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  • Jason

    When I saw the Chevy and I never saw this Vid so I though it was most recent saw the Silverado said Holy shi oh it’s not recent

  • Crux Interfacing Solutions
    Crux Interfacing Solutions

    Very informative and well done, if you want to see other great 12 volt videos please subscribe to us.

  • Kennedy Stocks
    Kennedy Stocks

    convert the ram to push to start

  • robbie miller
    robbie miller

    I rotate every oil change. So about 5k

  • jason murdoch
    jason murdoch

    That’s false about the torque with an extension they have some twist and you loose some torque through a extension

  • Baiden Burgess
    Baiden Burgess

    You could do a give away of the Chevy

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson

    I think eveyone knows to rotate tires. Not a secret

  • ryan0714

    Something I do with my tires to find the correct pressures to help them wear better is a chalk test. You can google it but basically chalk a line on it across the tread, drive forward and back a little and see how it wears off and it will tell you if you need more or less pressure. Helps with the mileage on tires.

  • Cummins 6.7
    Cummins 6.7

    The RAM is looking sweet man. I can't wait for the turbo install.

  • Luke Gee
    Luke Gee

    your wheels on the truck are the wrong directional on both sides since you rotated them.

  • Luke Gee
    Luke Gee

    you should peel off the matte black wrap between the side windows on the hellcat

  • John Ward
    John Ward

    Is this dude the actor from American horror story ? Lol

  • Chris Atwood
    Chris Atwood

    On the hellcat get a liberty walk

  • Chris Atwood
    Chris Atwood

    Make the Chevy into a mud truck

  • Jake McKeen
    Jake McKeen

    Purple spiked lug nuts on the ram would look good!

  • Nite Train
    Nite Train

    Hey Ryan, Have you ever checked in to the newer Federal Explora MTS tires? They are wicked lookin and are created for a show tire i guess. They have really big sizes and really big wheel diameters on the tires also.


    You. Need a name for the Chevrolet

  • Rolling Loud Trucks
    Rolling Loud Trucks

    what part of florida are you coming to

  • Blakely Lochridge
    Blakely Lochridge

    Please keep camera still. The back and forth is driving me crazy

  • Connor Whitney
    Connor Whitney

    I have been looking for a good truck

  • Connor Whitney
    Connor Whitney

    How much you thinking on the purple Chevy

  • 12LOOK4 2FAST
    12LOOK4 2FAST

    Using a extension changes the torque

  • James Held
    James Held

    how much u gunna sell her for

  • A10warthog

    Happy birthday Katy Ryan you can get you a job at Macy's wrapping presents outstanding job brother 👍

  • kevin garrison
    kevin garrison

    Happy birthday girllll lol..... so question how do u like the pedal commander?

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    I’ll buy the purple truck!!!

  • bblazeff1

    I thought it was very cool that you guys included a hand written thank you note on my order form. I'll be ordering some more stuff from you. I hope your brand does great.

  • Ben Barker
    Ben Barker

    Enigine no motor 🤦‍♂️

  • Mad Dad Gamer
    Mad Dad Gamer

    I'm from the midwest. With your intro they all think that were all stupid 😂😂😂

  • alex .2325
    alex .2325

    They Cummins is about they worst build I've seen and they purple Duramax who ever ends up getting that's is probably going to get rid of that ugly purple

  • John Luna
    John Luna

    @ 9:28...ryan you dirt man🤦‍♂️

  • Steve’s Life
    Steve’s Life

    We want to see a garage cleaning vid please I can’t wait

  • Brett B
    Brett B

    How much for the purple truck

  • Brett B
    Brett B

    Dont level the mirror

  • kia bass 879
    kia bass 879

    At 6:00 did I see that you replaced the light in your truck nice 👍

  • Stephen Vander Stel
    Stephen Vander Stel

    Your videos are great, I enjoy them and hope you keep them coming but I have to correct you on something that you talked about in this video. You absolutely do lose torque when using an extension, the longer the extension the more you lose. I use to have a chart on how much torque you are supposed to add per how long an extension but there are many of these readily available online.

