I Gave My Truck An Air Brush Paint Job With a $19 Harbor Freight Paint Gun
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  • Apollo Vanron
    Apollo Vanron

    Can you paint an ENTIRE vehicle with this?

  • Eitek1 YT
    Eitek1 YT


  • MiNTac

    Awesome! Cant wait to see the finale!

  • Notforposers

    7:30 for those interested in getting straight to the point.

    • bleuflamenco

      Blah blah blah blah blah and then the actual painting is just sped up crap and no help AT ALL. Useless video.

  • Noah Whitaker
    Noah Whitaker

    Where do you think is the best place to get automotive paint and clear

  • Michael Davis
    Michael Davis

    You should done a spinning wheel with numbers and names. You kept spinning the wheel til there is one number or name left. A lot of Facebook groups who do auction sales do it


    This is how not to do a paint job people

  • Nick Young
    Nick Young

    Hey man! I dig the videos, keep’em coming!! The only thing I would suggest is take out the column idea for the drawing next time. Just add the order number more times to signify the number of entries. It’ll make it a lot easier on you lol.

  • Frankie Silva
    Frankie Silva

    The winner is from my home town. Congrats Adam M.

  • Silver SS Motoring
    Silver SS Motoring

    Where's the buff and polishing video Ryan ???? We gotta see that purple shine to the point sun glasses are needed !

  • Baseballkid18

    Trucks coming along great. Maybe do some Lime accents on the interior

  • Adam Inuktalik
    Adam Inuktalik

    I heard my name, ADAM and I was like oh damn that’s me but I wasn’t😂😂

  • 1CENT

    I don’t think you did this drawing fairly

  • Roman ldn
    Roman ldn

    Nice boots 👍

  • Blas Dominguez
    Blas Dominguez

    Dayuummmm!!! Adam where you at??? I my self am from El Paso Tx. 915ElPasoStrong!!! Been a fan since your video of showing us how to tint your rear tail lights on lime green Cummins

  • Timothy Schneider
    Timothy Schneider

    I think that one entry should get you the win, just because you didn't spend hundreds of dollars to get 20 entries should not exclude you from winning. Congrats to Adam but that first order should have won. Please don't do this on the next giveaway. Love the channel and your content is amazing, this is my only gripe.

    • 1CENT

      Timothy Schneider IRbin giveaways are the new Ponzi scheme. Get on board and start doing it!

  • Why use mad ?
    Why use mad ?

    Keep up the good work like that purple. My BMX bikes chrome purple and Black

  • Ruthless Jesse James
    Ruthless Jesse James

    Very Nice work Ryan!

  • Matt

    Unsubscribed today. You love to talk far too much and drag out your project. Also the way you did your giveaway was just stupid. Use an actual generator like everyone else lol ✌🏽

  • Tanner Larkin
    Tanner Larkin

    All the paint guns are all made by the same company so it’s just the price and color of the gun you are paying for

  • Adam M
    Adam M

    Lol my name is Adam Mireles... Also from El Paso Texas. I thought I won lol, I guess someone just stole my identity

  • Russ Walker
    Russ Walker

    Jax Wax giveaway?!?!?

  • Kaden T
    Kaden T

    For whoever that wants to see a sand, buff, and polishing video, I suggest you to go And check out Chrisfix. He does a full tutorial on how to do it. Don’t get me wrong, Ryan does a perfect job but apparently people want a tutorial so I’m suggesting a youtuber that many car guys know.

  • Jordan Coffing
    Jordan Coffing

    With all the work you do in your garage, have you considered doing a garage overhaul? Say, a video series of cleaning it up, Mayne building shelves or a shelving type system to get it nice and spacious and organized? I absolutely love watching videos like that and think it would benefit you! Awesome work!

  • cebayne

    I didn’t like your giveaway selection process... the way you selected, people with multiple entries didn’t get their benefit for spending more money... you should do a spreadsheet where say John gets two entries and Fred has 8 entries, John gets numbers 1 and 2 and Fred gets numbers 3 thru 10... that way Fred obviously has the higher probability to win because he spent more money... but doing it your way, to make it fair, when column 20 popped up, you should have done a selection between all the orders that just had 20 entries... just my two cents... thanks for keeping up the good content during this time!

