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  • My Cars nl
    My Cars nl

    i can't drive to Texas or somewhere in the USA, because i live in The Netherlands, or i have to invest like €5.000

  • LaFabian Conley
    LaFabian Conley

    I want to see you do a avalanche older body style


      I have a TAHOE on the channel now!

  • Keith Martinez
    Keith Martinez

    What brand vinyl do you use for your decals and where can I get it?

  • Matt

    "Mornin' neighbors." 😂😂

  • lawson brown
    lawson brown

    I'd like to see a jeep build

  • Hotbox TheChevy
    Hotbox TheChevy

    Well I’m 14 so it’s the law stopping me from taking a road trip 😂

  • Logan2008 Kelley
    Logan2008 Kelley

    I love it it looks really good

  • Matthew Lewis
    Matthew Lewis

    A titan with the 5.0 cummins

  • Cj Davison
    Cj Davison

    please some sort of duramax

  • michael burnett
    michael burnett

    I say do a ol skool Toyota 4x4 with 4 wheel steering and tilt bed ol skool 15x10

  • Wyatt Hajovsky
    Wyatt Hajovsky

    1st gen 12 valve Cummins

  • Caleb's Crew
    Caleb's Crew

    The VW Bug put a 10 inch lift on it

  • William Achtzehn
    William Achtzehn

    If you are having trouble finding a truck you should hit up duramax jack

  • Stefan b
    Stefan b

    I already know its gonna be a tundra

  • Austin Darga
    Austin Darga

    ford mustang gt premium or a 2017 or newer ford f250 with the 6.7

  • Daniel Self
    Daniel Self

    Do a 2001 Nissan Frontier

  • Jadin Anderson
    Jadin Anderson

    Nissan Titan or Toyota Tundra ive seen some clean ones

  • Travis B
    Travis B

    take off all the stickers/decals


    Kodiak C4500 Duramax

  • Carson Devers
    Carson Devers

    Obs 7.3

  • T3_Yaboichb 4760
    T3_Yaboichb 4760

    Square body ford

  • Jake Corso
    Jake Corso

    First gen Cummins 12v

  • AustinS53 Schindewolf
    AustinS53 Schindewolf

    You should build a 2020 Dodge Ram 3500 with a high output motor for a tow rig

  • Dylan Schmitt
    Dylan Schmitt

    1st or 2nd gen Cummins

  • Nobody Business
    Nobody Business

    Paint the mirrors

  • Nobody Business
    Nobody Business

    Bro U got a bad ass rig.... why won't you paint the rear view mirrors green? That's gotta be the missing piece

  • Dune Racer
    Dune Racer

    I want to see a 2003 dodge ram 2500 build like this so Ryan can see

  • Cameron Birt
    Cameron Birt

    Get a first gen dodge

  • Cayden McCoy
    Cayden McCoy

    Dirtymax build

  • Harley

    Do Subaru wrx swap a diesel in it 😱😈

  • BadZOMB3HD

    Well me need a purple vette or maro to go with the raydo like you have the hell cat for da ram

  • jesus sotelo
    jesus sotelo

    Lowered Single Cab Short Box

  • Jim Cross
    Jim Cross

    Looks good. What the chances I can get them Silverado 4x4 decals

  • Dan Frank
    Dan Frank

    I'd like to see a 2010 body style LMM or LML, just my favorite body style tbh

  • Ignited 5.7
    Ignited 5.7

    Honestly I like it more. Tbh the star was my only issue with the truck, it was to bold and in your face.

  • Terry Petruzzi
    Terry Petruzzi

    i wanna see a 01 or older singlecab flareside chevy

  • Carter Huls
    Carter Huls

    2nd gen Dodge

  • Phat Kat Kreations
    Phat Kat Kreations

    Need to see something oldschool like a chevy 3100 pickup

  • Nicholas Costello
    Nicholas Costello

    First gen Cummins

  • lil_ braebrae
    lil_ braebrae

    Ram 1500 or f-150 cause you did the 1500

  • Hudd

    Jeep jl

  • Braden Hopkins
    Braden Hopkins

    I want to see a Dodge Challenger

  • John Trageser
    John Trageser

    “The only thing stopping you from going on a road trip is you“ Does he get gas for free?

