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  • The_Boss_Jon 914
    The_Boss_Jon 914

    I think you should put tow mirrors on this and powder coat them that dark cherry color

  • Brady Whitesides
    Brady Whitesides

    Does your Tahoe struggle to get over 3k rpm unless u floor it? I lifted mine and it’s stays under 3k unless the pedal is to the floor


      Yes and no 😂😂 if I need more juice I turn on tow haul!

  • Cameron C
    Cameron C

    Why do you drive with the tow haul mode on when your not towing anything? Does it help because of the big wheels and tires? Wondering if I should do it to me truck or not lol @ryan

  • noah richardson
    noah richardson

    cummins swap the tahoe

  • 14jrloco

    This guy is too full of him self.. relax dude

  • Indiana powerstroke
    Indiana powerstroke

    Build the 6.0 in the garage. There are a lot of things you can update on the motor plus powder coat on the engine. Be a good winter build while it’s getting body work and paint done.

  • Hayden Price
    Hayden Price

    Just hear me put a Ford ranger build hopefully a 2006 that would be amazing

  • Hemi Owner 395
    Hemi Owner 395

    Here Is the top 5 Tahoe exhausts m.irbin.info/loft/fy-lm-h-y/Ydp4f5yXl2yJpqk.html For your Tahoe

  • Derek Kuhn
    Derek Kuhn

    You and Katie should cummins swap that 6.0 ford. They sounds nice but are a money pit. Love the builds bro. Keep on keepin on.

  • Skatin Since 92
    Skatin Since 92

    Quick 411 brosies if there’s any more vibration or shaking like passenger seat area middle console shake maybe , its the drive shaft it’s a must for a Cadillac ride on any lifted 07-13 gm year I did it on my Sierra 2011 and my Yukon ya see when you lift it 6 inches or more you got to extend it 2 inches I believe or more else your slip yoke at the trans literally is riding on the splines with barely any contact and also a slight angle at the bottom creates a massive vibration and shake if your anal and want your shit kush extend it thank me later it’s also balanced and weighted if you’ve never noticed so when you lift it and put it at a slight different angle and pull it from the trans a bit this is why it’s unbalanced and wobbles

  • mathew hunt
    mathew hunt

    tow mirrors and a vette engine

  • Francisco Lozano
    Francisco Lozano

    You should re gear it!

  • Shawn Lafosse
    Shawn Lafosse

    Late 90s early 2000s Jeep Cherokee / TJ Something you can mildly lift and do small mods on and still have something reliable for the winter

  • Nic Mersino
    Nic Mersino

    We need to see another build like the Silverado

    • Nic Mersino
      Nic Mersino

      RYAN MAYER awwww shiiiitt👀👀


      Soon come!

  • Bryce Thompson
    Bryce Thompson

    Where’s the purple cateye Chevy?


      I miss that truck :/


      Traded it in for the Tahoe!

  • Cole Dunkley
    Cole Dunkley

    It’s just nuts and bolts

  • Joseph Ball
    Joseph Ball

    You should change those brakes to powerstop brake kit Z36 truck and tow

  • AftermatH 370
    AftermatH 370

    Build something bagged.

  • Johnny

    Even though I'm on vacation in Mexico right now I still take time out to keep up on your videos.

  • Nnadozie Emezi
    Nnadozie Emezi

    I don't know who would complain. I'd love to live next to someone who's like "Let's figure this out and save some money in the process".

  • SG Flybyme
    SG Flybyme

    The tahoe looks great man!

  • Conner Davis
    Conner Davis

    You should have put gear oil and grease in the dust cap for the hub

  • Bryce Summerlin
    Bryce Summerlin

    If I'm gonna build two lifted vehicles like that u best believe I'll be driving them in the winter I'll keep them extra clean but I couldn't drive a car in the winter 😂

  • george webster
    george webster

    Seriously should have painted the dust shields.

  • Michael Torres
    Michael Torres

    I’m pretty sure they make a harness for it

  • Michael Torres
    Michael Torres


  • 412 Auto Care
    412 Auto Care


  • LJ Schaerig
    LJ Schaerig

    Damn that Tahoe turned out way to nice I need to get me a set of mud tires for my 90 Chevy Step Side nothing but mud around here.

  • shawn patt
    shawn patt

    Thats a good looking tahoe. I plan on doing my suburban soon.

  • dopeiniraq

    I sent u an dm on Instagram ryan

  • Rick Capsaholic
    Rick Capsaholic

    Good problem to have. Many people are limited to one vehicle. I think the Tahoe is a perfect winter ride.

