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  • 423 Bikelife
    423 Bikelife

    I've seen tahoes with bigger wheels and bigger tires. Why say it's never been done?

  • Shane Taylor
    Shane Taylor

    Damn gm door pins.

  • robbie miller
    robbie miller

    Clear coat all the plastic under the hood

  • Keverado_Z71

    Glad you see the wheel size to sidewall ratio as important as I do! Makes a huge difference in looks if ya ask me

  • thaLilshawny

    I have a Honda 2005 350 rancher you can see it on my channel

  • Zachary Pollock
    Zachary Pollock

    For headlights look at the retrofit ones. There’s the next gen Denali headlights that look good. They cost but I hear it’s plug n play

  • Jacob Tharp
    Jacob Tharp

    Also got to consider that the trailer is really low to the ground

  • Ricky Jacobs
    Ricky Jacobs

    I heard the v4 mode will actually ruin your motor eventually

  • Joshua Queen
    Joshua Queen

    I have towed more than ur Cummins weighs behind my Tahoe makes it squat considerably but as in power wise couldn't tell the difference.

  • Jim Cross
    Jim Cross

    Bro hook me up with 4x4 Chevy decals don't let me down

  • Kenneth Isip
    Kenneth Isip

    Hey bro less talk more actions please the whole clip was a mess explaining briefly underneath of all shits

  • James Thistlewood
    James Thistlewood

    Putting running light in headlights you right on Suburban

  • Fatty3232

    You dont need the tow mode on when pulling something. I pull a 24 ft trailer everyday and never use that tow mode

  • Blake Garrett
    Blake Garrett

    Squat it


    shit he talks to much dammmm.

  • Baseballkid18

    toot it on replicas or flakes

  • Slime Nation
    Slime Nation

    Never seen nothing like it ehh? Ever been to Florida 😂 I bet you’ll see it a lot

  • Zion Green
    Zion Green

    Squat it

  • Jackson Payne
    Jackson Payne

    Shorts and cowboy boots now that is the fit

  • Caleb Joos
    Caleb Joos

    Tow/haul mode changes the shift mapping of the trans. It will hold gears longer, ect

  • Peyton Pfantz
    Peyton Pfantz

    Not my style but you do you, love the videos keep them up can’t wait to see what size Mcgaughys kit you got

  • Trevor Henry
    Trevor Henry

    You should take the front valence off clean it up a bit

  • tramp team
    tramp team

    The stator is all in the back you have to pull off the pull starter

    • tramp team
      tramp team

      Might be easier to remove the engine


      Thank you sir!

  • Michael Alford
    Michael Alford

    I saw a red Tahoe in Houston today

  • Dylan Landon
    Dylan Landon

    I have 33x12.50 r20s on a 20x”10” (really 9) wheel no lift and original stock suspension from 97 (I’ve only changed sway bar links and wheel bearings) stock rear with 266k+ miles so not bad but I haven’t pushed it with big wheels or anything either the 33”s are the biggest it’s had.

  • NolimitGonzalez 301
    NolimitGonzalez 301

    You should take off the ta on tahoe

  • NolimitGonzalez 301
    NolimitGonzalez 301

    Squatted Tahoe’s have sum crazier wheel setups.

  • Skyler Berg
    Skyler Berg

    Do color matched headlights!?

  • Anthony

    Why wouldn't you just got led bulbs? H. I. Ds take time to warm up. And they don't last as long. Plus l. E. D's are 20$ off eBay. I got 8000k ice blue in mine.. Bright as hell and looks great.

  • Conrad Moore
    Conrad Moore

    the A-pillar snitched on you bro LMAO 😁😁😂😂😂😂

  • Jacob Justeson
    Jacob Justeson

    I feel like an idiot asking what happened to the Silverado .

  • Phillip Ivey
    Phillip Ivey

    I like watching your videos i get a laugh out of them also you have this attitude that wow I invented the world 🌎 👏 lol when you say things like this has never been done on a Tahoe before i start laughing ( i mean no disrespect its all in fun id never want to hurt your feelings in anyway) wouldn't it be better to just say you've never seen it on a Tahoe before lol I'm just joking before all the haters in the world start in im just messing with him and I'm sure he knows that lol

  • Nolan Porter
    Nolan Porter

    I’m running 35x15 1/2 Atturo trail blade boss tire on 22x14 -76 tis 544bm on 7 1/2 lift

  • Will Moto704
    Will Moto704

    Id like to see a video of what you would do to your womans truck! That needs some lovin and would be awesome content! Love the content , but lets see some for her. Keep up the awesome work man!

