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  • Fade To Black LLC
    Fade To Black LLC

    Tahoe, looks awesome. We did one with a lift and 24x14s a while back. Still a popular truck on my Channel. Let me know what you think of it.

  • Jim Cross
    Jim Cross

    Cut me a set of custom chevy 4x4 decals. Please

  • William Vlogs
    William Vlogs

    Don’t forget about tinting the sunroof

  • Dade King
    Dade King

    I always watch your tint videos...so satisfying. You got skill man! I’ll never not have tint on a car. There really is a cozy feeling to it. I have 15% on all the windows on my charger and 5% on the back windshield. I love it. Maybe I’ll try 5 all the way around some time cause honestly 15% doesn’t even look dark under the Colorado sun XD


    Hand cutting not bad at all, just cut outside the vehicle, with any suv or truck you want 24x100 foot roll,

  • Shawn Kinter
    Shawn Kinter

    how do you get your vehicle inspected with a dark tent because my state is really strict

  • clnfreak one
    clnfreak one

    Highly recommended an olfa stainless steel knife when hand tinting ans check out tint stuff on IRbin for more tips and how to’s

    • Fade To Black LLC
      Fade To Black LLC

      Tintstff is a good Channel, I watch as well.


    My 2 favorite IRbinrs Ryan and Dan I love how they do the work themselves instead of like oh let's tint this truck okay drop it off at a tint shop n let them do it. I love watching diy projects

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith

    20% is the best for windshields

    • Fade To Black LLC
      Fade To Black LLC

      I just did a truck with 20% on the Shield. A lil to dark for me though. ha ha

  • mattybarringer

    Yo ryan can we get a link to the roll of tint? preferably 5%

  • Norm Quarantillo
    Norm Quarantillo

    Is “Fireball” a sponsor? Cool JK

  • ohio dipper
    ohio dipper

    Wanna do my truck

  • Scott Becker
    Scott Becker

    I don't understand how you can see out the windshield with it tinted. Especially at night when you don't have cars coming at you. Isn't that highly illegal?

    • Fade To Black LLC
      Fade To Black LLC

      I recommend 50% to my customers. It also helps with our Wisconsin winter glare. 35% can get dark at times.

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    Nice job Ryan looks good can’t wait to see it lifted

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan

    Hell ya thanks for taking the time to give us tips on tinting

  • Connor

    Finally tinted 👀👀 makes the tahoe look amazing 🔥

  • Aric Ream
    Aric Ream

    Great video! What hand tools do you use for tinting? Also where do you recommend getting those tools And what do you spray on the windows? Thanks for your time!

    • Fade To Black LLC
      Fade To Black LLC

      There are a lot of places that sell tool and film. Check out flexfilm

  • Marty Kik
    Marty Kik

    That looks sick bro

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    I thought you knew how to hand cut tint all along lol

  • Marty Kik
    Marty Kik

    U should do my truck windows lol.

  • firebull02

    I did tint in the late 90’s and cutting was all we did. Precut wasn’t an option for us. Don’t miss it.

    • Fade To Black LLC
      Fade To Black LLC

      I'm a hand cutter here myself. I've tried a few different software but I still go back to hand cutting. I also do a lot of Mobile too.

  • Santiago Gómez
    Santiago Gómez

    Is what you’re spraying just water or is it something special? And what tint did you use?

    • SpiderG1296

      I think it's baby soap lol

  • Travis In Canada
    Travis In Canada

    @Ryan there is def. a setting that COULD be cutting out a larger shape than what you have it set to. For example if you have Die cut enabled, but I don't know your cutter/software so you would have to look into it. Also pick yourself up one of these, you won't regret it. I have like 5 of them and they are great for trimming vinyl/tint because of the 30 degree blade. Good luck! www.amazon.com/VViViD-Retractable-Precision-Multi-Use-Automotive/dp/B074ZN18G9/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=vivid%2Bknife&qid=1596260497&sr=8-3&th=1

  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones

    Why tools do I need to be able to tint my own windows ?