  • Anthony Molinar
    Anthony Molinar

    The winner is in my hometown. You should move to El Paso, Tx. Weather is amazing all year long

  • PhatboyHD88

    There is ALREADY RUST bubbles on the door lmao...

  • Bakuretsu

    You needed more than one entry to win? That’s lame.

    • XRT Gaming
      XRT Gaming

      Not at all what he said. The winner had at least 1 entry

  • Ruff Tuff
    Ruff Tuff

    By the wAy, air brushing a burn through is very half ass. As a painter, if I did that to a customers car, I’d loose my job. You need to learn how to blend and paint the whole panel again. Very very half ass job.

    • Warren Decker
      Warren Decker

      It's his truck, not a customer's. And he has said a thousand times over that he is learning. Cut him some slack fellas.

    • Stormtrooper Jeep ZJ
      Stormtrooper Jeep ZJ

      Out of all of the videos of him painting his truck, an airbrush is where you draw the line. The whole truck is done half ass.

  • Ruff Tuff
    Ruff Tuff

    That's kind of a bullshit way to do it. You need to do something that does it like a raffle aka buy 50 tickets, get fifty entries

  • Angel Cordova
    Angel Cordova

    Thats whats up someone from my home town congrats Adam #ept

  • Austin Vankosky
    Austin Vankosky

    Can Canadians win?

  • Daniel Turko
    Daniel Turko

    Sure is coming along super interested in the final product once rims tires and lift are all done trucks going to look sharp great job

  • Peter Madonia
    Peter Madonia

    Congrats Adam! Can’t wait to see this truck all polished up and in the sun light!!!

  • Just another messed up Kid
    Just another messed up Kid

    You shouldn’t have to have a certain amount of entries to win. If you had one entry and it lands on you then you should win. If that’s how it works then it should have been specified

    • Twisted Torque
      Twisted Torque

      Completely agree

  • William McClung
    William McClung

    Ryan love the content but I feel like you kinda screwed the people who paid for a lot of entries in the giveaway

    • Grizz 2
      Grizz 2

      I question people who buy merch off youtube channels. Cheap chinese clothing. Might as well head to Wallmart. Unless someone sells US made merch, I'll never order anything.

  • Jake K
    Jake K

    You have a dent in the left front fender

    • 1CENT

      Ulices Alcantar 😂😂😂

    • Ulices Alcantar
      Ulices Alcantar

      At this point its not even worth fixing

  • Beal Builds
    Beal Builds

    Should do coil overs for the car followers 🤔😂

  • Motion Engineering And Fabrication Humble
    Motion Engineering And Fabrication Humble

    Hey man I’m really impressed by how well it turns out when you spot sand and repaint. I’ve always thought that would cause problems. I have some bad rock chips on my 6.7 because of my wide tires so do you think I could handle those kinda same way? Or how wold you go about fixing that?

  • Raphael Rivera
    Raphael Rivera

    Dude your killing us Smalls. It's like death from a thousand paper cuts. Every video is just a tease that keeps us looking forward to the next. By the way What's up with the boots noticed it on one vlog before and it made me laugh. Ohio isn't boot country, is it?

    • SKITTLES 71
      SKITTLES 71

      Ohio is just like Indiana nothing but farm land lol. And the only state I’ve been to that I’ve seen more people wear boots than us Ohioans is Texas. Doesn’t matter where you are in Ohio 9/10 people are wearing boots. Even the city wanna be country fucks wear them everyday.

    • Grizz 2
      Grizz 2

      I check this kid's channel every 2 months for him to do something. He's a bum.

