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  • Casey Kesman
    Casey Kesman

    Red head gear box for the 1st gen.

  • Paul C Casares
    Paul C Casares

    Do the bright red bed!!!

  • Jay Yoder
    Jay Yoder

    Hey put a red exhaust tip on the yellow ram

  • Mike Hardeman
    Mike Hardeman

    Gotta do the red liner🔥🔥

  • Juan Reta-Zuniga
    Juan Reta-Zuniga

    Borguson Steering Shaft is a must for the first gens got one in mine and it tightened that up!!

  • John Mayoral
    John Mayoral

    Just thought about you doing the bed light brown or dark beige to match the interior. It would look purty sweet and tasteful

  • Mastershipley21

    What's the name of the song at the beginning.

  • Eduyn Perez
    Eduyn Perez


  • Clay McDaniel
    Clay McDaniel

    Put a yellow tonneau cover on it

  • Clay McDaniel
    Clay McDaniel

    Where do you get your factory matched paint colors and what kind is it?

  • MyLife AsCaoimhe
    MyLife AsCaoimhe

    do the liner red, just do it

  • William Clifford
    William Clifford

    could u change the lens in the mirrors on the banana ram so u can use the mirrors down?

  • Kyle Gonsalves
    Kyle Gonsalves

    Chrome bed!

  • Gian Nicolosi
    Gian Nicolosi

    I think it’s time to give the lime ram some love I’m sure it’s still got lights on and I see improvements that need to be done. For instance. I’m not feeling a yellow or red bed liner in banana ram. So let’s put that off and let’s do purple in the lime ram.

  • Bryce Weaver
    Bryce Weaver

    Ryan, do you have a new code for pedal commander discount by chance? My ram 1500 is in serious need of one!

  • CoC Master
    CoC Master

    cool truck

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown

    You forgot to color match the plastic bezel on the antenna

  • Billy Thurmond
    Billy Thurmond

    Love the truck Ryan can't wait for you to paint the bed. And motor mods

  • Jeremy Mcjennett
    Jeremy Mcjennett

    Red is the worst possible color you could go with

  • Cody Scarborough
    Cody Scarborough

    You doing a exhaust on the Banana ram

  • Evan Moran
    Evan Moran

    Talk to Firepunk Diesel about building your 68RFE transmission.

  • Aaron Keoppel
    Aaron Keoppel

    Where is the exhaust tip??

  • Jack Ward
    Jack Ward

    I defiantly would do the yellow liner and red receiver hitch. Are you going to do the OEM fender flares?

  • SwanAttack87

    Look into the maestro data link. That might be it.

  • Thomas Nemschick
    Thomas Nemschick

    Can u do a 4th gen interior swap to a 5th gen

  • M Nels
    M Nels

    Nice lookin 🍌!

  • Si Simons
    Si Simons

    dodge has a sector shaft for the 1st gen,,,, takes out most of slack

  • Dante Keskin
    Dante Keskin

    So mustard and ketchup???

  • Lyndon Hamby
    Lyndon Hamby

    No red bed. Gaudy brother 👎

  • Zach S
    Zach S

    You turn down the flatbed on the purple truck think we should get it on the first gen

  • DrewStillPlays

    5th gen tails on lime next?

  • Austin Felts
    Austin Felts

    Tf u do for a living baller?

  • Antonio Mendoza
    Antonio Mendoza

    Ryan you and Ondgas racing are literally the only two channels I watch check em out one day ✌️

  • justinnash09

    Needs the smooth flares. Sick truck though.

  • Chris Adams
    Chris Adams

    You should color match the tailgate emblem, paint the black yellow around Ram head

  • Noah Wicks
    Noah Wicks

    Where’s the axle dump on banana ram

  • gabe teboe
    gabe teboe

    What r u gonna do for the exhaust on the banana ram r u gonna straight pipe it or put a bigger exhaust on it

  • John Henry
    John Henry

    Oh boy might wanna get them ball joints replaced before that becomes pretty expensive on that first gen

  • YunggIcee

    at first i was kinda let down you didn’t do red wheels but the chrome is growing on me, i love it dude!💯

  • Andrew Howard
    Andrew Howard

    Put a built Allison behind that 6.7 Banana Ram!

  • Kingdallas24 cowboys
    Kingdallas24 cowboys

    red bed

  • Derek Kuhn
    Derek Kuhn

    Go red bed and red exhaust tip. Finish that beauty up. Get balls deep in that 1st Gen, that will be a wicked build. Game changer. 🤘🏻

  • Jonathan Loftus
    Jonathan Loftus

    Still waiting for you to come get my ecodiesel.

  • Zaid Diaz De Leon
    Zaid Diaz De Leon

    New ffs a arms and leveling kit. I just installed it on my d250 and I am mind blow with the outcome.

  • MrGruffers

    You should Allison swap the trans!!, ATS made some videos about their kits they are gonna come out with and that’s be the ultimate trans!

  • J.D. Martin
    J.D. Martin

    this my 3rd comment but next vid we need a jump start counter on the first gen

  • Blane Worley
    Blane Worley

    So what you need to do is make that make that ram logo on tailgate into the 5th gen logo. 5th gen logo is a little bit different than 4th gen logo and would look good

  • J.D. Martin
    J.D. Martin

    12:18 ay my ***** we havin a wonderful day bone thugs at their finest

  • J.D. Martin
    J.D. Martin

    10:00 the only part i care about lol

  • Zack Schmidt
    Zack Schmidt

    The tailgate ram logo looks out of place. You should paint the black surround on it yellow!! And leave the ram chrome. That would looks sick!!

