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  • anthony Dominguez
    anthony Dominguez

    What tires did u go with do u have a link for those tires

  • Mikel Barnhart
    Mikel Barnhart

    Dude my truck as a 2 inch lift and it only gets 6mpg

  • O R
    O R

    Those are moto metals wheels bro lol

  • Sou_Nerd

    I have 270/65/18 in My 2008 f150. I just got 3inch lift kit. How can I check wht tire bigger will fit? Plz

  • that guy ch2
    that guy ch2 Dude look like he could be your brother talk the same n all

  • Taylor Brundige
    Taylor Brundige

    On the tailgate recall. I called my local dealer and they gave me a small rubber spacer for the tailgate locking mechanism and installed it in 5 minutes or so.

  • BigTymin

    Ceramic brake pads help with brake dust not ceramic coating

  • Jason Cerniglia
    Jason Cerniglia

    Big shoutout to Ben for without his spare what would Ryan have had to lean his hellcat wheels on to ceramic spray lol

  • Janet Beam
    Janet Beam

    I saw the boxes for the Chevy’s rims a while ago 😂

  • Janet Beam
    Janet Beam

    How’s your thumb??

  • TGsierra_96

    God Damn Ryan clean up that garage! 😂

  • Tanner Ray
    Tanner Ray

    Because the fuel wheel boxes definitely weren’t in the last video🤦🏻‍♂️


      You’re very observant! 😏💯

  • Cripple Life
    Cripple Life

    Are you going to powder coat your coilovers on the Charger ?

  • Garrett Runge
    Garrett Runge

    I've used the jax wax code 3 times this year!

  • jacob zeiler
    jacob zeiler

    Wheels look really good on both the Chevy and Hellcat.

  • dirtydan

    Clean boxes in bed...dirty tires in cab....🤔🧐

  • Jake C
    Jake C

    FUCK. he got me.

  • Ricky Dukes
    Ricky Dukes

    They look great

  • Skapes13 23
    Skapes13 23

    What do you call those like silver dots on the rims? Lol I sound dumb probably.

  • 803_Yota

    16:10 for Sublime teeth 😂😂😂

  • Lucas Phippen
    Lucas Phippen

    The new hellcat wheels look like stock mustang rims

  • bjmxd

    looking to get new rims for my car and was wondering what wheel key you use since people love to just steal wheels these days

  • Twizzy228

    Your garage gives me anxiety. Menard’s has cheap prefinished shelving and brackets for the walls.

  • Jayden

    Brother American forces are used to often its sumthing different and the fuels are a great looking wheel especially on the 1500

  • young savage
    young savage

    Lol i thought 15mpg was bad in my toyota... my dodge is at 10mpg.🤦‍♂️

  • 07_ Mega cab
    07_ Mega cab

    I have those federals on my Cummins and they have been great for the price you can’t beat it

  • iMerkyew

    Nice video man!!!

  • Ivan

    Why don’t you powder coat your brembos purple for the hellcat


      I thought about it and I’m like so close to doing that

  • 1CENT

    Forces on the purple truck would have been awesome! I’m sure you have spent more or close to $5300 in parts to restore the truck already.

  • KD's Outback Garage
    KD's Outback Garage

    Gotta say, I honestly thought you were putting the truck tires on the rear of the hellcat 'til you got them mounted lol

  • William McClung
    William McClung

    Are those the stock rims you put back on the hellcat?

  • Peter Madonia
    Peter Madonia

    Thanks for the shoutout! That Chevy is going to look sick AF!!!

  • Dalton Woods
    Dalton Woods

    I’d keep the hellcat wheels and put winters on them so you could at least drive the car in snow lol


    Some Arkon Caesars would have looked great👍

  • D Hibbitt
    D Hibbitt

    Gonna look sweet bro!!!

