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  • Jordan Duvall
    Jordan Duvall

    Does this truck have a tune? Definitely need to get the banks exhaust for my ecodiesel🤤

  • Jnthn

    am i the only one who would sell those rims and buy some stocks with tall tires

  • Jonathan Sellers
    Jonathan Sellers

    What tuner and cold air intake are you running?

  • Joel Mckechnie
    Joel Mckechnie

    That's a 47500$ package deal and you could win by spending 10$

  • dirty dirtbike boys Ken
    dirty dirtbike boys Ken

    Hey bro I have ? It's not any part of my business but I have watched that much because of work has got stupid and been busy but did u and ur girl break up not to start anything but just wondering when the next vid bro have not seen since the last vid

  • armandofehr

    Would be a dream come true!

  • xRidiculasMe

    My 98 1500 ’s runs but savin up a while now for a new truck just been hard to save up for something better.

  • Spencer Lowe
    Spencer Lowe

    Hey just a question why don't you put a roof mount light bar on them I just wanna see what they look like on a ram

  • Matt with a 5.0L
    Matt with a 5.0L

    Ryan this is true on what you said if it wasn’t for you on showing me on how to do wheels and tires I wouldn’t know how to work on trucks just like yo I have come to the point in life I got a job at a tire shop and all’s I can say is I thank you for the videos and keep up the good work also I am 19 years old btw

  • darren cajka
    darren cajka

    So.......Ryan. I want to enter the give a way, but the merch I'm interested is all sold out. HELP?

  • Sean Miller
    Sean Miller

    I would love to bring that beauty back to Florida!

  • MrCabdriver1245

    Its Sunday new video soon !!!yaaaaaayyyy

  • Brady Adams
    Brady Adams

    How many mpg the Banana 🍌 ram get?

  • Francisco Garcia
    Francisco Garcia

    He painted the red little car he has I bet 👀

  • Lucas Rudd
    Lucas Rudd

    this is so exciting i can’t wait to see who wins. i’ve literally wanted this truck since you wrapped it and put the wheels on it. i love it so much.

  • J.A.R. Family
    J.A.R. Family

    Yo?? Where does that "boat ramp" go? Lol

  • bjmxd

    thats like f 250 and up for fords hvy diuty thewy look great but the king ranches just like the longhorn stand out well and love them

  • Kyler Jones
    Kyler Jones

    3 people on a spark 🥴🥴

  • Pinto Gaming
    Pinto Gaming

    Me : *sees thumbnail* i knew it....

  • Nicholas Rodriguez
    Nicholas Rodriguez

    OHH BABY!!! Iv been waiting for this announcement. I fell in love with this truck when I heard you were wrapping it copper! I’ll buy more when stuff comes available

  • ronin_807

    Thank you Buddy !! for all you do !

  • Kirby Parkins
    Kirby Parkins

    Is that your boat launch in Ohio?

    • Matthew G
      Matthew G

      LOL! I think it’s just a puddle.

  • John M
    John M

    Deff gonna get in on this one thanks for always giving back maybe it will come back to Florida 💪🙏

  • Rhodri Rees
    Rhodri Rees

    just hit an order - love this truck and would love to own it.

  • Owen Sherwood
    Owen Sherwood

    I see some red lift parts I’m assuming🧐


    I love your builds my 94 sierra 3500 6.5L diesel is a very slow work in progress. Alot of people hate it not sure why but I'm building my dream truck slowly.

  • Ronan Simpson
    Ronan Simpson

    I'm sure the amount of orders are hectic right now. But somehow my order shipped in a day. Im not sure how you keep up with it all but props to you man keep on keeping on!

  • Jorge Alves
    Jorge Alves

    You should have tap the jetski to match the truck. Opportunity missed there Ryan

  • Zach Tate
    Zach Tate

    Thanks for the inspiration man I would never have gotten as far as I have so far with my truck

  • Cory Criswell
    Cory Criswell

    Last time I ordered I noticed right away I ordered the wrong color hoodie. I reached out right away email Instagram and here and never heard anything back. Just FYI

  • M Nels
    M Nels

    Hey Ryan is this open to us folks up in Ontario Canada? If it is, and someone up here did win...how would that work with closed borders? Thanks

  • Jason Corres
    Jason Corres

    You are the BEST and most real automotive youtuber. I love your honesty, hard work, and i just love your videos! Ive been following for months now. I followed the banana ram build from the beggining. I now want to do an interior swap into my 1500 tradesman. i want to do a red rebel interior. red is my accent color. my profile pick is my truck( 2016 1500 5.7)

  • Ethan McKenzie
    Ethan McKenzie

    Ryan we’ll be here to the end with you!

