My Bodywork Was TRASH!!!!!
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  • logan holland
    logan holland

    you have inspired me so much to fix my truck and all its imperfections. keep up the great workand the great content. i cant wait to see the tahoe when its done.

  • This Is What I Do
    This Is What I Do

    Most of that bondo is powderized on your garage floor

  • Ricardo Ortiz
    Ricardo Ortiz


  • Jakob Labbe
    Jakob Labbe

    6 inch lift!!!

  • Eric Stoner
    Eric Stoner

    Just stop 🛑 wtf go home

  • C10 Crew
    C10 Crew

    Hay ryan love the videos keep it up, and im 14 and look for a truck and im a ram guy what would u recommend me?

  • nathan adams
    nathan adams

    what’s stopping you from coming down south texas is fucking lit bro lmaooo


    Builds Sema truck from home.. also cant do minor body work or paint in garage on a older truck. what a jamook.


    What was the name of the transmission oil additive u used on one of your vehicle u recently recommended to help stop slip and hard shifts

  • Dan Charron
    Dan Charron

    hey bud, seems you have not posted in some time you ok?


      Dan Charron this truck and my ram are beating me up 😂😂😂 you’ll see what’s going on, video should be live tonight working all day everyday since last video trying to get things right lol

  • ArtIFishal Therapy
    ArtIFishal Therapy

    Lol with the ammount of bondo paint , prep , and time you could have got a brand new one shipped across the country for cheaper but hey good content eh

  • Alex Hughes
    Alex Hughes

    A lot of respect man! It’s not easy you showed us the flaws and you worked hard to perfect it! It’s the first rust project keep it up the more you put in the more you get out! And it really shows that extra time you can tell you’re much happier with it! I glad you kept on and didn’t let it be! Makes me appreciate this Chanel all the more!

  • matt peterson
    matt peterson

    never been more exited for an update video I thought it was coming out on Sunday

  • Mike Yeager
    Mike Yeager

    Sometimes when you work on something for a long period of time you can burn yourself out getting away from it for a while help it turn out better

  • Spencer Mack
    Spencer Mack

    A 3 inch lift isn’t that high on those compared to the new ones

  • The V8 Hooligan
    The V8 Hooligan

    Awesome transformation!

  • Angel Potrikus
    Angel Potrikus

    Y don’t u bag it it would look y better

  • Dominic Wessel
    Dominic Wessel

    Move to south texas. No more cold!

  • Allen Puckett
    Allen Puckett

    An air file would really help you out in the body work. Use a guide coat to test for highs and lows. You have to hammer down high spots brother. Use a yard stuck/ruler to check for straight. Body work sucks it is a lot of work but will worth it when you get it straight. You did good by using fiberglass first. The fiberglass base will keep it from cracking

  • mike

    Ryan your actually pretty funny. I actually enjoy watching you try to make your trashy truck into a bit more trashier truck. But hey atleast you see that and you willing to keep working on making it look better. Keep posting these vids, they're actually very interesting to watch to say the least.

  • ButtermilkL0veNugget

    Ryan you have taught me a lot but the most I’ve learned from you through the years is not to be afraid to just get up and do it. Thanks for another great vid ❤️

  • Michael Frog-Man Bourne
    Michael Frog-Man Bourne

    Hahaha 😂 I came for the show

  • Full Send Fishing & Hunting
    Full Send Fishing & Hunting

    I may be wrong here but shouldn’t you put primer on bondo areas?

  • Chrisrock 039
    Chrisrock 039

    Love these love these longer videos 🔥

  • Hotrod Farmer
    Hotrod Farmer

    I’m a believer that if you’re gonna do it, then do it right, especially when you’re learning because next time you do this you’ll have more experience and your labor time will be cut in half as you progress, keep up the good work, the more you learn the more you can do yourself and not have to waste money paying someone else to do it for you

  • Paint GuN Express
    Paint GuN Express

    Haven't gone now where Still hitting that like button....Just been stupid Krazy...Ryan I'm Around the corner. Of you ever need anything...Holla...but serious....Doing very Dann Good job....much respect for always throwing the gloves on and going at it.....That's Priceless.....2hrs away......

