Today we get a new 4000 W Sub amp from rockville installed in our hellcat and continue to work on our 2004 silverado 1500 build. Our old bumpers were super rusty so we got some new bumpers in and they are giving us a lot of trouble! Please make sure you do this before you order parts for your truck!
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  • Ramirez The G
    Ramirez The G

    What I did in my Chrysler was screwed the amp in front so it my box wouldn’t slide

  • Cody Dunn
    Cody Dunn

    In the silverados it is 99-02 and 03-06 and 07 classics.

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan

    Should’ve powder coated rear bumper brackets !!!🤯

  • The V8 Hooligan
    The V8 Hooligan

    The haircut bit was funny. This is my regular cut. Haha. 👍🏽

  • oh Deefy
    oh Deefy

    How much for that bumper?

  • Brandon Houghtalen
    Brandon Houghtalen

    def get the 42" nittos!!

  • squeakytoyz

    Ryan, If you need to get rid of that bumper I would be happy to take it off your hands it will fit on my 02.

  • Keverado_Z71

    I have a lower front plastic that will fit your truck, its black and in great shape.

  • Victor Robinson
    Victor Robinson


  • Fern Playz
    Fern Playz

    Lol we get it u have a small divk

  • Nicholas Perry
    Nicholas Perry

    How much has this “budget build” costs lol I’d also like some sponsors for my next build js😂

  • Bob Evans
    Bob Evans

    Ryan, for the back... you should put your Lftd. Logo on the tailgate. We all know it’s a chevy

  • blistic3000

    10s Hurts you is crazy u little baby try 8 15” in a walk now that hurts

  • blistic3000

    Use L brackets to hold the box in place

  • Anthony Kimble
    Anthony Kimble

    Bro just be careful u dont kill that amp...shouldnt mount to the box vibrations will kill it.....i run a audio business hit me up if u need anything...ackaudio@gmail.com

  • Zach Norrgran
    Zach Norrgran

    Off road look no doubt🤘🏽

  • Bnlegenddd D
    Bnlegenddd D

    Get the 42’s

  • Owen Gerrits
    Owen Gerrits

    Awesome build series... Oil spray that sucker!!👍🤘

  • Brendan Boyd
    Brendan Boyd

    Those bumpers will rust if you don’t paint them. That’s just a light primer they spray on it


      They’re powder coated 🤙🏼🤙🏼

  • Canadian Trucker
    Canadian Trucker

    Paint them purple

  • kevin garrison
    kevin garrison

    What speakers are those ?

  • Michael Hanna
    Michael Hanna

    Do you lift?

  • Devin Shelton
    Devin Shelton

    Do a purple SS bumper or purple top plastic and chrome part

  • theXfactor tube
    theXfactor tube

    She’s coming along 😍 been watching this build come together since day 1!

  • 4th_Gen_ Mahem
    4th_Gen_ Mahem

    The street tread would look good. Mud tires always look good! I’ve thought about putting street tread on my ram but just can’t get myself to do it.

  • Steven Farmer
    Steven Farmer

    Love watching your videos on my day off!

  • Osiris Perez
    Osiris Perez



    Make a video showing how to make the ramps, I’m in need of some new ones

  • Chris Rydzik
    Chris Rydzik

    Velcro for the bottom sub box

  • Willy Beamin
    Willy Beamin

    Get some anti vibration rubber feet for the amp so you won’t mess it up while mounted to the box

  • Anthony C
    Anthony C

    JL is by far a great product. Get a JL amp as well to push them sexy subs. I use to install car audio for a local shop and we NEVER installed an amp on a box. I would always make an amp board and wrap it with a material that would match the interior or what ever the customer wanted. Make yourself an amp board it will clean it up alot and able to secure the wires behind the board.