  • Alexis Perez
    Alexis Perez

    Sounds amazing mane🔥💯


    That set-up is so clean 😍, definitely entering the giveaway, I’ve always wanted a truck that had air suspension, plus the copper wrap is so clean 😍 never see that on the daily

  • Mis Hammer
    Mis Hammer

    U should do stuff to the headlights and taillights. It will look better. U should of done that on a boat launch. I will win it and take ur sexy ex girl on it 😂😂

  • Nicholas Costello
    Nicholas Costello

    RYAN MAYER, you are the one who makes me wanna undercoat and bedline and protect my 1995 Ford Ranger

  • Chris Adame
    Chris Adame

    I’ve been looking for an eco diesel , and this one is absolutely beautiful little baby Cummins !

  • Zioulz

    This is definitely a dream truck of mine so I’ll definitely enter

  • Red Man
    Red Man

    That truck would look good an hour south of you. Canton, OH is entered.

  • Norse Viking Æsir
    Norse Viking Æsir

    That's the motor that got Dodge sued big time.

  • Norse Viking Æsir
    Norse Viking Æsir

    My 2006 LBZ Duramax gets 22 avg mpg.

  • Norse Viking Æsir
    Norse Viking Æsir

    The rims don't match.

  • Norse Viking Æsir
    Norse Viking Æsir

    Too bad it's a Dodge..

  • Zach S
    Zach S

    You're so much more humble than another truck IRbinr. I like that your channel isn't just about making money It's about teaching and building cool stuff

  • lbhamlo

    You have inspired me to do several things to my RAM Rebel that I never thought I could, THANKS BRO!

  • RNG_UnseatedGaming

    why you keep changing name of video

  • Harrison Kane
    Harrison Kane

    Will the banana ram ever be a give away

  • Aaron Oquinn
    Aaron Oquinn

    Take the dang stickers off the new hitch before installing come on man.

  • Swift_

    A water truck🤣🤣🤣🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • Jon Gumpert
    Jon Gumpert

    You are the guy I'd like to work for

  • Lucas Roark
    Lucas Roark

    What 3" lift did you do with the air ride

  • Fanatic Cj
    Fanatic Cj

    When somebody wins the truck and does not want it Copper wrap would you remove it?

  • S Shimizu
    S Shimizu

    Preach it brother! 🤙🏾

  • Jacob King
    Jacob King

    He deff deserves more followers. Keep it up bro

  • Josh Banman
    Josh Banman

    Can I enter even if I live in Canada???

  • Emiller

    Will the 1099 be issued for $40,000? Have to prepare for the tax hit!

  • DaddyGunner-YT

    Imagin if the first thing I ever bought here wins me a truck that would be a dream come true really I hope I get I’d do anything for it 😁😁

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime

    WhistlinDiesel eat your heart out

  • Liam Maitland
    Liam Maitland

    Can someone from Canada win this giveaway

  • Money Singh
    Money Singh

    I already know I’m win it 🙏🏽😂

  • Tyler

    Oh no!

  • YunggIcee

    you should put a 8 inch lift on the first gen on like 38 inch super swampers w seventeen inch bullet holes so that it still big but not 6.7 lime big and still and old style truck. that’d be dope

  • Eric Tysinger
    Eric Tysinger

    Let's see that banana bed! You were caught red-handed lmao

  • Camden Lollis
    Camden Lollis

    Ryan I think I can speak for everyone in saying that you’ve got to build a 5th gen😂 even tho they are crazy expensive!


    Make sure you got your address incorrect 😂😂

  • Austin Jerkins
    Austin Jerkins

    I’d honestly love this but every penny I get is going towards college...Ryan I love the channel man keep it up you’re doing great things. Could y’all like this comment so he can see my appreciation please!