  • Dang Right
    Dang Right

    Really bud? The brake dust cover rusty af. All that tight clean work then 💥 eye sore

  • Dmitry Dzhemilev
    Dmitry Dzhemilev

    Replace dash light those ugly green to blue or any other color you like

  • Jacob Bradford
    Jacob Bradford

    Do a square body Chevy c10 with a big block fully built

  • Doug Billings
    Doug Billings

    Recommend putting in a new head unit and bypassing the bose all-together

  • Cody Pridemore
    Cody Pridemore

    Should’ve painted the dust covers or left them off!!

  • Christopher ash
    Christopher ash

    You should put tow mirrors on the Tahoe

  • Tyler Pryor
    Tyler Pryor

    😂 next video should be replacing AFM lifters with regular ones lol sounds like a good diy project....

  • Kaleb Alsup
    Kaleb Alsup

    Build an Ls!! 🤟🏻

  • Unknown Name Unknown Number
    Unknown Name Unknown Number

    Intake & Exhaust on the Tahoe

  • Tracey Bishop
    Tracey Bishop

    Paint the dust shield or powder coat it?!?

  • Ethan Andrews
    Ethan Andrews

    You should do a rzr build

  • Zack D
    Zack D

    On his website, there is a section for tires...? Maybe the announcement?

  • Overkill Production
    Overkill Production

    Ok Chris fix

  • Aaron Warwick
    Aaron Warwick

    Build a drag car/truck and build a wild motor for it

  • George Trotter
    George Trotter

    Ryan check out the ON3Performance turbo kit for these 07-13 trucks/suv's or even the HuronSpeed V3 kit, #boostedgrocerygetter

  • Grizz 2
    Grizz 2

    Kid is done doing builds in the driveway. FINES incoming. The Tahoe is wack and small. This channel is fizzling out.

  • Aldo Navarrete
    Aldo Navarrete

    Cam it

  • Tyler Hinton
    Tyler Hinton

    Use the kicker LOC it won’t trip anything or make it sound bad

  • Ryan L
    Ryan L

    The Tahoe turned out so sick bud!

  • Lexus Guzman
    Lexus Guzman

    Can’t wait for the audio system all finished up !!

  • Maddox Rumrill
    Maddox Rumrill

    Build a harley for the winter man! You don’t need a lot of space or a lot of money! Well money is always a plus haha! Love your videos man!

  • James Huffman
    James Huffman

    Simply mount the speakers on the rear hatch facing down. When the hatch is open they will be pointing out. Also they will be out of the way when the hatch is o-en.

  • Terrance Matthews
    Terrance Matthews

    Hang the marine speakers from the lid of the rear hatch. re enforce the lid with a couple bars of aluminum or steal behind the plastic for support, and spread them wide enough to give enough room for the lif to close around the rockville sub

  • S Kraus
    S Kraus

    How bout a 1st gen Ram for a build?

  • Jacob Hill
    Jacob Hill

    Ryan I might be to late, but there is a house down the road from me with a 3 bay shop. I don’t know if you would want some thing like that but I thought I would just let you know.


    do a dropped silverado build


      HONESTLY 👀👀👀

  • Colin Temposky
    Colin Temposky

    Ryan, I vote new led lights on the gauge cluster

  • Jake Herman
    Jake Herman

    I would love to see you get a first gen Toyota Tundra and build it up

  • EZ Games
    EZ Games

    Sell all of those vehicles, buy a shop and start over man. Once a build is done , its done, time to build another

  • J.T.

    Front end looks perfect and brand new... except for those rusted out brake dust shields.

  • James

    Build a Baja or prerunner Toyota 💯🔥

  • CalebCutler

    Build a car like a r32 or Miata. You took over the truck game. Now do it to the car scene. I know you have the hellcat, but I’m thinking like wide body and engine build and going through everything.

  • Dillan Bogan
    Dillan Bogan

    Can you put all the info for the lift kit you have ? I am getting ready to re do mine and I’m trying to find something similar to this lift kit ?

  • 03fordman330

    Come on man. You have that nicely painted suspension and you put those nasty dust covers back on. Lol

  • Duramax

    Color match the interior wood trim and sliver

  • kondad 69
    kondad 69

    build a jeep

  • Braden Pelham
    Braden Pelham

    What about mounting the wet sounds where the spare tire goes?? Or is that just stupid?? I’ve been debating doing this on my tahoe! Curious as too your thoughts buddy!!

