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  • Isaac Ammerman
    Isaac Ammerman

    Dad had a 13 Tahoe. It was a POS

  • Atmosphere31

    I havent seen the rest of the videos on this rig yet, but if you havent done anything to the dash bezels, you could definitely Hydrodip them... One more skill to get under your belt.

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan

    Gonna be a badass build 😎👍💪

  • Chad Lorentz
    Chad Lorentz

    so I saw the Purple Silverado in Millersburg for sale yesterday

  • Jim Cross
    Jim Cross

    You still going to make me 4x4 decals

  • Jackson Mills
    Jackson Mills

    Lift it and put big tires on it

  • Travis Shamblin
    Travis Shamblin

    you said the same about the chevy and it didn’t turn out good. you over hype things and make them sound better than what they turn out to be...

  • Malik Alaya
    Malik Alaya

    Take it to Sima after you are done with it

  • Tony Lisk
    Tony Lisk

    Ryan what kind of headlights are those I got a 15 ram 1500 and want some of those 👀

  • Sauce Gotti
    Sauce Gotti

    Keep the red paint! Love the channel and builds!

  • Kyle Eubanks
    Kyle Eubanks

    Traded the chev 1500 in on it huh

  • BananaBoy:D

    You should put ur dodge on custom offsets gallery

  • Spencer Tracy
    Spencer Tracy

    You should big nasty cam in

  • J Trevino
    J Trevino

    Just a suggestion, Doug from soundman does some good work with dash kits mostly iPads. If your looking for something like that hes the guy. His youtube is soundman

  • J Trevino
    J Trevino

    2 words, pedal commander

  • streetaffiliatesfounder

    Family trucc build

  • Dominic Rideout
    Dominic Rideout

    you should wrap it black and the lift should be red

  • larry hendzel
    larry hendzel

    The red is pretty sick but I feel like green and purple vehicles are your signature now your in to deep now just stick with it lol

  • Niko Garcia
    Niko Garcia

    You could see what it was in the thumbnail 💀

  • Brian Longley
    Brian Longley

    Like it my man ,love Tahoe

  • LIMITLESS_50 Gaming
    LIMITLESS_50 Gaming

    Do a cam

  • Truck Commander
    Truck Commander

    I can't wait to see the SEMA Tahoe bulid come together.

  • Kobie Kirich
    Kobie Kirich

    Put on tow mirrors

  • Jonathan

    Very nice color!!

  • Alberto Soriano
    Alberto Soriano

    Great choice for a build can’t wait to see the content take the roof racks off please need a video on that !!!!

  • Build&Bought

    I've built/moded a couple suburbans before and u can definitely make them look absolutely killer. So Iam definitely interested in seeing what u do with this Tahoe.

  • Eli Nottingham
    Eli Nottingham

    Limo that thing out plz 2% everywhere except windshield and driver and pass window

  • Carson Rennell
    Carson Rennell

    Wrap it lime green plz

  • Eric Leon
    Eric Leon

    I'm from Houston and I see fully built tahoes and escalades all the time but I guess texas is always ahead of the curve on lifting anything lol

  • Finx

    Get some 14 wides on that thing

  • Jesse Nichols
    Jesse Nichols

    That thing is SUPER clean for being a rust belt northern Ohio truck!!

  • Jarred Owen
    Jarred Owen

    Watch out, the active fuel management causes the lifters to go unless you get a tune or the range technology obd plug

  • Bryan Patterson
    Bryan Patterson

    I got a 1996 chevy tahoe blue with the bronze stripe on the bottom. I love my Tahoe. Cant wait to see what you do with this tahoe.

  • Barnett Outdoors
    Barnett Outdoors

    Ryan is this your way of telling everyone that you and Katie are expecting?? Just putting 1 and 1 together. Family wagon, mom car... 🤔👪😉

  • Someone Named C
    Someone Named C

    You should put some Escalade taillights on it that will make it really stand out

  • FiveBuckTY

    Deffs gotta do escalade tail lights! Cool build man.

