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  • The_Boss_Jon 914
    The_Boss_Jon 914

    Should do a duramax swap in the taboe or install a supercharger in that thing including exghaust and cold air intake

  • Wayne Knapp
    Wayne Knapp

    I think the big new units is they are getting a new house with a garage and space to work. I watch every video and he says in one the price of a garage is as much as a house payment so they might as well look for a house with a garage to work in a space to park all the vehicles and not bother the neighbors

  • Darren Evans
    Darren Evans

    There is a deisel tahoe I think its 2015 and newer but I think u had to order them from factory but ya 6.6 duramax

  • Outside Vehicles
    Outside Vehicles

    It’s a shop

  • raymond olkosky
    raymond olkosky

    Get a dynatrap for the mosquito problem. Got a couple for my camp and they work great. Wouldn’t believe the amount of bugs it traps

  • PhatboyHD88

    Kaylie your freaking my brain out with all the zooming in and out lol ..

  • Elpinche_ Fernandooffical
    Elpinche_ Fernandooffical

    You should face the 2 6.5’s towards the front so you have a full range of audio.

  • Josh Josh
    Josh Josh

    I got a 2011 C 300 and it takes 7.5 qt of 0W-40

  • Brady Adams
    Brady Adams

    I feel like the next surprises are a diesel Tahoe and a new shop

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin

    What kind of rock lights are you running on both of your trucks Ryan?

  • Kevin Crabtree
    Kevin Crabtree

    Walmart carries OW40 Pennzoil

  • Spencer St. Pierre
    Spencer St. Pierre

    What happened to the farm truck

    • I’m a dog with a Japanese bandana
      I’m a dog with a Japanese bandana

      Awhile ago

    • I’m a dog with a Japanese bandana
      I’m a dog with a Japanese bandana


  • Chris K
    Chris K

    Katie don't sweat the hate with the camera you

  • Chris K
    Chris K

    Ryan get opt7 grill led kit for the hoe'..great product just get one with remote not app controlled one..they never are reliable..will set the lighting off on her..

  • biggestdodgefan

    I work at a chevy dealer we have a 2021 diesel suburban and a 2021 diesel silverado 1500 I imagine the tahoe will get the diesel as well this coming year

  • josh baduik
    josh baduik

    You should powder coat the accents on the grilles of the marine speakers red

  • Rexious 0
    Rexious 0

    I know it’s a longshot but if you were to swap a 6.6 duramax into the tahoe, would be sick

  • ahager719

    Did you do a pedal commander in the Tahoe?

  • HP Custom Sparks
    HP Custom Sparks

    Oh ya I’ve been following u for a long time since about 15k subs

  • TG Joshuaki
    TG Joshuaki

    would really like to see that detail video! you should definitely record it!

  • Crimsons Cross
    Crimsons Cross

    Hey Ryan try using some garlic and spray your yard with it, the mosquitoes will be gone

  • Shaun Redneck kid
    Shaun Redneck kid

    Truck look so clean man

  • Thomas McGaha
    Thomas McGaha

    Middletown, Ohio coming in hot! Well cold it was cold this morning 😆, winter is coming GOT reference! Love the content! P.S. Just from a grease monkey, after changing the oil, run the vehicle for a solid minute and then shut it off and let it sit for atleast 2 minutes 😀

  • Austin Hougendobler
    Austin Hougendobler

    You could always do some more engine work to the cummins and make it even more of a beast than it already is. Maybe do a full custom interior on it as well. It would be a pain to do but you could even paint the frame and other components underneath to flow more with the color scheme. There could always be more to do to the cummins if youre feeling creative enough. Lol

  • Joe G.
    Joe G.

    Switch the doors speakers 2 bryan to like a component setup

  • Travis B
    Travis B

    Damn...Did I just waste 15 minutes watching you do am oil change

  • upchurch ryan
    upchurch ryan

    Who else think he should pro charge the Tahoe

  • Adam Pfeiffer
    Adam Pfeiffer

    You can diesel swap the Tahoe and there’s your diesel Tahoe

  • joey shallow
    joey shallow

    For your Tahoe speakers you should run the outer two above the pipe and the inner two on the bottom of the pipe , that should fit nicely

  • David Gannfors
    David Gannfors

    Never was I a fan of a Tahoe until I seen this build. 👍keep it coming.