  • Braden Pelham
    Braden Pelham


  • Nick Walston
    Nick Walston

    Pro charger would be badass

  • Michael Sellers
    Michael Sellers

    Need to take a Dodge Dakota raise it and customize it and use it during the winters months. Then you wouldn't have to get those beautiful vehicles out during winter

  • Adison Stauffer
    Adison Stauffer

    DO A JEEP CHEROKEE XJ, full build, audio and all.

  • Allen Johnson
    Allen Johnson

    Put gears in the rearend to help with the tires

  • Coven Anderson
    Coven Anderson

    Ryan you should build a square body Chevy

  • Mason Dasilva
    Mason Dasilva

    what it you built a lime green and purple polaris rzr turbo to tow behind your truck at sema????

  • 2BMOTO

    Do a supermoto/motorcycle build over the winter.

  • Andrew Boyd
    Andrew Boyd

    To be honest dude when you first showed this thing on the channel i was like why the f*^k whould you get that lol but damn man you have made that thing 🔥🔥🔥🔥 love it dude

  • Grayden Guthrie
    Grayden Guthrie

    He’s definitely giving it away bois

  • 4Wide Gaming
    4Wide Gaming

    OBS powerstroke next

  • H4B5

    Build a DUALLY

  • Mike Bishop
    Mike Bishop

    Yeah I do the same thing Ryan I’ve done pretty of hubs for me and my family and friends I’m 59 years old it’s so much satisfying to know that it’s done right . I’m very impressed with you and Katie too my daughter and I love too work on vehicles it’s fun . Great job

  • Bailey Sharpe
    Bailey Sharpe

    Why didn’t you get new dust shields?

  • huronhockey8

    Bruh. How you about to put that crusty caliper guard on there

  • Parker Jenks
    Parker Jenks

    Build a rzr or x3. It will fit in your garage

  • iloveredandblack

    You should build a lowered c10 that would fit in garage

  • u kno debo
    u kno debo

    Thats a 2000 dollar hub job ha. 1 thing great job use torque wrench on hub bolts/cv bolt

  • u kno debo
    u kno debo

    Thought he woukda powder coated the hub nut/and dust shield

  • mayra Vega
    mayra Vega

    Thank you for sharing all your builds with us 🇺🇸

  • Nightcreepa87

    Im from ohio also....Do a obs f250 or f350 crew cab for the winter....

  • Luke Romberger
    Luke Romberger

    Can I get a leveling kit on top of a 4 inch suspension lift to fit larger tires without changing anymore parts?

  • Marty Kik
    Marty Kik

    Why boat speakers in there 🤮. Waste of money

  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker

    I've not had good luck with moog hubs in my experience they didn't last 6 months I think that Tahoe will be really hard on hubs with the mega offset but it looks cool

  • zach S
    zach S

    Don't know the budget for your bills but a show quality UTV would be cool. Or dually swab the ram

  • zach S
    zach S

    If you need ideas for a mounting system. Use black iron piping you can get it all at Home Depot and then you can powder coat it to match whatever color you want

  • Troll Master
    Troll Master

    Please add 5% window tint with 35% front windshield. Not many people do that with a Tahoe.

    • Troll Master
      Troll Master

      Ohiocountryboy 2007 your right. Have 35% on my front windshield. With 0% side window tints 04 Dodge Ram 1500 in Nebraska. Going 1 year strong daily driven by sheriffs and cops.

    • Ohiocountryboy 2007
      Ohiocountryboy 2007

      Illegal in ohio to tint the windshield

  • EpicToadRage

    Bruh... you should've powder coated that dust shield behind the hubs. They're rusty as hell, and would've looked so good if you had powder coated them.

  • chris davis
    chris davis

    Whatsup with the Bronco? Delivery is soon!

  • chris davis
    chris davis

    Even thought the last few things you’ve done haven’t been very cosmetic, the truck just looks better for some reason.. idk if it just needed some time to “settle” into its stance or what but it looks a lot better to me now than it did several weeks ago. It looks like a truck that was done right and you can beat it up and it will survive if that makes sense. The tires even look a little better to me now, I know that probably sounds crazy but I think just a little bit of wear gives them a more natural look, rounds the edges and just makes them look at home. Idk maybe I’m crazy but this truck looks different than it did a few weeks ago.

  • RustyBones Garage
    RustyBones Garage

    go get a sand blast cabinet at harbor freight and put glass bead in it and clean those rusty parts up,, you ll thank yourself and it will look a hell of alot better

  • john russo
    john russo

    Did you just put those rotted out dust shield covers back on when

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Starlink Mission