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  • The_Boss_Jon 914
    The_Boss_Jon 914

    I think you should put some type of red led strip in the trunk area to light up that sound system somehow

  • Beat Quake
    Beat Quake

    why not just do a real system?

  • Aldo Delgado
    Aldo Delgado

    Truck rice 🍚

  • JoneyJamz

    I like the concept but then I saw you using rockville. Later. lol

  • Karl Thomas
    Karl Thomas

    Just a vital point to everybody watching this,an important part of customizing and modifications is mock up do you don’t run issues like this, Ryan I’m not raging on you, just slow down a little, it’s part of the process, Great video,

  • Ethan Carriere
    Ethan Carriere

    Can I ask why we are putting water proof marine speakers on a suv?

  • uraboveaveragejoe

    Maybe an aftermarket roof rack and bumpers?

  • Allen Hill
    Allen Hill

    Atleast now you should be able to flip the two 6.5s and have them playing out the back glass. 👍

  • Cody Coleman
    Cody Coleman

    Ryan me and u need to meet up so we can do rollers of our Tahoe’s

  • Colson Jiles
    Colson Jiles

    y’all... he says wet sounds Bc they’re “WET SOUNDS” they’re MARINE speakers. He’s not saying the brand WET SOUND.

  • Austin White
    Austin White

    i love how this man builds everything himself good stuff bro keep it up 👍🏼

  • TripleMDoubleN

    What year is this tahoe?

  • fino V
    fino V

    You need to paint that blue rockville logo red to match!

  • ForcastCube7

    lol what was that 15:30

  • NOTJustAnother CHAD
    NOTJustAnother CHAD

    Sus soldering job...


    did she try to twerk ??????lmafo

  • Damier too funny
    Damier too funny

    All cosmetic these sema builders are all show no pun intended

  • Bear Allen
    Bear Allen

    This looks retarded but then again considering who has built it, it’s expected. I mean he made so many mistakes on the Silverado he ruined.

  • StreetDomain

    “I love it when a plan comes together” All the youngsters tryna get the joke: 👁👄👁

  • Joseph Duckworth
    Joseph Duckworth

    Do a real audio build.

  • Robbie Altemus
    Robbie Altemus

    Get shorter side pipes to where the pipe is just above the sub and then you could put the speakers on top and fit all 4

  • Life wit Dtae
    Life wit Dtae

    Looking forward to seeing the truck in the Carolinas

  • Revrend o0
    Revrend o0

    You dont need fender flares in your state?

  • B166 Zn4
    B166 Zn4

    Wish I still had white friends, ion think my lawyer counts 🤦🏾‍♂️



  • obs_ Community
    obs_ Community

    Cruisen down the street in my Tahoe cranking some music burning some stores sorry I had to you need to run some real wiring to the rear and not use stock stuff

  • John BassHead Work
    John BassHead Work


  • John BassHead Work
    John BassHead Work

    I have 6-18” Woofers in the back of mine.

  • Joe G.
    Joe G.

    Switch the doors speakers 2 bryan to like a component setup

  • Rakim Tomlin
    Rakim Tomlin

    We’re you from I want do something like that n my truck

  • Cody Parrish
    Cody Parrish

    I have the same sub and tower speaker set up on my 19 1k rzr

  • Emmanuel Reyes
    Emmanuel Reyes

    It's a little bit excessive when you spend a couple hours a day in youtube and you have to watch the same ads all over and over again. A regular video distract the viewer 3 times per video (beginning, mid and end) with ads. To push it would be having to watch 5 to 6 ads in ALL of your videos and on top of it each session of ad has 2 or 3 ads that sometimes you can skip in 5 seconds but other times you have to watch Joe Biden's speeches to nothing or another childish ad from Donald Trump. Brother I know that one subscriber is not much but I used to watch all of your videos and stuff and now I'm bored of the excesive amount of ads in your chanel. I wish you success 🙏

  • Byron Argueta
    Byron Argueta

    Good job Ryan Kate's channel actually introduce me to your channel but honestly both of your guys channels are great