  • RP 23
    RP 23

    Reason theres only a defroster on the one rear window is because thats the only one the driver can see out of.

  • David Rigg
    David Rigg

    Next video, getting pulled over cause of tint Lol! Looks great Ryan! Can't wait for the lift kit! I love lifted Tahoe's!

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones

    Love the content bro. Honestly though I’ve invented a new drinking game.....every time you say honestly in a video you take a swig!!hahahah. I know it’s gotta be hard talking to a camera and trying to remember what you are saying, honestly. Hahaha. Just busting you balls man. You are killing it. Really enjoy your content. One of my favorites. You teach and that’s cool. Keep pushing man. Great things coming your way!

  • DippinLikeRanch

    Love the tint videos, Tahoe build is sweet. Want to learn to tint myself

    • Fade To Black LLC
      Fade To Black LLC

      Tinting a nice way to make money once you become good at it.

  • Kenneth Burgess
    Kenneth Burgess

    The defroster on the passenger rear windows that is by the rear is so you can use that window to see in the blind spot over your shoulder, it’s kinda difficult to turn your head while driving and look out the one on the drivers side

  • Grizz 2
    Grizz 2

    Content is slightly less click-baity but whole video to only tinting.....that's like 1 hour of work.

  • arm hix
    arm hix

    Next time use a heat gun so the tint will form to the window but good job 👏 👍 👌

  • Tyler

    Those are Escalade tail lights no?

  • Cameron C
    Cameron C

    Ryan why didn’t you get the RBP steps like you did for your truck??

  • ericg4x4

    Always use Stainless blades on glass. Carbon steel blades can watch the glass!

    • Fade To Black LLC
      Fade To Black LLC

      @ericg4x4 I got you! 👌🏾

    • ericg4x4

      @Fade To Black LLC yes sir, that’s what I meant to say!

    • Fade To Black LLC
      Fade To Black LLC

      Stratch! 🙂


    They made that body style from 07-14

  • William Clontz
    William Clontz

    Gotta yah light out

  • Alex York
    Alex York

    How does he only have 200 k subs ????

  • Aaron Podgorski
    Aaron Podgorski

    Awesome content Ryan 👍

  • KBTR

    I have my windows at 20% all around and have the brow at 20 as well. Its very hard to back up at night glad I have a backup camera lol

    • KBTR

      Sorry whatever limo tint is 5% or 20% I don't know lol I suck at doing tint so I got someone else to do it its covered for life against any defects so thats cool

  • KBTR

    The amount of time you spent trying to get that cutter working it would have been done lol do it old school Ryan come on dude lol

  • Elpinche_ Fernandooffical
    Elpinche_ Fernandooffical

    I thought I was buzzed but he really does say backer to the channel. I need to stop drinking and watching IRbin.

    • Emiller

      He says 'welcome back or to the channel'. Cheers!

  • steve roderick
    steve roderick

    Heads up that’s not a defroster that’s your radio antenna. Love the videos

  • Gerardo Gonzalez
    Gerardo Gonzalez

    U make putting tint on so difficult

  • Poké Guy
    Poké Guy

    That face after the sip of coffee. You know that shit was nasty 😂😂😂

  • Ernesto Savignon
    Ernesto Savignon

    Did not like the rear brake lights conversion at all...

  • Ohiocountryboy 2007
    Ohiocountryboy 2007

    I only do legal limits. Do not want to get a fine for tint

  • Robert Mackay
    Robert Mackay

    You should’ve took off the window trim 🤦🏻‍♂️Looks good though

  • ElectronicInfern

    Maybe this is a stupid question but what is he spraying the window with to apply the tint?

