*IMPORTANT* This is not me saying take on debt!! I have money saved to cover me, do not take on things like this until finically you CAN! Just because you make money to pay for this stuff doesnt mean you can! Emergency funds need to be saved and you cant live paycheck to paycheck growing your side hustle and still spend every dime! Grow your side hustle till you can make your dreams happen AND save money monthly! trust me youll know the moment you get there :)
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  • VenusVideoTrap

    Im grinding from homeless to finally buying a $800 02 Tahoe that took me 1 year to finally get it running look forward to fixing the exterior no longer living out of it either by getting closer to family and being inspired by your builds



  • gus hani
    gus hani

    A car is not an investment 99% of the time. Buy real estate and take an Uber

  • Matthew Thompson
    Matthew Thompson

    Please do not take financial advice from this guy. Everyone's financial situations are different. The only point he made that needs to be remembered is to only spend money on things that can turn an investment. If it doesn't make money, it doesn't make sense.

  • Hunter Juan
    Hunter Juan

    Not hating, but what about what your parents gave you.

  • Chris Bioski
    Chris Bioski

    I understand what your saying.i have the same mindset and it works out life has progressed extremely fast because of it.its hard to explain it to people that just don't get it.its almost unteachable.its a mindset ur either blessed with or not.thanks for the vids.keep it up.and thats real ,its not how much money u make its how u spend it,I always say that.

  • bikephil

    Ah, to be young and dumb. I was 22 once also, but I wasn't drowning in debt.

  • 307_ SCOOT
    307_ SCOOT

    found your channel like a month ago slowly catching up but great message

  • Jacob W
    Jacob W

    Whats cool, is you bought truck parts. And that literally makes you money. That truck on a thumbnail brought me to this cannel Keep it gowing.

  • Crow List Muniz
    Crow List Muniz

    When I first started watching this video I thought this guy's full of shit ! But after thinking hard I've had 10 or more decent vehicles and many materialistic things dirt bikes, utvs , guns ammo I have an Evo X I bought four years ago I've built it twice that cost me over 30k and I'm sitting here thinking I have a great job a badass truck with a 12 inch lift 40 inch tires and a nice stereo system , and why can't I afford the 70k dollar car I want well it's my dumb choices in the past where I spent and spent saved then became selfish and spent my money again I've owed harleys I've owned crotch rockets fuck I threw it all away that's why I don't got the nice car I want now 🤣 thanks Mr ryan it don't matter how you make it it's how you save it and spend it I didn't ever have the answer now I do !

  • Cadyn Hogue
    Cadyn Hogue

    This is awesome

  • Tim Duquette
    Tim Duquette

    Gday bro...I'm Tim duquette from northern Ontario Canada...luv ur vehicles & color scheme & understand ur "toys & $$$ & luved 1s valued" episode & u inspire me...I'm all about that entire balance...well said & njoy ur channel bro...I'm thinkin "kusTIMized" 4 mine...just lookin in2 the whole Utube channel buziness thing...with vehicle detailing & customizing...much luv bro & best of the future 4 the both of us & stay safe...covid & all 😎✌👪😷

  • Michelle Fuente ur
    Michelle Fuente ur

    Anybody can afford any car with good credit or cash buddy. And your stuff is prob leased or financed. Would like see you pay for all in cash in one day vlog.

  • Ron Son
    Ron Son

    From someone in their 30s this kids logic and reasoning versus his actions make zero sense. Don’t waste money but finance two pieces of deprecating shit and hope to get that $$$ from IRbin lol. Great plan.


      Use your money to make you money makes 0 sense? or you want to just keep working getting the same paychecks twice a month?

  • Dawson Mantie
    Dawson Mantie

    Ur truck is a peace of shit

    • Dawson Mantie
      Dawson Mantie

      I’m joking I love you videos and your truck is sick man


      Thank you!!

