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  • Jon Wiggins
    Jon Wiggins

    I live in Ohio I would like to meet you

  • Ashton




  • Hector Perez
    Hector Perez

    Should have been Daytona this month right?.

  • yejun cheong
    yejun cheong

    rolling big power

  • Matrick Galius
    Matrick Galius

    You should really do a video on the girl that keeps fallowing you.... damn! I love her bumpers!

  • Veyonnis Jordan
    Veyonnis Jordan

    Old town road

  • Robert Kemper
    Robert Kemper

    tell me anbout it im sitting here druling

  • Eric Jerman
    Eric Jerman

    I feel bad for him cuz he burnt bad

  • Grunt

    Got contact info? Got a couple of questions about my truck! 🙌🏼

  • Justin Crim
    Justin Crim

    At 1:02 that maroon truck had the same custom grill as you do

  • Vonbohn Products
    Vonbohn Products

    very kool, just not liking the trucks hanging in the back !!!

  • Andrea Rybarski
    Andrea Rybarski

    Both white on top with green on the bottom and the green on top with purple on the bottom

  • ricky garlitz
    ricky garlitz

    A bunch of pavement pussies. Damn city boys

  • Dade King
    Dade King

    I had no idea micro-penises were that common! That's not a diss on you cause you seem like a cool truck owner, but most aren't..

    • Dade King
      Dade King

      @RYAN MAYER Haha yeah man, it's bad. I enjoy your content, including the truck stuff, but I'm here for the hellcat. I currently have a 2014 Charger SXT (without the lame spoiler that they had for the 11-14 models) and I loooove it. Granite metallic paint with black rims and 13% percent tint on the sides 20% in the back (couldn't get away with 5% ;/). Hopefully a hellcat or demon are in the future for me, Dodge is making some meeeean cars lately.


      I get that totally haha some people with trucks can really make us look bad 😂😂😂

  • Jason Forrest
    Jason Forrest

    mine is a mudd truck. looks better with dirt.

  • Jason Forrest
    Jason Forrest

    did ya see the kotex on the front of those chevys? they got wings. lol

  • Nathaniel Licudine
    Nathaniel Licudine

    Great work!!!!

  • Rolling Big Power
    Rolling Big Power

    Thank you so much for gracing us with your presence in our booth, and for being the best part of RBP - The Team RBP Family!


      Rolling Big Power best team to be apart of 🙌🏼🙌🏼 thank you!!

  • skylind -
    skylind -

    5:47 what’s the name of that song ?

  • K Swervo
    K Swervo

    I would never let this fruit loop vandalize my things with his "autograph"

    • Hans Landa
      Hans Landa

      K Swervo why u mad

  • Grant Oskey
    Grant Oskey

    5:25 are those 30 inch wheels?

  • robbie miller
    robbie miller

    Def also kills the bees

  • Paul Petraitis
    Paul Petraitis

    "awesome" Ok don't hate me but "awesome" all these trucks look the same."awesome"I mean, yeah the paint is beautiful"awesome" and the wheels and lifts are amazing"awesome" but what a waste of a truck "awesome" what a waste of a four wheeler"awesome" and what a waste of a truck bed that's so high up you can't get anything in them"awesome"


    I went poor just watching this vid

  • PhatboyHD88

    Dude better take your hat off and let your brain breath lol

  • Joshua Sizemore
    Joshua Sizemore

    How did you get the adjustable coils I have a 2015 ram 1500 an BDS told me they don’t have the adjustable coils or coils for the back. How can I get them for mine

  • Stephen Hansen
    Stephen Hansen

    You need custom badges man! Trucks lookin good as usual. You had my dream build and then blew right past it haha. www.billetbadges.com/shop/thcsp9zfc1nmfo2g7z2lisxnl7w4ce

  • redneck gamers
    redneck gamers


  • pits4life1971

    Nice top 75 I know the feeling I got top 60 for my lifted ram in buffalo ny Motorama

  • Power 7.3
    Power 7.3

    A lot of racing history was made there. RIP Dale SR!!!

  • Smooth 450
    Smooth 450

    Kelderman doesn’t get any better!