  • GlockPullin

    Lmao my subs get tossed around sometimes I put a 2x4 between it now I can swing it around without it flying into the trunk lid

  • ExclusiveMusic

    your truck is so dirty... dont get another build just take care of the ones you have, that's content too.

  • car vlogs with j
    car vlogs with j

    put tire stickers on the hellcat

  • Josh Kiist
    Josh Kiist

    Got me with the 👌🏻 😒😂

  • Shawn Dyck
    Shawn Dyck

    Wheels for the Chevy are sick 🔥🔥

  • aiden delint
    aiden delint

    I’m gonna be a asshole I saw them in the last vid their fuel wheels

  • Dan McMannis
    Dan McMannis

    Love the channel even though you didn't rate my truck. Lol!!! I put Powerstop Z36 pads on my 18 Camaro 1LE and those work great reducing brake dust. My wheels stay clean a long time.

  • corey robertson
    corey robertson

    Both vehicles gonna look awesome!!!

  • Peter Kurtz
    Peter Kurtz

    Or just don't buy or have cheap pads on your vehicle

  • Daniel Torquemada Jr
    Daniel Torquemada Jr

    They look like the performance pack wheels off of the mustangs hmm i always can my srt392 charger a 4 door stang so if i put these on it will literally be a 4door pony hell yeah 😂

  • Oscar Aguilar
    Oscar Aguilar

    They looks like mustang gt wheels

  • Mark Ricci
    Mark Ricci

    Didn’t even install the new wheels on either car??

  • Samuel Hunter
    Samuel Hunter

    i also remember all the way back to when you had you WV

  • Samuel Hunter
    Samuel Hunter

    the wheels look so good also ryan have you realized its been 12 years of you uploading you've come such a long way


    A whole lot of nothing for those ugly ass cars.

  • Riding with Lev
    Riding with Lev

    Holy crap bro clean ur garage😂

  • BassManBobBassCovers

    The wheels look freakin awesome!

  • Brittany Matthews
    Brittany Matthews

    Need to get a 3 inch block for the back of the Silverado. Level it with the front of the truck.

  • Sam Carpenter
    Sam Carpenter

    So wanted to see them wheels on the truck but there nice wheels for the Silverado

  • Christian THOMAS
    Christian THOMAS

    paint the front bumper purple

  • kia bass 879
    kia bass 879

    The 20 inch asanti rims look so sweet

  • Andre Corey
    Andre Corey

    Would be cool if you could update your charger to resemble the 2020 widebodys. Have a great day/night buddy


      I wanted too, you have to drill holes into your body tho...

  • Bradley Gaspard
    Bradley Gaspard

    I have a 14 ram and my tailgate fell . I had four sets of golf clubs in the back.

    • Look funjoseph bob
      Look funjoseph bob

      That sucks...I gues that's what's up when u haul GOLF CLUBS IN A TRUCK!!!...smh

  • Nick S.
    Nick S.

    Damn my 1500 on a 3” level with 35” MTs gets worse mileage than that lol.

  • Aaron Jones
    Aaron Jones

    that overpass! reminds me of post 911

  • Logan Mueller
    Logan Mueller

    Fuel wheels are dope, I have a set of the fuel hostage and they look great

  • Jacob Dussault
    Jacob Dussault

    man the chevy looks great should have got a single cab dually it would look sick purple

  • Chris Titus
    Chris Titus

    Don’t you live in the Cleveland area?

  • Jeff Cherry
    Jeff Cherry

    Love the wheels they look awesome can't wait to see the finish.

  • ROCKSTAR9808

    You talk to much on your videos man

    • pat

      Then don’t watch? We like the information and talks so go kick some rocks.

  • Tim Ford
    Tim Ford

    Can’t wait to see the lift on the Chevy. Those wheels look pretty good.

  • Only1Doobie

    The new hellcat wheels look like stock mustang wheels

  • Tfo L
    Tfo L

    Damn ya talkin why yeen out he wheels on mane😂

    • pat


  • Hector Perez
    Hector Perez

    What’s going on in the garage haha. Love the wheels!