    • Paint GuN Express
      Paint GuN Express

      Sry for spelling...Errr....Phone...😂

  • big chungus
    big chungus

    Who cares if it's Bondo as long as it holds up and looks good

  • Daniel Shue
    Daniel Shue

    This things gonna be a wide body by the time your done! 🤣


    gotta love a good rhino liner mask it hides flaws well

  • M Lac
    M Lac

    Should just do bed sides. That will bubble through in 5 months

  • Raphael Rivera
    Raphael Rivera

    Its looking phynominal .

  • elijah kangas
    elijah kangas

    3" lift with 1" spacers with fender flares bodycolored

  • Daniel Turko
    Daniel Turko

    Bush rig or winter beater still looks pretty good but god dam this makes me wanna start a project truck


    Please still do a 6" lift and 35s

  • Platinum Reflection
    Platinum Reflection

    Tap down your highs while you sand also

  • Platinum Reflection
    Platinum Reflection

    You have to get a long board sander and sand cris cross direction

  • Danny Gonzalez
    Danny Gonzalez

    It looks good keep up the good work From Youngstown Ohio

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    As a painter for 25 years, I have painted over 10,000 cars. I laugh my as off when people have absolutely no idea what they are doing.

    • Mike Maes
      Mike Maes

      @Daris Zimmer absolutely! Such is the life of someone making a utube video not knowing what the hell they're doing. Should of stuck to bolt ons

    • Daris Zimmer
      Daris Zimmer

      Casey Mussetter good job! Making fun of people in the comments is 100% going to make them better!

  • Grey Howell
    Grey Howell

    Move to texas. Literally not a cold season here😂

  • motorstorm42

    Just a tip for next time you use bondo put some guide coat on it or even mist black spray paint and it with help you find your high and low spots and just make your life and bodywork 10 times easier and better

  • Logan Mueller
    Logan Mueller

    Go with a 6 in, I did a 4.5 and ended up doing a leveling kit and rear leaf to get to 6. Still uses it as a truck

  • Bill Patterson
    Bill Patterson

    Way to work thru it good job!! Only way to learn anything is to make mistakes!! You make Ohio proud

  • u kno debo
    u kno debo

    Take bond to top rail and spread farther away

  • Dirt Riding Carbajal
    Dirt Riding Carbajal

    Arizona would be perfect for all your car projects

  • Jerry Arruda
    Jerry Arruda

    If I didn’t live like 5 states over from you I would help you out just cause

  • RZR Rehab
    RZR Rehab

    3m dry guide coat is a life saver, makes identifying your highs and lows so much easier and in my shop we never run a da on bondo use a block and take your time or you will regret it once it’s painted

  • Jim Quigley
    Jim Quigley

    I've been married 14 plus years and I don't think my wife would let me spit my gum into her hand. Maybe it's because I've never bought her any cactus. You got a keeper there Ryan!! lol On a serious note: 3 inch lift sounds about right. Good vid as always.

  • Frank Sweet
    Frank Sweet

    You need to come to AZ, warm all year round plus zero rust

  • smcox1991

    I would take the entire damn shopping cart if there aren’t any bags 😂 You needed a board/straight line sander to make short work of that sanding. At this point I would just monstaliner the entire thing. I’m pretty sure they have a green that matches your dodge.

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez

    I’m a fan of your content but screw all that shit ... doesn’t even look fun jus a pain in ass I’d rather pay


      It was a pain but she’s straight now!


    get a cart for your welder and tank please, i have a story of a guy welding in the basement of a 6 story building and didn't have his tank chained to his cart and it fell over and broke the stem and the stem went flying 5 stories up

  • Brycen Hedgepeth
    Brycen Hedgepeth

    Go with a flatbed. That looks like trash.

  • Eirick Chronister
    Eirick Chronister

    So u want to go show quality or, nice clean little upgraded work truck. Looks awesome so far. 👍

  • dee g
    dee g

    I'm a huge diy kind of person. In all honesty all of that work isn't worth the cost of that bed, unless you're doing it for a learning experience.