    • Nobody

      Dawn dishsoap and water

  • big chungus
    big chungus

    What happened to the Chevy

    • brandon armstrong
      brandon armstrong

      Sold it awhile ago an bought the Tahoe as a new project

  • Zeth Hardman
    Zeth Hardman

    Do we have any plans for that wood paneling in the Tahoe (soon to he Tallhoe) or do you wanna keep it

    • Zeth Hardman
      Zeth Hardman

      Haha could have made the blacked out emblem say Tallhoe.

    • William McClung
      William McClung

      RYAN MAYER I think he is on to something !!


      You might just found my lisence plate



  • Bryan Bankey
    Bryan Bankey

    use an avalanche window pattern?

  • Payne Killer
    Payne Killer

    Trade coffee is what powers Ryans swinging arms while he's talking. Sh!ts legit.


    If you lay out all the windows on one side and flip the top layer of film onto the first layer you can cut both side at once. Have all windows cut in a few minutes

    • Fade To Black LLC
      Fade To Black LLC

      I call that Double Cutting


    Fold the weather stripping inward with an opi stick then use soap and water after a few days to roll the window down and not catch the tint. When it rolls up the weather strip will also fold back out normal


    Do you have the correct cutter or are you using the one for vinyl? World of difference

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith

    Please get the auto focus on your new cam sorted, It's really annoying and takes away from your videos.

  • Joshua Martin
    Joshua Martin

    It’s always best to learn hand cutting then use a plotter. Could have computer problems or equipment issues and have to hand cut

  • Joshua Martin
    Joshua Martin

    Also when you cut one side then shift it over, don’t go half inch. Go about 1/4 so it will give you about 1/8 behind the seal

  • Joshua Martin
    Joshua Martin

    With the way you did the window getting the tint on is called bottom loading

  • Church Gang
    Church Gang

    Lmao just go to a professional and have them do it bud 😂💯have my big truck tinted all around for $140 all 5% windshield 15% see perfectly fine 💯🤘🏼

  • Olsoul_92

    At least for the Tahoe you should do 5% all around and 35% on the windshield..

  • John Henry
    John Henry

    Polarized window tint on the windshield that will help and change your life at night when driving

  • Ibrahim M
    Ibrahim M

    Man I love tint🔥🔥

    • Fade To Black LLC
      Fade To Black LLC


  • Churlly

    Take truck offroading. That truck must hate u

  • camo_ duramax
    camo_ duramax

    That's not a defroster that's your radio antenna

  • Alex Arevalo
    Alex Arevalo

    Take a shot every time he says “honestly” you’ll end up drunk af 🥴

    • Alex Arevalo
      Alex Arevalo

      ApeX MoDs no.

    • ApeX MoDs
      ApeX MoDs

      Shut up

  • Lucas Rudd
    Lucas Rudd

    i dont think he went 15 seconds without saying “obviously” or “honestly”

    • Alexzander Smith
      Alexzander Smith

      Honestly that was pretty obvious like obviously lmao

  • Bryce Whitworth
    Bryce Whitworth

    20 on top of 20 brings you to 6% and you should have used a heat gun to get that tint used to bring in that shape it will start to bubble really bad hope this helps on future truck

    • Crew Zero
      Crew Zero

      That's actually about 4% bud.

    • William McClung
      William McClung

      Huh how do you calculate that, I am interested

  • L Garcia
    L Garcia

    You could see a big difference just by tinting your windows.

  • Luke Scott
    Luke Scott

    How did you learn how to do tint? Did you work for someone doing it or did you teach yourself?

    • Fade To Black LLC
      Fade To Black LLC

      Tinting is just repeated work. Someone can show you but it's repetition and taking your time.

  • kia bass 879
    kia bass 879

    Finally the tahoe gets tint

  • J.T.

    Mount them wheels we’re thirsty

    • J.T.

      I just saw you featured on a Bank’s email I got. Nice job man

    • J.T.

      RYAN MAYER I know you must be. Just think everything else on the truck will be done though by the time lift and steps come in that’ll be nice.


      SHEEESH! I am too! That’s for sure

  • Andrew Kelly
    Andrew Kelly

    Who else loves tint videos?