  • Garrick Wiseman
    Garrick Wiseman

    Make your truck a monster truck

  • Landon Matthews
    Landon Matthews

    Very well spoken! Don’t listen to these haters they’re jealous because they’re not as financially as you

  • Bradley Pollack
    Bradley Pollack

    Easy 22 and have a Trust fund, be a rock star, actor, or ball player. I'm 41 and barely am able to pay for 60 k worth of car loans.

  • the locust
    the locust

    Says the guy living in his parents house

  • Mike Wilson
    Mike Wilson

    I appreciate you making the effort to share a really positive message with your followers. Ryan keep the vision and working hard and don't let the negative feedback form a few people get you down. I appreciate your effort, your positive attitude, and your humility! Keep up the good work!

  • Ethan Robbins
    Ethan Robbins

    You just made that whole invest in yourself thing a lot more clear for me. Thanks

  • River Sarratt
    River Sarratt

    Why didnt you just say what you do for a living

  • ModernMuscleCar

    People looking at youtubers as a source of inspiration could be the saddest thing Ive heard. If there was no youtube these guys would be pumping gas sonewhere for minimum wage.

    • ModernMuscleCar

      @RYAN MAYER Im already ...truck...suv. Im good.


      I worked making $13 an hour and got myself where I was in this video. Use your money to make you money. Simple as that

  • honeymai

    My dad says there is no way around it, spend a little save most of it and i'll have a lot of money. invest it in something that makes you money and you'll double that in a short time.

  • honeymai

    my dad is old, I thought he was crazy bying a 3d printer, then I he printed a bunch of stuff and asked me to ask my friends what they would buy. long story short, made different colors and posted it. people at school started asking me how much, dad said first charge cheap because in no time we make back what we bought the machine for $200 and some filament to reprint. we got orders for about $150 and the covid frickin 19 came out. However, he said time is important. while the printer is working he got freed up time to go to work. i got what your saying.

  • Xavier Dennis
    Xavier Dennis

    Man seeing this I literally Stayed up all night thinking of ways to invest and now as I’m going to put it to action thank you for the energy boost I needed 😁

  • William Doombot
    William Doombot

    I owe only $25 in 1 vehicle, it’s going to be more expensive when the parts I ordered come in

  • Pizzaburger 96
    Pizzaburger 96

    Be born rich. Have rich parents. Inheritance money. Wait for a relative to die and collect life insurance money. Or have a good paying job and live with your parents while spending both paychecks on car payment on a ridiculous loan. 9/10 times these idiots obviously will not tell you the truth.

  • wshultz74

    New to the channel. Enjoy watching the good content. Anyone can be successful if they make a plan and stick with it. The problem today is that too many people think it should be given to them. When in reality it is so much more rewarding when you do it for yourself!👍💯

  • Jake Hart
    Jake Hart

    Is it really affording them if you don’t have the titles? Nice cars nice house. Boats. All that shit. Don’t mean you have money. It means you got debt.

  • Luke -
    Luke -

    holy fuck get to the point lad

  • Glossy Berry
    Glossy Berry

    he never mentioned were the 300k house came from..... lol, I'm sure mom and dad had something to do with

  • Brody Hollingsworth
    Brody Hollingsworth

    Fucks this dude talking about?!

  • Adam Honn
    Adam Honn

    This dude made no sense the whole time

  • Tyrel Martin
    Tyrel Martin

    I just turned 18 when I was 12 I worked with my uncle landscaping and then I moved away from my farm and bought a trailer and a lawn mower and a atv and started my own business like what you did but everything you said in this video I took to heart I’m going to college as a mechanic and I want to do a ram build when I have the money for it but I just subscribed and I went back and watched some of your videos you are my favorite you tuber I want to be more like you in the future🤘