  • Christopher Lindner
    Christopher Lindner

    Build a Bronco

  • Dakota Laughlin
    Dakota Laughlin

    First gen Cummins


    Build a turbo Durango to keep the MOPAR family

  • Zach Simpson
    Zach Simpson

    do a first gen cummins

  • Logan belt
    Logan belt

    Plz let see a good old gen 1

  • Brazysquad



    He’s definitely building a tow pig

  • Chaz Wuest
    Chaz Wuest


  • Alec Thompson
    Alec Thompson

    A 2019 ram rebel with a ecodiesel with a offroading build

  • J Knight
    J Knight

    Would love to see lftd co stickers that big on the website 😉

  • Zach Rouse
    Zach Rouse

    Love the new look and I agree with a few others, another build you should do is a dually

  • Brandon Redman
    Brandon Redman

    Some type of ford build!! 👍🏻🤟🏻

  • Zack Walske
    Zack Walske

    You should get a 2000s f250 7.3

  • Drury Outdoors
    Drury Outdoors

    47 power wagon

  • Tanner Cooper
    Tanner Cooper

    I never see people build a Toyota Tundra pls build a Tundra that would look so clean.

  • Dawson Powell
    Dawson Powell

    2nd gen dodge pleaseee🥺

  • Sam Blanchard
    Sam Blanchard

    Do a dent side ford

  • kahleb carocci
    kahleb carocci

    2gen Cummins

  • Dalton Coffey
    Dalton Coffey

    You need to either build a 2nd gen 24 valve... a cateye duramax and try to make it have a crazy amount of horsepower, or a 2nd gen dodge 2500 v10

  • evan grant
    evan grant

    L comino

  • payton gray
    payton gray

    do a 1985 k5 blazer

  • Ferret Bueller
    Ferret Bueller

    Do a single cab duramax

  • Ze Boss Xa
    Ze Boss Xa

    A 97 7.3

  • Joseph Anderson
    Joseph Anderson

    Get a obs Ford

  • Alex Coombs
    Alex Coombs

    Another ram

  • Donavan Donahue
    Donavan Donahue

    1 gen dodge slammed trippled turbocharged race truck No more fords please

  • Brad Dangles #10
    Brad Dangles #10

    Build a square body

  • robbie winn
    robbie winn

    I really wanna see what you do with a Chevy Colorado, you can turbo and slam them and they look soooooooo good

  • James Williams
    James Williams

    What size are the wheels on the dodge truck. It’s a Beautiful truck

  • Mitchell Sauls
    Mitchell Sauls

    I really want to see a first gen titan build.

  • Jonathan Tillman
    Jonathan Tillman

    95 manual f150

  • Mavrick long
    Mavrick long

    Do a 1995 ford 7.3 dually or a Chevrolet k20

  • Night trips car club Demon
    Night trips car club Demon

    Foxbody mustang

  • Trenton Cole
    Trenton Cole

    Love the bed decal

  • Trenton Cole
    Trenton Cole

    Ryan what purple is that

  • KeliMan Outdoors
    KeliMan Outdoors

    RYAN MAYER 3:05 Actually there’s 3 things holding me back right now no license bc the bmv is closed, money, and myself lol. Anyways great video can’t wait to see the new build 🤙

  • icedturnip 6054
    icedturnip 6054

    Do a 2nd gen 12 valve Cummins

  • Izak Kantor
    Izak Kantor

    obs ford 7.3

  • Logan Boles
    Logan Boles

    Jeep gladiator

  • cubsboywalker 28
    cubsboywalker 28

    You should also paint your mirors and doorhandles purple to match all the purple on your truck

  • Miles Holt
    Miles Holt

    DID your parents move out? This was there house when you started videos.

  • cubsboywalker 28
    cubsboywalker 28

    1990 chevy 2500 regular cab with a 350 motor in it

  • Grant Webb
    Grant Webb

    A Duramax build

  • Angel Cardenas
    Angel Cardenas

    Do an obs

  • Christian Alexander
    Christian Alexander

    I’d like to see an old car restoration, or a first gen dodge with a 5.9 Cummins

  • Noah Parrish
    Noah Parrish

    Build a holy grail 2nd gen Cummins

  • hpm darrick
    hpm darrick

    F350 dually 🤯🤯 🔥🔥

  • 6.7 powerstroke
    6.7 powerstroke

    6.7 powerstroke

  • Dallas W
    Dallas W

    7.3 ford

  • Dallas W
    Dallas W


  • Sawyer Hoyle
    Sawyer Hoyle

    2nd gen dodge ram

  • Godlike Gaming
    Godlike Gaming

    the only thing is stopping you is money thats what u should of said 😂😂

  • Daniel DeVenture
    Daniel DeVenture

    I wanna see a street truck build!

  • Tubbs_Above

    Dually square boody

  • Bubba 7
    Bubba 7

    C8 corvette

  • fishbone95

    Such a cleaner look

  • Muhamed Ajdinoski
    Muhamed Ajdinoski

    Fox body