  • Lance Scott
    Lance Scott

    Lacey Blair’s Escalade

  • EzioVega

    Say goodbye to your wheel bearings and differential

  • Cliff Lefebvre
    Cliff Lefebvre

    Dont even bother with hids there so junk and out of date . Get leds!!

  • Chase Skelton
    Chase Skelton

    Get Hikaru leds run them in all my trucks gonna be about 120 a set lol but there insane!

  • 501 N 503
    501 N 503

    here comes the McGaughys 7-9" 9" to fit a 35" lol dodge is like let me level.

  • Brola

    imo feel like maybe you should have gotten a suburban but idk

  • 803_Yota

    Don’t get HIDs with reflective housing you ll regret it lol just get some auxbeam f16s plug and play, bright, nice beam pattern🙌

  • Astrophysics 17
    Astrophysics 17

    Lower it lol I have the same Tahoe and everything you have done but mine is lowered and the color is blue my Instagram 5.3collin I love the Tahoe though 👍🏻

  • Trenton Hood
    Trenton Hood

    “I didn’t want to get that, it was like 20 bucks” who is this guy

  • Nick S.
    Nick S.

    Hey man I have my own detailing business over in Indy. I do paint correction and ceramic coatings. I know you know how to do it and all, but I would love to come over and do a correction & coating to the tahoe! Feel free to hit me up. I’d happily do it all for free! Thedetailguy317.com

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    Forgot your wallet... did you forget your drivers license lol

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    Wait a minute🤚.... did he just say that’s gonna be a wide hoe?...wat Katie think about u talkin like that? Lol11:30

  • Lawrence Cunningham
    Lawrence Cunningham

    Would never have a wheel bigger than a 20. Rubber band tires are useless, and butt ass ugly.

  • Alberto Soriano
    Alberto Soriano

    You give me ideas for my 07 tahoe 😎

  • Caleb E. Kover
    Caleb E. Kover

    Where did you buy the fury tires

  • Tyler Brooks
    Tyler Brooks

    Do a Cam, turbos and a Tuner, it will look sound good and be hella fast!!! And keep the 8-4 cylinder on it, by deleting it your messing with the computer

  • Ryan Wagnblas
    Ryan Wagnblas

    Build that power stroke

  • Middleton Parker
    Middleton Parker

    Confused why you said this has never been done on a Tahoe? I’ve seen multiple Tahoe’s running 37’s

  • Karl Thomas
    Karl Thomas

    Looks good going to look bad ass with the lift and wheels and tires, the gym why hitch 15 inch drop with the versa ball rating 10 K because you can’t tell anything more than that anyway it’s only $309.99 sounds like a deal. You can have a bad ass truck you could have bad ass accessories.

  • Fable Vyrtx
    Fable Vyrtx

    u should do a build on a old bronco or the 2021 when it comes out

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson

    Anyone else notice the end card link for katie still says ben?

  • Jacob Langworthy
    Jacob Langworthy

    Paint it lime green

  • Matt Flo
    Matt Flo

    Entire video about nothing! haha Love the channel though (normally)

  • BackWoodsJare211

    Get the Range AFM disabler. it plugs right into your truck and disables V4 mode i love mine

  • Tyler Felske
    Tyler Felske

    American force concave 22x14x -107

  • James Blount
    James Blount

    12-14 inch drop hitch......hint hint!!!

  • Grayson Lyons
    Grayson Lyons

    You talk so damn much holy shit

  • Christian Olivas
    Christian Olivas

    Where did you order the tires from?

  • Zackary Ivey
    Zackary Ivey

    Please do not destroy the Tahoe

  • Franck Prophete
    Franck Prophete

    Brah wear sunglasses when you drive the Thao

  • It’s a Lochen’s life
    It’s a Lochen’s life

    Send in your headlights to get done

  • Stephen Tanner
    Stephen Tanner

    just regear it. no big deal

  • Kaisonn Koester
    Kaisonn Koester

    Check out Headlight Revolution for your HIDs and fog lights. No questions asked warranty, has really saved my butt in the recent weeks!

  • KBTR

    Myself I like more rubber than rim I do not like these new big rims sure they look nice but not at all practical you lose so much ride quality and going offroad its easier to get stuck, where if you went with an old style with a 16 or 17 inch rim and a 33 or 35 inch tire now that is awesome looks mean and can go through mud climb rocks and whatever plus it rides like a dream

  • KingFox

    Ever been to va or nc 35s are standard on Tahoe’s and my Tb is on 35s, my buddy has 37s on his 07

  • Dalton Poe
    Dalton Poe

    Nice fire ball shirt

  • Johnathan Fernandez
    Johnathan Fernandez

    Never heard 35x15.50x22 so many times

  • Daniel Turko
    Daniel Turko

    Color matched headlights

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    Hey Ryan check out headlight revolution they did me great for my 2016 Suburban and great price too

  • A. E.
    A. E.

