Is This Too Much Bondo?....Probably
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  • Crew Zero
    Crew Zero

    That's not how you mix bondo🤦‍♂️


    Get a southern truck next time lol

  • Victor Cornell
    Victor Cornell

    Ryan You did a horrible job, just horrible and have a ton of sanding with straight bar to do yet. But You say youre learning so its thumbs up from me!

  • Bobby Bouche
    Bobby Bouche

    Ryan , what’s the song called at 7:45 . I can’t find it with the links of music you provided Thanks !

  • Chris Brewer
    Chris Brewer

    I’m not an expert on body work but at one time any person in this field was a beginner. Hats off to you for tackling this without panicking. I like watching you build up your trucks and car. Keep the videos coming!

  • Tater salad
    Tater salad

    Just a heads up when you do you rockers/cab corners get some weld through primer so the back side dosent rust out after its welded due to the prep work

  • Heather

    To cut down on your dust for this and future projects.....cause it’s a huge pain in the ass on all of your stuff in the garage hook a dedicated shop vac up to your palm sander. I’m binge watching all these I’m addicted now.....thanks 😒 😁 Heather 🇨🇦 2017 Ram 3500

  • Dallas Wyatt
    Dallas Wyatt

    You must be In Cleveland, because Eastwood is in Parma! Hello from Marysville!

  • Steve F
    Steve F

    I’ve Cost myself a lot of money over the years learning how to do different things like this and making mistakes, but learned from my mistakes and they won’t happen again. It’s good to see that their are others that do the same thing. Nothing wrong with making mistakes, and certainly nothing wrong with learning from them. Good luck with your project, love watching the videos, get a good laugh knowing I’ve been there before.

  • Josh’s Videos
    Josh’s Videos

    I like that music towards the end of video!!

  • sergio sandoval
    sergio sandoval

    Just a tip, don’t stir your filler. It causes pinholes instead use your spreader to fold the filler. Also try not to get your filler onto paint. Glazing putty can be on paint though. I’ve done a similar project before!

  • obs _Willis
    obs _Willis

    Get the huge batterys for the grinder they last a couple hours or longer just depends on use but definitely worth it

  • Andrew Lynn
    Andrew Lynn

    Should've just left the rust on there. It would have looked better

  • Epic Sack69
    Epic Sack69

    Get a new bed.🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Eric Everhart
    Eric Everhart

    Next time replace the hole bed side, the rust will show threw that bondo over time, and mixing that bondo out on cardboard is a no no, says so right on the side of the can, I respect you doing all that yourself but you went from making a show truck to half ass fixing a rusted chevy

  • Joshua Durham
    Joshua Durham

    Why are you hating on trump with commercials

  • Christopher Eledge
    Christopher Eledge

    Bondo is a brand name, I’m not sure if Eastwood Cares but what your using is body filler.

  • Donovan Correia
    Donovan Correia

    Ryan keep doing what you’re doing. Your doing okay... “GOONZQUAD: There is no such thing as too much body filler” 😂🤣😂

  • Casey02

    Coulda pounded out the low spots from the back with hammer and block of wood, get them close, you really only need 1 coat of the short strand filler to seal the pin holes, shape the rest withlight weight premium body filler, glaze last if you want.

  • Bentley

    I appreciate you trying to learn and do it yourself but a few things for the future...the hole you filled...if you didn’t spray it with rust inhibitor it will keep rusting even under the bondo and it will crack it’s just a matter of time...also shoulda got a hammer and dolly...get that metal where you want it before spreading any bondo...if you can get to the back side of the panel, dolly on lows hammer on highs alternating off and on dolly to move the metal...block sand in criss cross patterns...let the paper do the work...I like your videos, no criticism or shade...glad your putting light on a industry often forgotten about lol

  • Mike Gordon
    Mike Gordon

    Should have used panel bond

  • julio cajero
    julio cajero

    You lucky your my boy just bring it over 😂😂


    I honestly don’t think he owns a single pair of jeans.

  • John allen
    John allen

    A lot of time into a regular cab lemon. Time is $$$ bring on the limes!

  • Raphael Rivera
    Raphael Rivera

    Kicking buttt!!

