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  • Scott Sullivan
    Scott Sullivan

    Now imagine dropping all that money you put into that Dodge into a 6.7 powerstroke or an OBS 7.3. THen you'd actually have a truck worth drivin'

  • Jaydon Charrier
    Jaydon Charrier

    Where did you get the custom seatbelt done?

  • Twitch Cdog
    Twitch Cdog

    Add a lope tune to it plsss

  • Adam Law
    Adam Law

    12:31. That's what she said

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson

    You should brush it instead of polish on the drive shaft

  • Chance Dake
    Chance Dake

    I would try and wrap it and make look like a yellow Crayons


    Polish then clear coat the drive shaft

  • RubberDucky

    its a cummins. its not straight piped. it dosent roll the slightest of coal. why

  • Kent Trasmonte
    Kent Trasmonte

    49 mins yeah not bad

  • Bhighnote !
    Bhighnote !

    Can you get the grey on the pillars to black stocks out like a sore thumb

  • Gerardo Jimenez
    Gerardo Jimenez

    Put a big ass sticker that said FAKE TAXI

  • KiNG

    please you have to paint the pilars, the white A, B and C pilars looks terrible with the brown interior

  • Jerry Fuentes
    Jerry Fuentes

    Truck came out clean bro great job.👍

  • Lyle Thefasto
    Lyle Thefasto

    Taxi more like macxi you know what I mean


    there is a 2013 Ram 2500 big horn for sale on you tube


    you could do the drive shafts yellow candy cane stripes.



  • swayde welborn
    swayde welborn

    Polish the driveshaft and then clear it 🤔

  • JC Clark
    JC Clark

    Leve the mirrors down on this build ! Lol

  • CiskyFrancy7

    SunRoof!!!!!!!! 😀

  • CiskyFrancy7

    Powder coat the Wheels red? 👀👀 and paint the chrome on the tow mirrors yellow 👀🤔

  • kaaawaz

    Well done Ryan!! She’s beautiful!!🤙

  • Alv.its_eden

    Sick asf

  • Gregory Maxwell
    Gregory Maxwell

    you should go up a little more with the stars love the truck tho bro💪🏼🖤

  • Art Rodriguez
    Art Rodriguez

    Just made a hulk hogan ram

  • St. Burner
    St. Burner

    I love these builds!

  • Day 2 Day
    Day 2 Day

    Am I alone in thinking the seatbelts aren’t working? Maybe if he does something to the pillars.

  • Day 2 Day
    Day 2 Day

    Rock lights in the bed.

    • Day 2 Day
      Day 2 Day

      Or some sort of led lighting.

  • Matthew Boutilier
    Matthew Boutilier

    Ouffff hawt damn brother , this truck is pure 🔥!!!! Congrats on another badass build my man !!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • 01arron

    I hope you never get rid of any of the three trucks your have atm. Your a lucky down to earth guy and having them three trucks you’ve worked hard on mainly the yellow and green is just amazing, I would keep them all

  • Certified. G0getta.300
    Certified. G0getta.300

    Truck looks so clean bro. I got the same rims but black. Super clean wherl

  • vincent sangalang
    vincent sangalang

    make an off raod build dude

  • omgwow loldang
    omgwow loldang

    Your banana is looking mighty fine good job 😉

  • Dane Damson
    Dane Damson

    bro that thing damn clean boy

  • Chris Rehling
    Chris Rehling

    Looks awesome 👍👍👍👍

  • IBBeardArmor

    Is it just me, or where youse guys waiting for Axel Foley to appear too?

