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  • Rubber Duckie
    Rubber Duckie

    Try driving without your clutch to save you disc in a long run

  • It's Breezzy
    It's Breezzy

    I think we would all would appreciate if you did a full video of Katie in a bikini 😂

  • EG Williams
    EG Williams

    Custom Grill and Fog lights

  • Lee Vin-ewe
    Lee Vin-ewe

    Why’s the pop corn sound you hear in the truck driving. I know it’s not like a Tesla all u hear is rocks hitting fender wells

  • Gun stores of America Let freedom reign
    Gun stores of America Let freedom reign

    You need the girl in her more

  • Patriots and Prophets
    Patriots and Prophets

    Way to go Brian. When I was a senior in high school I did the same thing with my Chevy K10

  • Brandon Redman
    Brandon Redman

    Great video by the way keep up the great work

  • Brandon Redman
    Brandon Redman

    You need to put the white LED light underneath the hood instead of that yellow one


    Holy shit, Fuller from Custom Offsets.

  • your daddy
    your daddy

    18:36 you can thank me later

  • James Hudspeath
    James Hudspeath

    They’ll learn 😂

  • Robert Balderas
    Robert Balderas

    Wondering how you got updated tunes from ppei after they had their misshap with the epa lol

  • David Blevins
    David Blevins

    Love from the 216

  • GGR- George’s Gun Reviews
    GGR- George’s Gun Reviews

    Pawg 😍

  • Hotelwifi -
    Hotelwifi -

    Thought u had more class to use your gfs body for views

  • Yep Its Me
    Yep Its Me

    You should leave stock gears. Love the low rpm growl going down the interstate. And the fuel mileage will DROP if you regears. I promise

  • Christopher smith
    Christopher smith

    Hell yea broskie git r done...done this several times growing up living in Texas Heat

  • gustavo velez
    gustavo velez

    Ryan just flexed on everyone again 🤣 Great video 👍

  • Danny Silva
    Danny Silva

    U put that thumbnail on purpose 😂

  • qwerty12345470

    Description says wheel giveaway ends May 31, 2020 but video posted on July 7 , 2020..... hmmmmmm.

  • Jared Cracraft
    Jared Cracraft

    Where or how could i get a flagpole? because i wanna put a flag in the back of my truck but i don’t know what to use lol


      This is a speed pole flag pole

  • Kuzco

    roof rack

  • J J
    J J

    Gotta get it regeared. The driving experience will skyrocket!!

    • J J
      J J

      @RYAN MAYER I bet it is, wait til you re-gear it! It will feel like the factory tire size with all your mods on the motor! Its gonna go!!!! Plus fuel savings! A set of 4:88 gears.... Be like driving around with wood... Lol



  • Andrew Catron
    Andrew Catron

    Escalade taillights?

  • Paul Meadows
    Paul Meadows

    Maybe you can do a plexiglass floor and pole in the bed of the truck..... Since the pool was a hit 👍

  • Chris Tuione
    Chris Tuione

    Damm you look hella short your so close to the wheel

  • Nicholas Garcia
    Nicholas Garcia

    Bruh y’all all outa pocket in these comments

  • Alessandro Terracciano
    Alessandro Terracciano

    Ryan...you lucky man 🤣🤣

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown

    What song is that in the begging nice song

  • Bryson Sportsman
    Bryson Sportsman

    Ryan’s a lucky man

  • Tommy Topham
    Tommy Topham

    Finally someone thats not that dushbag whistling diesel and with a proper manual truck living the dream my friend

  • Robert Wheeler
    Robert Wheeler

    You need to DYNO THE BEAST

  • Russell Keast
    Russell Keast

    When you re gear do a detailed video. Truck is frickin sweet there guy!

  • Warren Albuna
    Warren Albuna

    Ima be honest i just subbed just to see ur girl.. lol

  • Darcy Brawata AKA Ontario Stacker
    Darcy Brawata AKA Ontario Stacker

    Whats with all the air fresheners, who stinks LOL. And yes she has a banging body

  • Joseph Cummings
    Joseph Cummings

    Looks like the local Fire Department done rolled through the HOOD!!

  • DieselLifted TruckGirl18
    DieselLifted TruckGirl18

    Damn this truck sounds Hella awesome!

  • josh balthrop
    josh balthrop

    You've got to learn to float your gears and save your clutch bro.

  • Greg's DIRTY WAY
    Greg's DIRTY WAY

    Some type of fender flares??

  • Crossed Racing
    Crossed Racing

    Amount of likes is amount of people that came for the booty

  • D L
    D L

    That Thumbnail

  • Collin Ramirez
    Collin Ramirez

    alright Ryan i think all the boys will agree with me on this. You got a good one there man. Keep her! Just go ahead and wife her up!

  • Kyle Davis
    Kyle Davis

    I don’t think he has enough air fresheners hanging from the rear view mirror 😂

  • Jen Tictac
    Jen Tictac

    "To be honest."

  • Charles Bray
    Charles Bray

    Sema truck with cloth seats

  • Niko G
    Niko G

    Where can I buy a complete turbo kit for my 2000 F250 GAS not Diesel 5.4L SuperDuty your help would be appreciated Thanks Awesome channel

  • bblazeff1

    Not gonna lie, I was going to watch the new vid anyways, but the thumbnail brought me here quicker 😂

  • James R Fowler
    James R Fowler

    I have a 2012 ram 1500 and loving it but your color scheme is off the charts!!!!