  • Teylan Piccoli
    Teylan Piccoli

    Move to Texas!

  • Joey Jones
    Joey Jones

    Yo move down to Florida it’s hot all year round

  • John Hale
    John Hale

    Come to Texas. Mother nature is bi-polar so if you don't like the weather, just wait 24 hours it can be 20 one day and 79 the next no joke...

  • Matt Harmening Diesel_Harm
    Matt Harmening Diesel_Harm

    Good job buddy. That looks damn near perfect which is not easy to do. Look forward to seeing the project come together.

  • troublefinders 2018 lukes personal account cool
    troublefinders 2018 lukes personal account cool

    Take a pen or sharpie and make a bunch of marks around the area where it was low and high, sad and whatever doesn’t sand away with a flat straight block is still to low

  • Eric Callahan
    Eric Callahan

    what about the tailgate ???

  • J.T.

    Can’t wait to see the wheels and lift. We know you’re a pro at that. Gonna look sick

  • jake Hergenhein
    jake Hergenhein

    Man you have so much more patients than I do! To go back so many times to make it right...Damn good job.

  • Alexander Pagan
    Alexander Pagan

    Awesome Job!!!

  • Izreal 3345
    Izreal 3345

    Texas is where u want to be bro "izreal"

  • Chance Johnson
    Chance Johnson

    You should bed liner the whole truck. Then you wouldnt scratch it and you wouldnt see you bad body work

  • Chris Mason
    Chris Mason

    This is what guide coat is for. There where plenty of guys in the first video who went through major step by step on everything you should be doing. I dont say I told you so because that's for douchebags, and I dont get everything the first or second or even third time with some stuff. But could definitely use more research tho! You have to do the blocking, guide coat through different stages many many times. But forsure would just go for a used best next time. Also coloured choice be it pearl, metallic, one solid color like "sting grey" will all show the bodywork differently.

  • Ozzy Tapanes
    Ozzy Tapanes

    That bed is much heavier now you’re learning brush

  • Cali_951

    You should drop it to the ground Cali style truck

  • CJ Burgh
    CJ Burgh


  • Big mell626
    Big mell626

    Right there with you on temps live in northern michigan south of traverse city but north of grand rapids..40-50's idel for me...

  • Charlie's Garage
    Charlie's Garage

    Use some flat black cheap spray paint and dust over best side and use it as a guide coat sand away what's left is ur low spots

  • Kalsylvania Reseller
    Kalsylvania Reseller

    I live in northwestern Pennsylvania and we have 2 ft of snow atm...anyways I think you did a really good job for not doing body work much! Keep up the good work bro excited for this series...please show how to install those mirrors..I bought them couple days ago!

  • Cam O'Connor
    Cam O'Connor

    No plastic bags anymore? I was just at the strongsville home depot like 2 weeks ago and I put my stuff in bags. Must have just started

  • That fake Laramie SLT
    That fake Laramie SLT

    OOOOOF No never ever use cardboard to mix you’re filler on and use a hammer and dolly to lower your high spots down till it’s flat and a way to cheat with body filler is use some glazing putty it’ll make it go on smoother and easier

  • Nathan Taylor
    Nathan Taylor

    Love how u make your videos longer and full of work ! Not a 10:01 video on changing a tire or some other garbage like juda garage or other garbage! Keep trucking ! Time to get a c10 !!

  • Hunt Stevens
    Hunt Stevens

    If you need a warm state. Come down to Georgia, everyone is always working on our trucks. You’ll fit right in and it’s always warm outside

  • Austin Achtor
    Austin Achtor

    Fuck you the only reason why I'm watching this Series is cause you said you were going to lift it 6 inches, I'm out now I can go watch a 3 inch build literally anywhere else

  • Charissa

    You’ve got a lot of patience.. nice work 👍🏽

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith

    Live and learn

  • toolmandcb2

    Glad you keep working on the learning curve....but doing well!! A good rule of thumb for working with any body panel is keep heat away...the bigger the panel the more you have to do that, whether it be welding,cutting,grinding or even sanding. You have to either move around a lot to different areas keeping heat to a minimum. Also when sanding down a body filler....use the longest sanding thing you have whether it be a block of wood with sandpaper wrapped around it or invest in a straightline sander. Keep up the good work....enjoying you builds!!

