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  • J Mcc
    J Mcc

    Smart girl

    KC BILL need to just come out of the closet

  • Matt

    Pretty sure that lifted Cummins is still for sale lol

  • Norcal Mtnjunkie
    Norcal Mtnjunkie

    4:00 she perfectly describes a Ford. Lol

  • Norcal Mtnjunkie
    Norcal Mtnjunkie

    “Legendary” 😂 if by legendary you mean notorious for being the biggest POS diesel pickup ever made lol

  • Luis Burgos
    Luis Burgos

    6.0 stands for 0 power put it to the the test on mountains vs. a 7.3 which is much better and then 6.4 has a ton of power, but breaks almost all the time. Personally the best Ford engine is 7.3

  • Branith Forbes
    Branith Forbes

    Alternator, batteries, or ficum

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy

    If you haven’t found one yet I just took out the stock radio in my 6.0 nothing wrong with it I just wanted one I could play my music off... let me know if your interested

  • Payton Hoyt
    Payton Hoyt

    Not just 03 powerstrokes have a good sound

  • Neil542

    I’d give her some power strokes 🤣

  • Stan McDonald
    Stan McDonald

    Nothing beats a Bulletproofed 6.0 💨

  • Jondavid Bristow
    Jondavid Bristow

    Sure wish I still had my 2003 6.0 Should have never sold it

  • Boof

    Injector o rings check them for the hot start

  • dierodri88

    there's nothing "legendary" about a 6.0

  • P A
    P A

    Money can't buy class or taste. Clear example of that on this channel.

  • Chris Sullivan
    Chris Sullivan

    She will find out someday 🙏🙏 pos fords are shit and ruin batteries . Good thing you have a real truck to jump that pos

  • Jose Ron
    Jose Ron

    First i was disappointed in my own girl but my girl knows better than to get a 6.0.... lol

  • Mario Guevara
    Mario Guevara

    “ holy shit it started” said every ford owner ever

  • Tired Iron
    Tired Iron

    You’ve got a shorted battery cell. Needs batteries


    There is a red wire under the steering column make sure doesn't touch metal and it won't ding.


    7.3 is legendary. 6.0 not so much.

  • Ruben Rios
    Ruben Rios

    Your links have spam on them bro, im reporting you

  • stephanie Proctor
    stephanie Proctor

    When I'm older I won't to build a truck

  • The Krispy Rednek
    The Krispy Rednek

    Needa get rid of them fender flares

  • Stroker Diesel. com
    Stroker Diesel. com

    6.0 Powerstroke 💯👌👌👌

  • Wayne Smith
    Wayne Smith

    My girlfriend bought a 6.0 Powerstroke to build? No, your girlfriend bought a 6.0 Powerstroke for YOU to build! Lol!

  • Trump train
    Trump train

    The first improvement she could do ,is, jack up the windshield wipers and pull in a duramax.

  • john doe
    john doe

    Your girlfriend lacks taste in trucks. That’s the biggest piece of shit motor ford ever built. 😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Jefferson
    Michael Jefferson

    It sounds like a hot no start issue, mostly leak in high pressure system after the oil gets hot

    • Michael Jefferson
      Michael Jefferson

      Nvm just watched more of the video where it started when it was hot

  • FrankTheTank

    So you green or purple gang?

  • Donovan Ziesmer
    Donovan Ziesmer

    Hot no start means bad high pressure oil pump

  • Donovan Ziesmer
    Donovan Ziesmer

    New batteries, 1/0 battery cable, and 6.4 powerstroke starter

  • Faby Jr Orozco
    Faby Jr Orozco

    6.0 motors go bad unless you have it bulletproofed I had to do that to my ford excursion cuz it had too much problems

  • SS 81
    SS 81

    I've always had a 7.3L and a few Gas Trucks like a 5.8L,5.4L,have a 6.8L.But I want a 6.0L,they just sound very damn cool even in Idle.

  • Logan Board
    Logan Board

    Glow plugs

  • sean tabar
    sean tabar

    i have an original 2003 with the 6 disc changer that i swapped out of my f250. if interested let me know.

  • philip saunders
    philip saunders

    check the wiring by connector going into alternator. i have to repair them all the time at work.

  • Joseph Mascio
    Joseph Mascio

    Hi was 23

  • Joseph Mascio
    Joseph Mascio

    I wish my buddy Spencer wore his seatbelt died December 1st

  • Christopher Shepherd
    Christopher Shepherd

    Better watch she might pull your truck around lol.

  • Greg Gonzalez
    Greg Gonzalez

    Check out your battery cables. I just had some battery issues and had to change my battery cables. I have a bulletproof 2004 F250 King Ranch.

  • Zachary Calvert
    Zachary Calvert

    "Holy shit it started" - Ford owner Haha just kidding cool truck

  • Shaun Moore
    Shaun Moore

    It could be the throttle positioning sensor. I had that problem

  • FadedDreamz

    Two sets of jumper cables my 1.6L civic got my buddys 6.4 going.

  • Merlon Fox
    Merlon Fox

    Does she know the only way that truck will be reliable is only if you Cummins swap it? Known facts


    Let us know if she's lookin for some new wheels 👀🤘


      @RYAN MAYER Dm will be sent shortly 🙌


      Hit me up on IG! We’d love to work together! @6.7_lime

  • Gordon Stiles
    Gordon Stiles

    You’re charging issue might be either the battery or the alternator

  • RPier83

    If you just hit the seatbelt release button three times it shuts it off for that drive.

  • Nick Locastro
    Nick Locastro

    There’s a plug under the seat u can pull to turn the chime off did it on my 150 it’s so much nicer

  • Bailey Emmons
    Bailey Emmons

    If you have any problem with 6.0. Look up DieselTechRon on IRbin. You will thank me later. 6.0s are easy to work on.