  • Adam Pfeiffer
    Adam Pfeiffer

    You should get a Porsche 911 or GT2

  • Dice Man
    Dice Man

    Dude you have to be careful when adding speakers to factory head unit without putting an amp in!!! First of all these speakers are 200 watts not 300. They are 300 watts PEAK which is all BS. But 200 watts RMS or what they are able to handle actually is still pretty good. When tapping into your rear speakers is when a problem can happen. These are 4 ohm speakers and their impedance depends on how you wire them. If wired in parallel the resistance or impedance will be cut in half. So now the speaker is 2 ohms which gives them more power but this can cause a fire if the wiring and radio can’t handle that low of resistance. If wired in series the ohms double. I don’t know exactly how you wired the speakers but be CAREFUL!! I really think you should get a 4 channel amp just for those added speakers. With the factory radio each speaker is only getting around 10 watts each. Those speakers you added you can apply up to 200 watts to each of them. My advice, leave the original speakers connected to radio and don’t connect new speakers to it. Get a 4 channel amp that can give you 100-200 watts rms not peak to each speaker and use it for just the new speakers. Remember to look on how many ohms the amp can handle. Most 4 channels can handle 2 ohms but not 1 ohm. Please consider this for safety!!!!!

  • Lazaro Marin
    Lazaro Marin

    I have two of those in the bed of my truck will be adding 2 more and moving them under the truck tucked where the spare was but you definitely want a amp on them I have them switched so I can turn them on and off as I please

  • rt86000

    Those are not wetsounds

  • Today 11
    Today 11

    My dream sound system is surround sound where if you blast the music you can’t hear anything and your car is shaking more than it should but the music is still hearable And also to have room in the vehicle to actually use it

  • Today 11
    Today 11

    Can we all jus take a second to realize how much money we just looked at this video alone That is more money in vehicles than i would see at my local Walmart

  • Darci Walter
    Darci Walter

    Looks cool 😎 add some light👍🏻

  • Gabriel Cyr
    Gabriel Cyr

    Why didn’t you just make the speaker bar shorter and put wet speakers where the top glass is. I can’t really see on camera but it looks like it would fit that way. Either way it sounds good 👌 👍

  • Johnathan Fernandez
    Johnathan Fernandez

    Bro should’ve got real wet sounds sound quality is better and they definitely should have their own dedicated amp your stock amp is gonna stressed

  • Javier Marante
    Javier Marante

    What if you put 2 speaker on top and 2 on the bottom ??

  • Scott Mundy
    Scott Mundy

    If you make the legs of the pipe shorter , you should be able to mount the speakers on top and have clearance.

  • Tfo L
    Tfo L

    Yo shit gettin boring mane it take ya 10 videos to do one thing


    Ryan brother u need to watch hz salt video every hz has its unqine shape 60hz is the most ideal for music the pattern on it is made for bass

  • Ricky 5.3
    Ricky 5.3

    You should put 2 facing up on the sides and 2 facing down in the middle ? I mean if it fits and like that it doesn’t really block the view

  • Guess Who
    Guess Who

    You could probably do 2 up and 2 down and keep those 8 inch speakers👍

  • Manda Turney
    Manda Turney

    Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

  • Fun Sponge
    Fun Sponge

    I'm Alone 😍😥

  • standalee

    don't take that 4th speaker out, are you able to rotate them a bit so they all fit? Looks SWEET!

  • Littlemantrouble

    Add a remote starter

  • Dawson_sweatt

    Toot it up and it will be look so clean😍

  • Josh Opfermann
    Josh Opfermann

    Could get shorter pipes for the legs and run the 4 on top at a lower height

  • Py DevEagle
    Py DevEagle

    That is one ugly Tahoe. Virtually useless off-road already and now it's been made useless on-road. Only "boys" who never grew up do this kind of stuff to a perfectly good vehicle.

    • Ethan linkous
      Ethan linkous

      Py DevEagle some people do this as a hobby to keep them out of trouble. Just because it doesn’t fit your opinion on a “perfectly good vehicle” doesn’t mean it works any less for the individual. Swear people just hate to hate anymore

  • Sheila Anthony
    Sheila Anthony

    Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

  • Aaron Starnes
    Aaron Starnes

    I have a feeling the tahoe is going to be the first giveaway vehicle for lftd co

  • sgjackson1992

    Are you running an amp for the tower speakers and did I see you wire all 4 speakers 8 wires into 2?

  • Wade Anders
    Wade Anders

    Dude that looks amazing! So uniquene and we’ll done

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick

    I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  • Donald Graf
    Donald Graf

    Side molding!!!!! Must take off

  • Riley Dadzene
    Riley Dadzene

    Freaking just scream 😭

  • opihikao0520

    I think those self tapping bolts securing that mount gonna vibrate itself loose

  • David OROPEZA
    David OROPEZA

    Why not face the two outside inside ?

  • George Salazar
    George Salazar

    I have a question to ask you. I did a big boo-boo and took my car to the car wash on my way home I noticed I had a small scratch on my windshield what can I do to get that scratch taking off? Hope you can help

  • Jack Sloan
    Jack Sloan

    What’s the name of the song that’s starts at 6:30?

