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  • Rick Pollock
    Rick Pollock

    My friend doesn’t know what a fass pump or what it does...

  • MTB Alex
    MTB Alex

    That fuel hose with the sponge you yanked out, is for the evap system, breathers, make sure they are good, otherwise your check engine light will come up

  • Isaac Reel
    Isaac Reel

    Wait how tall are you cause compared to that bed height you look tiny

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    Keep it up bud can’t wait for compounds

  • Ok Dokey
    Ok Dokey

    I thought I got bad gas mileage

  • jwatford86

    Check out MDDP for the filters...........

  • 1CENT

    Daytona gonna get canceled

  • Joe Bechill
    Joe Bechill

    Man do u have bad asthma? U always sound like u just finished running. Lol i used to have it bad. I love your videos though man im from Toledo. U by columbus?

  • Joseph Grayson
    Joseph Grayson

    My truck is so quiet as he yells

  • smokey joe
    smokey joe

    Just bought fass also for my 6.0 powerstroke and a sump pump with larger injectors and turbo.trying to finish up all the mechanical components before I replace the body panels to get ready for paint when I get home from middle east

  • Ryder Foster
    Ryder Foster

    Why did you not just use a sump?

  • Running Joe Offroad
    Running Joe Offroad

    whoop! once my SRT jeep is back together this is my next driveway project!


    Ryan! Red White and Blue merch for July 4th! Firework LFTD merch!

  • dirtydan

    Noobs.....6 bolts, 2 clamps, 4 screws and 2 harnesses. Lift the bed off

  • dirtydan

    home depot- $200...harbor freight- $41.29 🤔

  • Mr.98civic reyes
    Mr.98civic reyes

    Are you going to clean culture out in Florida this month

  • David Robbins
    David Robbins

    Smart! You would have used a Fleece intank pump. Much nicer and easier to install.

  • Joshua Martin
    Joshua Martin

    Need to check out Snapon, Mac tools, Matco buy/sell/trade for mechanics on Facebook. He’s a Milwaukee wholesale dealer out of New Jersey. Best prices I have came across over the years and everything he prices is shipping included and you get your order in 2 days

  • Hodh hdjjd jdjjd
    Hodh hdjjd jdjjd

    Gabe Ferrell Productions has a rlly nice duramax

  • Chad Vendeville
    Chad Vendeville

    Green ram club

  • Michael Prezioso
    Michael Prezioso

    Not bashing you or anything but if you want people to support your new small business which I’m absolutely for, you should do the same and shop at a mom and pop hardware store, Home Depot sucks and are thieves anyway

  • Mike Nelson
    Mike Nelson

    Are there any local truck meets/shows? Ne ohio also

  • brayden moug
    brayden moug

    "Oh look green ram"

  • Garrett Black
    Garrett Black

    What do you do for a living to be able to afford these trucks

  • Andres Apodaca
    Andres Apodaca

    Harbor freight sells a table jack that would have worked perfectly for this, i bought mine originally to move a pool table but I constantly find myself using it for jobs just like this even just getting heavy stuff in and out of my bed

  • Garrett Golleher
    Garrett Golleher

    What’s that yellow black thing under his gages. It’s like you can change your fuel mode from sport to eco or something like that. I saw it earlier 😂

  • Mario Manzo
    Mario Manzo

    Maybe think about getting a transmission jack so you doing have to build anything in the future

  • Mark Andres
    Mark Andres

    You should get some flow fast fuel transfer tanks to empty out fuel when ya do a job like this they work really good

  • It's Your Highlights
    It's Your Highlights

    How can we win??

    • Jacob Hill
      Jacob Hill

      It's Your Highlights Order from 🔥 personally get a hoodie they are so comfortable

  • Alex Ortega
    Alex Ortega

    Hello, how have you been hopefully you see this

  • Michael Frog-Man Bourne
    Michael Frog-Man Bourne

    LoL just lift the bed of the truck off. (Kidding) I was hoping to see the larger fuel tank going in. =[ sad 😞

  • Mike Power
    Mike Power

    Cool video

  • Jacob Colson
    Jacob Colson

    Make stuff on ticktoc plz

  • ChrisCG

    when i rotated my mud tires they got way louder wtf. I dont mind it tho haha

  • Jesse Pantelakis
    Jesse Pantelakis

    I love my fass pump, one of the best mods I've done to my 08. Head studs will be next

  • Jonnie Walker
    Jonnie Walker

    Greg A did it without a jack stand or jack.