  • A10warthog

    There's nothing better than a hobby you can make money at 👍

  • dustin ashley
    dustin ashley

    That and live at home with momma! Lmao

  • Mr Sinister
    Mr Sinister

    Basically just said "doesn't matter how much u make but how u spent it" the whole video. Tell us what you do for a living, tell us how you finance, and fuck off with the shit examples. Your just spitting common sense people should know already

  • AB - 12ZZ 593052 Brampton Centennial SS
    AB - 12ZZ 593052 Brampton Centennial SS

    only if I saw this video a few years ago I wonder where id be right now but its not too late still young. really appreciate this video. just like you said It doesn't happen over night. favourite quote from will smith you don't start with a wall you start with a brick and you lay that brick down as perfectly as a brick can be laid you do that every day and soon you will have a wall.

  • Josh Lodder
    Josh Lodder

    8:48 ding wit said sell wood projects to MAKE CAR PAYMENT. no insurance. not gas. car payment. your thinking backwards dude. pay 3 grand cash and thats a PAYMENT you never have to make to anybody again and all that extra wood project money goes in your pocket... not towards an ugly ass pointless pavement princess. Ive always payed all my depts (if any and very small) off right away and am now at a point where i have no depbt am cash positive tons of savings AND bought one of my "dream trucks" a 2000 7.3 powerstroke cash. AND USE IT FOR WORK AND SIDE HUSSLES. not trying to be a hater but man im just glad i have a group of friends that thinks this way and not the way this guy is thinking

  • Rob H
    Rob H

    "How I can afford $150k cars and still rent my parents house" video.

  • Aaron Rippstein
    Aaron Rippstein

    First, Congrats on doing the work yourself. I really like the part of your message about "how you spend your money". It truly doesn't matter if someone makes $50,000 or $100,000 a year. If they have bad spending habits, they will never have any money. You are basically just making the minimum payments every month and making yourself look successful. It might be fun now, but by the time you're done making payments on those 2 vehicles, you could have paid cash for 2 chargers and 2 trucks if you would've bought a cheap car and truck and saved how much you make in payments. But the issue with that is it's not fun, it's not cool, it's not attractive to women, it's boring. Some people obviously love that life and it works out for them. I enjoy your videos and truly appreciate the work you do yourself without a big fancy shop.


    You left out the part about your girlfriend's parents giving y'all that house 👍

    • DeMario Brown
      DeMario Brown

      😬 Is that true?

  • Robert McPhail
    Robert McPhail

    Just about every financial advisor I have ever heard has said to do everything you can to not have payments. Best thing I ever did was start making payments to myself. When I had enough in the bank with a trade-in to upgrade, I did. No payments, no interest, never under the thumb of a bank, and always had money in case of emergencies. Over time I was able to upgrade to my 2015 Charger SRT 392. It takes patience and discipline, but it is a much better way to go.

  • Payne Killer
    Payne Killer

    He doesn't strike me as a growing up drinking powdered milk eating government cheese type of dude.

  • Sterlin N
    Sterlin N

    Buy big sack of weed Divide into small sacks of weed at a profit Rinse, re-up, repeat. Start a trade Buy tools for said trade Do side jobs until side work demand is greater than a payroll job. Don't forget taxes pay yourself and the rule of law. I do not condone drug use!!

  • Michael Sparks
    Michael Sparks

    Fantastic! Cashflow is king! Way to go young man!

  • Wesley Markham
    Wesley Markham

    What about intrest? Paying a few grand more than actual cost on a vehicle because you didn't want to pay cash.


      With $120,000 cash I hope you can make the more than $4000 in interest a loan will cost you

  • lee mceachern
    lee mceachern

    Fuck at first I was thinking good for him. How did he do it I'm impressed. Now I'm thinking what a dumb ass lol good luck in the future bro.

  • Rick Tuck
    Rick Tuck

    Good on you!!!! Keep kickin ass, and killin goals!!!