  • Austin Putnam
    Austin Putnam

    Sometimes I come back and watch this video just to hear the 6.0 I love the sound of the 6.0 best sounding Diesel truck in my opinion

  • Christopher Snyder
    Christopher Snyder

    I've had an alternator that was only charging 2 amps didn't throw a light because it was charging but not charging enough but who knows what ur issue is hot start issue probably the ficm but with out a scanner to show the voltage or pulling the cover yada yada who knows

  • Nicholas Taylor
    Nicholas Taylor

    I have an 04 superduty stock radio

  • David Firth
    David Firth

    First thing to so is scrap your dodge and out that drive train into the furd

  • Ozone

    worst powerstroke out there should have got 7.3

  • Ron Panozzo
    Ron Panozzo


  • Corey Gibson
    Corey Gibson

    There’s nothing legendary about the 6.0 lol

  • mike

    When did the 6.0 become legendary for anything other then being junk ?

  • Chris Lucero
    Chris Lucero

    Six O and good truck just don’t belong in the same sentence.

  • Jason Roberts
    Jason Roberts

    that whistle tho, love mine. 5 inch pipes all the way

  • ThatFordGuy

    Bro... You all have to flatbed this beast!

  • SlimPeas23

    She looks like a Poser

  • Larry Thomas
    Larry Thomas

    Sounds like your batteries don't have enough cold cranking power. Get 2 new 800 cold cranking Amp battery's.

  • Jeff Treseder
    Jeff Treseder

    You apparently don't know the glow plugs stay powered for up to two minutes after the light on the dash goes out. I HIGHLY suggest you check out Powerstrokehelp's channel.

  • Kyle S
    Kyle S

    Ryan you got yourself a badass girlfriend haha cant wait to see this build progress!🤟


    That side exit has got to go looks like a dog leg Hopefully she keeps it right side up this time lifted trucks problems lol

  • BigTymin

    Fender flares need to go away

  • rural buckeye
    rural buckeye

    Ohio nice where at? I'm from West Central Ohio. I have an 03 6.0 Centennial Edition LBCC FX4

  • Grant Jumonville
    Grant Jumonville

    Ole 6 blow

  • Bob Morris
    Bob Morris

    A 6.0? she didn't get much then, junk...


    You are in hawk up to your ears. I would get a real job and sell that crap.

  • Aldo Delgado
    Aldo Delgado

    My brother had the same problem and he change the Computer

  • Scott Harrell
    Scott Harrell

    I love my 6.0 and wouldn't trade for nothing

  • Justin Block
    Justin Block

    Power stroke 6.0 legendary at tic tic boom

  • CenCoast_7.3

    You're watching too many Stradman videos, the way you talk and hand movements mimic him exactly.

  • Lag is Free
    Lag is Free

    Dude, you need to pour another concrete slab so you don't have to park on your lawn. Haha

  • Nate Jones
    Nate Jones

    Man I’m in love with this truck it’s beautiful

  • Austin Beck
    Austin Beck

    I got the same radio😂

  • Dominic Sian
    Dominic Sian

    7.3 is a way better engine for a Diesel engine

  • Jose Vergara
    Jose Vergara

    I think you might need a starter lol I had the same problem

  • alex stephen
    alex stephen

    Just hold down the seat belt release button and it’ll turn off

  • policronia

    Let’s call a spade a spade. The body is being removed from the frame first thing. Second is dumping tens of thousands of $ into making it “reliable”. Third is probably a nostalgic glimpse back at how awesome the 6.0L sounds. Don’t get me wrong, I fully support the economic stimulus you are about to share with the automotive aftermarket.

  • SuperDuty Zack
    SuperDuty Zack

    Why a supercab and why a 2003 with front leafs?

  • Bergan

    Check fuel filters

  • nt3523

    To get paint to stick to raw plastic- wet scotchbrite with scuff n clean, dry and spray with Bulldog adhesion promoter, let flash, then paint. Best paint for flat black is John Deere Blitz Black.

  • YouTube User
    YouTube User

    Thanks to the aftermarket with a Bulletproof kit, the 6.0s are making a comeback. And I agree that the 6.0 is one of the best sounding diesels out there (though I'll say my 6.7 cummins with the 12 valve sound tune is up there too!)


    It’s the gear selector that’s making the truck not start has to be all the way up


    The absolute worst diesel for her to buy

  • Knight192

    the local shopping mall doesn't stand a chance

  • Mariah Luze
    Mariah Luze

    Personally the 7.3l sounds better

  • Herb Young
    Herb Young

    The beginning of this video is why truck prices are insane. Thanks bud. "Work trucks".

  • Trp 350
    Trp 350

    I agree, it’s a dinger !



  • Adam King
    Adam King

    Such an "old" diesel 😂

  • Deere 6430
    Deere 6430

    That’s what I said every time I started my 03 cummins. Most unreliable truck I’ve ever had.

    • Rewolver

      Deere 6430 😂, it goes both ways

  • one take motivation
    one take motivation

    "Yes, it needs work. Lift tires and all" dude your definition of needs work and mine are 2 different things lol. I'd be proud to drive that thing just like it is till the wheels fall off

  • Tim Fontenot
    Tim Fontenot

    97--7.3 is the GOAT!!

    • Travis B
      Travis B

      I laughed when he said legendary

  • Robert Prague
    Robert Prague

    It startedda, but she is hot

  • Jake Nash
    Jake Nash

    buy that lifted cummins dually that would be a sick build ryan

  • William Carnes
    William Carnes

    Trucks already got a tune on it btw


      That’s what we were told but can’t find out where from

  • Kyle Stempfley
    Kyle Stempfley

    This reminds me of that meme that says “I’ll never financially recover from this” 😂😂