  • Matt Marcum
    Matt Marcum

    You need a high pass filter so 0% bass comes through the car speakers Low pass filter 100% bass through subs

  • Thad Brown
    Thad Brown

    It’s a chevy

    • Thad Brown
      Thad Brown


  • Edward Cissel
    Edward Cissel

    Street truck look

  • Edward Cissel
    Edward Cissel

    Toyo proxies

  • Flavio Sanchez
    Flavio Sanchez

    Ya need to try digital design audio. Hands down best subs and amps

  • Jeffery Hedgepath
    Jeffery Hedgepath

    Take your year truck and it’s a 1500 hd it’s not a regular 1500 had the same issue bumpers are different the 2000 to 02 regular 1500 is not a cat eye version but the hd 1500s are

  • Ricky Flores
    Ricky Flores

    I got a few questions, is it a v8? Also we’re all the engine upgrades necessary? I’m thinking of buying a 04,05, or a 06. I know the one I’m looking at is not 4x4 but I’m just not sure were to start first

  • Blake Berlin
    Blake Berlin

    If you bought a Ford you wouldnt have these wierd issues, but I'm not even a fan of chevy and ram and I alwayse watch your videos there interesting and cool to watch

  • Twitch412

    Color match since you color matched all your handles

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown

    Its not powdercoat its a gell coat and it needs to be painted or over time its gonna fade cuz it has no uv protection over it

  • Blackdiamondf150

    I don’t think those bumpers come powder coated. It’s just a factory primer. I suggest painting them.

  • seth odell
    seth odell

    I wouldnt mount the amp on the box if it was me greater chance of vibrating internal parts an frying something

  • Bryce Thompson
    Bryce Thompson

    Rockville Amos are trash. Go for a skar audio amp. I love mine

  • Christopher Blake
    Christopher Blake

    Purple bumper

  • Work Hard
    Work Hard

    You need to go check out Steve Mead so you can set your gains the right way. Check him out at SMD and he’ll help you make those subs sing and you won’t have to worry about blowing anything...

  • Byrin Murphy
    Byrin Murphy

    I think that mint purple truck would look awesome with a rollpan rear bumper

  • Peters Outdoors
    Peters Outdoors

    Keep up the great content. I really enjoyed the video!! Thank you for sharing your day, be safe.

  • Leighton Dubois
    Leighton Dubois

    JUST LINE-X them Ry!

  • Leighton Dubois
    Leighton Dubois

    Just line-x they Ryan!!!!

  • Tristan Reynolds
    Tristan Reynolds

    Throw a piece of velcro along the front of the box. All you need is the stuff side and it will stick nicely to the carpet.

  • Kale Nech
    Kale Nech

    Paint them black because that will not look good at all if it is all color matched like that

  • Tyler Koenig
    Tyler Koenig

    Use Velcro on the bottom of the sub box and it won’t slide around

  • hunter bizzz
    hunter bizzz

    if you do 42s get some 30x16s

  • Todd Erwin
    Todd Erwin

    Get you some Velcro. It’ll help to hold the box in place.

  • Logan Mueller
    Logan Mueller

    Do it the right way lol straight to the grinder only essentials left😂😂

  • SOR Training Your Fat Loss Expert!
    SOR Training Your Fat Loss Expert!

    Color match the front and rear bumper bro you already did everything else purple it looks sick

  • Chris Lara
    Chris Lara

    Get a rubber grip pad from harbor freight you can stick 4 stick on the bottoms and that box won’t go anywhere

  • Rikki Diesel
    Rikki Diesel

    as soon as i saw the bumper i knew it was the wrong one. lol i was yelling at my tv like that wont fit!

  • Tj Wasness
    Tj Wasness

    Run some TIS 535B on the chevy with some 285 70 17 General Atx I love my setup on my 03 Silverado

  • Braxton Mckinney
    Braxton Mckinney

    Nittos are really good tires they last forever and ride really good I had a set and they are the best tires I’ve had

  • James210pranks _vlogs
    James210pranks _vlogs

    Thats a 2000 silverado front bumper yours is a cateye


    You need a 03 to 06 silverado 1500.

  • Aaliyah Lockhart
    Aaliyah Lockhart

    thank you for your grate videos there amazing it helps

  • Justin Davis
    Justin Davis

    Get the trail grapplers!!!

  • Brendan

    I run 375/45r22 trail graps. They’re super loud but they go down the road great and wear nice. Everywhere I go on the freeway is 100mph+ and have yet to have one blow or chunk out.