  • James Cansler
    James Cansler

    i didn't look through the comments, but when your welding sheet metal you have to pay attention to the heat your are putting the metal through.. the more heat the more its going to buckle.. spot wield in different areas till you have the whole piece wielding in. they also make a glue , where you cut the area smaller than the panel and with the right tools you make a lip and then glue the panel in wrarpping and the glue is very strong, the metal may tear before the glued area will..

  • Sir Rubbers
    Sir Rubbers

    Use a marker paint inbetwren bondo layers for fine dents and crests u may miss. Dust it black then block sand it. Low spots stay black high spots sand off

  • HP Custom Sparks
    HP Custom Sparks

    Every is looking awesome and I hope the truck ends up green!!! #greengang

  • A10warthog

    Ryan =Darth Vader Luke I keep tripping the breaker I'm sorry father Ryan I don't have any children get the hell out of my garage LMFAOO great video 👍

  • Kevin Bryant
    Kevin Bryant

    Seriously , your doing it man, how can anyone bag on you for trying and making it happen? Great channel bud, cant wait to see this one all painted👍

  • babystomp3r

    WTF are you doing never touch bondo again

  • Famous75

    Ryan, is this ur first time doing all this? Bc I’m doing rust repair for the first time on my truck rn lol

  • Platinum Reflection
    Platinum Reflection

    You should be using a long board

  • Platinum Reflection
    Platinum Reflection

    Would have replaced the whole bed sides if your intention was to keep the bed

  • Platinum Reflection
    Platinum Reflection

    You are supposed to tack the repair piece not straight weld to reduce warping the metal

  • Non Fiction Gaming
    Non Fiction Gaming

    Hey when you changed your oil on your hellcat you forgot to drain the oil cooler, you have to drain it because it still holds used oil

  • Blackdiamondf150

    Ryan. Go get you a stud welder. Weld the studs on pull the dents out. You will use a lot less filler and a lot less sanding. There’s an attachment for your existing welder that east wood sells to get that. Also. Grind that hole out and fill it with metal. It’s just going to rust again if you leave it with filler.

  • GarageJunkiesAZ

    That hole filled will crack later because you didn’t get rid of the rust

  • Nich

    Best lights for the price my guy (Pack of 12) Barrina LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture, 4FT, 2200lm, 6500K (Super Bright White), 20W, Utility Shop Light, Ceiling and Under Cabinet Light, Corded Electric with Built-in ON/Off Switch

  • Luke Young
    Luke Young

    If you have smaller rust holes you could use fiber glass sheets and resin. Filling a hole with body filler will likely crack and fall out. Should be able to get fiber glass sheets and resin from anywhere that sells body shop supplies. It's very easy to use.

  • Tv Drift
    Tv Drift

    Even tho now you filled in the hole with bondo and the rust is gone it is still going to come back. It might take days after you paint or months but it’s still going to come back until you fully get rid of it.

  • Buckinchuteranch 1
    Buckinchuteranch 1

    Problem with filling bigger holes and deeper dents with Bondo is the vibration of driving can make it fall off after awhile. So the way you did it is the correct fix.

  • Peter Madonia
    Peter Madonia

    Awesome work! Can’t wait to see the final results

  • Clinton Maurer
    Clinton Maurer

    doesn't matter how you do those bedside panels, you'll need filler work. Cave and pave my friend


    Can't wait for the cab corner video cause my cab corners on my dually are bad and I wanna fix them so it will be good to get an idea of how to

  • Brandon Christian
    Brandon Christian

    Why not get a new bed!? Sorry but that looks like absolute garbage.

  • Kason Docherty
    Kason Docherty

    Just a tip my grandpa tot me after tacking use a wet rag to cool the tack very simple prevents warps

  • Raptor Dan
    Raptor Dan

    As a professional welder I can say yes it will warp , I use my little Millermatic 211 and I’ll take a good hour fixing a panel , but when it’s done it’s done , no bondo

  • Mitchell Wittmus
    Mitchell Wittmus

    Just do box sides your spending more time doing all the body work then you can put the box side on.. no hate on you but your learning but makes me cringe I did the same thing on my truck with the patch panels and for the time of me messing around getting stuff right and all I wish I wouldve done box sides

  • Marx Vadar
    Marx Vadar

    OMG! I finally figured out who Ryan looks like--Adam from WORKAHOLICS!!! Check the smile.

