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  • The Bureaucratic Cat
    The Bureaucratic Cat

    Is that a cummins

  • the locust
    the locust

    It is mental how much Americans are obsessed with monster energy drinks. Grow up

  • Anas saleh
    Anas saleh

    8:45 he takes it off and then say she did

  • Wyatt Jenkins
    Wyatt Jenkins

    I want the menny fridge please

  • luke morris
    luke morris

    Watch greg A’s video on putting twins on his dually you’ll get a better idea on what has to be done

  • Just Apec
    Just Apec

    small pp

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Bro if you Gonna be in Daytona ain’t no way imma Miss ... just bought a 2012 2500 cause a you... traded my 6.0 it was time

  • Next Gear
    Next Gear

    Hopefully I can take my truck to next Daytona it’s a g56 Cummins

  • Chris Carver
    Chris Carver

    I just passed your truck on a highway in Ohio wtffff

  • Brenn Cooper
    Brenn Cooper

    I have an 03 f250 also, and my truck for some reason doesn’t have the option for the keyless remote also. My trim is an xlt, so idk if that was an option on the truck.

    • ye P
      ye P

      Brenn Cooper yea I believe remote start was an option

  • Kalsylvania Reseller
    Kalsylvania Reseller

    I'd love some wheels

  • K Brown
    K Brown

    Watch Greg A video cause he did compounds on the 3500

  • Randy Youngquist
    Randy Youngquist

    Do you have a do you A diesel

  • Nijji Haley
    Nijji Haley

    Ryan I mean no disrespect but Katie so damn fine and thick...

  • Blake Wathen
    Blake Wathen

    Everyone: bro 6inch lift is enough. Ryan: hold my beer.

  • Justin Urban
    Justin Urban

    For the install on the ram I've heard really good things about Amazon's overhead creeper not sure if its tall enough for yours though lol

  • DieselLifted TruckGirl18
    DieselLifted TruckGirl18

    This was amazing! Lol thats why I will only ever drive a RAM or a GMC and it has to be lifted and a diesel or I will simply not drive it. Lol #DieselGirl24/7

  • R Cook
    R Cook

    Distilled water for batteries...

  • buttonmasher 94
    buttonmasher 94

    Looking to doing some 05 trailblazer mods and just was wondering if you can steer me in the right direction on a budget build please and thank you and it gunna be the 4.2 or 4.3l cant remember one of them lol maybe a site for wheels and tires

  • Emerson Merlin
    Emerson Merlin

    I also work at an autozone but im from north carolina. Its awesome watching your videos and that you shop at autozone keep up the good work Ryan‼️

  • FreedomVirus

    This is called bubbafied

  • Noel Ybarra
    Noel Ybarra

    Give that atv some love, maybe a detail and ceramic coat. Good idea for a video.

  • Malachi Raymond
    Malachi Raymond

    Love the channel, but ohio state... might have to stop watching 😂

  • Duane Norelli
    Duane Norelli

    hey i put a order in on april 28th any idea when it will be fulfilled???

  • Rubber Duckie
    Rubber Duckie

    Should powder coat your atv frame to match your theme

  • Trevor Wiggin
    Trevor Wiggin

    honestly the best ram i’ve seen. if you haven’t you should get it straight piped

  • None None
    None None

    Change spark plug wires and coil packs. You have a dying coil pack.

  • ohio dipper
    ohio dipper

    8 times within 20 seconds and leave it on on the push the botton then turn it off or maybe see if there a fuse blown or something

  • Walt T.
    Walt T.

    all these new goodies man!!!! can wait to see everything put together!!!!

  • live_to be_dirty
    live_to be_dirty

    So why is it I try to order 2 hoodies and there's non in stock bro... How can I enter when you have no inventory..

  • 1CENT


  • Aiden Veach
    Aiden Veach

    I live in the same town as u

  • Richard Fletcher
    Richard Fletcher

    It would look awesome if you get your hood liner stitched in illusion purple with your brand.

  • big swish vlogs
    big swish vlogs

    Hey ryan u rember to check the atv battery just wanted to help

  • Ethynn Browning
    Ethynn Browning

    I had the battery problem with my 6.0. I got new batteries and did the 6.4 starter upgrade. Its bolts right up, has more power and torque!