  • Kirk S
    Kirk S


  • Adam T Langdon
    Adam T Langdon

    Cool man, gotta d-max and all the guys who make d-max videos are D-BAGS!! Thank you so much for great videos

  • Main Street Customs 33513
    Main Street Customs 33513

    Very very upsetting about the whole award thing...Rbp was giving out the awards and Sponsored it our booth got overlooked so none of us got awards which was really bullshit I know personally my two trucks should’ve got awards they’re built from bottom to top and new vehicles

  • Main Street Customs 33513
    Main Street Customs 33513

    I love your channel but the whole awards was bullshit they didn’t go to a lot of the smaller booths like Axe to give them awards... Everyone in our Rbp Automatically got an award which was bullshit not being ugly but both my trucks should’ve got two awards it’s frustrating when you spend a lot of money build these trucks and just because you’re with a different tire/wheel company they overlook you

  • Kentucky BassinYT
    Kentucky BassinYT

    Plan is to have my second gen there next year.


    Hi Ryan what do you think about tire balancing beads there supposed to be better then tire weights ?

  • SlimPeas23

    Most of thoes truck never seen dirt

  • Shane Lowry
    Shane Lowry

    Wish we talked for a bit, i had the tacoma with truck toyz on it. We’re planning on going next year, i got some plans for it but truck looks soo sick in person

  • honey badger
    honey badger

    Tell your Jeep buddy to not be such a pu$$y about driving on the 38's.

  • Lee Lahd
    Lee Lahd

    Looks like if you have a sema truck, you have to wear your hat backwards.


    Skoop_smg trucks are 🔥

  • Imthat guy
    Imthat guy

    The color purple and green : Ryan: literally stealing my look!

  • joshua6200

    Jesus, mall crawler universe right there....

  • Stuart N
    Stuart N

    so like do white people not know that there’s such a thing called SUNSCREEN 🙄😂😂😂

  • Robert Christie
    Robert Christie

    Been looking for a square body forever hard to find one that’s not beat to hell or for a decent price

  • Calvin

    2:59 Gotta love those 80s squarebodies!

  • Nnadozie Emezi
    Nnadozie Emezi

    I'm liking this truck life. Fewer burnouts and people acting silly. I guess I need to buy a truck?🤔

  • Chris LoneStar
    Chris LoneStar

    Look at the "TRANSFER CASE" -- OBVIOUSLY IT'S BELT DRIVE..... Biggest fucking Face Palm, I have ever done in my entire life.... Jesus Christ!

  • Powerstrokin 6.7
    Powerstrokin 6.7

    14:40 I got my hand out my truck and all😂😂

  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H.

    Man!! You should have been wearing sunblock. But I've done that same thing and I sure hope you stopped somewhere and got some aloe to put on your face. Any time you get burnt like that get some aloe ASAP and put it on your face really thick, and leave on all night/day so it can soak in, then re-apply the same way for a couple of days. I was born and raised in Florida, I live about an hour from Daytona, and burns that blister you across your nose can cause skin cancer to pop up. I found that out the hard way.

  • Jesse White
    Jesse White

    That Silverado you were talking about that was at the hardcore booth is actually sitting at 11in, not 6 or 7....that’s my buddy Shawn

  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H.

    After that weekend Lacey Blair doesn't own that Escalade anymore. She sold it. I bet she misses it already.

  • Redneck Madness
    Redneck Madness

    What part of Ohio does he live in does anyone know

  • Gilbert Franklin
    Gilbert Franklin

    I never expected to watch all 25 minutes and not one shot of the bikini contest! I thought for sure there would be chicks hanging all over the lime green monster - something wrong with you, man... :>(

  • Jason Varney
    Jason Varney

    Those Eco coolers are awesome. I own 2, local to my home town. Awesome family oriented business, fantastic folks to deal with.

  • Tim Arnett
    Tim Arnett

    I was going to go, check out my OBS Chevy @tim.arnett

  • Kwmike

    Not many older dodge's, all Ford and Chevy

  • Jordan Steele
    Jordan Steele

    Paint those tow mirrors broskiiii🤣🤣🤣🤙🏼🤙🏼

  • Ford Tough
    Ford Tough

    Fun fact Daytona speedway is 33 degrees banking in the turns

  • Nelson Bardsley
    Nelson Bardsley

    why did you not have some flags displayed?

  • greg priest
    greg priest

    Spotted my truck

  • Belay Ramey Jr
    Belay Ramey Jr

    This year was my first time going and had a blast, I’ll definitely be there next year too!!