    The Escalade lights are super tacky.

  • Joe Meier
    Joe Meier

    @11:31 "that's gonna be a wide hoe"😂😂😂

  • Cameron Sutton
    Cameron Sutton

    Hate to be a party pooper but you’re not the first one to put 35x15.50x22 on a tahoe😂

  • luke morris
    luke morris

    On his Tahoe same body style as yours

  • luke morris
    luke morris

    My buddy slayde has 35x15.50 on 26s

  • David Fraser
    David Fraser

    Get some window tint in the front to kill that fish bowl

  • Adam Pfeiffer
    Adam Pfeiffer

    My mom did 35s on her Yukon Denoli on a 7 inch lift but we had to do some cutting on it.

  • William Achtzehn
    William Achtzehn

    Cold air inductions, intake is supposed to add like 20hp without a tune

  • Nick Stevens
    Nick Stevens

    Hey Ryan, What kind of lift do you recommend for my 2004 Cummins? And do you have any paint job ideas? I’m going for something bright like a rapid blue or Yellow but I don’t know

  • LacesR12 Cyclones12
    LacesR12 Cyclones12

    Ryan: 1500 trucks just aren't ment for tires bigger then 35s. [Sqaure body Chevy owners have entered the chat]

  • Noah Trombley
    Noah Trombley

    Nice work I think k that's the best Tahoe I've seen


    Tow mirrors would change the look

  • smokey joe
    smokey joe

    😂 I was looking at doing the 35x15.50r20 on my f350🤣

  • 112264

    how much noise tese make on blacktop??

  • Grog _HD
    Grog _HD

    In place of that front plate. Do a plate like Ryan made for the Hitch of trucks, with your brand name on it. Red on black.

  • Chad Swainey
    Chad Swainey

    paint the rims black and lift it in the next video

  • Ohio 5pt7
    Ohio 5pt7

    My ram is rocking 24x14 and 35s. And yea no sidewall lol

  • Ohio 5pt7
    Ohio 5pt7

    I'm going 2/4 drop on my Tahoe. But I'm also doing mine to be the long trip family hauler. 4.30 gears, fbo, truck cam, 22s helper bags in the back to tow the camper. Honestly I couldn't imagine 35s on the hoe in stock form its already a pig lol.

    • Grizz 2
      Grizz 2

      You jokers putting so much money in a tahoe are crazy. It's way too flimsy of a 1500 SUV to invest in. Get an H2 at least, still GM and has 2500 components in most areas.

  • Jordyn Johnson
    Jordyn Johnson

    Just a heads up he doesn’t put them on

  • Grizz 2
    Grizz 2

    Little Ryan's DAYTONA truck is looking good. I mean the green Ram.

  • Ricky Mitchell
    Ricky Mitchell

    Lets see the wheel you picked

  • ps4 gamertag T_guns2448
    ps4 gamertag T_guns2448

    I got a 19 rancher 420 not that long ago

  • enzoincommand 300
    enzoincommand 300

    What if you make the Tahoe a 6x6!!! Please?

  • Good Living
    Good Living

    You need a barber bro! One that won’t let you leave the chair looking like that!

  • zach S
    zach S

    What's trailer mode where I come from that's race mode haha

  • Kevin Costello
    Kevin Costello

    The one time I got passed in a double yellow was because I was driving my dad’s old Ford E-350. It was a bendy hilly road and the speed limit was 30 mph and I was doing just that. Out of nowhere a Silverado comes up behind me and rides my ass while flipping me off and flashing me. I COULDN’t go any faster because there was loose fragile things in the back (a glass door and a few other things). I started to actually enjoy doing the speed limit and pissing this guy off to be honest. At one point when the road got to a point where it was somewhat safe to pass, he floored it around me while proceeding to lay on his horn. To this day I do not feel bad about what I did.

  • Jake Bagley
    Jake Bagley

    If it's higher off the ground by ALOT wont that make it top heavy cause there to be more of a chance to roll over?

    • Jake Bagley
      Jake Bagley

      @Tommy Bradfield yeah them fuckers are HEAVY too. Or maybe that's jus the suburban 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • Tommy Bradfield
      Tommy Bradfield

      Yup. That’s why I’m not gonna lift my Tahoe.