    • Jonnie Walker
      Jonnie Walker

      Although, he was stock height and mostly ran it out of fuel. 🙂

  • Carter Vinnai
    Carter Vinnai

    Plzzz do a riding video of qaud

  • Glenn Noll
    Glenn Noll

    U should come to new port richey florida I am a big fan of yours

  • Shane Hagenow
    Shane Hagenow

    How much is one of ur hoodies

    • Shane Hagenow
      Shane Hagenow

      Ok thank u

    • Jacob Hill
      Jacob Hill

      Shane Hagenow go to and look at them there. My favorite one is the mint hoodie!

    • Jacob Hill
      Jacob Hill

      Around $60

    • Shane Hagenow
      Shane Hagenow

      Prefer camo one

  • Anthony Disessa
    Anthony Disessa

    Gotta say this ram is gonna be a absolute beast

  • Jeremiah Halderman
    Jeremiah Halderman

    Fuel tank delete mod 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂sounds helpful

    • Brett B
      Brett B

      Its only weight reduction lol

  • Tim Irvine
    Tim Irvine

    Have you ever thought about getting a big fuel tank from Titan Fuel Tanks? DoItWithDan bought one for his Dually to go long distance .

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    @RYAN MAYER there is a recall on Harbor Freight jack stands.

  • xx.runaway

    Stop rambling so much, just get to wrenching lol

  • Niko Gardeakos
    Niko Gardeakos

    Ryan check out air dog’s video on fass fuel filters they are bad

  • gerald clemens
    gerald clemens

    Sump pump style setup?

  • Dale Farmer
    Dale Farmer

    U should get a 4 wheeler jack and u can use that for the fuel tank jobs

  • Payne Killer
    Payne Killer

    I used the beans sump, think it made it a lot easier and faster. It's kinda horrifying drilling a 3" hole in the bottom of your fuel tank. Never had an issue with mine.

  • Glenn Douglas
    Glenn Douglas

    I’m really sad that you are wearing a purple hoodie, cowboy boots and shorts.. 😷🤮🤢

  • jason Priddy
    jason Priddy

    Welcome back or to the channel

  • Ruthless Jesse James
    Ruthless Jesse James

    Another Great video Ryan! Nice Job!

  • Ruff Tuff
    Ruff Tuff

    I dare you to make a 40min video. I bet you cant. I'm challenging you

  • Fern Playz
    Fern Playz

    If I drive my 24v to Ohio can u hook me up with a fass? Also make a subscriber special video! Love them and prolly ur biggest fan

  • Sincloak

    Should make a video of ppls reactions on your Ram

  • nikon 101
    nikon 101

    You should do a tool box tour

  • Abner Tinoco
    Abner Tinoco

    “Fuel tank delete mod”. ????? Lol 😂😂😂😂. 🤔🤔🧐

  • J.A.R. Family
    J.A.R. Family

    All love homie!!! All Love!!!

  • CalFord542

    Love the install video! Just did this on my Duramax a couple months ago. I would highly recommend a beans diesel sump as your next upgrade to the FASS system, super easy install, won't have to drop the tank on that one. MDDP has the CAT filters available for the lift pump, I just grabbed the filter model numbers from them to take to my local CAT dealer. Truck is looking sweet man, looking forward to the compound turbo install!

  • Greg Kelly
    Greg Kelly

    Should run a sump then you could've drilled a small hole where it would go to drain the tank before removing it from the truck

  • Jake Mucha
    Jake Mucha

    Same thing with my fury’s they were so much better when I rotated

  • 1DjScarface

    Wouldn’t a tank sump would be better than trying to fuel up???

  • DJ Riddle
    DJ Riddle

    You should powder coat the fass fuel brackets purple to match your lift kit.

  • James Holbrook
    James Holbrook

    It seems like if rotating the tires fixed all that then there is an underlining issue

  • william

    hey ryan im soon to paint my truck 2010 Mega Cab 6.7 lime green because its always been my favorite color. What is another color that flows with lime green besides purple!

