HOW TO Ceramic Coat Your Car / Truck!! *NEVER WAX AGAIN*
Jax Wax Shield Pro 9H Kit :
I ordered this MONTHS AND MONTHS ago! I finally got it applied and im so happy with the results! I recommend this to anybody!! This will make cleaning your car or truck a breeze!! Makes the truck look outstanding and repel dirt and grime like no other! Check it out!!!
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  • Iohteneratatenion Goodleaf
    Iohteneratatenion Goodleaf

    Sizw tires

  • VILLAIN 31
    VILLAIN 31

    What mop , brush are you using to wash the truck

  • Keanu pandohee
    Keanu pandohee

    How long did you wait for the coating to dry before wiping of and after you clay bar did you dry the vehicle

  • Kris

    I clayed my truck last week and it made a huge difference. Then paint was smooth as glass

  • Quinten and JoAnn Klonowski
    Quinten and JoAnn Klonowski

    wondering what that would do over my vinyl wrap.............hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • mrxklash

    I would get it. But I don’t have a garage. So I’ll get it done at my local auto detailer

  • Robert Matko
    Robert Matko

    Tell me you’re not a buckeye. If so, I’d have to unsubscribe,

  • Kyler scott
    Kyler scott

    Did you use the jax wax on the windows. Mine ALWAYS get water spots

  • Josep Dunne
    Josep Dunne


  • Nathan Mayer
    Nathan Mayer

    Does the ceramic coat help prevent rock chips as well?

  • Matthew Adams
    Matthew Adams

    Isn't rain water filthy? Why wash it in the rain, seems like it would be redundant. Maybe I'm wrong. Love truck color.

  • Mizz Bachmeier
    Mizz Bachmeier

    I LOVE the color of your truck! I need to ceramic coat my car asap!

  • Silver bearded Irish
    Silver bearded Irish

    How much did this cost you?

  • Silver bearded Irish
    Silver bearded Irish

    Great vid bro. I want to do this badly on my Silverado.

  • Silver bearded Irish
    Silver bearded Irish

    Why don’t you use a step ladder when washing?

  • John Reilly
    John Reilly

    Ryan a question with now that you have ceramics the truck. How does it do during winter with road grime and SALT?

  • Gabriel Haro
    Gabriel Haro

    Ryan do you think a second coat would be beneficial. Or is Jax wax designed for 1 coat. I’ve been trying to find out but can’t seem to find anything. I know some ceramic coatings you apply multiple layers. What do you think?

  • Kaiden Taylor
    Kaiden Taylor

    I love your content but the many different clips you put together just makes it hard to watch sometimes! Wish it was a little smoother!

  • Erik Horne
    Erik Horne

    Have been enjoying your channel and some ideas I haven’t already put on my beast!m

  • Garrett Roush
    Garrett Roush

    Did you have enough ceramic coating to do your truck and wheels in that single kit? I’m looking to do the same thing


      I have enough to do it all over again too!!! Kit goes a long way!

  • Michael Leisenring
    Michael Leisenring

    You should do an update. I’d like to know how long it really lasts

  • Bo L
    Bo L

    Love the green!!! Never saw a green Ram!!!


      Thank ya!!!!

  • Bobby Glover
    Bobby Glover

    hey brother I am a local detailer in blacklick ohio and I use all jax wax products. I just got my 9h today to do my 19 ram. did you coat any of your plastics or windows?

  • Donald baker
    Donald baker

    And you got the same results as I did. I used jax wax on my Harley, the 1st coat did very good. Since then though I've used the entire bottle on my bike, while using the ceramic recharge quick detailer to clean with and ceramic wax every time I ride. After my 3rd coat bugs road grim and brake dust barley sticks most of it can be blown off with air (some of it simply on the ride down the highway), and the rest comes off without hardly any work

  • tyler walsh
    tyler walsh

    lol you called it ceramic pro by accident. No big deal, just thought it was funny.

  • Scott Eckels
    Scott Eckels

    Can you apply ceramic wax anytime?

  • Ricardo Quezada
    Ricardo Quezada

    Mine got scratches from claybar I need to find someone who buffs cars but there are no local places

  • Mike Farrell
    Mike Farrell

    I feel like I've seen this truck several times in Westerville.

    • Mike Farrell
      Mike Farrell

      @RYAN MAYER keep your eye out for a blacked out 3500 long bed 4th gen 👍


      I drive through there daily 😎


    Where did you get your black badges? Do you have a link? Thank You !!