    • Fade To Black LLC
      Fade To Black LLC

      This guy!!!! Well I'm biased. ha ha

  • Cody Herman
    Cody Herman

    I mean you could’ve tinted it darker lol

  • imnotawasteoftime

    1% protec tint on the ford 👀

  • Shane Delainey
    Shane Delainey

    Where you get your tint off of

  • Brian Clifford
    Brian Clifford

    Maybe you should of called brother n law Ben?you'll figure it out!!🤙🤙

  • Ulises Sanchez
    Ulises Sanchez

    Put towing mirror in your Tahoe I almost about to call it the Neohoe from the Lifeofprice sorry Ryan Mayer I got confused 😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Adam Pettyjohn
    Adam Pettyjohn

    The defrosted window on the passenger side is so you can see while backing out looking over your shoulder. Dont need the driver side rear cause you will never see out of it in the driver seat. Also, trying to find jack stands to lift my silverado 6" nowhere has jack stands RN. Any ideas?

  • Kenneth Gomez
    Kenneth Gomez

    Coffee looks lit tbh 😂 so you guys better go buy and help Ryan out

  • MudBuster300 14
    MudBuster300 14

    Do starlights love to see content like that on the tahoe

  • GPTitan

    Great job on the Trade ad! Dude you are a pro! You have got to keep blowing up!!

  • Brittany Matthews
    Brittany Matthews

    A little tip, when I used to tint windows you can use either your finger or thumb to cut around the corners. Just don't cut your finger, let the exacto knife use your finger as a guide to trace around.

  • Adrian Rubio
    Adrian Rubio

    Sound system?👀

  • Matthew Morgan
    Matthew Morgan

    That is your antenna in your rear right window

  • zach S
    zach S

    So far I've had great luck with the pre-cut tint. And are you going to do a custom exhaust or cold air intake or any sort of thing like that

  • Chris Sisemore
    Chris Sisemore

    Looks like Katie is putting fuels on the 6.0

  • Baseballkid18

    got 5 over 35 on my silverado with double five over all the back windows.

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson

    I hand cut tint and taking off door panels is useless...could've tintee 4 Tahoe's by the time u got all that done lol

  • Hector Perez
    Hector Perez

    Dang. You're good! Tint looks perfect

  • Wendy Kane
    Wendy Kane

    Hell yeah boi YEE YEE

  • Brayden Schmanski
    Brayden Schmanski

    Hey Ryan what accessories did you need to buy for your plotter to be able to cut window film?

  • Cruz Flores
    Cruz Flores

    I did 5 all around mine and 20 on the very back window and 35 on windsheild and have no headlight or law problems

  • Mark Hensel
    Mark Hensel

    Looks awesome man. Thanks for showing how to cut tint. I’ve been looking online for a store that pre cuts but may try it on my own now.

    • Fade To Black LLC
      Fade To Black LLC

      Just practice hand cutting

  • Jake C
    Jake C

    this channel is the shit

  • reaper 20
    reaper 20

    Love your videos

  • Ray Trotter
    Ray Trotter

    Have you thought about a tonneau cover for your truck? It would be sweet!!

  • Tim Francis
    Tim Francis

    can help you with the laptop and your in my area too, get at me. we can do something about new laptop as well.

  • k300zx

    Ah Ryan, free hand the tint. I think after 10 vehicles I felt comfortable. Still love the videos!

    • Fade To Black LLC
      Fade To Black LLC

      It takes time to get a good method down!

  • Ivan Diaz
    Ivan Diaz

    My truck has double 5 percent on all windows just not the front windshield the front has 40 percent also love all your vids

    • Fade To Black LLC
      Fade To Black LLC

      I have 40% on my Full Windshield too.

    • Tommy Penny
      Tommy Penny

      Had double 5 on one of my trucks with 5 on the whole front windshield. Don't recommend it but it was fun as hell haha