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  • car fan
    car fan

    Did I see some Mopar

  • Nijji Haley
    Nijji Haley

    First time driving a manual huh

  • Dustin Lemley
    Dustin Lemley

    Have you thought about doing the chrome inside the cherry color like you did the outside accents?

  • Moisty

    Name of song on 9:19 please?

  • rc scrappers
    rc scrappers

    You should spend a day with wistlen diesel

  • Jayden Mosconi
    Jayden Mosconi

    make a another video

  • Jayden Mosconi
    Jayden Mosconi

    make a another video

  • Jayden Mosconi
    Jayden Mosconi

    how are you doing today

  • Jayden Mosconi
    Jayden Mosconi

    can you do a another video right now

  • Gian Nicolosi
    Gian Nicolosi

    You gonna grow a mullet with them sunglasses? Sorry I remember 1993 and even back then them sunglasses were ugly

  • WhiteMaleTrumpSupporterHere

    I cant imagine how much you've spent on your trucks😱. Absolute goals!

  • Andrew Stukenholtz
    Andrew Stukenholtz

    I think he is going to need to get a tow rig to haul his trucks

  • Stryker Enterprises LLC
    Stryker Enterprises LLC

    Hope you're addressing those off colored A Pillar grab handles. They stand out like a $2 corner hooker to cops. LOL

  • Jax_Unfiltered

    Yeah but does @Ryan carry a #Leatherman?? If no #pocketknife??? 🤔

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee

    Still got your girlfriend's glasses on

  • Ean Keggan
    Ean Keggan

    No not more chrome, and the brown doesnt look good. The tires on the other hand are going to look good, I dont get how anyone could be mad

  • Bryan Burrow
    Bryan Burrow

    And also I apologize for having to put messages on here but apparently I have no other way of getting a hold of you your lifted.com account RC don’t work because I don’t get responses on that either and I can’t seem to find where I can message you on Snapchat off your Snapchat page


      We’ve been going through some changes, I will get this fixed ASAP!

  • Bryan Burrow
    Bryan Burrow

    Hey Ryan well it’s Bryan again I’ll look I’m a big fan of your show I watch a show all the time every time it pops up on watching it I really dig what you’re doing like I told you before you help me in a lot of ways of doing my truck home what the problem is is I order something from you five months ago as of this Monday coming up I’ve messaged you over and over you keep telling me you’re gonna look into it but I don’t hear from you that was my first time ordering from you I paid $72.50 it was the very first day you drop the announcement of you were giving away the Tahoe and I still haven’t got my merchandise haven’t got a response back from use SAP I’ll look into it I need to know what’s going on bro like I’m to the point now that I’m kind of getting upset because it seems like you don’t care I don’t really think you think that but the way you’re treating it to me seems like that I gave you my email address last message I sent you Bryan Borough 70@gmail.com asked you to email me didn’t get no email so what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna give you my phone number which is 207-496-7362 I would like to know what’s going on like I said as of this Monday coming up the 29th will be officially five monthsThat I put this order in and still haven’t got an answer what’s going on so please if you don’t mind would you contact me at one of the two ways I just gave you to contact me so I know what’s going on I appreciate it and keep up the good work what you doing bro

  • Sean Tokash
    Sean Tokash

    That headliner is tacky as fuck but your truck

  • Robert Hurd
    Robert Hurd

    There will always be only 1 OG...6.7 Lime🙊. But the Banana Ram will most definitely be the new/improved look for this channel for sure.

  • Sneaker Guy
    Sneaker Guy

    The snobbish quotation methodically wonder because spain proximally file through a uppity asterisk. steep, fearful fearless kenneth

  • Tanner Lile
    Tanner Lile

    Air hammer takes steering wheels off easy

  • ChrisBFishing

    Pre Runner Dodge!!! Would be wild!!!

  • Mustanglovernut Nate
    Mustanglovernut Nate

    How much did u save buy upgrading the stuff urself to the long horn vs just buying one?