  • vTuned garage
    vTuned garage

    Never enough bondo hahahahha

  • Jason Sampson
    Jason Sampson

    Raptor coat the whole thing in tintable in lime green

  • Tyler Simpson
    Tyler Simpson

    Just a quick tip or two, when sanding the Bondo try to go in a 45° angle otherwise it will leave marks in the body filler, and it could be seen in the paint. Also try to only use one side of the spreader in case there is some Bondo that hasn't been mixed.

  • Miller Lite
    Miller Lite

    Paint the truck white and everything else. Orange Will pop for sure

  • Logan

    For what you’re doing, do it right, but enjoy learning. This crap is not ok for fixing it up to resell, but to make an old beater look better. I think you’re on the right track. Weld the hole. Knock that filler out.

  • Larry George
    Larry George

    You are wrecking that garage. What a mess

  • Dylan Krise
    Dylan Krise

    I can’t be the only one that secretly gets really annoyed on the inside when he taps everything so hard about 472938 times 😂😂 lol love the videos man 😂👍

  • Zach Browning
    Zach Browning

    I'm still wondering how your going to fix the hole on the inside of the wheel well inside the bed...theres always somethings you could of done differently but you live and you learn. Keep up the work man you can only get better.

  • greg baril
    greg baril

    practice make perfect,even the most experienced body men/woman were noobs at 1 point

  • Ethan Sarran
    Ethan Sarran

    Watch the paint be time for lime

  • Jeff Gray
    Jeff Gray

    That thing is going to look like a step side when you get done😂😂no but for real it looks good from my house

  • Jack Winand
    Jack Winand

    whats the first number on the vin? that will tell me if that bondo is from the factory or it was crashed.

  • Knives4Reason

    I respect how you took the opportunity of learning body work on the bed instead of finding a new bed and sanding and painting it instead!

  • Jack Winand
    Jack Winand

    do that dodge green color so all your vehicles match.

  • Jack Winand
    Jack Winand

    any bondo is to much bondo

  • Daniel Turko
    Daniel Turko

    Looks great a tip though try and use a paper towel on a flat hand to feel the body work you would be amazed how much you'll notice blocks are not always a great guide but keep up the good work

  • vatozone

    When I worked at the dealership we actually repaired brand new 0 miles car cuz the get messed up on the way their and then the customer would not know

  • Static Waves
    Static Waves

    Just buy a new bed at this point

  • Artie P
    Artie P

    The 3.0ho 6.0 ho 8.0 ho and 12ho are awesome and give Fuel tools an extra kick.

  • Seven

    Would have been easier and better just to replace the bed sides, imo.

    • Seven

      @RYAN MAYER ah that sucks man. Cant wait until its finished! I also have a cat eye, love these trucks.


      Can’t buy 8ft bedsides otherwise I woulda

  • Eagle Aquatics
    Eagle Aquatics

    Dude this is so cool what your doing, I literally have done everything you have done so far in this series to my 2005 silverado 1500, I am taking notes on this body work your doing because I need to do a cab corner this summer on mine. Cant wait to see the paint color!, Before you put the bed back on I would definitely undercoat the underside of it also.

  • Jerry Arruda
    Jerry Arruda


  • Kevin Vazquez
    Kevin Vazquez

    Imagine he reverses the color scheme for the cat eye 👀 illusion purple with lime green accessories 🥴

  • Jordan_5.4

    This is what I love about your videos Ryan! You don’t cram the whole project into one long 50 minute video with half the steps missing. You do it video by video and explain in step by step ! Thank you for making great unique content. 🙏🏻🤟🏻


    You've gotten further then I have. Bodywork scares the shit out of me. My truck needs a little work before I paint it. Absolutely love this build and can't wait to see more. Don't listen to the haters they all started out learning from their mistakes and you will as well. I think you made it very very clear in this video you don't expect perfect you also said this is a learning experience. Keep up the good content bud

  • XvEdit

    Use a good gauge extension cord and plug it in the basement or other side of the house and run it outside that’s what I do!

