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  • Chris Garcia
    Chris Garcia

    I'm new to the your channel. I like the work you put in too this chevy. Nice work bro 🔥👍🏽

  • Alex Babcock
    Alex Babcock

    I like the very nice compromise between a full tear down restoration and a half-ass job. Pretty good quality for the amount of labor it looks like, I like it as somebody who would usually want to tear completely down

  • Alex Babcock
    Alex Babcock

    I feel like if I had these toys I’d be a lot less concerned with thinking about what other people think, and more time appreciating my own work. It is nice work you do, but do yourself a favor and stop thinking about what other people think! :)

  • Caleb Danis
    Caleb Danis

    Yo keep it

  • Atticus DeMil
    Atticus DeMil

    So what truck is this

  • Mack Mosley III
    Mack Mosley III


  • Nayome Mestas
    Nayome Mestas

    Absolutely love it!! I'd like to do something just like this to my truck & people & neon green are my to fav colors together!!! Keep her around!!!! 💜💚💜💚💜 Btw I'm new! I've only seen the video before this & this one & have subscribed!! Love stuff like this & hopefully I can learn a thing or two from your videos!!! TY

  • Josh Boone
    Josh Boone

    I just built a 99 chevy still doing small stuff to it

  • Von

    Can you help me with my Chevy s10 I just bought it

  • Gumhead

    ill buy it for $1000. :-) im sorry ik im not funny

  • Robby Sympsoun
    Robby Sympsoun

    Bad ass looking truck, keep it

  • Papa Jon
    Papa Jon

    Great Video !! Plum Crazy Purple was a very popular stock color of my youth...

  • Scott Covey
    Scott Covey

    Absolutely awesome truck nicely done. Keep the truck around. Perfect for you to run around picking up parts for any up coming projects. Love all your builds. Cheers

  • fiierfiiter

    Now only if you could get your beard to connect off EBay.

  • Bronson Grizzard
    Bronson Grizzard

    Would you like to do my truck I have a 2000 Chevrolet Silverado

  • Xbear

    How is that a farm truck

  • Jim Samples
    Jim Samples

    20x10 rims and what is the offset? Did you have to do any cutting? Great job looks awesome 👌


      No cutting -12 I think

  • Markus Nichols
    Markus Nichols

    You should keep building it up

  • Gabriel Boucher
    Gabriel Boucher

    nice build

  • DuramaxDiesel Silverados
    DuramaxDiesel Silverados

    What happened to the cateye

  • Collin Santaw
    Collin Santaw

    or get rid of them wheels and tires lmk i want a set just like them

  • Collin Santaw
    Collin Santaw

    I mean like if you decide to get rid of it lmk ill take it

  • Rick customizes stuff
    Rick customizes stuff

    I see Christmas Ale!!!

  • 307_ SCOOT
    307_ SCOOT

    love it hope you keep it and do the inside

  • Brandon Wagner
    Brandon Wagner

    Did that size of rim and tire work with the 3" lift or did you have to do any modifying?

  • Jay Cleary Jr
    Jay Cleary Jr

    Love this truck man please keep building on this like some engine work or interior work but keep it up bro watched the hole video and I'm subscribing now

  • Josh Redden
    Josh Redden

    Keep it! Looks fucking sick , I don’t like chevys or 1500s that much but that thing is sweet🤟🏻

  • Rebel Flag Rednecks
    Rebel Flag Rednecks

    U should do a dodge Dakota like a 95 think it would be cool to see what u come up with

  • Potter Guy
    Potter Guy

    Heck yeah that things sick

  • Wyatt Geer
    Wyatt Geer

    Looks killer dude

  • MrCstone1

    You should jack it up in the front before you tighten or loosen those key bolts....

  • Toy Boy
    Toy Boy

    Keep the truck. Install fog lights and some interior lights. I'd change the cluster to an escalade one. Plug and play. Get a cowl hood

  • Austin Franze
    Austin Franze

    beautiful color. what is the paint code?