  • Devon Williams
    Devon Williams

    I died I some pics on Instagram of a Tahoe in my area check it out. Insta: @501scalecustomz

  • Christian Stewart
    Christian Stewart

    Do it would be sick chevy gang

  • Alex Porter
    Alex Porter

    Subscribed to the channel after watching both your channel and Katie's channel

  • Fishing For reels
    Fishing For reels

    Idk what I think about the Cadillac tail light swap but I would look sweet

  • cdevoy84

    we took our tahoe put a strocker in it up on 38 tires

  • Derrick Kelley
    Derrick Kelley

    Hydrodip the wood grain plastics!!

  • Joe Boyd
    Joe Boyd

    I love trucks and suvs i what 4x4 only because my dad had 2 wheel drive when he got a Chevy blazer it had 4 wheel drive and the GMC Jimmy it has 4 wheel drive it very powerful and I love the Jimmy

  • Joe W
    Joe W

    Perfect!!! We just bought a Tahoe ourselves so I’m excited to see how you’re going to transform this vehicle.

  • Vngfxl

    Down in the south Tahoe’s are laid back😂


    Best choice. You lift it more than a leveling kit. You should lifted it 4

  • Nijji Haley
    Nijji Haley

    I knew what it was as soon as I saw the grill

  • layne sponsler
    layne sponsler

    Me: (shows glimpse of grill) ewww not a Tahoe😂😂..... exited to see what ya do to it

  • Rob Sheredy
    Rob Sheredy

    I only watch you channel every now and then but I really want to see what you can do with this


    I like the purple and green themed vehicles but i think the red looks great i would keep it honestly

  • Whistlin Gasser
    Whistlin Gasser

    Squat it

  • zacktexley953

    FINALLY!!! A tahoe build. I myself have been wanting to build one of these body styles but life and $$$ always play a factor. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

  • Kolbeytheraccoon

    squat it

  • Daylan Giovati
    Daylan Giovati

    speaking from experience with my own tahoe, you’ll enjoy the truck more without the bull bar or brush guard

  • keaton jerome
    keaton jerome

    HD front end swap would be MINT👌

  • Hayden Duncan
    Hayden Duncan

    I hope he goes all out like the last build with the huge level kit and MASSSIIIIVVVEEE 33's

  • Vigranth

    Lift it as high as the RAM it will be dope

  • Vigranth

    This is my favourite body style tahoe

  • Hayden Duncan
    Hayden Duncan

    bro I've never even seen a Tahoe before. thats crazy

  • Jackson Gardner
    Jackson Gardner

    Squat it😳😳

  • Keith’s Garage
    Keith’s Garage

    Soon as I saw the grille like “no way.. is that.. is that a Tahoe!?!” Lol definitely not what I was expecting but, definitely rad🤟🏼 BTW talking about superchargers I’d love to see you put a twin screw on this. A few years ago I put one on the 6.7L thats in my Silverado, it was still a pretty stock 6.0L back then. But even so I still absolutely loved it. I mean of course I love it 100x more now that it’s a 6.7L lol but the twin screw, an intake, cam & headers alone was a very decent torque & hp increase over stock. I’d highly recommend it If your looking for a decent power increase and just about instant torque pretty much anywhere & everywhere in the rpm range.

  • Ashton Ferrier
    Ashton Ferrier

    Put 05 Escalade ESV Platinum rims on it and switch out the hub caps

  • Noah Watson
    Noah Watson

    That going to be green too

  • Dylan Schexnayder
    Dylan Schexnayder

    It’s nice but everyone down here got show truck versions of the Tahoe look up flawless whips on ig and put chrome wheels with that color it would look insane

  • Grantimas maximas
    Grantimas maximas

    Do a front clip swap with a silverado and then go for the HD hood too!