      Shhhh we don’t talk about that haha

  • bblazeff1

    I live so close to Summit, I love it. I needed lugs the morning I was driving to Florida. Got delayed till 9 when they opened but man, it's a blessing having a Summit nearby

  • Robert Fox
    Robert Fox

    Bro lift that thing and put those rims on it already.

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    The Chevy would look good as a dually tbh

  • J J
    J J

    Couldn't even put the wheels on. Brah, you can't milk 2 videos out of one video material. SMH Ricer life

  • Albert S
    Albert S

    Shoulda painted the front bumper purple

  • J J
    J J

    He doesn't have 7000 to put on 5000 truck you paid on credit. No shit.

    • J J
      J J

      @RYAN MAYER Credit card is credit. You'll realize that when you get older.


      I paid for a truck on credit? 😂😂😂😂 wtf

  • J J
    J J

    Can't wait for future fake giveaways. This kid is a ricer poseur.

  • Dm Details
    Dm Details

    Awesome man

  • Joseph Cummings
    Joseph Cummings

    New batteries even fix the fob situation? lol


      No we tried! Lol

  • David 5.3
    David 5.3

    How much for the Stock wheels u have on the Chevy rn ? 👀


      🤷🏼‍♂️ not really sure

  • North Carolina
    North Carolina

    The man lied lol

  • Josiah Schell
    Josiah Schell

    I seriously love that your doing it all yourself!! Mad respect!! I’m 16 (gonna be 17 in like two days 🥳) but I’m gonna start working more save my money and black out my 03 gmc 1500hd also thinking about starting a IRbin channel inspired by u and this channel!!! This is amazing bro thx for the content

  • Hard workin 6.0
    Hard workin 6.0

    Love the wheels! Keep up the great content!

  • Ron JL White
    Ron JL White

    @7:28 ...Ya got me FKer LOL!!!

  • Young Buck
    Young Buck

    Purple brembos?

  • James Mitchell
    James Mitchell

    Going to look mint on like @ryanmayer

  • Cason Vossfeldt
    Cason Vossfeldt

    Yooo I’ve got the same wheels on my 06 Tacoma. They may be on the lower end of wheels but I love them

  • Danny Silva
    Danny Silva

    Nice tires 👌

  • Trippin_fb

    Today I was washing my lifted Cummins and I said dad come outside I’m going to pull a RYAN because you cold start your hellcat via your remote my dad laught

  • J Sand
    J Sand

    Fuel logo

  • James Holbrook
    James Holbrook

    Omg was that guy in the kkk

  • Heather Ferry
    Heather Ferry

    The wheels you got for the hell cat are awesome and kind of what I'm looking for for my hyundai elantra lol but cant afford them so I'm staying stock for the time being lol

  • Grant Thompson
    Grant Thompson

    Got me envying your 15 miles per gallon on 40’s. On a good day I struggle to get above 11mpg on 37s

    • kyle trinkle
      kyle trinkle

      Wait yous are double digits ?

  • Cayden G
    Cayden G


  • The FroSTRampag3
    The FroSTRampag3

    You have a summit racing near you ? Must be nice

  • Lelouch Livermore
    Lelouch Livermore

    The Arkon Alexander’s literally have spokes that look like scythes

  • CamBreBet3 v
    CamBreBet3 v

    Why did you go clear to Columbus to get tires put on ?

  • Kevin Bryant
    Kevin Bryant

    I like the wheels , lookin good. For sure!


    Your garage is a mess😂 lol jk. I love the new wheels for the Silverado

  • Nuclearjack 927
    Nuclearjack 927

    Ryan: "I don't wanna put 7,000 dollar wheels on a 5,000 truck" Whistlin diesel: putting 10,000 dollar wheels on carl and getting McDonald's.

  • Brently Kelly
    Brently Kelly

    Don’t sell the chevy