  • Jase Tyler
    Jase Tyler

    Research goes a looooooong way

  • Cam O'Connor
    Cam O'Connor

    Wtf did you film on?

  • Jakk Fabrications
    Jakk Fabrications

    You have a very positive and humble attitude for all the comments you were getting. The only way to learn is through trial and error and wisdom from those that are actual professionals. Keep up the great work ryan!!

  • none

    This project just makes me cringe harder every video


    Hey Ryan if you ever do fill a hole with body filler use some metal screen across the back side of the hole before using the body filler to strengthen it and give it something to grab onto in the middle. Love the Chevy build can’t wait to see it finished.

  • Dan Charron
    Dan Charron

    oh now, the Bondo thing comes from a long time ago. see they would form the whole panel with Bondo. but it would crack and chunk off and then boom everyone is laughing. what he did on this in normal for many home projects. and a magnet would glue to that body. well all but that hole. now I been fixing old trucks and if I had to fill a hole like that I would add something in the whole to make a structure. and mesh tape from drywall would do the trick. I live in the rust belt in Canada. and trust me no point to adding mega cash to a truck that has ran in the salts like we got here. but if you can keep her going for another 3 years before buying a new truck and save them payments of 1000$ a month. why not? heck I calculated my spending on a used truck body rims tires and all and we still less then 7 months of payments. So as I will be running my truck for another 3 years maybe 5. that would be a saving of 50G's and not only that but consider that if you put that on a house. that is a better place to spend cash. "im my Area for my truck same unit would be 54G's. and add tax you are more then 60G's.... so no new truck but no cries. Got new Rims Tires Breaks Tie rods Break and fuel lines all new. and bought a spare truck for its parts encase I needed it.

  • Eirick Chronister
    Eirick Chronister

    When bonding u should run a line of paddy threw the middle of the bondo. And another tip when mixing you should always keep it flat so there is no air in the mix.

  • The GM Man
    The GM Man

    Must be nice having the Eastwood store that close lol

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson

    No such thing as to much bondo as long as most of it gets sanded off and ends up on the floor

  • Mike Wozniak
    Mike Wozniak

    Bruh get rid of the adjustment layer aspect ratio

  • 1DjScarface

    Orbital sander first then use the block and paper to smooth things out before adding a 2-3 coat before glaze

  • zach S
    zach S

    If holes to big use spray foam

  • YouCoolBro

    I really love how your real and your not hiding any of your mistakes and you own up to it, Love the videos.

    • YouCoolBro

      @RYAN MAYER Yea I know alot of people do hide there work and I really love how you dont and you put alot of time an effort to show this is possible to do at your own house.


      Nobody shows you the actual side of things, everybody thinks build go perfect and things are always done correctly! Turns out they’re not! I coulda hid all this and the bed woulda looked 100% when done and nobody knows that how awful of a body patch job I did to get there 💪🏼

  • zach S
    zach S

    Hellcat needs green seat belts

  • 25nathan25nathan25

    Rule number one of boyscouts. ALWAYS cut towards yourself with knife to save inanimate objects from being harmed!

  • Joseph Alvord
    Joseph Alvord


  • duggam nickerson
    duggam nickerson

    Be a good ideas to clean the bed between coats a little better

  • Brady Buriak
    Brady Buriak

    Do another lime green

  • Kenneth Watso
    Kenneth Watso

    If you fill rust holes in its better to use bonds hair

  • Alexander Pagan
    Alexander Pagan

    Nice work Ryan! Can't wait to see it painted.

  • Matt Marcum
    Matt Marcum

    We use halftime filler it’s good stuff and smells wonderful lol

  • Neil Faulkner
    Neil Faulkner

    I think it’s great that you’re learning on the go. A lot of IRbinrs wouldn’t do that, with fear of appearing less knowledgeable. But, real people don’t know everything, and making mistakes is the best way to learn. Love this series!

  • duramax life
    duramax life

    The paint color will be purl white

  • Matt Marcum
    Matt Marcum

    Take a can of flat black spray paint and splatter it’s on lightly and it will be your guide coat for your high low