  • Josh Thompson
    Josh Thompson

    Banana Ram is mint, love it🤘🏼

  • Julius Reyes
    Julius Reyes

    I can’t wait for Daytona to hopefully get to meet you, I was inspired by watching you to start building my truck and have been watching every video since the purple Chevy and love watching all the builds you got and have done and would be so happy to get to meet you in Daytona . I been building my 2016 Chevy Silverado 1500 that I bought as my first truck #lifted # Daytonatruckmeet2021

  • lisandro castillo
    lisandro castillo

    Not to get wholesome or anything but, I've been watching Ryan for about a year and watching this guy actually takes the stress off me.To virtual school, to work and taking care of my dog this guy helps me get through my thoughest days.And just want to say keep the builds going and dont forget to have fun


      🙌🏼 I appreciate the kind words man! Lots of fun to come!

  • C Applehans
    C Applehans

    I love my Laramie 3500 long bed. Sweet truck bro

  • Tyler Gribben
    Tyler Gribben

    Red bedliner would be cool

  • Jason Lukasik
    Jason Lukasik

    After you polish it the clear it

  • MrKawi

    30:29 that's what she said

  • Justin Magill
    Justin Magill

    Awesome. I’m going to be at Music City Showdown and looking forward to seeing it

  • Landry Horne
    Landry Horne

    Definitely a fan ryan 👏 do it yourself work thats quality and the attitude to try something outside of the box is why this is my favorite channel to watch.

  • Gutta Som viser
    Gutta Som viser

    Minions wold love this

  • klayxielLOL

    How many taxi are gonna be out of business when they see this truck?

  • FiveStar Hemi
    FiveStar Hemi

    15:14 bottom right corner? Was the $1,100.00 bucks all in ones? 😬


      $600 in 2’s 😂😂

  • LJ mitchell
    LJ mitchell

    When I first found out the colors I was mad af thought it was going to look bad but I really like it now that it’s done 🔥

  • Jeremy Mcjennett
    Jeremy Mcjennett

    “Finishes 3 trucks before helping his girlfriend finish hers” lmao

  • Jeremy Hodges
    Jeremy Hodges

    Mannnnn the banana ram is the best looking truck I’ve seen in a longggggg time on god 😲

  • D Money
    D Money

    I’m looking to re gear my truck. I would love to see you do it to the ram so we can all see how the best does it 🤣🤣🤣

  • John Reilly
    John Reilly

    Could you do a update on how you paint job on bumpers/mirrors/grille of the green lime is holding up? Since it’s been a couple of years

  • Nathan Vansickle
    Nathan Vansickle

    Gm tow mirror everything

  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins

    Dude, looks great . Nice work Ryan , what wheels are they again.

  • Jacob MATTHEWS
    Jacob MATTHEWS

    You should come to Indianapolis motor speedway may 1st for cleetus and cars

  • Robert Hurd
    Robert Hurd

    Bro the truck looks amazing 🥶 & you can be selfish for however long you want b/c this does NOT have to be a giveaway truck I promise & none* of us will be butt hurt, you really deserve the finished product & it’s not even done entirely 😅

  • Jonathan Cannoles
    Jonathan Cannoles

    Okay so when is the performance parts coming in??

  • Lane Nageotte-Taylor
    Lane Nageotte-Taylor

    Take it to the dealership to get an appraisal and see what they say 😂 They are gonna be very confused at first

  • Olakunle Ekundare
    Olakunle Ekundare

    Nice job with the Banana Ram! Great looking vehicle!

  • Kody Brown
    Kody Brown

    Looks beautiful leave off the flares it doesn't need them

  • John Henry
    John Henry

    Get a Lilly brush for all that hair in the carpet! You won’t regret it I promise! Pinky promise lol

  • Nicolas Heiskell
    Nicolas Heiskell

    You did an incredible job! Enjoy it you deserve it! Keep up the incredible work you inspire me and many others with every video!

  • Dalton Eller
    Dalton Eller

    Frist video I seen of you and I liked it but I honestly don't know why people put those rims and tires on a truck I wanna say your from north Carolina but it's not squatted

  • qkevin73

    Paint the inner liners

  • Joe G.
    Joe G.

    Go to carmax and get it appraisal the banana 🍌 ram..