  • slammed E34
    slammed E34

    Sick video subscribed sell the CatEye I'll unsubscribe lol

  • sayurin naidoo
    sayurin naidoo

    keep it

  • Murdered Out Bowtie
    Murdered Out Bowtie

    U need to level your mirrors

  • Murdered Out Bowtie
    Murdered Out Bowtie

    It will out last that dodge lol

  • Murdered Out Bowtie
    Murdered Out Bowtie

    Hell yeah keep it.

  • Mark Casillas
    Mark Casillas

    Dude I don’t see how you have so many followers you talk so much on your videos like, me personally I don’t know how to do stuff that you do but I want to learn and then I put it on your channel and holy crap you don’t stop talking bro just do the project and shut up man!!!!!!

  • Lucca Virgallito
    Lucca Virgallito

    Love how the exterior is bitchin but the interior is a piece of crap. YOU SHOULD SWAP A NEW DENALI INTERIOR

  • William Kirk ride
    William Kirk ride

    I'm in Ohio too. What part of Ohio you in?

  • Ron Stadnik
    Ron Stadnik

    Tbh I like the Chevy way more than the Cummins

  • J

    Keep the truck!!!!

  • Sergio Sanchez
    Sergio Sanchez

    Great job. How much money did you invested into it?

  • A1zombieslayer1

    I personally disagree with how he says 2004 is old but then again I drive a 78 1500 lol

  • Simon Sez
    Simon Sez

    My 4runner is at 221,000. I still daily drive it, but i want to restore it myself. I could only hope to do half as good a job as you bro

  • SeathingrageOSRS

    im a little late on asking a question but how did you get the drls to turn on under the headlight without the bulbs turning on as well?

  • Jr Hernandez
    Jr Hernandez

    obsss chevyy build but keep the tbii a true challenge

  • Jr Hernandez
    Jr Hernandez


  • bubba 966
    bubba 966

    You have to keep it please

  • Keaton Burns
    Keaton Burns

    Nice dude keep it!!

  • Si Simons
    Si Simons

    A LITTLE HEADS UP ! DALLAS/FT.WORTH ,, NO RUST ,, higher miles but clear non-salted roads and mostly highway miles ,, 2000 -4500 $ ,, fresh engine/trans cost a LOT less and SO very little work ,,go get'em ,, and ya' we speak 4WD IN TEXAS !

  • street Fire
    street Fire

    Would look good with lime green roll bars and brush guard on the front

  • WolvieGaming

    My chevy has 253k and when he said 150k plus my soul hurt

  • Caden Hicks
    Caden Hicks

    What wheels are those?????

  • Jayden Godinez
    Jayden Godinez

    Keep the truck

  • K W
    K W

    I like what you did to the farm truck. I have an 03 Silverado that will be getting a make over. Thanks for the video.

  • Stacy Harris
    Stacy Harris

    I like it, I'd get the finder flares for it, I think it look good.

  • Garrett Lamb
    Garrett Lamb

    Props for not bondoing the shit outta those rockers!

  • Chairman of the Board
    Chairman of the Board

    The paint color is interesting. I HATE the screenager rims though. Those rims were an AWFUL choice and destroy the look of the truck.

  • longshorts3

    I like the square body trucks of the late 70's and 80's. The newer "streamlined" look reminds me of trucks from the 40's and 50's. Granted, the streamlined look just might save you 1 or 1/2 mpg over the road open highway mileage, but if you can afford today's trucks, you can afford the gas for them. I prefer the older trucks because parts are cheap, they get about the same mpg as the younger versions (if you tune them right), and they do not have piles of computers in them to confuse or cost more to diagnose them. The fuel pump is on the engine block, easily replaced, not in the bloody gas tank where you have to disassemble the vehicle to get at it. All in all, the older trucks are better and easier to maintain than the newer computer trucks (and better looking).