  • Dravin Laney
    Dravin Laney

    I seen you yesterday

  • Jay James
    Jay James

    Like the white on green


    😍🙌🙌 I made the video!! But my black Chevy is a 1500 on 11" of lift... not 6"-7"... 😉😅😅😅😅

  • Jason Arbuckle
    Jason Arbuckle

    I really enjoyed this video I felt like I was there thanks. From Australia 🇦🇺👍🏼

  • Eduardo Flores
    Eduardo Flores

    We're the dropped trucks at #suelomob

  • Diesel Addict
    Diesel Addict

    I'm going to Daytona next year dammit.

  • Wee Man
    Wee Man

    They make this shit...it's called SPF 50 Sunblock.

  • Mikeking23


  • Chance Mosley
    Chance Mosley

    Glad u had a great time bud truck looks sick 😎 can't wait to see her ready for sema

  • Diesel trucks And dirt racing
    Diesel trucks And dirt racing

    Dream works. I know them

  • John Rice
    John Rice

    If u build an old truck so a gen 1 cummins

  • Zr1ls104 Ss
    Zr1ls104 Ss

    I love your truck, very clean truck. I call it " la mamalona" / the bad ass🦹‍♂️🤙🤙

    • Glock Nutz
      Glock Nutz

      Zr1ls104 Ss no mames wey

  • clay yarosz
    clay yarosz

    Ryan needs a massive train horn

  • mac king
    mac king

    That sunburn. lol

  • TheMrDubstepic

    1:28 is a beauty

  • That 1SLO6.0hh
    That 1SLO6.0hh

    At 3:14 you can hear Old Town Road lol

  • Ignited 5.7
    Ignited 5.7

    Is there a date for next year's meet?

  • Tyler Klein
    Tyler Klein

    I’m the white duramax at 14:25. It was sick seein your build cruise by!

  • Raphael Rivera
    Raphael Rivera

    I dont have my truck anymore but my loyalty remain with your channel. Congratulations and I'm glad you had a good time.

  • Adventure loading
    Adventure loading

    Ayy! 15:40 the white Dodge with the roof top tent! 🤘

  • Right Choice HVAC
    Right Choice HVAC

    Those custom trucks look sick! But hot damn with all the ass squatters rolling down the strip. HAHA

  • Jake81283

    You need to 2nd gen swap that and put a little bigger turbo on her and make her scream!!!

  • Neil Potter
    Neil Potter

    Day 4.... ground hogs day. Day 4....repeat ... lol awesome video man. I’m glad you finally got it posted. Your truck looked amazing.

  • Cory Criswell
    Cory Criswell

    Amazing video man! Wish I could of made it to Daytona! Truck is looking good! Y’all check me out @compensatingcummins on Instagram

  • ToxicMayhem

    Congratulations buddy!!! Top 75 is fukkin awesome!!!

  • Peter Madonia
    Peter Madonia

    Looks like a great time! Good job on winning top 75!

  • Austin reed
    Austin reed

    You should get a 6door Ford f450 platinum

  • Joshua Schmitz
    Joshua Schmitz

    The maroon and gold f150 that was 5 trucks down from yours was at my small towns car show. 22hr drive for them to go to Daytona

  • mikestrucks

    For sure it was fun to be there ! Badass truck’s everywhere.....😬💪🏻

  • Tyrell Cooper
    Tyrell Cooper

    Anybody see street speed truck at 11:42???????? In. The left background

    • Tyrell Cooper
      Tyrell Cooper

      U right

    • Schwartzie 713
      Schwartzie 713

      Tyrell Cooper similar but not his. Street speed has extended cab

  • Life With Tyon
    Life With Tyon

    Start doing mods to ur truck

  • DillonBets 69
    DillonBets 69

    Need some led interior lights

  • xx.runaway

    is it worth the 23 hour and 1,550 mile drive from northern Wisconsin? lol

    • Tayler S
      Tayler S

      Ryan Belland hell yes see some of the nicest trucks in the world there also see some 💩 boxes

  • Tyler Brown
    Tyler Brown

    Damn boy Ryan lookin like a lobster.😂Hella burnt.

  • corey26wells

    Next mod sunscreen dispenser ;) Hahahha

  • walter arnsmeeks
    walter arnsmeeks

    That truck with the gold is are ways running around disking county