I Never Do This...
Today we get our tires mounted for our Tahoe but theres ONE BIG PROBLEM...
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  • DJD Motorwerkz
    DJD Motorwerkz

    Black Ice FTW LOL

  • blistic3000

    What’s the lift kit height the truck

  • Jeffrey Turner
    Jeffrey Turner

    Any issues removing stick on weights from these wheels? I’m against the stick on weights because I don’t want to have a nasty cleanup when I need rebalancing

  • Michael Bursey
    Michael Bursey

    See u replaced back tail lights from the nightshade ones?... must of missed that one lol Love the channel!!

  • Yeetus Maximus
    Yeetus Maximus

    5:59 n i c e

  • William Vlogs
    William Vlogs

    Ryan if you get the wheels and tires together you slipped this thing and I don’t know what they’re called but you can slip it in the rim and then when you blow it up with air it balances itself but it’s inside the rim

  • Josh Schwabauer
    Josh Schwabauer

    What’s the night cruise song?

  • Elijahr3729

    fresca mixed with orange juice is even better


      👀👀👀👀 you gon make me try it

  • Cw777_customs

    Keep the chipped wheel and get another tire then you'll have a full size matching spare

  • Charlie Sliwoski
    Charlie Sliwoski

    The burning Escalade is all over Medina

  • Mark Saldierna
    Mark Saldierna

    This is what Justin Bieber would look like if he was a guy.

    • You Quiet In Public
      You Quiet In Public


  • Josh Dicky
    Josh Dicky

    It’s ‘tis 544

  • John Mayoral
    John Mayoral

    Ryan, I just saw this and thought to share it with you if you haven't already seen it at a show, it is one of the sickest Chargers with your color scheme but with an aggressive twist on it even you can appreciate... I love the custom louvers, tail lights and spoiler, the whole concept What do you think? facebook.com/watch/?v=3241998085888494

  • Jeff Driggett
    Jeff Driggett

    The rims and tires look sweet Ryan

  • Tom Mcgruder
    Tom Mcgruder

    Absolutely love your videos. I'm late to the game but looking at my first 2500 as we speak. I have had 4 1500's in the past. Just totaled my last one...that truck saved my life. Anyway, after buying a stock 2500 Laramie, what would you recommend as my first upgrade? I tow a 30' travel trailer and a bass boat a lot. looking for improved fuel economy and power. Also, why haven't you put a ring on Katie's finger? You should lock that down brother. Have a great week.....


      If you’re hauling do all the cooling mods! Air in take, I take Horn, boost tubes, intercooler! That will help a ton! Maybe a drop in turbo!

  • rmkandxp alex
    rmkandxp alex

    That is not proper if you want to do it properly bust the beads rotate the tire 180 re mount and then put the weight closest to the spokes like you said no more then 2.5oz in a row

  • Kyle Davis
    Kyle Davis

    I wish fuel was that cheap

  • Joe Boyd
    Joe Boyd

    Do you use def or no ? I was just asking

  • mattthew roberts
    mattthew roberts

    i doubt he will see this but i wish he’d hurry up and propose lol

  • Miketuch.24v

    Ryan, go look into Caliber ramps! I can load my 900 lb. can am 850 into my truck with a 8.5" and 40/s with no issues at all! built in ratchet system and works great

  • Dan Charron
    Dan Charron

    odd to say this as well but Lifted is cool. but you should started a second one, SLAMED! why? well that Charger is not lifted. and Slam could be a Silverado SS with 427 and supercharger. 4 wheel burnouts? and then you get a new tag line, Stock to wild, Lifted, and Stock to beast Slamed....

  • Dan Charron
    Dan Charron

    I saw a few tire machine for sale, not that bad for a used price. and they are easy to clean up. I rebuilt a classic one. Tire mounter/unmounted from the 1950's

  • Crew Zero
    Crew Zero

    8:58. Wow thats kinda shitty and really visible weld for a SEMA truck😬


    Wtf call them tell them wtf is this


      Hell give me the number I’ll do it for you

  • Joshua Martin
    Joshua Martin

    That is stupid how they did weight! Never in my 13 years have I ever done that! You can buy the sticky weights in 1oz instead of the .25 so you get all the weight in the area without the room taken up


    Crazy amount of weight there... that fool had to be fucking with you. Lol. The build guna look sick doe.

  • Joe Meier
    Joe Meier

    I've heard CTT tuning is the best for Cummins

  • gavin cardwell
    gavin cardwell

    I want your shirt 😂😂

  • greg baril
    greg baril

    9 oz.. why didnt they spin the tire on the rim 180 then re-balance

  • Omar Rodriguez
    Omar Rodriguez

    Ryan what programer did you use to calibrate your wheels and tires to your trucks speedometer

  • Curtis Long
    Curtis Long

    How road worthy are the fury it's? Are they loud? Wear out fast?