  • Max Tikander
    Max Tikander

    Raptor line the bumper. Looks great

  • Ole Man77
    Ole Man77

    The the part " do it the right way " enter grinder..... haha

  • XX X
    XX X

    if you want to get 100% replacement parts that fit I always go with LMC Truck. the parts aren't cheap and the shipping is high but the stuff fits. You can call them and tell them just what you have and they will tell you if they have it. They also have stock bumpers with out the plastic trim holes.

  • Chase N
    Chase N

    Throw some 33" Nitto Ridge Grapplers on the chevy! Aggressive look, little to no road noise, and it would tie the build together nicely!! 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Super Dwarf
    Super Dwarf

    Trail Graps would look just as good if not better.

    • Super Dwarf
      Super Dwarf

      Purple bedliner on the plastics while ur doing the actual bed seems like a perfect happy medium between black bumpers and painted purple bumpers for both money and the amount of extra work.

    • Super Dwarf
      Super Dwarf

      Just send it........purple bumpers black plastics.

  • Dallas Wyatt
    Dallas Wyatt

    Thanks for the videos. I love them, but in my opinion, would love to see more working and less talking sometimes. Lol. Thanks for pushing through even when you don't feel like doing it.

  • Joe Meier
    Joe Meier

    you can take the mufflers off now and keep them off until your new exhaust shows up

  • vatozone

    Purple with black trim 👌

  • tylerfugate1992

    Keep ya tires I case you don’t like trail grapplers always good have back up tires

  • Dylan Krise
    Dylan Krise

    Has a winner been picked for the lift kit yet?

  • Rob Becker
    Rob Becker

    those bumpers are not powder coated, that's e-coat and needs to be painted over or else it will fade then rust.

  • Cameron Krause
    Cameron Krause

    Nitto 420s on the chevy for sure would look sick

  • Lorenzo Frank
    Lorenzo Frank

    Dont forget you have classic body, old body and new body styles

  • Robert Fish
    Robert Fish

    Great job bud! Can't wait to see it done.

  • Rooney 97chevy
    Rooney 97chevy

    You should do Nitto Ridge Grapplers on it. You gonna get rid of that Boss amp? If so, how much for it?

  • That 5.7 Hemi
    That 5.7 Hemi

    “Everyone in the comments is gonna be like ‘dO iT tHe RiGhT wAy’” *Cuts to grinding off the brackets* 😂😂

  • Jason Sampson
    Jason Sampson

    Bed liner the bumpers!! Will take the imperfections out and will stick to plastic and metal on bumper, and you have some already

  • KenworthDude15

    18:17 cowboy boots ? lol

  • Jason Sampson
    Jason Sampson

    Velcro on subs will stick it to carpet

  • Jason Sampson
    Jason Sampson

    Do the tyres on ram

  • lbhamlo

    Off-road mudder tires, YES! City slickers, NO! You got a lot of work done in just a couple of days. I know very well how you feel when you order something from eBay and it totally does not work.

  • Shelton Rides
    Shelton Rides

    Color match the bumpers and use the black trim 👌

  • Logan Foust
    Logan Foust

    Man painted bumpers would look so much better. Still love it though

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    The Illuminati hand gestures kill me... part Italian?

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Plastic still on the screen .....my man

  • Sergioび

    Paint the front bumper purple and the top plastic purple and paint the bottom plastic black

  • Andrew Osborne
    Andrew Osborne

    Dude you got to paint the bumpers

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Military ?

  • Tarey

    Roll pan! Street truck 🔥

  • Lance Bowers-Loud ’N’ Proud Outdoors
    Lance Bowers-Loud ’N’ Proud Outdoors

    Dude your videos are awesome I’ve been seeing all your edits in the video and it’s awesome, keep up the great work

  • Chaz Wuest
    Chaz Wuest

    Hey bro I know your probably sick of painting...but man that spoiler would look fire if it was purple.

  • Chris Tear
    Chris Tear

    Rockville is cheap but I got a equalizer on Amazon for like 80$ and has never let me down.

  • Tyler Snively
    Tyler Snively

    I think the rear bumper would look good purple and the black plastics would help break it up.

  • None None
    None None

    Beyond disappointing to watch you add rusty brackets to a new bumper. Why didn't you take the time clean up and paint or powder coat the brackets? You have the powder coat in you possession already. Please stop cutting corners with rust. You have honestly been doing an amazing job Ryan just doesn't do truck or you work justice to leave that rust.