  • Christopher Lewis
    Christopher Lewis

    You should paint those roof plastics yellow 🤯

  • Mike Gordon
    Mike Gordon

    The tires sticking out so far looks ridiculous and has to destroy the side of the truck

  • Shane Williams
    Shane Williams

    “Imma f***ing kick someone in the face” That was great keep lol keep up the great work she’s lookin good.👍🏼

  • brogant mcmahon
    brogant mcmahon

    What happened to the 6.0

  • Chris Kempf
    Chris Kempf

    Man you think you got enough black ice trees? Lol. Truck looks amazing, love the videos

  • Isaac Moctezuma
    Isaac Moctezuma

    Should I get some led tail lights lumps off Ebay?

  • George Campbell
    George Campbell

    Nice seeing the banana ram coming along good it’s gonna be beautiful when it’s done

  • TheREALJdizzle

    What's the music that starts @12:25?

  • Evan Hayden
    Evan Hayden

    Those steering wheels get tight. We just used to sit in the seat and yank as hard as we could at the dodge dealership I worked at

  • LSx life
    LSx life

    Lime needs some green spiked lugs

  • Hank 14
    Hank 14

    I got the 2000’s pit vips what kind are yours??

  • IG - luhswervoo_
    IG - luhswervoo_

    “go back 😀👍🏽” “go back?? 🤨” (4:07)

  • kevin enriquez
    kevin enriquez

    The green dodge is a standard?! bad ass!

  • jason Priddy
    jason Priddy

    Future so bright ya gotta wear shades



  • Jorge Alves
    Jorge Alves

    Ok seriously, I’m convinced they are paying you and WD to wear those ridiculous looking glasses?



  • taylor bedard
    taylor bedard

    Love the build bruh keep doing you!!!

  • Taylor Smith
    Taylor Smith

    “Gonna go rip the 4 wheeler” *forgets to show us*😂😂

  • Darth Uchiha
    Darth Uchiha

    How in the world do you remember to put this stuff back together!? It blows my mind just watching this.


      Hahahahahha exactly!

  • 01arron

    While watching you pull on the steering wheel I heard myself tell you to part screw the bolt back in please... haha

  • Drew Turner
    Drew Turner

    Go to your loca scrap yard for a upper glove box and rear locks. Ik it’s not new but it is the same but cheaper.

  • Tyler Getty
    Tyler Getty

    The production and quality of your videos over the last year has increased so much. It’s awesome to see how much you’ve accomplished!


      Thanks Tyler! Glad it shows!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 love comments like this

  • Josh’s Videos
    Josh’s Videos

    You could always send it to school and make it smart narrow. Lol 😂

  • millersquad

    I have an EcoDiesel as well and boy does that exhaust you put on yours sounds so good! I want to get one!!

  • Michael Frog-Man Bourne - 803 Garage
    Michael Frog-Man Bourne - 803 Garage

    LoL nope it was on purpose.

  • Trey Robinson
    Trey Robinson

    I hope you haven’t ordered the shifter. Try getting one of the new 5th gen ones, because I think 5th gens are leather wraped and have the a brown for the longhorn package.

  • James R Fowler
    James R Fowler

    Ryan wanted to ask why you have so many of the little tree air freshener in your vehicles? I keep one in my truck at all times but not that many

  • Horsepower Killer
    Horsepower Killer

    Anyone know the song at 8:50

  • Horsepower Killer
    Horsepower Killer

    What are these sunglasses I keep seeing called Ryan has a pair NOW

  • Diesel Grandpa
    Diesel Grandpa

    I'm thinking just buy a longhorn and have it painted yellow

  • Ricky Mitchell
    Ricky Mitchell

    Can't wait for the tire machine, what, what. Will be epic

  • Jesse Krulich
    Jesse Krulich

    Love these videos! Excited everytime i see a video drop!

  • Christian Thomas
    Christian Thomas

    Yo ryan can I have the tradesman dash plz it would look great in my secound gen ram

  • Rondell McCullough
    Rondell McCullough

    What about Katie’s Ford?

  • Soul Reaper7364
    Soul Reaper7364

    I'm putting 24x14 on my 84 chevy

  • 307_ SCOOT
    307_ SCOOT

    like i said before you really need to change the color of the pillar plastic. the grey dont look right with the brown roof

  • Bob Evans
    Bob Evans

    Going to be a bulging bananna soon!