  • Diesel Grandpa
    Diesel Grandpa

    Dude why are you not using beads in your tires? Never balance again, I've used them on my tires from 35" to 40", they don't work on 33" and lower. Don't use weights anymore. I bought sensors from Amazon they were garbage.

  • szachtb

    According to the tire manufactures both yours and the other tire shop balanced the wheels wrong. Having 2 spots of weight on either inside lip or outside lip is incorrect. Just an fyi. Should have matched balanced the tire.

  • Butter Bean TV
    Butter Bean TV

    Bro I think Black ice needs to be a sponsor for your channel, as many you have on the dodge and the hellcat.....

  • Butter Bean TV
    Butter Bean TV

    the weights are off I would have it checked again. have you tried balance beads, a lot of people don't like them cause when driving slow you can feel them, but as far as driving down the highway you can't tell, I personally love the balance needs..

  • Ryan Barlow
    Ryan Barlow

    Anyone else peep the arkon wheel boxes in the background 👀 @ 4:16

  • Jens Vincent
    Jens Vincent

    People don’t know how to use the dots. It’ll run out fine still but I would have spun the tire on the wheel. Time to hit marketplace for some machines!

  • jarotex

    Once again. 544... not 554

  • Ryan Law
    Ryan Law

    Did I see you guys in Steubenville about 2 or 3 weeks ago?

  • Twizzy228

    Looks at watch, “2 miles to the exit” 😂

    • Twizzy228

      I figured, still funny at first!


      Hahahaha the maps were on it!

  • N McFadyen
    N McFadyen

    Ryan hears a life hack for you. When your at a gas pump and that little tv is being annoying just press the buttons on each side just start at the top button then go down do it on each side and the tv should mute

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams

    Katie is so damn fine

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams

    Sema is canceled so idk what he gonna do with this truck but yea.....

  • Connor

    Super clean😍😍 also take your ram to firepunk diesel i believe hes the best tuner for cummins motors

  • Derrik DeRocK
    Derrik DeRocK

    Why do you call it “TIS 554”? It’s 544....unless there’s a 554 and it looks exactly like the 544

  • Dale Farmer
    Dale Farmer

    I need me one of those watches that tells miles and time also

  • Parker Jessen
    Parker Jessen

    Sprry to bear bad news, but that corn ain’t gonna make it

  • Matt Souza
    Matt Souza

    Whoa I love what you do Ryan but man look at how high that hat looks sitting on top yo head stick to snapback that white one looks like a conehead but I'm not clowning just friendly critique ing diggin the tahoe

  • Tyler McElroy
    Tyler McElroy

    Is it just me or does anybody else squeeze the remaining cents to get it to the even dollar no cents...or do yall just hang it up once the back splash stops it?

  • 125man29

    Hey Ryan, I've noticed with your recent videos that your voice is a little quieter and the music that you turn up when you're not talking is very loud. I don't know if it's editing but I wear headphones and i have to turn up when you're talking and down when the music starts

  • OSN_Daddy

    IRbin keeps on subscribing me from your channel

  • Justin Marzette
    Justin Marzette

    You need to check the timing chain on that 400

  • John Henry
    John Henry

    This might sound silly but can I see them tail lights at night??

  • Joshua Halford
    Joshua Halford

    Someone definitely taught you how to balance wheels wrong because on the tire they have a yellow dot and that’s where you line the valve stem up with and your tires will balance out a lot better and will use way less weights than what you have on your wheels just try what I’m saying and you’ll see it works way better and you will never use close to what you have on your wheels trust me 👌🏽💯

  • Bailey Olds
    Bailey Olds

    Ryan getting a new place with Katie? With a bigger driveway and garage?

  • Wigit

    i got some tires mounted at a shop and they used the fat black weights and they fell off 2 of the 4 tires on the way home, in the bed of another truck.

  • Brandin Truong
    Brandin Truong

    Rynn need invest money into buying a trailer will double axles

  • KBTR

    You can buy a water balancer for those my Dad put them on his big rig and wow what a difference his tires lasted almost twice as long, no cupping and the ride quality went way up absolutely no vibration!! They don't look bad at all you can color code them to match too.

  • Joshua McMorrow
    Joshua McMorrow

    what rear bumper do you have on your truck i like it i want to get them

  • TLC

    You can change the tire balance machine to place weights wherever you want. Centred , middle, both inner and outer..... so find someone who knows what they’re doing

  • Anthony Hardy
    Anthony Hardy

    I see that Escalade around Medina all the time Lmaoo

    • Jesse Nichols
      Jesse Nichols

      Thought that was Medina lol

  • Jeremy Garner
    Jeremy Garner

    Ryan listening to that moneybagg yo after the gym 👌🏾

  • Eric Couture
    Eric Couture

    Well boring video today nothing but talking and no work. Come on man. This was boring.