  • Landon Greer
    Landon Greer

    Buy her a car

  • Jahn Weakley
    Jahn Weakley

    holy poop, when he said $900-$1100, i expected him to say for a set, and I was gonna be impressed cause that's about what I paid for wide 33's, but for each tire, I'd be broke just trying to maintain that truck :(

  • Antonio Diaz
    Antonio Diaz

    Happy birthday Katie!!!! Man, 95°-97° is a great day here in AZ!! Our normal temp is around 110°+ lol. Thank you both for all the hard work you guys do. Much love from Arizona.

  • Diesel Truck
    Diesel Truck

    Ryan, you need to cummins swap the chevy and Happy B-Day Katie!!!

  • james snow
    james snow

    Can I get your email so I can inquire about the Chevy I would like to buy it but I don’t have social media

  • JustPingAbuse

    thanks for the 10% off eastwood coupon 🤟 Happy bday!

  • Son of A bitch
    Son of A bitch

    What is the Website for your Merch

  • Flip broskies
    Flip broskies

    I really like that Silverado how much is it

  • TrumpPence KAG 20
    TrumpPence KAG 20

    keep the chevy and sell the green truck

  • Legit Hit
    Legit Hit

    Ayyy I’m from Ohio too

  • Raphael Rivera
    Raphael Rivera

    Happy Birthday Katie.

  • Joe Meier
    Joe Meier

    you think it's hot up there. you should come to Texas.😂

  • Jeep Country
    Jeep Country

    Cross rotation will help cupping, I have to do that for people at my shop all the time. Crossing fronts to rear and bringing rear up front. It’s an easy way to get an extra 5-10k more than the mileage warranty depending on driving habits

    • Jeep Country
      Jeep Country

      RYAN MAYER They’re in for a rude, and pricey awakening. “Why are my rears bald and fronts brand new?” “Did you rotate the tires at all?” “...”


      People just think they can leave them on and they’ll be flat forever!!

  • Raw Riding
    Raw Riding

    Dont use Harbor Freight jack's if you have some they have a recall on 3 groups

  • Nelson Bardsley
    Nelson Bardsley

    I once bought my ex-wife a rifle scope for her birthday. It didn't get a hug like you did. I never did that again.

  • Crenshaw Farms
    Crenshaw Farms

    Happy birthday Katie! It is scorching 🥵 in the south as well!

  • Jadon Pickles
    Jadon Pickles

    You should build another 5.9 Cummins! Would be awesome to see what you come up with

  • Benjamin Bergeron
    Benjamin Bergeron

    When you need a ladder to put washer fluid in🤦‍♂️

  • Pat Brush
    Pat Brush

    5th gen tow pig/show truck

  • Shawn Wolf
    Shawn Wolf

    I would like to have that but what's the lowest price you can do

  • Work Hard
    Work Hard

    That ram is awesome Ryan.... I’ve watched you build it through both lifts and wheel/tire set ups. Actually bought a newer ram and am kind of following in your footsteps. Do me a favor, get rid of that stock ass antenna on the ram. It’s literally one of the cheapest mods you can do. I’m thinking 50 cal but instead of being like everyone else powder coat yours illusion purple... I think it would look sweet..

  • Steady Shooters
    Steady Shooters

    i would like to see a 1st gen tacoma rebuild

    • _Toasty_ Malone_
      _Toasty_ Malone_

      1st gen dodge

  • Rolling Coal Customs
    Rolling Coal Customs

    Happy birthday Katie!!!!

  • Jay Harp
    Jay Harp

    Its lovebug season here in FL so definitely come prepared!

  • Brandin Truong
    Brandin Truong

    BF Good ridge are better then nittro and cheaper

  • Skythelimit Upchurch
    Skythelimit Upchurch

    How much for the truck

  • fluffy98

    I am interested in the truck

  • Carter Abram
    Carter Abram

    Am I the only one that wishes he would say here instead of “or” ?😂

    • sabau66

      You're not alone bro

  • Eraserhead1

    You should customize the ram door emblems green and purple

  • Scott_4.6_ Lee
    Scott_4.6_ Lee

    “Don’t wanna spend a lot of money on an older truck” lol oops might have gone a little overboard with my F150 😂😂😂 hoping you make some more videos with it very soon and get it ready for some shows!

