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  • The_Boss_Jon 914
    The_Boss_Jon 914

    I know you dont have the room for it but I think you should do a Ford Excursion or a dually build that or trade the charger in for a Challenger

  • Cash Landis
    Cash Landis

    Yes on the bull bar. I'm old school.. Thinking about putting one on my 2 wheel drive. Going for a different look.... Sinister but elegant....

  • Cash Landis
    Cash Landis

    Dude the beautiful Tahoe needs a sinister cat back exhaust system lol . love you builds. I have an '04 tahoe to customize. I'm totally inspired by your channel

  • Ian Strinden
    Ian Strinden

    Build a classic chevy k20 truck. Like a 67-72 chevy k20

  • Padro Gutierrez
    Padro Gutierrez

    I think you should do an OBS build an extended cab short wheelbase

  • Working mans restorations
    Working mans restorations

    Squarebody is what i like... I have 3 k5 blazers and a 90 suburban i work on when i can on my channel... I would like to see your taste on a squarebody build... Plus they are cheap and affordable for the average working man.

  • derreck lagaton
    derreck lagaton

    jeep rubicon

  • Elijah Soudah
    Elijah Soudah

    Do a clean 7.3 on 24x14s

  • Drew Gillis
    Drew Gillis

    Ryan I would love to see you build a dually Ram or Ford ... Let's go that route.

  • William McClung
    William McClung

    Tow mirrors 👀👀

  • Stronghold07

    Also go with the bull bar and light bar! I love that style. Put one on my 2020 1500.

  • Stronghold07

    I would love to see a first gen Cummins build

  • Logan Spears
    Logan Spears

    Roof rack and bug shield

  • Ashton Compton
    Ashton Compton

    Mitsubishi Lancer

  • polaris0808

    I say no to tow mirrors, yes to bull bar and bug shield.

  • Martin Bodnar
    Martin Bodnar

    Rarely see Ford Rangers being built

  • Paul Beaudin
    Paul Beaudin

    You should think about removing the plastic door trim piece

  • Dario Avendaño
    Dario Avendaño

    Wheres all the preformance mods

  • Gavin Reilly
    Gavin Reilly

    More Chevrolet

  • Jim Cross
    Jim Cross

    Full brush guard

  • Treston Rogers
    Treston Rogers

    Let's see a square body or OBS build!!💯💯💯

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor

    Awesome video ,tahoe is coming along great , congrats on the amsoil always so humble and looking out for the viewers keep up the good work man !!

  • Cleo Spearman Iv
    Cleo Spearman Iv

    Do a 2011 Silverado build!!!! 2011 SILVERADO BUILD

  • Luke Muse
    Luke Muse

    Do a jeep gladiator build or the new bronco!!

  • Lee Kuhn
    Lee Kuhn

    Tow mirrors and a police style bull bar would look good but not the old tube style. Definitely a Jeep build next!

  • Cameron Purser
    Cameron Purser

    Build a Subaru wrx

  • HP Custom Sparks
    HP Custom Sparks

    5th gen or Denali

  • William Clifford
    William Clifford

    Tow mirrors, NO bull bar, led light bar BEHIND the grill

  • William Clifford
    William Clifford

    Please power coat the suspension

  • Nate Chezem
    Nate Chezem

    No tow mirrors it looks to clean as is

  • Big Phil
    Big Phil

    Build an old ram charger with a cummins swap.

  • John Henry
    John Henry

    NO TOW MIRROS! Bug shield is gonna fuck the paint up and please no roof light bar that looks tacky. Just my personal opinion the fury tread pattern looks like penis’s.

  • Drake Evers
    Drake Evers

    Bull bar would be killer as well!

  • Drake Evers
    Drake Evers

    Jeep build for sure man👌🏼

  • T.J T
    T.J T

    I’ve seen a roof rack/basket thing with light bars on it and that would look dope on the Tahoe with tow mirrors I personally think

  • Luke Lodrigue
    Luke Lodrigue

    a square body would be nice


    Tow mirrors, roof light bar, and bull bar , bug deflector

  • Randy Moore
    Randy Moore

    Bull bar? Hell yes!! Bug shield ? Hell yeah!! Lol

  • Nathan Riggs
    Nathan Riggs

    Videos are awesome Ryan. You should get a 2021 ford F350 dually and sema build it!

  • Kenneth Gomez
    Kenneth Gomez

    A full on car build

  • cookman1963

    Dude, next project. 78-87 el camino. My favorite body style. Lifted? You're welcome.

  • Colby Campbell
    Colby Campbell

    Tahoe looking good, I think a vented hood would really make her front end complete

  • Marco Zuniga
    Marco Zuniga

    Add tow mirrors

  • Lexi

    I LOVE watching these videos

  • Damon Lovejoy
    Damon Lovejoy

    Lookin goo like on my avalanche would look good

  • Country

    Maybe 2nd or 3rd gen 5.9 love those trucks, super reliable and easy to work on. I did still end up with a 4th gen 6.7 and love it to.

  • Chris Redz
    Chris Redz

    Going to be sad when the rust comes through that new paint again.... just sayin been there.

  • Joel Pinay
    Joel Pinay

    Are you gonna put an android radio or Tesla style radio in that rig????