  • M W
    M W

    Ryan....Don’t even acknowledge the negative comments. Turning 40 this year and honestly didn’t have this mindset until about 6 years ago. Just bought my first investment property and am building my dream 2500HD LML. I’m teaching these principles to my 7 and 9 year old because I don’t want them to struggle when they get out into real life. Most importantly to anyone reading this, get your heart right with God first and the rest will follow. PS....Nice truck but DURAMAX 4 LIFE 😘!

  • Corey Buchner
    Corey Buchner

    You said in the Sema video your mom paid for the truck

  • Jonathan DeDell
    Jonathan DeDell

    "If you make 10-15$/hr and are stretching dollars every week, take the excess to invest in yourself"????? Ya that extra .75 cents goes a long ways. There's no way anyone could afford a house, two rigs and all that off that low a wage simply by "saving their money better." This is really great advice if you are already making 20-25$/hr and don't have any serious financial obligations

  • SegoMan

    Ryan needs to be a motivational speaker for students at the local school system. These words of wisdom are no longer spoken at those institutions anymore.

  • Shaun Redneck kid
    Shaun Redneck kid

    Speaach bro speech mad respect ✊ Ryan it’s true man thanks for the tips man

  • Altaybuilt Weird
    Altaybuilt Weird

    If I buy a 15000 dollar car cash and you chose to do month payments with some interest. You’ll end up paying more money than me. Although people saying buying a new car is a depreciating asset, don’t own a new phone new clothes any type of car a house that you’re not gonna flip. Don’t spend money on clubs, outside food or anything, cus those are depriciating assets. Plus having a brand new 2020 car will make me happy and if you wanna buy a 2020 car 3 years later after it depreciates, cool cus I’m finna have me a brand new 2023 car by that time jit.

  • Pete Sano
    Pete Sano

    I’m confused, either his dad bought this shit, or he works all the time, but considering he’s making IRbin videos idk if he’s got this time

  • tom deininger
    tom deininger

    He is absolutely right. He's right in all he says.

  • Kale Dufour
    Kale Dufour

    Bro your an idiot. nough said

  • 12 Kixkz
    12 Kixkz

    This doesn’t make sense bc ur always spending money. You have to eat, u have to pay rent, u have to buy gas to get to and from work.

  • reedr125

    Omg your lame af! You literally pat yourself on the back for shit the rest of us just know how to do...

  • Daniel Wyatt
    Daniel Wyatt

    Very good advice I followed this I am older than you but I have owned 3 houses as well as all my toys bought and paid for. All these naysayers stfu you're just pissed you didnt have enough common sense to follow these guidelines and look at you now probably live with your gf mom and dad and have like 5 kids on welfare goodluck moose

  • Brian Martynowski
    Brian Martynowski

    sounds like hes been doing alot of those SPY PUT calls

  • Brolic Boom
    Brolic Boom

    Love it... good info.. thank you

  • Schizo defective
    Schizo defective

    Show both pink slips

  • Richard Ford !!
    Richard Ford !!

    Basically what you’re saying is stay close to family because that’s the reason you have all that shit stop beating around the bush what do you do for a living! Tell me to save I know I need to save my damn money stop beating around the fucking bullshit wasting everyone’s fucking time it kind of pisses me off watching the video go get a job fuckhead

  • Chandler Biondi
    Chandler Biondi

    Unlike half the comments I took something out of this so thank you for that.

  • BIGESCA 57
    BIGESCA 57

    This fuckin punk talks a lotta crap like hes big shot or something

  • Nicholas Ross
    Nicholas Ross

    The only question anyone has is WHAT you put the money you make into, what investments you choose to make to build wealth out of the wealth you have. We understand the concept, but what do you invest into to make you a return...

  • Chad Marine
    Chad Marine

    Don't invest in dead end objects he says. While two horrible dead end objects are directly behind him. Either way he is doing what he likes and that is the most important thing. He obviously knows what he is doing.

  • Simon Little
    Simon Little

    If you grind to save when you are young then keep the same grind when you become an adult just to a higher extreme!!