  • michael guntharp
    michael guntharp

    That’s what happens when you run cheap tires and wheels. Get you some nittos and a good wheel and you’ll maybe run 1 oz at most

  • Patrick west
    Patrick west

    Ryan if you've mount/balanced tires before you should know that a wheel with that style barrel/offset should be static balanced and the weight placed at the center most part of the wheel. Whoever balanced those clearly doesn't know what the hell he's doing

  • Benjamin Metcalf
    Benjamin Metcalf

    You need to get some spike lug nuts for the truck

  • Jeff MacLean
    Jeff MacLean

    Talk to duurtymax Jack about the AMP running boards. He had same issue installing a set exactly like that happened to him..

  • Kyle Naylor
    Kyle Naylor

    You guys are moving. Bet.

  • Noel Ybarra
    Noel Ybarra

    Don’t think your mirror can support any more BLACK ICE 😂😂😂

  • russkielol

    How much did they charge to mount

  • kia bass 879
    kia bass 879

    Whover ballanced you rims must of been drunk

  • Kaleb Poe
    Kaleb Poe

    Get them rebalanced

  • Cody Valley
    Cody Valley

    What is the name of the song the second one in the video

  • Cam Bernards
    Cam Bernards

    Am I the only one hearing him say “TAS wheels?”

  • Jaime Rivas
    Jaime Rivas

    Ryan it’s not TIS 554 is TIS 544

  • Scott Moore
    Scott Moore

    YOUR GYMS ARE OPEN?? That’s it. I’m moving to Ohio.

  • Brutus

    Have you thought of wheels beads ??? For balancing

  • Cody Berrier
    Cody Berrier

    Back when I was in High School in '91-'94 me and some of my friends had square body half ton short bed GMC and Chevy trucks and a few Blazers. The nicest Blazer was a white 1989 that had an 8" Skyjacker Softride suspension lift, new leaf springs front and rear and 35x17.50 Mickey Thompson Baja Belted tires on 15x14" rims. This was back in the day when 15 and 16" rims were all there were. But the 8" lift and 35x17.50r15 tires was the look that everybody wanted. What I had was stock suspension with Rancho dual shocks on each side in the front and single Rancho shocks on each side in the rear. For tires and wheels I had 31x11.50 tires on 15x10" five star rims. The truck was red and grey when I got it but I had it painted dark purple later. This was when there were no purple vehicles. Then I put an EXPENSIVE stereo system in it with two 12" subs. I still have this 1986 GMC 1/2 ton Short Bed and people want to buy it all the time but it's not for sale. But I left this comment to point out that tires back in the day were even wider than they are now!

  • Kolten Petersen
    Kolten Petersen

    I've done tens of thousands of rig wheels and when we get into those huge balance issues, we would take and rotate the tire 180 degrees on the rim and then do a rebalance and usually that would cut down the area and amount of weight. Might want to give that a try and see what happens.

  • ElCartero

    8:05 pimp juice

  • SWB Fishing
    SWB Fishing

    Dude I've been waiting on my 8inch lift for well over a month now smh I feel your pain


    I had a ramp break while loading my brute force 750 and my leg got caught between the for wheeler and the tail gate.

  • Luke Benton
    Luke Benton

    That 4 wheeler is idled a little high

  • Katie Bradley
    Katie Bradley

    I think that if you keep doing builds, you need to go ahead and invest in the tire mount and balance machine.

  • Kamal Kour
    Kamal Kour

    It’s a beautiful truck man. I like the color.

  • Arthur Andersen
    Arthur Andersen

    Those weights, oh come on! Did a 5 year old mount those?

  • Jonathon Bowman
    Jonathon Bowman

    Shitty tires shirt balance🤷‍♂️

  • Big country
    Big country

    Why not use balance beads? At belle tire where I used to work, we always recommended them when someone bought tires and/or wheels with the tires being over a 35

  • Jayson Johnson
    Jayson Johnson

    Get your truck deleted and take the Preheat warmer

  • Dang Right
    Dang Right

    Bro.....their tire balancer must be out of calibration

  • Thomas Tuttle
    Thomas Tuttle

    8 ounces like that should’ve been static balanced.

  • Jared Osborne
    Jared Osborne

    Enjoying the more vlog style videos!

  • DannyZ71

    Lol majior glitch or what but nice information in balancing wheels and tires learn something new everyday

  • Trenton Hood
    Trenton Hood

    Real big speaker


    Ayyy. I love that new song by the weeknd and juice wrld. I love your videos. Your .y inspection when I get older.

  • BackWoodsJare211

    if at the end you mean yall are moving to a different house/buying land.. that would be SICK!!!!!!!!

  • Noah Taylor
    Noah Taylor

    My local tire shop mounts them for 20$ a tire

  • Just_The_Fax

    That setup looks good. Kinda surprised you didn’t do 14 wides with the 15.50 tires.

  • James Luckow
    James Luckow

    if they didint do it correctly why didint you make then do it correct before taking posession of them and paying them

  • KeliMan Outdoors
    KeliMan Outdoors

    Hell ya can’t wait for the hoe to be lifted lol keep up the good work. Love from Medina oh