  • Walter Moore
    Walter Moore


  • GoonDick

    Awesome video man. I love your channel. I love how detailed you are and how much you appreciate that truck. I’ve been on the fence with ceramic coating my truck till now. Did you do the badges too or just the paint and wheels?

  • Ron Mower
    Ron Mower

    U did the work un like soiboi streetpeeder717

  • KY KRaZY
    KY KRaZY

    Ok....question answered. It must be nice to be able to spend the insane amount of money you did on truck & mods you did just to drive it and not actually use it. But hey,good for you.

  • KY KRaZY
    KY KRaZY

    This is all well and good and taking care of your vehicle is great.....but do you ever actually USE this truck except to parade around in?

  • Jarred Shinn
    Jarred Shinn

    You live in Columbus? I’m staying in Gahanna right now

  • Bryce Hickman
    Bryce Hickman

    Try Gloss Sauce man

  • Greg Ward
    Greg Ward

    talk to us in 1 year about Jax, until then it is just a normal wax.

    • ass2mouthallday

      This is no ordinary wax, nano coatings will last well past the 1 year mark. Its been thoroughly documented right here on youtube, stupid.

  • LT. DAN
    LT. DAN

    How long does it last ? Can you apply it twice in the same year?

  • BigBlaze

    After clay bar did u wash it again or just clean again with the detailer

  • 89 Fox
    89 Fox

    Looks great!! Thanks for the Vid

  • Josh Freda
    Josh Freda

    Wayyyyyyyy too much product when polishing

  • Raphael Rivera
    Raphael Rivera

    Love the ceramic wax .

  • Josh Cunningham
    Josh Cunningham

    Chemical Guys.

  • Luke Blundell
    Luke Blundell

    I wanna see a video of how you wash your truck on a daily basis. Like a quick detail video!

  • Cameron C
    Cameron C

    Next mod should be cat skin leather. Or sometime soon at least. It will make the inside of the truck so much cleaner. Bad ass truck man

    • Cameron C
      Cameron C

      Or maybe the same green as the paint job but then idk if that would be to much green lol

    • Cameron C
      Cameron C

      Maybe red or just the nice black would look clean either one.


      Considering it!!! Not sure what color combo I’m trying to run when I actually do leather

  • Andrew Wayne
    Andrew Wayne

    Just bought some ceramic coating how long did you let your truck sit for before driving it out did you wait the 24hrs or 12hrs?

    • ass2mouthallday

      Read the directions, every manufacturer is different, fuckface.


      Thanks man!!!

    • Andrew Wayne
      Andrew Wayne

      RYAN MAYER sweet thank you for the info man it’s gonna help a lot and keep up with the great videos


      24! Just because I had the time, I checked on it at at about 18 hours was def cured at that point

  • Nati_Boy

    Not to knock the ceramic coat because it does help protect, but as far as the dirt on your vehicle you can get the same result with a good wax job.

    • Josh Lalumendre
      Josh Lalumendre

      yeah thats very true, definitely worth testing out products and see what can be the cheapest. i guess this is just a better option for lazier people who would rather spend more.

    • Nati_Boy

      @Josh Lalumendre correct, but it is very expensive considering what you can buy a can of wax for.

    • Josh Lalumendre
      Josh Lalumendre

      this is a long term wax substitute. instead of a good waxing ever other wash, this will be good for over a year.

  • Deere 6430
    Deere 6430

    I am jealous of all that free time you have truck looks great

    • DoseOfBacon



      I’m very busy! Just gotta make time for what you want!! 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

  • Jadan Pass
    Jadan Pass

    damn bro your truck was so clean it made my computer screen look dirty

    • Kevin Lindberg
      Kevin Lindberg

      I noticed that too


      😂😂😂😂 best thing I’ve heard

  • cameron shapley
    cameron shapley

    Ive tried all of these expensive companies and honestly shine supply is the best, their clutch spray is 10 times better that that stuff and its only $30 for a 16oz bottle

  • Laura Wise
    Laura Wise

    Awesome and very informative video!!!

  • 4x4 lone star state Lifted life
    4x4 lone star state Lifted life

    Ryan what do you think of pro comp shocks? Do you know how good or bad they are? Appreciate some feed back plz.

  • Morgan Roach
    Morgan Roach

    Please tint your tail lights and break light to match to black and green

  • Kyle G
    Kyle G

    Had my new Tundra done by Auto Lab in Boardman Ohio this summer. Everything was coated including all plastic trim and glass. The plastic mirror/trim/handles turned out great. I suggest you do your plastic. It also darkened the black plastic and looks amazing. Windows are nice too.

