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  • Ravdeep Singh Deo
    Ravdeep Singh Deo

    Any body else wondering what happened to Katie?

  • car fan
    car fan

    Also not sure if your a ford guy but maybe a f250 or f350

  • car fan
    car fan

    You should build a dually

  • World WideTV
    World WideTV

    What’s taking forever with the ecodiesel, we wanna see the ecodiesel

  • Joe Schlong
    Joe Schlong

    Do a custom suburban something like the suburbans from transformers the black lifted ones

  • Alessandro Terracciano
    Alessandro Terracciano

    I remember a while back i said making video will be good for now but it won't give you a living... I see now that was just the tip of the iceberg and you had it all laid out, the shop..the equipment, you're making your passion your way of life... This is something to be PROUD ! congrats my friend.. But please don't stop with RAM family cause I'm learning all the trick with it LOL

  • Tony M
    Tony M

    Wheel and tire packages you say 👀

  • M Nels
    M Nels

    Wow chance to win rim and tire packages is a great idea!

  • roblox gamer
    roblox gamer

    I see a red shelby cobra I think

  • Church,Demun,Calhoun,Struggle FAN
    Church,Demun,Calhoun,Struggle FAN

    Love it.... your channel is definitely going to grow more and more with all the new goodies to help get you there


    When are we gonna see some flex fit hats on the website?

  • noah richardson
    noah richardson

    sooo NOT finally mounting yr wheels

  • Jake Howell
    Jake Howell

    Every time I watch your videos i just wanna work on my truck!

  • Lieutenant Luka
    Lieutenant Luka

    Very very cool Ryan!!! Cant wait to see them wheels on the Banana Ram! See you in the next one! ✌❤😎

  • Dave_Adkins_216

    I'll be messaging you when I get my new wheels. Keep up the good work

  • FILZ F
    FILZ F

    YesSiRr!! BooM!! Mate.. Congrats oN the New tyre Machine!! Datz some BiG Boy Moves Ryt deRr!! LoL! Bruhh... if it's 200% worth it to WAIt?!? TheN...guess we goN Wait..?!? Haha! Mate.. Congratulation oN ALL the Success, you're one of the hardest working IRbinrs I know..TRUE story!!..haha! and you're a tOP Bloke Mate... you deserve everything good that comes You're way and deNN SoMe!! Lol! Thankz for sharing Mate.. always Appreciated!! Stay Bless and Stay Safe out there big Fella!! & happy Easter to you and your FaMz too!✌💯🔥

  • Jake Stebbins
    Jake Stebbins

    Grind hard...IT ALWAYS PAYS OFF!!!

  • Michael Heit
    Michael Heit

    Not gonna lie I've been watching the channel for over a year now an I can honestly say that I truly love it your a major inspiration and I love seeing the projects that you take on by far one of the best youtubers I've seen

  • BigSlimJim

    Day 5 of asking for a 2nd gen build😩

  • Stuart Radz-2022
    Stuart Radz-2022

    Who can say they have been around since Jetta vids bc I can

  • Tim Zeez
    Tim Zeez

    Boss moves

  • David Ballan
    David Ballan

    Hey bro nice seeing you again and in great health if I might add!!! Was wondering if you could explain how the alien meant

  • Keith Kalal
    Keith Kalal

    It's a pretty simple machan to use I use the same one at my job



  • Phillip Dominguez
    Phillip Dominguez

    I do not have any money but can I get entries to win the yellow banana ram

  • Martin H
    Martin H

    I first discovered you back when you just bought the green Ram... your growth and hustle since then is motivating as hell! Keep it up!

  • Darren Lee
    Darren Lee

    To my tire guy. Notice the 000 read out. Try it sometime bro 😎

  • Colby Stratton
    Colby Stratton

    Ryan I want your opinion on something. I’m getting RBP hoop steps and I’m debating on painting it red u think I should paint it red or keep them black?

  • Seth Righi
    Seth Righi

    Keep investing in yourself and the sky is the limit!