  • Jeremy Miller
    Jeremy Miller

    Yes boost auto tow mirrors! Yes roof basket!!!

  • ArchyFN

    more diesel

  • ButtermilkL0veNugget


  • camo_ duramax
    camo_ duramax

    I have been following your youtube for a while and I love all the builds. I have a set of tow mirrors for your tahoe that I would like to give to you. Do you have a po box or address I can send them to. If you use them awsome if not that is OK too.

  • Tim Forfar
    Tim Forfar

    That Tahoe would look great with a color matched grumper, with black accents...and tow mirrors

  • Brantley McGillvray
    Brantley McGillvray

    Bro put a exhaust on it, just something clean like a magnaflow or flow master

  • Devonjoseph1998

    I was waiting for him to say he was gonna paint match the fogs xD

  • Dylan Miller
    Dylan Miller

    Build a square body

  • DJ The Fast
    DJ The Fast

    Jeep Gladiator

  • Roland Vera
    Roland Vera

    Lift a Chevy Colorado

  • SportTracNation

    You should work with Milwaukee tools. I would love to get discounts on it

  • Jason Walker
    Jason Walker

    Build a 2.8 duramax Colorado

  • Day 2 Day
    Day 2 Day

    Order a small sheet of tail light vinyl and wrap them. Did the front markers on my wife’s Jeep.


    Boost auto tow mirrors, with color match 👀

  • darren cajka
    darren cajka

    So, asking opinions. Ever think of performance mods? Kooks long tube headers to borla cat back duals. Maybe a whipple supercharger. Next build, maybe a sleeper. Ive wanted to do a '05-'10 chrysler 300 srt-8. make a hellcat killer. Cam-up , long tube headers, cat back, dyno tune. Kinda like a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.

  • Michael Pletka
    Michael Pletka

    roof rack

  • Chase Wagler
    Chase Wagler

    I’m down for you guys to do a 12th Gen F150. That way I can live vicariously through you until I have the money to actually do work to my own truck.

  • Darren Ohmstede
    Darren Ohmstede

    Harley street glide

  • Brandon

    No tow mirrors please.

  • Frank S. Jr.
    Frank S. Jr.

    No bull bar or mirrors looks clean now

  • Caleb Kidd
    Caleb Kidd

    you should put the tow mirrors on

  • Dean Fidler
    Dean Fidler

    Bull bar and color matched tow mirrors

  • Eas100

    Obs ford build!

  • Austin Hougendobler
    Austin Hougendobler

    Tow mirrors, off road bumpers, a light bar on the roof, a roof rack with led pods in it, and rock lights would definitely flair up that tahoe and make it look so good 👌

  • Dakotah Dawson
    Dakotah Dawson

    Would you ever do a build with diesel swapping a truck??

  • Junior Rodriguez
    Junior Rodriguez

    No tow mirrors 🤢


    I’d love too see you do a raptor or a Tacoma

  • the_real_redneck_ Stevie
    the_real_redneck_ Stevie

    Light bar behind the grill if you don't want to do a bull bar

  • Ryan Heitzman
    Ryan Heitzman

    Jeep build is a must

  • Texan_ Fishing
    Texan_ Fishing

    Please don’t put a bull bar or tow mirrors

  • That_2019 _silveradocustom
    That_2019 _silveradocustom

    I would love to see maybe a body guard or after market front bumper and a led roof rack kinda like skoops

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams

    Huracon lambo build! Or 720s build! Sonething different

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams

    Dolph gang i see you

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams

    No bull bar

  • Robby Roney
    Robby Roney

    4runner or fj cruiser build?

  • Brandon Williams
    Brandon Williams

    Get some new exhaust please love the build!!

  • Jeremy Leverette
    Jeremy Leverette

    Let your girlfriend pick the next vehicle an the parts she'd like an build it her way an you guys do it together

  • Hayden Ryel
    Hayden Ryel

    Do a duramax build

  • Nathan Martinez
    Nathan Martinez

    A dually

  • Michael dylan
    Michael dylan

    Boost auto tow mirrors!!! Its beyond worth it. It will look amazing. And mount the light bar behind the grill

  • Braxten wayne
    Braxten wayne

    Build a huge OBS 7.3

  • Landon Burns
    Landon Burns

    Tow mirors

  • Nicholas Ross
    Nicholas Ross

    I love all your ideas, but god in heaven please no bug shield, they’re hideous

  • Braxten wayne
    Braxten wayne

    Do a red suede headliner

  • hunter fehr
    hunter fehr

    Please no tow mirrors

  • ColbyDavisProductions

    Tow Mirrors

  • andrew Edwards
    andrew Edwards

    Yes tow mirrors and lftd plate

  • Bigcountry 931
    Bigcountry 931

    Why not do something different like a MiniVan make it lifted make it aggressive looking like Honda Odyssey doesn’t have to be a new one could be like 2005 - whatever

  • ryan wolfe
    ryan wolfe

    Obs chevy build would be badass. 2wd street truck. Nitrous 454 big block

  • Owen Bayer
    Owen Bayer

    You should build a super car

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith

    You should build a Jeep


    you need a 1st gen Cummins build next