  • Juan A
    Juan A

    For over a month now you have 14 videos painting the truck. Talk about milking it for the views

    • Brett G
      Brett G

      Grizz 2 goonzquad had an entire fucking garage full of lifts and equipment. Plus there is 2 of them working on the vehicle!! You’re a clown

    • Brett G
      Brett G

      Grizz 2 then stop bitching and stop commenting on his channel haha let’s see you build a truck like his and then you can come and talk

    • Grizz 2
      Grizz 2

      @Brett G People like him? Bro, fucking Goonzquad and Westin Champlin rebuilt 5 cars in that time frame. I"m with him 100%- this kid is lazy AF. Makes weakest content for periods of time- his views and subs stalled completely since SEMA build. I skip his videos until he does some "work" and then skip that because he's milking out the same paint job. Paint job should have been 3-5 videos tops. He stretched it for 2 months. Lame and weak.

    • Brandon Hyatt
      Brandon Hyatt

      Juan Arellano I mean you obviously clicked on the video sooooo.

    • Brett G
      Brett G

      Juan Arellano He does a shit ton of work and is learning more and more himself. Why you gotta hate? People like you have no use in this world

  • Gunner Sentinel
    Gunner Sentinel

    Love the idea of lift kit and wheel giveaway, the truck giveaways are oversaturated lol. Maybe an ICON tool box full of tools next? 🤔

  • Raymundo Ruiz
    Raymundo Ruiz

    You should paint your dash board

  • Eirick Chronister
    Eirick Chronister

    Well that’s not fair to that guy if he entered and u picked him or her they should have one just cause they didn’t spend money. Bruh that’s not right

    • Dean Bennett
      Dean Bennett

      Rewatch, he picked a horizontal number and a vertical number....first random draw winner, only had one of two numbers. It was a bit more confusing than other drawings, I'll give you that.

  • Chase Webster
    Chase Webster

    Love the videos but having taken all the math classes possible throughout college, that random selection process does not accurately represent the number of entries someone should receive. Yes it was still random but for the future there would be much better methods to use.

    • Chase Webster
      Chase Webster

      William McClung Exactly. That would have accounted for all the entries better that this method. Either way it’s random but listing everything vertically would give those who had multiple entries a better chance than listing those horizontally

    • William McClung
      William McClung

      RYAN MAYER I think that makes sense to me however the issue seemed to be that the grid wasn’t filled fully so that row mattered much more than column, an easier method for the future would be to type everyone’s order in vertically in the a column and just pick one random number, that simulates the hat drawing without the labor, no hate though I love the content and have been a longtime fan


      2 things, I at least showed it was “random” unlike many others who do giveaways. And also, if the first guy had more entry’s he woulda won. This was showing entry amounts do matter you’re occupying more space on the grid. Sure I coulda cut up 2000 individual entries and picked from a hat, really think about it tho think about the grid as a hat the number generator told me the location to pick from in the “hat” and we have our winner.

  • ssteezybreezyy

    Ok but still am i the only one that sees the dent in the driver side fromt fender?!

    • Jared Ourada
      Jared Ourada

      Came here to mention this

  • Scape

    I like it better when you say “if you enjoyed please leave a like, etc.” maybe you just wrong it out today at the end of the video because you forgot, but I’m just giving my opinion, I love the truck btw! It’s coming out amazing 🔥

  • Joey Jones
    Joey Jones

    I can’t wait to see the Chevy all finished it looks sick

  • HaZe

    Where is Adam?

  • Osiris Perez
    Osiris Perez


  • Jase Tyler
    Jase Tyler

    That was the most retarded way to draw

  • Owen Giles
    Owen Giles

    5:58 there is a small dent in the fender

    • Dean Bennett
      Dean Bennett

      It was a replacement fender, it arrived dented, and he filled it with filler, but over sanded it. I think he was just "over" the body filler fender repairs.

    • ssteezybreezyy

      Owen Giles thought i was the only one i noticed it a few videos back

  • A10warthog

    Ryan I apologize but I changed my name to Adam and I for some reason didn't get that email lol👍

  • Joe P.
    Joe P.

    Dudes milking it for the views

    • Grizz 2
      Grizz 2

      2nd-ed. He's a slacker and doesn't deserve audience at this point. I stopped watching most channels that start off with yapping for 10 mins on a 15 min video. Any jabroni can make content better than him at this point.

