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  • Gabriel Boucher
    Gabriel Boucher

    rough country 5 inch for my ranger fx4 2009 powder coat red candy

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Tires hear me roar

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    I did illusion rose gold on my zone lift kit on my 05 6.0 build ... its was an awesome choice ... and as a ode to it I’ll do the same on my oxford ram

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Damn gas handle sits about where my tow mirrors lol

  • William Clifford
    William Clifford

    Pull the suspension off and powder it

  • Kng Cobra
    Kng Cobra

    well now you know they got fixed

  • Kyle Stanford
    Kyle Stanford

    Unfortunately, the generation of Tahoe's has a lot of "common problems".

  • Darren Cajka
    Darren Cajka

    Just need to find people that have the same passion as you. I here Aaron Kaufman is looking for work (bearded wonder from gas monkey). Either way, your website very nice

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark

    I saw an oven on WatchJrGo(another youtuber) They basically put 2 ovens together to make 1 tall oven. I don't remember which video of his that I saw it but maybe hit him up and ask him about it.

  • Youtube User
    Youtube User

    Loose steering shaft....all these repairs? A common problem!!!??? Dude .... Lexus laughs so hard 😩

  • Youtube User
    Youtube User

    Nice truck....unfortunately from 2009 up, Chevy is pure JUNK. Made in Mexico with NO quality control.....GM has gone cheaper than Chinese

  • Classic Jimmy
    Classic Jimmy

    Looks like you need a few more inches of lift in the back.

  • Matty f’n
    Matty f’n

    It’s more than likely your abs pump

  • darren cajka
    darren cajka

    Should open your own shop and begin customer work


      Bro I’m so tempted, video going live tonight another situation why I don’t take my stuff places!! GOOD, RELIABLE WORK IS SO HARD TO COME BY

  • darren cajka
    darren cajka

    I'd beat its your cv axles. But nice work

  • Muddin Mofo
    Muddin Mofo

    I did a small lift on my hoe. An the cv axles were popping. An had a friend machine a spacer for the new ones

  • Russ Walker
    Russ Walker

    I am having this same issue with my 2003 Avalanche that's lifted 7". It is the same thing. It's only when hitting a bump and seems to be coming from the driver-side.


      CV AXLES! new video goin live tonight you’ll see!!

  • david hilton
    david hilton

    What clear do you use on the powder thank you in advance

  • Lauren James
    Lauren James

    My truck did the same thing and I still can’t figure out what makes the little noise but I found out my strut shock was a little loose. If you still have noise after your rack fix that might be it.

  • Kaden Moreland
    Kaden Moreland

    You are why I wanna get into powdercoating right now im going to school for collision repair where would be the best place to get my powdercoating needs?

  • sgjackson1992

    I built an oven out of a stand up deep freezer.

  • Andres Apodaca
    Andres Apodaca

    Check out eastwoods 4x4x6 oven and booth

  • Axel La mera VERGA
    Axel La mera VERGA

    Buy Tow mirrors for the Tahoe

  • Dennis Wilhelm
    Dennis Wilhelm


  • busa rob
    busa rob

    Have you considered getting a topside creeper?

  • Elijah Austin
    Elijah Austin

    It could be your front plate rattling if you only have 2 screws on the top

  • Epic Sack69
    Epic Sack69

    Probably just a motor mount.

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    For an oven you could use a large pellet smoker like a Yoder ys1500s www.yodersmokers.com/pellet/the-ys1500s-pellet-grill/

  • Tracey Bishop
    Tracey Bishop

    Upper and lower control arms?

  • jakejordan_66

    My fathers 2018 Larimie 2500 has the abs and traction control lights that comes on and off. It come on and goes off when the truck hits bumps or hits standing water. It’s a common problem with the 4th gen rams. I believe it’s the wheel speed sensor.

  • Nick Wilson
    Nick Wilson

    I thought if you put your Powdercat in your kitchen oven you can’t cook in it 😂

  • Ethan Larrea
    Ethan Larrea

    hey ryan i just order my own 14 wides because i saw how god damn good they look on taho i’m running 35x14 tire and wheel 24x12 with -44 thanks for inspiration

  • Jake Orsak
    Jake Orsak

    You should powder coat tumblers to sell on your website.

  • Jonathan Ecker
    Jonathan Ecker

    I have a 2003 dodge 2500 and have to change wheel senor every other year. For me wheel light comes on i loose cruise. I've tried to give as much room for turning as possible. Its a ram thing never on any my lifted chevys.

  • Austin Driskell
    Austin Driskell

    Wheel bearing please replace those wheel bearing before that front wheels says good bye and take off without you

  • Ryan Law
    Ryan Law

    There is a guy down by me that does powder coating. Everything from frames to bolts.

  • Colby Martin
    Colby Martin

    I have the same year and mine did the same thing it was my motor mounts

  • John Atencio
    John Atencio

    Looks like the rear is sagging a little.