  • Aiden Lehner
    Aiden Lehner

    I have an 05 f150 and when you program the fob the drivers door needs to be open

  • Chip Stevenson
    Chip Stevenson

    I think it’s funny I wanted her video on her truck and it was a week ago and seeing them both a week apart

  • bYd_zombie

    Are you running wheel spacers if so where'd you get them from? And who do you recommend. Thank you and love the vids!!! Watch everyday

    • bYd_zombie

      @RYAN MAYER yay first ever reply from a IRbinr :)


      Just 26x14 wheels! -76 offset

  • Jake Rowberry
    Jake Rowberry

    Thats sure a lot of green and purple

  • hicksboyz media
    hicksboyz media

    Love your vids Ryan u keep motivating me to keep building my 04 Cummins and u keep motivating each to keep making IRbin videos on building it keep up the good work

  • Your moms New boyfriend
    Your moms New boyfriend

    Ryan don’t forget pushrods and springs with the head studs.. also have you considered nitro 4:30 gears for the gear swap????

  • Running Joe Offroad
    Running Joe Offroad

    just ordered a MINT hoodie! matches my big beautiful beat perfectly! Id love a set wheels for my cummins :p

  • parkerbethke

    How is a guy with a truck like this only at 172k subs?

  • Scott Swart
    Scott Swart

    Did you make sure there are batteries in the key fob?

  • Jermaine Knowles
    Jermaine Knowles

    El Paso baby!

  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris

    I love the paint job how much would you charge to paint my 2001 and 1997 dodges one is gas 5.9 and the other is 5.9 diesel

  • The Quaking Duck
    The Quaking Duck

    clean the air filter please

  • Build&Bought

    Just placed my order, hope I win some new wheels for my duramax. Great video by the way, that Cummins is going to be stupid fast with that compound turbo setup.

  • Hard workin 6.0
    Hard workin 6.0

    Awesome content as always! Keep it up! Love the channel! Man!

  • Luke Long
    Luke Long

    Is there a value limit for the wheels we pick if we win?

  • Cody Neal
    Cody Neal

    Are you going to be at Scraping The Coast in MS at the end of June?

  • Chris J
    Chris J

    You and the gf post videos about the same thing. Still watching ha


    I'm only an hour south of you mid Ohio auto styling I could of mounted your wheels and tires. Can't wait to see what you got for the Chevy!

  • Tyler Burridge
    Tyler Burridge

    Twin turbo the chevy

  • Tim Pearson
    Tim Pearson

    Ryan is this contest open to Canadians residents also ?

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S

    When will camo xl hoodies come back to the website?

  • johnsn10

    Will a 6” lift kit void a factory or extended warranty?

  • johnsn10

    I want to win your friendship

  • matthew lockmer
    matthew lockmer

    A compound turbo is not a twin turo setup

  • Josiah Bartlett
    Josiah Bartlett

    Ryan the two batteries different ARE ABIG NO NO IN A DIESEL the bad battery takes off the good one making the good one go bad and the cold cranking amps should be a minimum of 850 and judging by you are in Ohio they should be at least 1000

  • Blue Collar Wrench Slinger
    Blue Collar Wrench Slinger

    Make sure both batts are charging at the same rate...

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    Just bought a 2012 2500 laraime 6.7

  • Will Knight
    Will Knight

    Dude I want them rims for my ram 😍😍😍😍

  • noah_clapper

    I would like to meet you ur my favorite IRbinr and only live 30 mins away crazy for me to think I was thinking you could make a meet up soon somewhere just a thought keep doing the builds

  • Chris Devido
    Chris Devido

    I think he already showed the wheels for the chevy on the intro!

  • Jacob B
    Jacob B

    to program a key fob turn to start 7 times 8 time crank

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith

    Dude, let Katie's content be hers, otherwise there is no point in watching both. No offense, its great content, I just don't see the point in watching it twice.

  • Rob Gonzilla
    Rob Gonzilla

    9:16 🙈😍

    • DeMario Brown
      DeMario Brown

      Don"t tell me you paused it too.😂😂😂😂😂

    • ye P
      ye P

      Rob Gonzilla 😫


    It’s actually not twin turbo it’s compound

  • Shton Claveau
    Shton Claveau

    I feel like the 6.0 might have a bad injector

  • Nathen long
    Nathen long

    you should but the 5th gen ram tail lights on your ram painted green i think they would look great

  • Northernmen Outdoors
    Northernmen Outdoors

    Get a fifth GEN Dully and a gooseneck to toe the the 4 gen around f

  • Trevor Disinger
    Trevor Disinger

    Id like to enter to win. Id probably spend 100 dollars but im sure theres more middle class people that will be puttin 1000 🙄

  • Kyla turpin
    Kyla turpin

    When are you going to do the interior would be sick if you did like a fifth GEN - and maybe we do the seats do something cool like maybe a limited or something or even like green and Purple

  • Wyatt Cain
    Wyatt Cain

    Hey Ryan where u live u need to hook up the high idle for when it's cold

  • Trippin_fb

    U mean a lot Cummins

  • keith culhane
    keith culhane

    RIP to DieseltechRon. Glad to see more 6.0 content!! Great videos look forward to the builds!!