  • Troy Montez
    Troy Montez

    Man you’re amazing and you deserve everything you’ve gotten plus some, you are literally someone that everyone in the world needs to look up to 🤙🏽 keep up the absolutely amazing work and keep making peoples day better because I know that everytime I see a video come out by you I instantly smile man you’re legitimately my favorite IRbinr

  • dippo_13

    THIS IS AMAZING!!! Really a true inspiration on doing things in life. Really gotta get out there and do things that will help you achieve greatness. Success doesn’t come from comfort zones. Excited dawg 🔥🔥. Btw when are the rock lights dropping

  • Jason S
    Jason S

    You are literally dominating the channel with killer content and amazing giveaways!!!

  • Seven

    I wonder how long before the new owner will have to put a new engine in that when it blows up

  • Drake Zimmerman
    Drake Zimmerman

    Red hands + no banana ram = red bed liner in next video🥴

  • HendoeTy The Car Guy
    HendoeTy The Car Guy

    Water truck

  • Kevin Przygocki
    Kevin Przygocki

    Why don’t we see Katie on channel anymore and clips of her powerstroke?

  • Deion Adrian
    Deion Adrian

    It's Video's like this that make me hate living in Canada 🇨🇦😂

  • Corey Cotton
    Corey Cotton

    Do you know where I would like to see in your next build is a jeep wrangler that would be cool like an orange one that would be awesome see what you could do with that

  • Zachary Build
    Zachary Build

    i am getting entered in this one for sure

  • Daniel Roberts
    Daniel Roberts

    About to paint my 05 silverado with complete raptor liner I've done a 97 k1500 Z71 not too long ago now I have an 05 and about to paint it. You should try to paint a complete truck in raptor liner it's really cool

  • Zack biegs
    Zack biegs

    Sir I need to win this ram! I love your videos Ryan I am a huge fan of your page I have a ram 1500 myself and have watched probably every video you’ve ever posted😂💯

  • Cole Nixon vander linden
    Cole Nixon vander linden

    Honestly man I’ve been watching for a while now and now I have my own ram 1500 with 22x12’s and 33’s same setup and I did everything myself and thanks for inspiring me to do everything myself! (Along with me being 17 and on a budget lol)

  • Ashton Edwards
    Ashton Edwards

    I want it

  • Christopher Laboy
    Christopher Laboy

    Hey I didn't hesitate to buy a new Get Bucked T and Camo Hat - Order #7166

  • Eric Davis
    Eric Davis

    Bro u r the man!!! 10:40 thank you for this 🔥 content and the chance to win a sweet setup thanks Ryan frfr

  • Trey Robinson
    Trey Robinson

    Love you Ryan, you were the guy that made me retrofit my headlight, we love watching this content man keep it up!

  • C Applehans
    C Applehans

    Congrats brother on everything that you have done. You the man

  • Bruce Campbell
    Bruce Campbell

    You are an all round good man ryan, keep doing what you're doing and inspiring others, hell you even got me working on my truck more these days!

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez

    Wanted a lifted 3” decal but sold out 😢

  • Civic 1978
    Civic 1978

    Very cool, I know a purchase is not necessary... But the sweatshirt you are wearing on this video was not on your website... What the deal with that?

  • Owen O’Grady
    Owen O’Grady

    Canada eligible? Great work man! Keep it up your doing great!!

  • Oscar 2b91
    Oscar 2b91

    you are sold out of everything in my size!!!!!!

  • Anton Peterson
    Anton Peterson

    I would love this truck i want one so bad

  • Leighton Dubois
    Leighton Dubois

    Hey Ry! Are us Canadian folk eligible? Lol

  • Gaige Esckelson
    Gaige Esckelson

    When will the mint blue hoodies be back in stock?

  • Sapp

    This has been so far my fav truck / suv that you have done lately!! Love the set up and completely understand the love behind your madness lol .

  • Kaeleb Torrey
    Kaeleb Torrey

    Do u have to be 18?

  • The DodgeFather
    The DodgeFather

    Is the shipping cost calculated as points or just cost of merch?

  • CarsTrucksWhatever

    But I have 2018 Ecodiesel now what

  • Allen Diltz
    Allen Diltz

    Love it!

  • Wason Daniel
    Wason Daniel

    I want this so bad

  • Troy L
    Troy L

    I came to this channel in the middle of the green ram. I want sure at first, but kept watching, glad I did. your channel is my favorite one. I love the hands on videos, tips and tricks. Love how it keeps us on edge. Looking forward to all the builds coming!