  • Thunder Truck
    Thunder Truck

    It's nice see someone take good care of their own vehicle. If you plan on keeping it awhile it's always a good idea to have the truck cavity waxed so it won't rust

  • Ronald Porter
    Ronald Porter

    Bobcat 4 life 2017 ram cummins owner

  • daniel

    New here, is that a road princess

    • 4x4 lone star state Lifted life
      4x4 lone star state Lifted life

      daniel yup

  • Graylin

    Dude I just had a heart attack watching you use a rotary buffer. You are gonna have hecka hollagrams dude. You needed to use a dual action polisher.

    • Joe mama
      Joe mama

      And dragged the cord all over the paint. Wouldnt want this guy tinting my car

  • MudMan5

    I am being dumb but what is that for anyway

    • ass2mouthallday

      Yes, that was quite the retarded question indeed.

    • Nati_Boy

      It's a protective coating.

  • Michael Heslink
    Michael Heslink

    What kind of mpg have you been getting since you deleted?

  • Michael Toledo
    Michael Toledo

    I love your channel it’s great. And can you tell me what you used I want to do this to my car

  • richard herbst
    richard herbst

    Ryan My favorite drivers are those that expect everyone in their midst to read minds aka NO turn signals! Yikes!

  • slickvic2252

    What shop do you work at? I'm from northern Ohio want to lift my Chevy but am sketchy about who to take it to. Want to do a 6 inch bds with 20x12 -44 on 35 12.5 but want someone who knows what they're doing when trimming.

  • ///Mariusz CUMMINS Diesel Power
    ///Mariusz CUMMINS Diesel Power

    Thank for this video...I want to do myself ceramic coat ....2 cars and Ram Cummins 2012 ;)

  • Kali Quinlan
    Kali Quinlan

    Looks amazing!!😍💚 are you doing a video on the black headlights? Or once you get the black taillights, that’s the next mod I want to do to my truck and would like to hear what you have to say about them before hand! Love the videos

  • David Bruton
    David Bruton

    I’ve heard ceramic coating is good for headlights to prevent yellowing? Thoughts?

    • Thunder Truck
      Thunder Truck

      Your headlights have a UV coating on them that is beginning to fail. You can do 3 things...1. have them buffed out. 2 sand them down 600 grit clear coated with automotive clear. 3 get new ones

  • David Bruton
    David Bruton

    Anytime I have clay barred, I’ve always felt like I needed to wash it again after I clay barred it... did I just do it wrong?

    • ass2mouthallday

      @mike12811 Holy shit, WRONG!

    • daniel

      You clay bar the car with soap on it and wash it off. And if you still feel rough spots after you wash off soap go around the car with spray wax and a clay bar (do not dry car first) (no additional wash needed) after you claybar with the spray way, re spray the car with wax and wipe away.

    • mike12811

      With my truck I always just wash it with water first to get the excess dirt off then use the clay bar then normal wash

  • David Bruton
    David Bruton

    Dem sexy legs!!!!

  • Zac Calhoun
    Zac Calhoun

    Does using a clay bar take off any clearcoat? I have an older truck and I want the clearcoat to last as long as I can. By the way that green looks amazing. Beautiful truck!

    • Zac Calhoun
      Zac Calhoun

      @5.7 RAM thank you

    • 5.7 RAM
      5.7 RAM

      Zac Calhoun as long as you don’t use it to hard you will be fine when clay baring let the clay glide over the paint and you will be good

  • Car Pro
    Car Pro

    Get stubby antennae and BlackVue front and rear dash cam.

    • Nelson Bardsley
      Nelson Bardsley

      I agree

  • mattybarringer

    my man! the one difference i love about you and your channel is that YOU do all the upgrades/modifications to your truck. You don’t pay anyone to do anything! keep grinding brotha

    • Chase Overdirth
      Chase Overdirth

      Check out goonzsquad

  • Caleb Rozeboom
    Caleb Rozeboom

    Get some jam handles, pretty cheap and people won't smudge your paint when shutting doors

  • kia bass 879
    kia bass 879

    I just bought my mom some Adam's ceramic paste wax

  • Javier Ortega
    Javier Ortega


  • Justin Ketchum
    Justin Ketchum


  • Tristen Urenda
    Tristen Urenda


    • Marie Marko
      Marie Marko

      Nice. 14:30


      FAST 🔥🔥🔥