    Too many cooks in the kitchen, too many different suspension parts from too many different manufacturers

  • Kyle02z71

    Think the tires need to be balanced again? Didn’t you say the weight fell off and you just stuck em back on close enough? Maybe a solution to the shaking

  • brandon goodine
    brandon goodine

    It’s your wheel bearings bro! My Silverado done the same thing and that’s why your abs light is on.

  • Jake C
    Jake C

    ohio state football is back baby let’s gooo time to win that natty

  • TJ Thompson
    TJ Thompson

    Wash all of your vehicles you took to Daytona don’t want no salt or sand on ya shit rusting it

  • Ellis Johnson
    Ellis Johnson

    Ryan, my dude... you inspire me... The Tahoe looks so great! I hate I missed seeing you in Daytona. Maybe next year...

  • j escamilla
    j escamilla

    Try upgrading the stabilizer shock. If you have one.

  • zIHated

    The ram is like 4x4 whats that lol



  • Joshua Durham
    Joshua Durham

    Do you have kids sizes

  • Big Sexy
    Big Sexy

    Change the mirrors

  • Brad Campbell
    Brad Campbell

    Waiting to find out what the popping noise is. My 93 Yukon has been doing the same thing for years. No wheels have fallen off yet sooo yeah

  • Alex Arevalo
    Alex Arevalo

    Might be your rear control arms, that’s what was causing my popping noise over bumps as well. All I did was tighten the nuts and that fixed it. 2017 Ram 1500

  • Eldys Diaz
    Eldys Diaz

    Not sure if you already know but Eastwood sales powder coating both that are 4x4x6 that would be perfect for a garage they run for about $5,000 + and no I dont work for the company .... just in case

    • Eldys Diaz
      Eldys Diaz

      Yes I agree it is a lot off money... Just look at it this way you do a lot of build on your own image all the stuff you can fit there .. just look at at your odds . you are a smart dude.. how much you think you gonna use it and how long it takes to pay for it self .. ?? And all your buddys are gonna want all there parts powder coated for free. Lol .


      I know I seen that but $$$$$$

  • Zack D
    Zack D

    Super charge it?

  • Trenton Udovich
    Trenton Udovich

    Please put boost auto parts tow mirrors on it 😍

  • Half_Clapped95

    Had a popping that I couldn’t find on an old Jeep after rebuilding the front end. Ended up being the shaft on the strut the center nut was loose. Also the lower control arm bolts were loose from the alignment shop. Hope it helps.

  • Josh Botello
    Josh Botello

    It’s a wheel speed sensor on the front for your ram. Happens on mine like once every 3 months


    Thats a sign of hubs ... the abs/stability trac ... my rwd trailblazer ss did it ... my silverado 1500 4x4 did it ...

  • David Gleason
    David Gleason

    Ryan here is a link to build a decent size powder coating oven www.powdercoatguide.com/2014/09/how-to-build-powder-coating-oven-part-ii.html?m=1#.X2IuGSUieEe

  • CG4Ut

    The ABS and service 4x4 lights start going off on these Rams when the wheel bearing is going out. When it does you'll lose a tire and truck depending on speed. I've seen way to many guys have this happen after asking about those warning lights and letting it go.

  • Taylor Jordan
    Taylor Jordan

    Try to tighten up the upper shock mount bolts I had to do that on my 2012 f150 with a 6inch lift

  • Shawn Baker
    Shawn Baker

    Should've did the sway bar too! or just painted it black

  • KoveMakesBeats

    get the Flowmaster American Thunder Exhaust, or if you like crazy loud without going straight piped, Outlaw series also from Flowwmaster

  • Alex Casiano
    Alex Casiano

    I had the same problem on my 2012 gmc sierra and it turned out to be the front differential bearing. I left it like that for soo long that the differential broke. I had to get a used front diff and new bearings and the problem was fixed. The bearing is only $20 so replace it before you have to spend $350 on a used diff.

  • Moto Vlogger
    Moto Vlogger

    My Jeep is lifted and has heavy tires on it and every time it loses traction the abs light kicks on and I have to disconnect the battery to get it to shut off

  • Tanner Jaudon
    Tanner Jaudon

    Hold down your traction control buttons

  • Court Baldwin
    Court Baldwin

    This illusion cherry 🍒 is nuts 😂 #LFTD

  • Grantimas maximas
    Grantimas maximas

    Instead of a powder coating oven what about a kiln for baking clay pottery it's bigger than an oven but you could probably get a used one from a college or school.

  • Brandon Soto
    Brandon Soto

    The ABS might be because the tires are to heavy because that happened to my truck

  • John Luna
    John Luna

    So can you just about powder coat anything except plastic? steel, aluminum, cast iron etc...and do you have to sand blast orginal paint off if no rust on new truck parts a year old?