  • Joshua Dagley
    Joshua Dagley

    I have a feeling he’a going to do black with some crazy magic blue

  • femali robiny
    femali robiny

    make it with MotoFab Lifts CH-3F-2R 3″

  • Mike Gordon
    Mike Gordon

    shouldn't have welded the panels on!

  • chachifeere

    My older buddy did my wheel arches took a lot of sanding. You can still do it. We had to add and sand even after we primed it My buddy had like 20 years of body work but hasn’t done much body work the last ten years. Only rockers

  • Mike Gordon
    Mike Gordon

    shouldn't have welded the panels on!

  • Work Hard
    Work Hard

    Hit that primer with a guide coat. Sand it down and you will be able to see all your high and low spots. Guide coat = black spray paint..... Just dust it on and flat sand the bed with a block. You can then tap all the highs down and fill the lows. What me to come help?

  • Jason Rios
    Jason Rios

    Good job man!

  • Clinton Maurer
    Clinton Maurer

    I'd block that a few times before you paint it.....

  • 701 Knightmare
    701 Knightmare

    Slam it!!

  • Tobi Sims
    Tobi Sims

    Don’t be a pussy!!! Lift that truck 6 inches!! A 6 inch lift isn’t that big

  • Charissa

    I still say 6 inch lift, that IS a small lift these days haha

  • ToxicMayhem

    Hell yea buddy!! Coming along now!!!

  • Stormtrooper Jeep ZJ
    Stormtrooper Jeep ZJ

    When you mentioned you might sell the truck or trade it in one day, I cringed. I enjoy your videos and think its really awesome that you're trying to do all the bodywork on your own, but it would be so wrong to sell that to an unsuspecting person knowing all of the mistakes you've made; and the amount of bondo on the truck. Maybe give it to someone when your ready to sell it. It's the right thing to do.

    • Iron Addicts Nation
      Iron Addicts Nation

      He didn’t know it was that rusted until he started digging into it. And assuming he told someone he sold it to or showed them the channel they could see all of what was done unlike every other sale. I would assume Ryan would do that for sure

    • Stormtrooper Jeep ZJ
      Stormtrooper Jeep ZJ

      @Iron Addicts Nation The difference is that he made a choice to still buy the truck knowing it was rusted out. There's nothing worse than paying a lot of money for a truck that you think is in good shape, then later find out that its got gallons of body filler on it. So when it starts cracking, you find out your truck is going to need thousands of dollars of bodywork. People do it, but it doesn't make it right.

    • Iron Addicts Nation
      Iron Addicts Nation

      A dealership sold him a rust bucket for like 5 grand. There are tons of people who would buy it with all the body work because it’s better than it was. He didn’t hide the rust he stopped it and got rid of it, cleaned the frame. He put more care and effort than anyone else would have. It’s an older truck. It would not be wrong to sell it at all.

  • James Croft
    James Croft

    Lift it properly

  • Rich Bentley
    Rich Bentley

    Lot of work but looks great. Keep up the great work

  • Jeffery McDonald
    Jeffery McDonald

    I cant wait to see the color. Body work takes alot of time but when done it feels amazing

  • Matt Souza
    Matt Souza

    Omg i didn't know he had that much money in that bed I know he's trying to learn but dam should have got a bed from the junkyard an modified that one would have had a better start but hey do you Mr basket ball shorts an hiking boots must be an Ohio thing

  • 603Machines

    Needs glaze and blocked out!!!!

  • Sasquatch Speed Shop
    Sasquatch Speed Shop

    Leveling kit and some nice tires and wheels! Then drive the s@$t out of it! Lol Keep learning!

  • Gavin Reilly
    Gavin Reilly

    Sounds good