  • Anthony Cremonese
    Anthony Cremonese

    I have a 2001 GMC Sierra extended cab with exact same setup 20x10 Fuel Vandals and 33 inch tires

  • Michael Livery
    Michael Livery

    she's a beauty

  • V10 Madness
    V10 Madness

    Rust bucket

  • Chicken Dinner
    Chicken Dinner

    Any way I can get the link to those headlights and tail lights appreciate it 👍

  • juan pablo dominguez
    juan pablo dominguez

    What brand and model is your vinyl cutter? Truck turned out great man! 🤙🏼

  • Mike

    I know this is old but you should think about putting green for the decals like your truck on that purple truck but that's just my two cents

    • Mike

      That's what I get for not waiting sorry

  • Mike

    That purple looks awesome on that truck you did a good job I just subscribed to your channel so that's why I'm late giving you a comment but I love the channel

  • DO IT ON ALL 4’s 4x4
    DO IT ON ALL 4’s 4x4

    Hay mate, Come across ur channel by looking up Raptor paint, Watched the vid on the Ute tray in raptor, Then watched the hole build of the purple truck, Great job mate, Love the channel and now have subscribed, and subscribed to both channels now, So can watch the black truck get built up Can’t wait to watch some more Cheers from Aussie land ,


    Truck looks soo good i would drive that to highschool

  • Chris Altman
    Chris Altman

    Is that just a leveling ?

  • King _Merc
    King _Merc

    I say keep it and add a green under glow and rock lights

  • Brit Williams
    Brit Williams

    Looks sexy

  • Dane Maddalena
    Dane Maddalena

    Do the interior now what's the color called might do my blazer that color eventually

  • Noe Favela
    Noe Favela

    Love the truck brotha but i think the decals would’ve looked great in green

  • _jon_k

    Much cleaner than before

  • BigBobby713

    New to your channel, this is only the 2nd video I've seen and just wanted to drop a line or 2, nice content, I enjoyed it....i say keep the purple ppl eater

  • Blarky 89
    Blarky 89

    Hes acting like 160kmiles is a lot my truck with 330k

  • Tom Brenes
    Tom Brenes

    Go make custom purple tires, purple dash, purple seatbelts, this is a pimp my ride purple wet dream

  • Josh Clark
    Josh Clark

    Keep it

  • kyle wilson
    kyle wilson

    You do not need 4wd in the winter if you know how to drive. I live in Northern Canada and drive a 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 rwd and have never once had a problem in the snow most people put sand bags in the bed but I don’t and still no problems only thing I have to my advantage is winter tires which everyone should be using in the snow.

    • kyle wilson
      kyle wilson

      Just my personal opinion I guess ^^ but love the build very clean rig!

  • Deshon DuBose
    Deshon DuBose

    yeah fool u did that

  • Dawson Kasper
    Dawson Kasper

    If you don’t mind what is the paint code that you used for this truck.


      Passion purple from the coating store!

  • TA Colton 16
    TA Colton 16

    i have this truck and i really need this paint job now

  • Matthew Parker
    Matthew Parker

    That looks BAD bro! In the best way possible. Love them Chevy's

  • Zachary Dee
    Zachary Dee

    fuck yeaa man

  • ZSP

    for nice looks use chemical guys its the best

  • YeeYee Gaming
    YeeYee Gaming

    I like our old maroon ugly farm truck🥺

  • Guillermo Alanis
    Guillermo Alanis


  • Mics

    *”BaRnEy iS a DiNOsAur fRom OuR IMagInAtiOn”*

  • Concerned

    Honestly I didn’t like it bc 4 doors usually a little better looking but u made that 2 door fire 🔥

  • DylanSupreme 25
    DylanSupreme 25

    U from Ohio?

  • Braelon McDaniel
    Braelon McDaniel

    What part of ohio?

  • Everything Quads
    Everything Quads

    Would love to see u build another 🐱 cateye but a 2500 crew cab or extended cab

  • Everything Quads
    Everything Quads

    2 questions why would u do it 2 a 1500 and is it really worth it cause of the high miles my 2500 has 112000 miles on it I was gonna restore the whole thing but I didn’t think it would be worth it

  • Gage Sleep
    Gage Sleep

    Wish I had the time and money to do a restoration on my 96 Dodge Ram 1500

  • Logan Morgan
    Logan Morgan

    She looks so clean

  • A J
    A J



    Purple ?

  • Mason Anderson
    Mason Anderson

    Its it just a 1500 or is duramax?