  • Brendon Partridge
    Brendon Partridge

    Hey Ryan love watching your channel alot and the banna ram is looking so awesome keep a amazing job on it also u really are doing a such amazing job on your channel alot say safe and healthy with your family i hope this will get better soon I hope so we can get back to normal life soon Ryan 😀

  • D Money
    D Money

    I advise you set up a camera system bro. After watching what happened to westen champlin, hate to see it ever happen to any great youtubers like u bro!! Love the channel keep it up!

  • Cole Meger
    Cole Meger

    Love your stuff Ryan. Wish Alberta wasn’t so far away I’d love to see the that eco diesel in person and shake your hand because you have drove me to do think I wouldn’t have done a year ago

  • Evan Parris
    Evan Parris

    That flag would look good behind the banana Ram!

  • ajai delaney
    ajai delaney

    The channels Growing fast buddy good stuff

  • Randy Vanetta
    Randy Vanetta

    Bro this channel is the best. Always look forward to anything you post Keep up the awesome work. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Rogers Iphone
    Rogers Iphone

    Ryan did you and katie break up i see she has her own shop now

  • C Applehans
    C Applehans

    Congrats brother....

  • Rick Sasek
    Rick Sasek


  • Jack Harvey
    Jack Harvey

    This is great, I enjoy watching your content!!

  • Gspadez tooreal
    Gspadez tooreal

    32 ears old and never seen a tire machine unboxing.... well done young man ..

  • Melvin Ellis
    Melvin Ellis

    They make plugs for the inside holes that you can attach the Tpms sensor too

  • Adam Ritchey
    Adam Ritchey

    My man, I love your vids and shit. You have like a bazillion dollars worth of literally the coolest shit ever, but PLEASE, for the love of god, buy yourself a new impact lmfao

  • Allan Waltz
    Allan Waltz

    what happened to you and katie

  • Tyler Ramey
    Tyler Ramey

    Tires are fun when they are yours but not fun during a tire sale😂

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall

    What happened to Katie and her truck?

  • Cody Pridemore
    Cody Pridemore

    Keep grinding man 🤙🏽 I’m hoping soon to get a new GoPro so I can start my own content and hopefully work my way up like you did!

  • Bret Wagner
    Bret Wagner

    Congratulations on the new machinery for the shop 👍🏻🍌🐏

  • JDRam Toro
    JDRam Toro

    Nice man Congratulations. And when is coming the video about Katie and her truck?

  • Austin Davis
    Austin Davis

    We need to get this man to 300k followers asap

  • Shredder 33
    Shredder 33

    Can you just work and quit blabbing we all want to see the finish product

  • Noah Hastings
    Noah Hastings

    Lets go, my dads always having me do tires at the shop he works at

  • Jessie Avalos
    Jessie Avalos

    Congrats bro! So happy for you! You looked like a kid opening gifts on Christmas

  • gerald brazell
    gerald brazell

    What about the 6.0?

  • Billy Thurmond
    Billy Thurmond

    Congratulations Ryan way to go keep chasing your dreams.


    Did you and Katy break up ? Like did I miss something ?

  • Mason Williams
    Mason Williams

    Congratulations love your videos man

  • Christopher Martinez
    Christopher Martinez

    Been a fan since the pressure washer foam cannon video u did

  • Christopher Martinez
    Christopher Martinez

    Congrats Ryan

  • jadebrecks

    You need a legit electrician from an electrician. Just putting a big plug on on it sets you up for problems. Love the trucks though. Keep it up!

  • Joe Mosher
    Joe Mosher

    So. I like Ryan. But I called it. He said banana ram was gonna be “done” inside by Sunday. Wasn’t even close. He says one thing then totally changes. Example the hitch not being powder coated

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones

    Just put the wheels on the truck please

  • Josh T
    Josh T

    Where katie?

  • Walter Navarro
    Walter Navarro

    Watch him squat it

  • riley bordelon
    riley bordelon

    Awesome job

  • Darci Walter
    Darci Walter

    Congrats 🍾🎉🎈🎊 Ryan

  • jeremy h
    jeremy h

    Having your own tire machine is such a big flex lol, LFTD co wheel dealer in the future?

  • George Campbell
    George Campbell

    Congratulations man your definitely going big places only gets better from here

  • robert wilbert
    robert wilbert

    Awesome work....doing the daily grind will eventually pay off......