  • Robert Stoker
    Robert Stoker

    Why you gonna sell the truck

  • Vigranth

    Don’t you just love being able to start the truck from the passenger seat with all the new vehicles needing you to press the brake or clutch

  • Blair Armstrong
    Blair Armstrong

    Please please please paint those mirrors and door handles.. would complete that beauty.

    • Blair Armstrong
      Blair Armstrong

      And custom badges lol

  • Gil4546

    Ryan u have remote start on that Cat to kool it down b4 u get in it ..

  • Dan Puckett
    Dan Puckett

    Just rotated my truck tires today!

  • joey schultz
    joey schultz

    You gotta put some green or purple on the inside of the ram

  • Blaise Chauffepied
    Blaise Chauffepied

    Build a Ford 7.3 Gaszilla

    • Blaise Chauffepied
      Blaise Chauffepied

      If you tune it will get a lot of horse power

  • Jon Conwell
    Jon Conwell

    Happy birthday Katie hope you have great birthday and thank you so much helping the channel with Ryan your amazing woman and you guy's are great couple together and you guys are cute couple you both do great job thanks guy's

  • austin more
    austin more

    How much is he looking to get for the Chevy?

  • hunter bizzz
    hunter bizzz

    today was 109 in Vegas😂it was mid 90s last month

  • Kenan Schoon
    Kenan Schoon

    My utes bf goodrich all terrains have 80,000kms and are still fine

  • Nick S.
    Nick S.

    Got me an LFTD sticker and put it on my 2013 ram 1500 sport. Just ordered a T-Shirt. Now I’m just waiting for the snap backs to be back in stock! I check the site 2-3 times a day for them lol.

  • zach S
    zach S

    It would look good if you powder coat calipers green or black. They so through the wheels. Possibly polish drive shafts


    Today is my birthday 🎂 tooo what a coedence

  • Taylor Mccoy
    Taylor Mccoy

    A purple bumper would look great 👍

  • Ats _Nigel
    Ats _Nigel

    before you said anything about the mirrors I was gonna comment will you level the mirrors, I'm curious to see how its done

  • Jacob Marizek
    Jacob Marizek

    I have had 2 rams and rainx messes and coats the sensor

  • Justin Hammett
    Justin Hammett

    Crack your windows to kelp your cars cool.


    WhistlinDiesel hit your dm for the Chevy lol

  • Pinto TM
    Pinto TM

    Can you upload more??

  • patrick crawford
    patrick crawford

    Happy birthday Katie!!!!!! another outstanding video nicely done man

  • Sam Carpenter
    Sam Carpenter

    Can you check your dms

  • Fat Boi Jose
    Fat Boi Jose

    That car lookin like Barney bro. Deserves a proper beating. Give it to Whistlin Diesel he'll take care of it. It needs to get dirty😂😂💪💪👷👷🚜🚜

  • Evan Davis
    Evan Davis

    Super77, that is the best for the headliner to keep it held up. I do them all the time and all other adhesive falls off within weeks

  • Joseph Cummings
    Joseph Cummings

    Ryan, what do you do in order to not scratch you lug nuts when putting them back on?


    2:03 ayyyye we have the same adidas shoes

  • Clay Stone
    Clay Stone

    8:00 watch out for the trash can next time

  • Josh Hummer
    Josh Hummer

    Please do a budget build on an old Jeep!

  • Owen Pearson
    Owen Pearson

    best youtuber, most entertaining content🤘🏼 Ryan you gotta get an Lly or Lbz duramax!!

  • braeden hanna
    braeden hanna

    Why sell it, such a cool truck for the channel

  • CamBreBet3 v
    CamBreBet3 v


  • Dan Charron
    Dan Charron

    well even up here in Canada, it is 86f. but I saw you have the older fan controls, I wonder would the digital one work in your Chevy? I saw some for sale in scrapyards like 10-15$

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    If you don’t marry her lol

  • Joseph Cummings
    Joseph Cummings

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY KATIE!! Ryan is a good one so you’d better ho,d on to him!!