  • DonovanV121

    When he said people might not call it a truck... I thought he was gonna show us a El Camino

  • Brandon Gamet
    Brandon Gamet

    Uncle has the same year in black on 8” on 37’s clean rides like a caddy

  • Coulter Kimbrell
    Coulter Kimbrell

    Sold my '11 Z-71 LTZ lifted 9.5" in 2017 for a Ram 2500 Cummins. Be aware of the cracking dash symptom of the 07.5' - 13' Tahoes and Silverados. Also the spacers will need to be larger than 1.75" to keep from having to cut studs when mounting the wheels. CTS or McGaughys is the way to go for lifts for sure. The 5.3L can be turned into a beast.

  • Cory Derosier
    Cory Derosier

    Could you Paint the pieces on the dash?

  • Drew Noskiye
    Drew Noskiye

    That’s awesome man I have a 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe

  • Joe Bechill
    Joe Bechill

    Dude im excited about the Tahoe im a huge chevy guy anyways so i can't wait man thats gonna such a badass build i cannot wait.

  • Zachary Golden
    Zachary Golden

    Great build vehicle just don’t squat it please 😂

  • xX-Freight Train-Xx
    xX-Freight Train-Xx

    I’m definitely for this build Because like you said not a lot of people do it ! I can’t wait to see how you build this

  • Eli Boy 2007
    Eli Boy 2007

    You should squat it

  • Mattie 334
    Mattie 334

    Needs a big off road looking build this time not a mall crawler like the last build

  • J_Nasy 23
    J_Nasy 23

    That shit gone be fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jack Rockholt
    Jack Rockholt

    IDK what Instagram profiles you look at to not see Tahoe builds

  • Brandon Davis
    Brandon Davis

    I own a 2006 tahoe fully loaded I can't wait to see what Ryan does to thos beauty

  • Josh Fickling
    Josh Fickling

    I was hoping it was going to be a Durango

  • Don Taylor
    Don Taylor

    Texas Speed and Performance for some serious upgrades

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller

    Hey Ryan get a rid of the DSD it slows ur engine down alot

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller

    I got a 1998 Tahoe that I wanted to lift it but I got a family so I cant

  • Julian Rivera
    Julian Rivera

    Dang you had me thinking it was an el Camino or a SSR, but a Tahoe is more of a SUV, I’m diggin it either way 😎

  • YEEYEE 07
    YEEYEE 07

    U should do a 7.3 excursion

  • MTB Alex
    MTB Alex

    I wrapped the trim on mine with black ash wood matte vinyl, just idea

  • James

    Bad ass I got 1 go big bro👍👍💯

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    Nice choice on vehicle can’t wait too see what you do

  • Max O’Brien
    Max O’Brien

    HD Silverado front end swap looks sick on these

  • Jacsen Nowell
    Jacsen Nowell

    You need to squat it

  • Cameron C
    Cameron C

    Don’t wrap it leave it the factory color. You rally see that color and it’s amazing 😎

  • michael guntharp
    michael guntharp

    Please no tow mirrors either. Stock mirrors fully color matched with chrome top caps


    The red is really nice but I see you wrapping it as an opportunity to learn and teach us how to wrap a vehicle

  • michael guntharp
    michael guntharp

    Please change your intro please

  • Cameron C
    Cameron C

    I love the color of the Tahoe! Definitely can’t wait to see it built!!!🤙🏼

  • danny godsoe
    danny godsoe

    I guessed it was a Tahoe before I seen it

  • Bryston Grace
    Bryston Grace

    0.22 who else besides me thought that he was gonna talk about the plant.

  • Davon Carter
    Davon Carter

    You should squat it

  • Automotive Enthusiast Lifestyle
    Automotive Enthusiast Lifestyle

    Fix the rust or you will regret it

  • Cullen Podolan
    Cullen Podolan

    Green black lift Tow mears

  • Adam Inuktalik
    Adam Inuktalik

    Ayeee same as mine, maybe I’ll copy you on your build. I’m so excited for this build!!