  • Daniel Lawson
    Daniel Lawson

    Make sure you replace the plastic bushing in the steering wheel as well since you will have it apart easier to do it now. It will also take a little persuasion and patience, ask me how I know lol

  • Bill Yokley
    Bill Yokley

    You need a blasting cabinet for things like that unless you like the sand mess all over your yard

  • Matthew Dennis
    Matthew Dennis

    Just had the same issue with my truck, check the steering gear box in the rack

  • Jeremy Washington
    Jeremy Washington

    On this channel I've heard rap, bluegrass, country, pop, and techno. Sometimes in the same video. This man's playlist is crazy 😂😂😂.

  • Mark Rodriguez
    Mark Rodriguez

    New Subscriber...I like the way you do your own work...that's awesome...and let everybody know they can do it too...👍💯


      Exactly man!! Welcome! 🙌🏼

  • Jeremy Rooks
    Jeremy Rooks

    If you have spacers on your front struts, pull one top nut off at a time and see if the stud is sitting on the edge of the hole. It will cause a pop sound also. Just reposition the strut so the studs are close to center and tighten good

  • Jeremy Rooks
    Jeremy Rooks

    The problem with the shafts aren't play up and down. Usually its in and out which u wouldn't think but is common

  • Backwoods_outlaw

    I wish mine only had 100,000

  • zach S
    zach S

    You might have to pull a little bit of lift out of the front those CV axles at maximum angle just riding down the road

  • Christian Pittman
    Christian Pittman

    10/10 on the shaft grab and shake

  • Jerry Arruda
    Jerry Arruda

    Get longer cv axles for the front . Front Popping will be solved . Good luck

  • D Dub91
    D Dub91

    Wheel bearings. As soon as I lifted my same year Silverado plus with the offset wheels it’s the wheel bearings man.

  • gerald clemens
    gerald clemens

    Not sure if I would trust Dorman parts.

  • DrewStillPlays

    Look for a old commercial gas fired oven where they roll in carts full of cookie sheets an what not you can walk inside on them there so big your not doing full frames not yet anyways lol

  • Jesse Martinez
    Jesse Martinez

    In my car I had a bunch of pops and it ended up being the strut upper bearing and outer tie rods

  • Dominick Sorise
    Dominick Sorise

    Industrial vertical bread oven you can get them in gas or electric pricey look for a used one.

  • EURO

    - - - - 0:31 - - Mind sharing where you found the social media animations? They really popped out! I'd love to incorporate that into my channel

  • John Henry
    John Henry

    Don’t forget your rear sway bar end links. Those are maxed out now as well.

  • Philipp Schubert
    Philipp Schubert

    This car looks awesome! Love it. But it need an loud exhaust!!!

  • Roberto Arellano
    Roberto Arellano


  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    Why don’t you make your own powder coat oven. There is a couple of decent videos on how to make your own

  • Otown F150
    Otown F150

    Hey there Ryan. Liking yours and Katie's videos. Do you get many Canadian fans? Check me out @OtownF150

  • project_raven _
    project_raven _

    Also redo the suspension 100% lol that looks killer man!!😍

  • Ol Son
    Ol Son

    Raffle the Tahoe off

  • project_raven _
    project_raven _

    Hey question brotha, I have the same sand blaster from harbor freight and got it from my dad, didn't explain how to use it, couldn't find videos i assume what is wrong is needing a bigger air compressor? If you can give some info on it, would greatly appreciate it!! OR do I need to fill it up like A LOT ?

  • Murdered Out Bowtie
    Murdered Out Bowtie

    Where did u get that powder coat gun

  • Jeff Michael
    Jeff Michael

    You have sand in the sensors that are on your calipers......this will give intermittent ABS light on your Ram....just clean all your calipers....you may or may not need to remove the calipers to clean it all out

  • John Mayoral
    John Mayoral

    When you get to the audio, don't forget to check out Skar Audio, definitely gonna be my next system setup. I've been looking into em and the power output is respectable and perfect for everything you've done already; not to mention the prices and application options are perfect for anything you want, from automotive/two wheeled automotive to marine usage, everyday use and competition. Even if you go small and single sub enclosure you still get a huge bang for your buck, as well as their component setups are killer. I can't stress em enough.

  • Murdered Out Bowtie
    Murdered Out Bowtie

    What part of Ohio u from

  • Murdered Out Bowtie
    Murdered Out Bowtie

    Probably just have sand built up in the hubs on the ram

  • Lyrical Walrus
    Lyrical Walrus

    You should get some Circle pods and color match them as well

  • David Bruner
    David Bruner

    Hey Ryan! You'll never guess who makes or sells the Powder Coating Ovens, like what you want/need! As much as you use their equipment, on the channel, they should sponsor you! Here is the link Bossman, they have it all Booth's, Ovens, guns, other powder coating things as well. www.eastwood.com/search/?q=Powder+Coating+Ovens