  • Kingdallas24 cowboys
    Kingdallas24 cowboys

    congratulations with the new economy

  • Gucci Bonds III
    Gucci Bonds III

    Welp today we talked about what we are going to do for another 10 mins, mounted 4 tires, didn’t even install them on a vehicle...and wallah video over!!!! Literal content overload man this is almost as good as watching paint dry

    • Weston Orender
      Weston Orender

      Considering that you have a total of 2 subs, your room to talk about content is very small or non existing. Don’t hate on someone because they have created their own success.

  • William Doombot
    William Doombot

    Expensive tools well needed

  • John Mahoney
    John Mahoney

    I’m coming!!! What’s the address I’ll pay for Mount and balancing!!!

  • D Hibbitt
    D Hibbitt

    1000% worth the wait..

  • William Brock Jr
    William Brock Jr


  • Lyndon Hamby
    Lyndon Hamby

    Nice machines 👍

  • Buck Frederick
    Buck Frederick

    Get your clothes back out screw that shit lol just get it going

  • DENIS th3Natural
    DENIS th3Natural


  • Angel Perez
    Angel Perez

    Build a Nissan Titan Cummins

  • C B
    C B


  • Jorge Alves
    Jorge Alves


  • Hunter Howard
    Hunter Howard

    I’m not a huge busy wheel guy but those fuels look sick

  • Brad Taylor
    Brad Taylor

    Just an FYI in case you don't know, you can clamp the wheels on the inside barrel with that machine too. It it a lot easier and faster then gripping it from the outside lip. If your concerned with scratches, you can get plastic covers for the clamps. Great set up by the way. Keep the content rolling.

  • Dodge 2010
    Dodge 2010

    Ok I’m bringing my truck in tomorrow need wheels bigger lift some paint I’ll see ya tomorrow keep it up be the dream

  • cody Hernandez
    cody Hernandez

    What model pit vipers you have Ryan

  • Logan Rose
    Logan Rose

    Congratulations buddy so excited to see the future for you

  • Matthew Prince
    Matthew Prince

    Awesome ! Congrats

  • Ryan

    Spending all this money on equipment and still doesn't have a 2 post lift....

  • Alexander Luther
    Alexander Luther

    Hey Ryan, I just wanted to let you know that you've inspired everyone to build their own trucks. U also inspired me to build a ram truck. I love what you do. Keep up the good work. Please like and comment on it. I also sent you a email 2/21/21. I would really like you to respond to it whenever you have time. I can't wait to see the banana ram all done. I'm ready for the next video already. I would really appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes out of your day to respond to my email. Thank you for taking time and reading my comment and reading my email I sent you 2/21/21. Take care

  • Brown Bizzle
    Brown Bizzle

    From his own garage to his own’s always a sloppy mess. I get panic attacks looking at these messes

  • Trevor Disinger
    Trevor Disinger

    Early ganggg

  • Shelby 500
    Shelby 500


  • Zachary Graves
    Zachary Graves

    Has an $8k tire machine still doesnt have a 99c box cutter. Congrats man. Hard work pays off.


      I do have plenty I just take them home and they never come back 😂😂😂

  • Chava94

    Damn bro, your motivation to keep doing bigger and better!! 🔥🤟🏼

  • Matthew Boutilier
    Matthew Boutilier

    Hell yes man !! congrats🙌🏻🙌🏻 proper set up !!! Big things man !!!

  • loso

    Congratulations big dogg keep pushing 💪

  • Zach S
    Zach S

    Congratulations just don't be the guy at least stickers on tires

  • Jared Butler
    Jared Butler

    I'm pretty close to the Dayton area and have been looking for wheel tire combo for my eco diesel if you start doing packages in the near future I'd love it

  • Topher Prather
    Topher Prather


  • Ivan Parrigin
    Ivan Parrigin

    👍🏻 NICE

  • Rylan Thompson
    Rylan Thompson

    Can’t wait for the wheels and tires on the Banana ram

  • John Hoskins
    John Hoskins

    At this rate of growth Ryan is going to need a bigger shop soon. But I'm loving it.