  • Joshua Dagley
    Joshua Dagley

    Came for the Thumbnail. Watched the whole video 🤘🏼

  • Joshua Dagley
    Joshua Dagley

    Exhaust for the Hoe 🤘🏼

  • Thunderstorms Tricks
    Thunderstorms Tricks

    I thing you should really paint the Tahoe lime green your self

  • swingjaja

    The thumbnail lol 11/10 brother

  • Brandon Urick
    Brandon Urick

    Love the new bed sticker really think it made it look better even tho it's the best looking truck on IRbin

  • Dwayne Lucas
    Dwayne Lucas

    Looking forward to that Tahoe build, think that 1st box was a new blacked out grill and that 2nd box was Escalade style taillights probably smoked out. Either way should be nice



  • rccola525

    That thumbnail tho. 🤤🤤🤤

  • Grizz 2
    Grizz 2

    In this episode, pimp my gf for IRbin views. SMH Needs G-string to get more views. Amateur

  • Jimmy Paskoules
    Jimmy Paskoules

    Get some 22 x14 chrome rims for the tahoe

  • Ryan

    So was this an A/C delete or relocated?



  • Alex Chacon
    Alex Chacon

    Wow that truck is nice!!

  • feliciano3076

    DB CUSTOMS would make a badass LFTD grill for your truck man. You should check them out

  • Harvey Helms
    Harvey Helms

    You are one lucky man your girlfriend is smoking Hot 👍

  • Camel City Reptiles
    Camel City Reptiles

    That lil 2 min booty clip for the views...

  • The_truck guy and Car
    The_truck guy and Car

    Y’all are so cool and u and your wife is the coolest couple on IRbin

    • Grizz 2
      Grizz 2

      That ain't his wife.

  • Hayden Wilson
    Hayden Wilson

    I wonder if that's gonna be a new grill for the tahoe

  • Charles Edwards
    Charles Edwards

    I run cross country. We would fill it with ice then put water in it for ice baths because running in FL sucks.

  • Jim Acker
    Jim Acker

    Hopefully the mod in the box 📦 is a baby blue bikini for Katie for the next upload

  • Jim Acker
    Jim Acker

    Who came here for the thumbnail....and not the truck?

  • Aydon Pluto
    Aydon Pluto

    The Dodge Ram power wagon is my dream truck

  • Aydon Pluto
    Aydon Pluto

    I love your ram that’s my dream truck Dodge Ram power wagon

  • run2thebeat 12
    run2thebeat 12

    Just drive around with her in the back like at 1:30 lol

  • Steven Ramirez
    Steven Ramirez

    Mcgaughys lift kit in the box

  • J Crooks
    J Crooks

    caddie taillights and blacked out grille and you ordered mcgaughy's kit you might be doing it in a couple weeks shipping is stupid and most the stock is out


    Your girls butt is asstastic!

  • Kyle VA
    Kyle VA

    She bad af

  • Dom Amabile
    Dom Amabile

    what flag mount is that? or did you make one, if so can you do a short tutorial?


      Speed Pole!

  • lbhamlo

    Me thinks it's a new grill/air dam for the Tahoe. Excellent video by the way.

  • Ricky Mitchell
    Ricky Mitchell

    Truck is awesome, lets go Tahoe

  • Scott Lanham
    Scott Lanham

    Oh can you put a beautiful woman like that on camera and then expect us to see anything about vehicles on here oh I see is the one beautiful woman in the back of my mind

  • Trenton Pearson
    Trenton Pearson

    Read this in a vid please how would u fix your fueling if your truck is not getting enough fuel in the engine

  • Wolfie Loos
    Wolfie Loos

    Ryan mayer contact me and we can make an adapter for your exhaust

  • Jeremiah Halderman
    Jeremiah Halderman

    I know nothing about Tahoe’s so I can’t recommend anything 😂😂😂

  • zach S
    zach S

    Once you get the new gears you should dyno test and tune see what it does

  • Mark Wall
    Mark Wall

    What's he drive a big rig or bus

  • BackWoodsJare211

    CLICK BAIT! LOL Ryan you're one lucky dude

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason

    Came for the thumbnail. Usually watch my morning videos in an order but you got me this time. Fucker. Sorry bro lol.

  • Jacob H
    Jacob H

    Am gonna try that now

  • Plead the 2nd
    Plead the 2nd

    What about the last giveaway?

  • Anthony Fazio
    Anthony Fazio

    Do a full tour of your truck and what’s done to it

  • Shawn Baker
    Shawn Baker

    got enough air fresheners lol

  • jason Priddy
    jason Priddy

    Awesome videos as usual...mini fridge in the tahoe???🤣🤣

  • Brian Singletary
    Brian Singletary

    I didn't think you could get revised deleted tunes .

  • Hotrod Farmer
    Hotrod Farmer

    Your direction on your wheels are backwards on the Cummins , front is going opposite direction of the back just a heads up bro..

  • Tracy McClung 31
    Tracy McClung 31

    Shame you didn’t have a workshop big enough to work on vehicles save you a lot of effort , thanks for upload x

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    When you regear do a detailed video of it. I would like to regear my truck and I like to do things myself just like you and some tips wouldn’t hurt lol

  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker

    I've seen this done with older pickup with leafs in rear let's just say didn't end well

  • Hayden Erlandsen
    Hayden Erlandsen

    Ok well we know its not a lift, so I can really only think its an exhaust🤷‍♂️

  • Randy Cole
    Randy Cole

    Too much truck and not enough Katie. 😎

  • CJ

    AmerikKka, FDT FTP 😷

  • sam sheppard
    sam sheppard

    Fair play Ryan you is punching massively 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mike Stover
    Mike Stover

    Bro I just bought my first Expedition EB fully load a couple weeks ago as a work truck it ain’t a Tahoe but it in the same class. And now your building a large SUV!!!!🤯🤯 ”Teach me wise skywalker” 😂😂