wow that truck is barebones! Can’t wait to see it put back together

  • Bobby Blanchard
    Bobby Blanchard

    Quick tip on the bondo spreaders - leave a little on it kinda thick and once it’s pretty dry just bend spreader and the bondo should flake off in pretty much one big piece for easy clean up

  • Owen Pearson
    Owen Pearson

    i’d paint it separate just because it’s less hassle if you have to paint the inside anyway might as well coat the whole thing, love the build man always look forward to your uploads

  • Dylan_05z71

    I can rebuild a whole 99-07 Chevy truck from the ground up I’ve done it several times I’ve owned 8-9 of those trucks I currently own 3 an 03 Chevy extended cab 1500 4.8 that is my parts truck the motor is sitting in the back of my 04 GMC Sierra 1500 4.8 extended cab and I own a 05 Chevy 1500 crew cab 5.3 the 04 gmc and the 05 Chevy are both on the road


    I am Actually building my own as well on my free time due to lots of Plumbing work, But I re Bought a truck identical to my 1st Truck ever owned back in 05, I got Same Year Same Color , same everything just bigger motor, I had a 4.8 and new project truck is a 5.3 which have plan to drop in a 6.0, it Is Also a Maroon Burgundy Single Cab Silverado but year 2000 so Far I've changed entire interior from light grey to charcoal, upgraded all lights to LEDs, n plan on painting all OEM trims plastics etc, Goal is to give it a baby 4" lift or so since it's only a 2wd , & so much more in mind.. I'm duin it all myself From wiring to lift to carpet, kinda first timer type of thing, so def enjoy watching your new episodes Everytime..

  • Yung Bitta
    Yung Bitta

    Why do you have music low as hell thats Annoying to try to focus on you talking and hearing low ass music

  • Timmy DeMattos
    Timmy DeMattos

    Should leave 50 psi in the welding tank so nothing can get in to contaminate the cylinder.

  • ForRealTube

    Loving the Intro !

  • Chris Dolmeth
    Chris Dolmeth

    You should but you a light bar, so you don't have to use your phone for light.

  • Dustin Teixeira
    Dustin Teixeira

    You’ve inspired me to do body work on my own truck🙌

  • SergSkate661

    With completes I try to break them down in sections if possible to do as many of the part offs. Then the cab and door do the jams, then remount and spray outer doors and cab. Just be careful reassemble. With the autobody and paint trade everyone has different ways just up to you to make you own from everyone.

  • Cat25

    Take the purple Chevy to the truck show in Indiana and make a video with WhistlinDiesel

  • TNM Atlantic
    TNM Atlantic

    16:04 Ryan realizing how in over his head he is. This is a piece of junk that should have never been restored. At least if it was a 2500 with 6.0 I can see the value, but not this.

  • PhatboyHD88

    Buddy id go to a scrap yard and just find a really clean cab and just switch cabs. But that is more work for sure BUT , you wont have to worry about rust coming back ,, but thats just me ..

  • anthony prashad
    anthony prashad

    You should watch goonzquad on IRbin, they rebuild wrecked cars and they also do their own painting and it would help you a lot

  • Jerry Bickes
    Jerry Bickes

    Checkout Goonsquad they have a bunch of videos showing how they work on all of their vehicles.

    • Jerry Bickes
      Jerry Bickes

      Also use weld thru primer on any metal that will be welded together. Take the interior out be for you start welding.

  • Ruthless Jesse James
    Ruthless Jesse James

    I didn't think this was a show truck... But an everyday driver?...

  • Brent

    weigh your tank empty and full

  • Shawn Dyck
    Shawn Dyck

    Lovin the process 👊👊

  • jarred johnson
    jarred johnson

    Ryan u can get 2 new fenders as a pair for $160-$200 and if ur doing a 6 inch lift u will be able to clear 35s . im running 35s with 22x12-51