  • Trenten Comstock
    Trenten Comstock

    put a any level lift on the ram

  • Tweeter0421

    Go to a nursery and talk to them about mosquito repelling plants. We have them in our back yard and they are great.

  • Josh Roberson
    Josh Roberson

    You should do a mini truck

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    That thumbnail?.....banger on fire🔥🔥🔥

  • Jeff Moleski Vintage ice racing
    Jeff Moleski Vintage ice racing

    He’s buying a new house.. he can’t do what he’s doing there anymore...

  • Jake Mieczkowski
    Jake Mieczkowski

    hes definitely doing a truck giveaway.

  • k300zx

    Sheesh. You need to ease in ur music.

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    You know Ryan those mirrors look great on your Ram specially at nite looks like whole new truck 👍🏻🇺🇸

  • Anthony Castruita
    Anthony Castruita

    When are you gonna let Katie finish her 6oh!???

  • CGR Cars, Guns, and Reviews
    CGR Cars, Guns, and Reviews

    Super clean tahoe hope you never get rid of it seeing your videos makes me regret the day I got rid of my tahoe 😭

  • Kris Reyna
    Kris Reyna

    God.....wth..... This guy look like hes 19 years old

  • E Butle124
    E Butle124

    Black Flag propane mosquito fogger, works like a charm.

  • Ashton Whitley
    Ashton Whitley

    Plant some lemon grass around your yard, it’ll keep mosquitoes away


    You need a crossover video with some organization ladies for your garage.

  • Sean Mortenson
    Sean Mortenson

    Looks “so clean” with crooked speaker. Ok.

  • Lieutenant Luka
    Lieutenant Luka

    Lol the people complaining about katie zooming in and out, Wow! 😂😂😂 ...anyways great vid bro and that tahoe looks so sick all lit up for sure! I am guessing the big news is a shop/new house! Or the Branco??? Cant wait to find out bro! ✌❤😎

  • Henry McTighe
    Henry McTighe

    You should get a Z71 Tahoe

  • Daniel Espinoza
    Daniel Espinoza

    Katie is lowkey tweakin 😂

  • Twin-States BBQ
    Twin-States BBQ

    He’s building a shop!!!

  • deven wells
    deven wells

    Idk why but im still amazed at how he wears his hat? Did anyone tell him its suppose to fit on your head not be too tight that it just sets on your head? Its not a crown. Sorry i just get bothered by this like to me its a wanna be gangster ima cool guy look, just bein honest

  • Angel Camacho
    Angel Camacho

    When you opened the lift gate on the tahoe and said “check this out” it gave me 2 fast 2 furious vibes

  • Badhabbit Gaming
    Badhabbit Gaming



    Wait "viper filter?!?!?!?"


      I’m not sure! I don’t think the 6.2l’s and the 5.7’s take the same


      @RYAN MAYER Can you provide a part# or do you kno if it'll work on a 5.7????


      Yes it’s the oil filter for the viper motors

  • Stronghold07

    Too much with the zooming in and out

  • Mike Stevens
    Mike Stevens

    Do you fill your filter before you tighten it up


      I do not!

  • Adrian Bustos
    Adrian Bustos

    Next build should be a Toyota Sequoia or tundra

  • Justin Torgerson
    Justin Torgerson

    Gotta run Amsoil in that kitty!

  • Maurice Porter
    Maurice Porter

    Ryan try Bonide Mosquito Beater Granules, I bartend a lot of parties outside and this stuff really works. You can get from Lowe's or Home Depot

  • Houston Martin
    Houston Martin

    Please do wheel lights on the Tahoe it would look amazing and make them wheels shine at night

  • David OROPEZA
    David OROPEZA

    Your gonna go along way Ryan. Doing things on your own w/ a world of knowledge on how to do’s . It’s a breath of fresh air to see someone actually do/work on their own projects n also admit to not knowing everything. Good luck n keep the good content coming. How bout an H3 for your nxt project

  • My Cars nl
    My Cars nl

    Neighbours of Ryan and Katie: No Parking on the side of the road Mostly Ryan and sometimes Katie: Lets park the cars on the side of the road for more accessibility to the underneath of each and one of the cars!!