  • Connor Bomhoff
    Connor Bomhoff

    No cap I would sell my soul to drive that thing to prom

  • Joe G.
    Joe G.

    Get some red stripes on the banana 🍌 ram bro...

  • Redbeard

    Those brushed wheels definitely set that thing off!

  • BigSlimJim

    2nd gen build next😈

  • Angel lira
    Angel lira

    Chrom tailgate handle

  • alan ross
    alan ross

    Where would I find a limited longhorn interior for my 2015 ram 1500 crew cab lone star ?

  • Kaneala H
    Kaneala H

    love the work it turn out better then i pictured!!!! keep it up

  • Lewis Lopez
    Lewis Lopez

    That banana ram is clapped out


    Digging it!!!

  • Hannah Bucy
    Hannah Bucy

    Half the time I have no idea what you’re talking about but I’m SO proud of you!!


      Thank youuuuuu! 🤩 Hahaha just sit back and trust me

  • Nicholas Wood
    Nicholas Wood

    Yea but you fucked it up, the eco diesel has the chrome accents so they chrome rims should go on that truck while the black rims should go on the yellow truck

  • Robert Carley
    Robert Carley

    I would have make the seatbelts red to match the lift.

  • Mann Family Adventures
    Mann Family Adventures

    I still say chrome handles

  • Brandin Short
    Brandin Short

    Am I the only one caught that? “I would love to polish that shaft.” Ha! That’s what she said!......😂🤣 sorry Ryan I couldn’t help myself I had to say it

  • Mulo_jr

    Should buy the limited / longhorn chrome window trim N lower chrome trim

  • C Applehans
    C Applehans

    So bad ass......

  • jaxson james
    jaxson james

    “I would love to polish that shaft”💀😂

  • Stryker Enterprises LLC
    Stryker Enterprises LLC

    Those gray grab handles on those A pillars gotta go.

  • Hunter Pedder
    Hunter Pedder

    Ok I have put some tonight into it. Why don’t you powder coat your drive lines.

  • Turner2211

    Needs the chrome/painted door handles

  • Gucci Bonds III
    Gucci Bonds III

    Yo I vote do a 08-09 Jeep jk next. Pick one up with a fried 200k motor for 6-8k and swap in a 5.7 or 6.4 as part of the series. I feel like it would test your mechanic skills and would make for a killer series. Plus jeeps make sick builds when done right and modern.

  • William Taylor
    William Taylor

    15:52 Ryan this better not be getting given away..... put the money back in ur pocket and the keys in a safe. Too perfect to go to someone else :p

  • John Beyer
    John Beyer

    Windows up!!!!!!!!!

  • Dustin Townsend
    Dustin Townsend

    Freakin LOVVVE the outcome bro!! 🤤

  • Kushanpeng

    This should NOT be a give away truck..this truck is a game changer💯..just damn beautiful 😍

  • Holden Powell
    Holden Powell

    The front Driveshaft would look awesome red but I just changed mine u joint in mine and it’s a big puzzle to get the 2 u joints in the back out and then back together. It would look sweet but much to change the rear 2 u joints

  • Rick Capsaholic
    Rick Capsaholic

    Turned out awesome!

  • Quizey

    So clean

  • Daniel Turko
    Daniel Turko

    Maybe do the chevy mirrors the running light would be in a better place and fit with the headlights

  • Cody Lambert
    Cody Lambert

    This definitely needs a Fake Taxi decal 😂

  • Billy Cusano
    Billy Cusano

    Ryan man i love your videos your an inspiration im happy to see other people enjoying truck building culture and making their vehicles into something they love

  • Tyler Lidgett
    Tyler Lidgett

    Absolutely do not give this thing away. You worked so hard on it and it deserves to stay in the collection. Keep the rainbow garage going!!

  • Dusty Mac
    Dusty Mac

    Great job Ryan.

  • Dillon B
    Dillon B

    Paint the door sill metal prices red