  • Robert and Jaime
    Robert and Jaime

    Hey man, currently watching this video at under 2 hours left before midnight 10pm MST 👌 anyways I placed two orders on the website, one a few days ago and then the other this afternoon, I also had a question regarding the giveaway and I had emailed the LFTDco gmail and was wondering if you saw it or anything and if I could at least get something back about it before you choose the winner, thank you amd have a good rest of your night 👍

  • Pro2nda

    What part of Florida you going too?

  • buckedup99

    Most people I've seen dont use the blue hose they replace it for black hose.

  • Louis Hensler
    Louis Hensler

    Did I miss something or what? When did he get the train horn wired?

    • Mr. Country
      Mr. Country

      You missed something

  • Rey Manolo
    Rey Manolo

    3:28 can we discuss the forest of black ice you have 😂😂

    • therealmannz

      Rey Manolo lol

  • SoFloYj

    You should do the upgraded fuel tank, with more diesel capacity!

    • smokey joe
      smokey joe

      The s&b fuel tank which is set up for the aftermarket lift pumps

  • Noah Hastings
    Noah Hastings

    My dad put a fass system on his 01 5spd cummins

  • 69 L-88
    69 L-88

    Greetings from Columbus. Fuel pumps are my enemy. I learned a long time ago...cut yourself a hatch in the bed floor. If you engineer it correctly, it'll look factory and DAMN it's convenient if you have to mess with it again. Removing the bed or fuel tank is a pain in the ass I don't need.

    • Gordo Jones
      Gordo Jones

      It's a 100k truck,not some POS farm truck..also if you have to replace your fuel pump more than once your doing something wrong..

    • Gordo Jones
      Gordo Jones

      If you have to cut ahold in your bed to get to a fuel pump,you should NOT be working on your truck!! it takes 10 minutes to take your bed off..

    • 69 L-88
      69 L-88

      Go to your room're grounded...

    • 69 L-88
      69 L-88

      I figured some idiot would reply...maybe if you take some simple precautions, you wouldn't have any problems. I'm thinking you wear gloves and safety goggles when you work on YOUR truck...changing wiper blades, cabin filters, etc. Man up Andy.

    • Andrew Kelly
      Andrew Kelly

      Cutting into metal near fuel is a fire hazard and really stupid actually

  • cj glassey
    cj glassey

    Why not run a sump?

  • joey schultz
    joey schultz

    Ok this might be a little to much but you should powder coat the tank purple also I just realized you didn’t powder coat your axle

  • Hero Song125
    Hero Song125

    Nice vid

  • Snowboard Prodigy
    Snowboard Prodigy

    Show some quad footage!

  • Cody Brasher
    Cody Brasher

    Who else thinks he should color match the tow mirrors on the sema truck

  • Charles Rickard
    Charles Rickard

    Woke up from my sleep to watch this legend

    • Rey Manolo
      Rey Manolo

      Deadass 😂😂

  • Trippin_fb

    Thank you for showing us how to do this!!!

  • Nathan Reay
    Nathan Reay

    I appreciate you Ryan your videos bring such joy and happiness to everyones day especially during these crazy times keep up the good videos 😊😊😊

  • David Warian
    David Warian

    Where do I order at

    • Jacob Hill
      Jacob Hill

      David Warian they got some lit stuff 🔥

  • Ats _Nigel
    Ats _Nigel

    11:28 and i watching yt

  • TellurousAsh 796
    TellurousAsh 796

    I love all of your vehicles

  • Tyler Berner
    Tyler Berner

    I want a hat


    I seem you at the Cleveland air show before

  • Andrew Lester
    Andrew Lester


    • Walther Bj
      Walther Bj

      Your not first you said that a minute after the vid was posted

  • Edan Clow
    Edan Clow

    Notification swuad

  • keely vlogs &comedy
    keely vlogs &comedy

    Finally he post a video its bin time

  • DieuMerci Lukumuena
    DieuMerci Lukumuena

    I'm a big fan can you text me on instagram at dieue884 pls pls

  • Hunter Auschwitz
    Hunter Auschwitz

    Thanks for the inspirations on building a truck

  • Zachary Avrit
    Zachary Avrit

    love the trucks

  • Reckless Russell
    Reckless Russell

    Just left streetspeed to watch this!

    • johnsn10

      Reckless Russell street speed sucks

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez


  • Harjap Lit
    Harjap Lit