  • Raymond Smith
    Raymond Smith


  • Ur Gay
    Ur Gay

    Take the extra 2 seconds it takes to put a jack or brink under that tire when your under the car, just takes .5 seconds for a life to end or a car to fall! not worth it! cars and jacks can be replaced you cant! stay safe man i dig the work you do!

  • Russ Walker
    Russ Walker

    The surprise has been a Easter egg in the last couple of videos..........Ryan's new hoodie say's It all.

  • A10warthog

    Ryan nice fresh hair cut 😂

  • Cody W
    Cody W

    Build a mini version of the Ram w/ a Ram 1500. Possibly an eco-diesel...

  • Brady Bowsher
    Brady Bowsher

    I think lemon grass helps with some bugs, also they have some citronella candles that work pretty well

  • Court Baldwin
    Court Baldwin

    Tahoe looks Icy all lit up #LFTD

  • Scott Wheatley
    Scott Wheatley

    LFTD Parts & Service...Coming soon!

  • Trenton Udovich
    Trenton Udovich

    The new tahoes have a 3.0L diesel option

  • Brody Morris
    Brody Morris

    Needs exhaust now

  • Howard Butera
    Howard Butera

    1:39 I quit my job thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  • Don Mendenhall
    Don Mendenhall

    Okay Ryan you sold your place....buying some property and it has a poll barn on it and you Will have more space to do builds...but let’s put your lady first and finish her truck before you do anything else for yourself

  • Cammed 5.3
    Cammed 5.3

    Why do you only have 200k subs..definitely my favorite IRbin

  • DeerHunter30-06

    I use a invatech backpack blower/fogger with demend cs and it kills nearly everything

  • Mark D
    Mark D

    Service coming soon!

  • Brandon Casso
    Brandon Casso

    SO.... MUCH.... ZOOMING....

  • Bret Clements
    Bret Clements

    i always keep a dryer sheet in my hat when i'm in the field. Seems to work to keep the Mosquitos off

  • Cameron Powell
    Cameron Powell

    Day 10 of calling Rockville’s wetsounds

  • Obscurity Gaming
    Obscurity Gaming

    Ya the constant zooming in and out , the noise it kept making, Love you both, Love both the channels, but the zooming thing not so much

  • Lane Maul
    Lane Maul

    If this Tahoe comes up for grabs on a give away I’ll be buying things like crazy I want it

  • Duramax

    Buy citronella candles for the mosquitoes

  • Mexifreak 299
    Mexifreak 299

    I love how much pride he has in his builds, show them why your doing and they're not

  • Swift_

    Could throw 5th gen interior in the ram🧐 my buddy did it for his 4th gen, shit looks so so good🤘🏻🤘🏻 but if not the ram is still super sick🤜🏻🤛🏻

  • price perdue
    price perdue

    Looks good but be careful with the ohm load might blow the stock amp

  • G-N819

    The sounds you Put in Tahoe..are you going to let’s us hear it??🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Dylan_05z71

    If you want the skeets gone you need to make sure boats garbage cans trailers even your truck doesn’t have a puddle of water in it they like to be in wet places

  • Jesse Krulich
    Jesse Krulich

    Definitely a shop he slipped up with the clue of paperwork and then he was talking about winter and getting a SHOP! Has to be a new location baby!

  • Luciano Donato
    Luciano Donato

    Interior swap on the ram would be sweet

  • Oliver S.
    Oliver S.

    Are you talking about the bronco

  • Mike Wozniak
    Mike Wozniak

    Next build: Camera operating skills that don't make you want to throw your phone.


    Great video any mods coming up the for charger ?

  • MTB Alex
    MTB Alex

    Europe has diesel everything


    There’s not a diesel Tahoe cause u haven’t done an engine swap! I thought about doing it, gotta start pricing it out. LOL

  • Sam Sacharczuk
    Sam Sacharczuk

    An illuminated bow tie would really set that thing off with all the rock lights

  • Jake Braglin
    Jake Braglin

    Put a starlight roof in the trucks

  • Grant Thompson
    Grant Thompson

    North east Ohio mosquito authority. Been using them in Hudson for years with incredible results!

  • Anthony Disessa
    Anthony Disessa

    Alpine type r 6×9's and infinity 3.5's sound killer

  • Anthony Disessa
    Anthony Disessa

    You should switch out the stock 6×9's in your ram and the stock 3.5's in the dash

  • Mark D
    Mark D