  • Chris Ruggieri
    Chris Ruggieri

    Why do you keep your third row up if you are complaining about space ???


    Never seen marine speakers in a tahoe aye come to the carolinas g u will see some shit u have never seen before 20 pa's on trucks to 30 tweeters marine speakers i mean a lot of crazy shit

  • Esteban Rendon
    Esteban Rendon

    Can you work on my truck I want to take it to you

  • Jay Flo
    Jay Flo

    Why would u waste all that space when there's other options out there that would sound just as good but still be able to use the trunk space. 🤔

  • Badhabbit Gaming
    Badhabbit Gaming

    Good idea bro, as always see the haters are around that cant fab anything themselves..👌💯

  • Charlotte suleyman
    Charlotte suleyman

    I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

  • Bryan Bailey
    Bryan Bailey

    Put the 2 8’s under the front bumper

  • Mike Davis
    Mike Davis

    Could have shorted the bar and had the speakers on top.


    you should use the other 2 8’s for outdoor audio like under the tahoe

  • Dan Withrow
    Dan Withrow

    Looks good

  • Anthony Fazio
    Anthony Fazio

    Gonna put these in my truck bed now for the beach

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    NC gang!!🔥🔥

  • Kevin Hammer
    Kevin Hammer

    Telling me he didn’t think of any of the plastic on the back hatch? Kinda Odd. I like the look tho. Good idea.

  • Raphael Rivera
    Raphael Rivera

    I think its pretty cool that you come up with these ideas and the fact that you do all the work yourself. I read some of the comments and I understand that you will get critiqued but for everyone that's hating, put up a channel and let's see the what YOU wouldn't Do's. It's the only way to say Hey you know what he's right or wrong. Continue to stay Positive Ryan.

  • Lane Maul
    Lane Maul

    The real question is here, how much you spend in fuel moving all them vehicles around for your channel lol

  • swayde welborn
    swayde welborn

    You could fit them if you face two inside the Tahoe and two facing the back

  • Trenton Udovich
    Trenton Udovich

    Nobody: Ryan: "Let me introduce you to my pipe" 😂

  • Johnny

    Do you bake the parts in your kitchen oven? Or do you have one in your garage?

  • Lor Waxx
    Lor Waxx

    Own your brand Never let them take it from yu got damn his good

  • Jamie Wawrzonek
    Jamie Wawrzonek

    I would have just made the top bar’s wider. Looks like you have the room for at least 3 inches. But it looks awesome.

  • Adrian R. Miller
    Adrian R. Miller

    Why not switch out the side posts for ones that are shorter? This way you could mount the speakers on the upside and have them face out the window as you originally wanted, plus you would gain more room to move the brackets further part and I'd be willing to bet all 8's would fit. And remember, measure once, cut twice!

  • Jordan Snodgrass
    Jordan Snodgrass

    Why don't you fit two on top of the bar and two on bottom? Would it still not fit?

  • Michael Graper
    Michael Graper

    These should get a dedicated amp, I wouldn't stress your stock amp they already struggle/ don't have very good power.

  • Steve Scott
    Steve Scott

    When are the front brake covers getting redone?

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    Wow great job Ryan looks kick ass and I’m sure it sounds wicked awesome 👏

  • Andrew Does Life
    Andrew Does Life

    "Building a Tahoe to fit inside my speaker mount"

    • Reid Morin
      Reid Morin

      Yeah junk Rockville 100 dollar speakers

  • Fun Sponge
    Fun Sponge

    13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Court Baldwin
    Court Baldwin

    Just # LFTD

  • Matt Albin
    Matt Albin

    You could put the two outers on top

  • Anthony Disessa
    Anthony Disessa

    Thats so badass

  • Chandler Biondi
    Chandler Biondi

    leave the 3 8’s on the bottom and put 2 6’s on top

  • Keith Ray
    Keith Ray

    I would have just gotten shorter side pipes, re-powder coated them and then used all 8" speakers across the top. Then you could possibly still blast them out the back with glass up. All in all, looks good though.

  • Christopher Covillon
    Christopher Covillon

    Bro please buy a few hammers u keep using all your tools as hammers and your gonna mess something up lol so please just buy a cheap hammer or 2 or 3

  • Fortnite

    Love the Tahoe build it’s so sick! Also you should do a giveaway with the Tahoe so many entries for buying your merch.

  • Alex

    He keeps throwing hints at giving away the tahoe. I’m 69% sure that’s gonna be the big announcement.

    • Gian Nicolosi
      Gian Nicolosi

      I seem to have missed that