  • javas vandeway
    javas vandeway

    Really with those sunglasses?


    please lose the 1980 s shades

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    I think that Laramie brown would of been dope in the banana I’ve got the brown in my white 2012

  • banga8080

    Zoo ok like he's riding the clutch 👀👀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Wheels looked blue and I wasn’t upset about it ....

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers

    Are you gonna do different grab bars? And how are you gonna make sure you dont have any rattles after its together?


    I really hope he has different oh shit handles coming or he's gonna paint them that grey doesn't go with the rest of the interior

  • Jerry Taylor
    Jerry Taylor

    Put a Banks Power pedal monster in the banana ram and give a review compared to the pedal commander.

  • KB Customs
    KB Customs

    Looks goods!!

  • Locally Hated 300
    Locally Hated 300

    Where did Katie's truck go?

  • Karson Rinehart
    Karson Rinehart

    If you would disconnect the sway bars on 6.7 lime then that thing would have hella articulation!!

  • Anthony Danen
    Anthony Danen

    Yooooo blue goes hard on 6.7 lime

  • Mis Hammer
    Mis Hammer

    Are u going to do up ur tails and 3break light? I hop the rims are red

  • Cliff Cook
    Cliff Cook

    Sure wish you would ship my order from October ....still waiting!!!...

  • D. Patterson
    D. Patterson

    You have a lot of patience Ryan, I would want these builds done like...quick.😱😜

  • Jeromy Harris
    Jeromy Harris

    Cover the glove box door with what you used from your header panel probably look sick

  • Mis Hammer
    Mis Hammer

    That truck going to look sexy can’t wait

  • Fisherman dad jimmy
    Fisherman dad jimmy

    So soooooo good 😌

  • eric crider
    eric crider

    Song he used during the video clips?

  • serg dobic
    serg dobic

    U should do a limited interior in the 6.7 lime

  • joenissan

    PEEPERS! The sound of the peepers in the night shots at the end says spring is here! I’m so pumped.

  • Tyler Klossen
    Tyler Klossen

    Can’t wait for those wheels and tires to go on the banana ram, this is gonna be legendary

  • James Bice
    James Bice

    Where the C8 been at?

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    That video shoot was sick! Can’t wait for both sets of rims to be on the trucks! Also like that you doing more of like your life and not just of trucks! Still think you need a 95-1999 OBS with a Cummins swap

  • Square348apple

    Legit how does Ryan not have more subs he should have well over 1 million

  • Yeti 6.7
    Yeti 6.7

    Hey this may be a long shot but i was wondering if i could get your email or i can send you mine. I was wondering where you got the harness made for the heated and cooled seats . My imail os bradyedwardson96@gmail.com thanks in advance

  • Paint GuN Express
    Paint GuN Express

    ✨LFTD✨......#1 🏆...

  • Jake Catherwood
    Jake Catherwood

    Such a perfect vid every time I love this guy

  • Easy1Productions

    was such a fun day shooting that!

  • Trevor Disinger
    Trevor Disinger

    Early ganggg from the usmc squadbayyy heck yeah 😂😏

  • markoftheus

    Gotta still re-gear the green ram

  • Christopher Martinez
    Christopher Martinez

    Great video

  • Jason S
    Jason S

    Keeping it lftd until it’s time to drop it low!!

  • Noel Ybarra
    Noel Ybarra

    The 👑 KING of Black Ice

  • CamBreBet3 v
    CamBreBet3 v

    Would get pulled over in a minute in PA.

  • TheBoringChannel

    Imagine trying pull it off for hours and you get the tool and finishes the job in 2 seconds 😂

    • cody Hernandez
      cody Hernandez

      That's what he said

  • CDP56

    Nice get home from work to see a new vid.....effin eh cotton 🤙🤙

  • Life As Thurm
    Life As Thurm

    That headliner is nastyyy🔥 Who wants to see both these bananas together 🤔



  • Chad Bice
    Chad Bice

    wheres katie been

  • Chad Bice
    Chad Bice

    why not just buy a longhorn edition save the trouble