    • Emory Bragg
      Emory Bragg

      Joe P. Agreed.

  • J SAV
    J SAV

    Looking forward to the RAM mods that are coming... 😏 Just patiently waiting 🥺

  • ButtermilkL0veNugget


  • Franck Prophete
    Franck Prophete

    congratulation Adam

  • ButtermilkL0veNugget

    Thought you forgot about us man. Lol



  • Jason S
    Jason S

    Shouldn't have gone by not enough entries. One is one

    • 1CENT

      Jason S exactly

    • XRT Gaming
      XRT Gaming

      @SKITTLES 71 nah. More people spent more money, more of their names in the pool. I couldnt afford to buy something and even I'm not salty

    • SKITTLES 71
      SKITTLES 71

      Yeah that was sorta shitty honestly. Not everyone has the money to be forking out to buy “enough” entry’s. Reason why they enter because they probably couldn’t afford the lift.

    • Eirick Chronister
      Eirick Chronister

      Yes sir if u Pick the number that person should’ve one.

  • Andrew Buller
    Andrew Buller

    Loving the build Ryan! Can’t wait till you get the rims on and it all comes together. You really should think about building some shelves in your garage to organize some things. Not hating at all tho. I look forward to your videos when you upload, just want to watch your build some shelves too haha great videos!

  • Dylan Krise
    Dylan Krise

    Did the write in entries get put in too?

    • 1CENT

      Dylan Krise nope! 😂

    • Dylan Krise
      Dylan Krise

      Judging by his lack in response I’m gonna go with no 😂😂

    • Dean Bennett
      Dean Bennett

      Lol, you mean like a "legal" raffle, IRbin'rs don't follow State laws. Or federal

  • Chad Lynk
    Chad Lynk

    Love the vids

  • Epic Sack69
    Epic Sack69

    Bro we are all done with the damn paint on your truck. Move on pls.🥱

    • Epic Sack69
      Epic Sack69

      RYAN MAYER still excited for the build. Keep it up.


      ME TOO

  • Will Knight
    Will Knight

    I swear dude you are the best truck/vlog IRbinr there is 🔥🔥

    • Will Knight
      Will Knight

      RYAN MAYER always bro!! Keep up all the great work 🤙🏼🔥📈


      Thanks will!!!

  • Jayden

    How does these entries work you have to have so many to win that’s nonsense it should just be a random name drown

    • Jayden

      Mike Maes hahhahahahahahahh maybe maybe not

    • Jayden

      RYAN MAYER I agree now that I watched the video my guy keep up the content and hey maybe I’ll be the next giveaway winner it would be nice to just see the truck in person

    • Jayden

      RYAN MAYER it was really confusing I just didn’t get the row numbers for sum reason I thought u had to have atleast 8 entries


      That is a random drawn name 😂😂😂 couldn’t get more random than that. So much had to line up correctly for our winner to be chosen

  • Michael Rymkos
    Michael Rymkos

    “Waaaaahats up guys”

  • Jordan Jones
    Jordan Jones

    i’ve been waiting on this notification all last night and today, love the videos man

  • Quatele Inc
    Quatele Inc

    Nice give away .. did you think about changing the color of the emblem to green .. it will pop all the way out

  • Quatele Inc
    Quatele Inc

    What up bro

  • Anna Sheehan
    Anna Sheehan

    please do an offroad bumper chevy and paint matched mirrors ram

  • J.T.

    Vertically is called column

  • iMerkyew

    You are my favorite IRbinr👍🏽

  • balams Valdis
    balams Valdis

    Cool car👍

  • GarbageMadeLocally

    Build a 79 Chevy c10

  • iMerkyew

    Great video man❤️ it will mean so much if you subscribe to my channel!!!

  • smokey joe
    smokey joe

    Nice glade to see the trucking closer and closer and that air brush worked!

  • NxSurvivxrs

    Thank god I needed this video

  • Garrett Pankey
    Garrett Pankey

    Heyyo love the truck

  • Taylor_ Perez
    Taylor_ Perez

    I’m first