  • Blake Lloyd
    Blake Lloyd

    Uuuuuhhhhh, ice is colder than 34*.... Even Norm knows that.

  • Ruben Vega
    Ruben Vega

    Hey Ryan where did you find the instructions on reprograming the key fobs? I also would like to know where you got them. I need to replace mine

  • Alex Serafin
    Alex Serafin

    For the Ford remote u need to take the mother board out of the old fob and put in the new one. Bought a new one off amazon but didnt program for me so just swap the internals.

  • Matt Harmening Diesel_Harm
    Matt Harmening Diesel_Harm

    Awesome Giveaway Brutha. I just placed my order. Much respect 👊🏼

  • SOR Training Your Fat Loss Expert!
    SOR Training Your Fat Loss Expert!

    Where did you get the 3D energy drink?

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson

    What’s the best undercoating for our trucks ? Professional wise ? Not rust oleum in driveway

  • Hector Perez
    Hector Perez

    Found your channel last week while i was looking for videos on how to paint match my bumper. Been hooked on you channel. Good stuff man.

  • Tommy Goad
    Tommy Goad

    I love how the only vehicle with the issue was the ford 😂. GM and Mopar know what’s up haha.

    • ye P
      ye P

      Tommy Goad ehhh 6.4 is biggest piece of shit ever. I’m gonna get a 04 6.0 see how it is everyone likes 6.bLoW but from what I’ve seen the head studs were built JUST for the 325 hp of course the 6.0 was a truck for “eco friendly” since truck emission bullshit was starting to crack down on diesels back then my brother in law had a 6.0 that he bought new in 2003 still has it. Has about 500.000k miles on it still done nothing to it except for a turbo boot.

    • Tommy Goad
      Tommy Goad

      Elmer’s Glue 7.3 is the ONLY good Ford

    • Car Pro
      Car Pro

      Tommy Goad 😂😂😂😂😂 bruh

    • My username is so obnoxiously long
      My username is so obnoxiously long

      Elmer’s Glue I’ve had two different Chevy trucks and they’ve needed no work other than regular maintenance

    • ye P
      ye P

      Tommy Goad Chevy is complete shit own 3 of em worst and least dependable automobiles I’ve ever driven had a 94 7.3 when I sold it had over 1.000.000 miles on it also driven couple dodges they are pretty good but my whole family hates Chevy mine has 160,000 miles and done went through 4 motors cause they overheat and blow up gm products are pieces of shit that’s why chevys ads are fake bullshit degrading other companies. Guarantee all there cars in the ads don’t even run.

  • Mark lawson
    Mark lawson

    If you don’t mind me asking what shop in Columbus do you use to get your wheels and tires mounted I live in Ohio and I’m having issues finding a shop to mount 40 15.50 on 22 x 14’s ??

  • Devin Studer
    Devin Studer

    Whistlin diesel is going to be at Daytona would be cool if you went and had a little talk with him a take a look at monster max

  • Seth1245

    My 1999 ford F 350 starts right up

  • Brett B
    Brett B

    18:14 did you buy a new Cummins

    • Ya Mi
      Ya Mi

      Brett B are you dumb lmaoo💀

  • Eilert Marken
    Eilert Marken

    @13:30 when you were talking about the key fob not working, I’ve seen it where if you have a aftermarket head unit put in it will actually affect it because sometimes the factory radio will have a security box or unit built into the factory radio. Same thing happened to my 2003 Silverado. Someone put a cheap head unit in and didn’t buy the chime/security unit and my key fobs wouldn’t work. If you see this just an idea👍🏼

  • TG_Performance

    Look into a welded EGR cooler on the 6.0. You can buy one or make one yourself

  • Lane Blount
    Lane Blount

    He’s probably gonna give the Chevy away soon

    • Car Pro
      Car Pro

      Lane Blount 😂😂😂

  • jason Priddy
    jason Priddy

    One of youse......😂😂

  • jason Priddy
    jason Priddy

    Welcome back or to the channel

  • Draxler I
    Draxler I

    Can u do a raptor giveaway!!!

  • Tyson Biggar
    Tyson Biggar

    You should get a first gen or second gen and build it for Sema even though you have one already

  • Billy Zoetvelt
    Billy Zoetvelt

    bra i need does tires bro

  • Trenton Morgan
    Trenton Morgan

    You should get a any level lift and put on ram

  • Benjamin Koll
    Benjamin Koll

    Our 1999 f250 7.3L had dual 880 cca

  • Austin Black
    Austin Black

    “Lacking some of the components” emmisions delete 😂😂😭😭