  • Joemama Gay
    Joemama Gay

    No offense but when I first saw the first gen I was like why tf did you buy that. That is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen

  • Karl Thomas
    Karl Thomas

    Do the bed liner RED it will be freaking 🔥

  • Austin reed
    Austin reed

    You should paint the fender wells red

  • Zoned Out
    Zoned Out

    I do like how the banana ram came out. Go ahead and paint the bed red. It might look like the Ronald McDonald truck, or it might be fire. But we've gotta try it.

  • Grant Jeansonne
    Grant Jeansonne

    Flat bed on first gen

  • Denver Buerge
    Denver Buerge

    Don't do bed liner yellow please that's TOO MUCH

  • Matt C
    Matt C


  • GPU2

    The bed liner looks fine as is bro lol

  • The white Demon 07
    The white Demon 07

    It would look awesome red with a HINT of yellow

  • Craig Davis
    Craig Davis

    Needs more RED...

  • Jerry Arruda
    Jerry Arruda

    You should invest in a big battery charger

  • Daryl Bulloch
    Daryl Bulloch

    Gen 1 👍 Cant beat the old 12 Valve!

  • Dubs IG
    Dubs IG

    Please do not shoot the bed red just shoot black it looks so much better ❤️

  • Brett Knepper
    Brett Knepper

    You need an ez shock for the tailgate


    Quit doubting yourself and paint the bed liner red truck already has enough yellow.

  • Adrian Delossantos
    Adrian Delossantos

    The black antenna base needs to be yellow now.

  • dog 123
    dog 123

    If you do the bed red I would change the Crome to red

  • kyle lucier
    kyle lucier

    My new favorite truck is that first gen now 😍


      ME TOO

  • Peter Perez
    Peter Perez

    I agree on the bed liner it will be sick. Can’t wait what that Cummins looks like when it’s done

  • Marcus Pennell
    Marcus Pennell

    It doesn’t give out a brake light out code running leds in the 3rd brake light

  • Demons Racing
    Demons Racing

    Next up: "Here's my brand new delmonico red 2020 Ram 2500" All jokes aside, if you do get one thats red I think it'd look great with a detonator yellow suspension. Kind of a evil twin version of banana ram.

  • James Ellsworth
    James Ellsworth

    I’m not so sure about that third taillight... all you did was make it look smaller. I’d recommend a fifth gen taillight to match the other taillights better, but that’s just me. I’m excited about that 1st gen. There are thousands of ways to do it wrong, but I feel good about this one.

  • Ryan

    What Led bulbs did you put in the third brake light???

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Yellow camper top lol

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Think red senors on the tails would have been boss

  • Jr Fuapapa Queen
    Jr Fuapapa Queen

    chrome the bed bro :)

  • Kyle Shannon
    Kyle Shannon

    Hear me out. I think keep the bed liner black and put a red LFTD co sticker across the back window? I think that would tie the back end the way you want!

  • shawn wurtz
    shawn wurtz

    First Gen is going to be epic. If done correctly like you always do, it will out due all the other ones.

  • Andres Salas
    Andres Salas

    Do the red bed it would look so good

  • Brady Adams
    Brady Adams

    @RYAN MAYER you need to buy a 5th gen,2nd gen, and 3rd gen Cummins so you can be the king of Cummins

  • Ryan Durst
    Ryan Durst

    You wanna sell that Miken Freak 30 in your garage haha

  • Jacob Schmaltz
    Jacob Schmaltz

    Lime will always have my heart, love that truck.

  • nsubira


  • Jordan Sonneck
    Jordan Sonneck

    Do the red bedliner then paint the tonneau cover yellow and put it back on

  • Jorge Alves
    Jorge Alves

    Factory Fender flares?

  • Matthew Shaw
    Matthew Shaw

    I love the trucks! banana ram omg, I think you should do the bed red, and that first gen would look so dope red or something ha👍🏻

  • Zachary Build
    Zachary Build

    i say full send with the red bed liner like you said can always re paint it

  • Zachary Build
    Zachary Build

    what are you doing with the stack put a bigger pipe or go dual stacks

  • Isaac Harder
    Isaac Harder

    Shoot the bed liner red💯

  • Michael Frog-Man Bourne - 803 Garage
    Michael Frog-Man Bourne - 803 Garage

    Do a red liner (sides) with a black bed.

  • Chaise Labrie
    Chaise Labrie

    Only thing I would do is take the 4x4 and ram emblems off the tailgate. Leave the middle emblem and the longhorn lettering. That would look so dapper

  • Bill

    Yellow bed liner sir. The truck came out so clean. Don’t screw it up now.

  • Everett Deschamps
    Everett Deschamps

    the 1st gen do be looking like Fred from cars lmaoo💀 btw get exhaust tip for banana ram

  • Sammy Kineston
    Sammy Kineston

    Red bed liner!!

  • Dwigt

    The bro wheels on the banana ram is a travesty. Nothing about it says offroad, so the mud tires are out of place. Low profile mud tires look like poop piled on poop. Keep the brushed look, go smaller, go AT, get right with the lord.

  • Marcus Morris
    Marcus Morris

    What About Color Matching That Black Background On The Ram Emblem?

  • AZ- Z71
    AZ- Z71

    That 1st gen has got a lot of chooch!

  • Joe Mosher
    Joe Mosher

    Invest in a battery charger. Lol

  • Common-rail Cody
    Common-rail Cody

    What would it take to add push to start? Do the bed liner.

  • Brayden Bannor
    Brayden Bannor

    Paint it teal