  • Simon Little
    Simon Little

    If you grind to save when you are young then when you become an adult keep the same grind to a higher extent!!


    that’s why you like green so much 🤯

  • Py DevEagle
    Py DevEagle

    Mommy and Daddy's money. Very simple. We adults know math and bills. You make zero sense. You said you had all three vehicles but yet you needed to sell a PS4 to make a payment on ONE of them? Really? What kind of children fall for this crap? Don't people use logic anymore??

  • Kayel Brindle
    Kayel Brindle

    I love your truck and it looks so nice

  • Ruthless Jesse James
    Ruthless Jesse James

    I disagree with not paying cash for a vehicle... I paid cash for my Dodge 17 cummins 4x4. The money i paid... I've already earned back and i have no payment or overhead. I'm retired... Corrections Officer. 20yrs. No one can come and repo my truck. Remember, it's not yours until you have the title in hand. You can be let go from your job anytime... And you will have to let your vehicles go as well.

  • Rodney Fultz
    Rodney Fultz


  • Shane Edmonds
    Shane Edmonds

    Dave Ramsey would have a ball with you.

  • Tropik Wolf
    Tropik Wolf

    Iv acually though about looking into stock markets

  • Joshua Hauser
    Joshua Hauser

    Lmao with how vague he is being, it makes you wonder if what he does is criminal or something xD!!!

  • Miranda Collins
    Miranda Collins

    It’s So hard when you have so many bills lol

  • Miranda Collins
    Miranda Collins

    So what is your occupation ??

  • T J P
    T J P

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  • godspeed_6x

    We need something more in depth everybody’s different but when you were out on your own and had a baby all your money pays for your shitty place and shitty car. Don’t have a truck to buy a mower lol

  • matt west
    matt west

    OMFG DUUUUUDE.....your advice is dickshit! Wtf are you even talking about?????!!!!! You're a goddamn youtuber just FUCKAN say I make my money off these vids of me putting legos together. Cuz you dayum sure ain't building no trucks..

  • Fred Durst
    Fred Durst

    Seen lot of neg comments on here and its pitiful.. the guy is just trying to let people on on what he has done to get where he is!!! Ebery body goin on about youtube money I dont do youtube got a normal job dont make a lot of money but hes right how u spend it!!! I have a lifted 17 ram megacab diesel a rzr a custom Harley a big turbo race car a 4 yr old house and got 3 kids it's how u spend ur money give the guy a break!!! Keep up the good work man love the truck

  • Sam Kumar
    Sam Kumar

    Good video Ryan and every word you said is very much true... sadly not everyone understands it... you are very good at this, why don’t you reach out to young chaps who needs this at the age of 18 to 20... that’s when they start dreaming and you could make a big impact I their lives...

  • townhall05446

    People ripping on this video absolutely missed his point, mostly because what he's talking about is taking initiative, getting motivated, DOING something to better oneself. And that leaves out a lot of people for whom those things sound too much like work.

  • cody creager
    cody creager

    So in other words crippling debt

  • dj kaaz
    dj kaaz


  • KMLTimesTwo

    Thanks for the video. Just know you have 2 big liabilities in your driveway. If your income is ever at risk, that's when the risk of financing comes in.

  • Tanner Studdard
    Tanner Studdard

    Now this is (THE VIDEO) that I needed to watch and listen to. You have made me realize what I need to do. I appreciate the content and the lesson.

  • Red Man
    Red Man

    I really enjoy your truck mods on a budget video. When it comes to finances I will stick with Dave Ramsey and Rich Dad Poor Dad, no offence.

  • DM Berkley
    DM Berkley

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  • Lee’Cedrick Jamond
    Lee’Cedrick Jamond

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  • Lil Mule
    Lil Mule

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  • BM GTS97
    BM GTS97

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    king kora 95

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    Soul Jacker

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